Caturdays ‘n’ theremins

Nuthin’ goes with Caturday like a theremin. Yep, the good ole Caturday/Theremin combo. Reeeeeeeeeee [annoying sounds continue for three more hours]

Elizabeth J., I’m sure the Led Zeppelin reunion tour is gonna need at LEAST one theremin player.



  1. SenseiKrystal says:

    I love it when they stand like prairie dogs! How cute!

  2. Golden Phoenix says:

    *squeeeak* *squeeeeeeeeak* *squeak*

    Musician kitty: What?

    Observer: *sigh*

    Heh, someone give that kitteh a piano!

  3. SarahMoon says:

    I love the ‘THIS is what I have to put UP with, all $%*£in’ DAY!’ expression on the other cat’s face at the end!

  4. …that’s not a theremin.

  5. I did think it sounded a bit poor for a theremin.

  6. What IS a theremin?

  7. Never mind, now I know. For a second there I thought I was too lazy to google it.

  8. You hear a theremin in old horror movies all the time, and in the song “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys. It’s a ghost-like sound. (Google it to see how it works). This is probably similar technology to a theremin, though not properly tuned (clearly).

    But enough of that – the reaction shot from Kitteh #2 is prolly the funniest thing I’ve seen on here in a long time. I actually CLAPPED in delight.

  9. is it me or does that cat seem to be quite a cleaver cat!!!! mine would just attack the noisey box!

  10. Not sure about this as a theremin, either, but then I’ve only seen them in old movies. I was thinking maybe this is along the lines of the Peter Frampton thing, where he sings through (?) his guitar???

    In any event, Cat #2 is priceless!!!!

  11. Yes, I agree, the second cat’s expression is completely worth the pain of the soundtrack ! Miss Kitty performer is lovely, one of my ideal cats – longhair calico with lots of white. *Mmwah* (snorgle so she stops da noise!)

  12. What a beautiful cat – and a smart one, too. Mostly love the little on the floor. He’s thinking, “Hey, Mom, I’m just a sweet little innocent bystander here.”

  13. Gak! That’s hilarious! My fat cat does the same groundhog thing on her hind legs when she cleans her belly.

  14. Needs a little practice. Not picking up good vibrations yet.

  15. How stupid did *I* feel — it took me a good 5 seconds to realize there was an ANTENNA that the kitty was touching! And I LOVED the look on kitty #2.

  16. Hon Glad says:

    2nd kitty, jeez she thinks she’s got talent!

  17. 2nd kitty, hai!

  18. That sound is kind of scratchy. The theremin sound is fatter and purer. Here’s the wikipedia article on the theremin:

  19. I’ve always wanted a theremin, despite my lack of musical talent.

  20. pandasocks says:

    LoL. Love this post. That kitteh’s got it way over on the Beamz people! ^_^

  21. Hah! Beat me to it. I bought the exact same theremin kit about a month ago and was testing it out after I assembled it. My cat walked over, sniffed at the antenna and started chewing on it, making the same hellacious sounds. I grabbed my camera and tried to videotape him, but it was too dark to see much; otherwise I would’ve submitted it to CO myself. We still laughed about it for hours afterwards. Kudos to the Japanese person who took this video (and of course, to the star performer).

    BTW — it IS a theremin. It’s a Japanese kit; I bought mine at Books Kinokuniya for $30 and it comes with a nice book. It only has one antenna (for pitch control); there’s a 2-position volume switch on the side where the volume antenna would normally be. It’s not a theremin for purists, but then any theremin snob worth the name would only accept a tube-powered theremin anyway.

  22. Very cute! My cats would run away from it, I would think…

    And I found a wonderful video that shows wonderful control on a theremin too…

  23. Munkie — *whoa*

  24. Hahaha, the second cat is like “why did you give that to him? Human, are you stupid?”

  25. The pantaloons on that kitteh are redonk.

  26. That was priceless. I actually snorted when the second kitty appeared. 🙂

  27. I found it hard to concentrate on the goofiness of the vid because the kitteh is so dang beautiful. But kitteh #2 brought the funny.

  28. Gail: okay, you get “time out” for being so far out in left field with your, um, “answer”. When you’re done with this mandatory reading assignment you can come back out and play with the kitties:

    The rest of you are fine. It’s not a good theremin, but it’s a theremin.

  29. First kitty’s too cute for acting all squirrel-like. Second kitty is hilarious for looking all (>O_O< ). I literally burst out laughing when I saw him.

  30. dharlan1too says:

    Kitteh is so floofy it has cleavage–ha,ha,ha….


    And I LOVE the expression on Kitteh #2’s face. Oh, the pain!

  32. Raemie L. says:

    Heeheehee, luv the 1st kitteh’s pants that appear to be so long like a fluffy robe’s ‘skirt’. 2nd kitteh’s expression is perfect for the vid clip’s end!

    I watched both YouTube clips from Trin and Munkie – amazing sound.

  33. @Keith: *hangs head* Okay, got it now!! Thanks for ‘splaining. *walks away, “talk box, talk box, talk box….”

  34. I’d love to know if that cat was just a moggy or if it’s a specific breed. That sweet face! Those little ears! The gorgeous inquisitive almond eyes! The beautiful almost painted on markings. What a charmer:))))

  35. Silent Meow says:

    This is the first time I have ever heard of a theremin. Learn something new every day.

  36. Christ.. the second kitty.. still laughing.. too funny..

  37. – Munkie

    omg, I just found a new subscrition channel on youtube. Thankyou!!

    – Kitten thereminist ?

    If you start a youtube channel, I will surely subscribe 😛

  38. subscrition + no preview post = stupid spelling mistake 😛


  39. Gushing – Those two cats are Scottish Folds. They are so cute and almost cartoonish, aren’t they?

  40. ha-ha! the second kitties face was HILARIOUS!

  41. DaytimeDeb says:

    I was so not expecting the second cat. I laughed so loud, Kitty #2 was all like, “really, it’s cats like this that give us a bad name…why couldn’t that be a dog up there?”

  42. angie-darling says:

    I love it when the other cat on the floor has a “what the heck is that?” look on it’s face!

  43. I too had never heard of a theramin before. I didn’t get the caption at all til I started reading the comments. (I knew I could count on my co-qte-ologists to clue me in.)

    Yes, even grown-up pups learn new tricks.

  44. i’ve actually seen this a few times, never really got it (but, thought it was cute, natch). i’m relieved to know i’m not the only one who is unfamiliar with the “theramin.” 🙂

  45. binky-mama says:

    I can’t stop watching this video!!!! It’s a combination of overwhelming cuteness and bizarreness. Second kitteh is all “what the….?!”. Very quirky…very me….love it.

  46. That is so funny, I can hardly stand it. I have a cat like that. He has to smell EVERYTHING, no matter if it’s noisy, stinky, weird, spiky, whatever. He will “smell” it. I LOVE the look of the cat on the floor though. It was like, “GO STRAIGHT TO HELL! WHAT IS THAT AND WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?” Fantastic editing!!

  47. Sharon Wilson says:

    It’s so funny; the kitteh’s ears are laid back against the sound and yet it has that “OOOO!” expression in its eyes.

  48. i laughed
    when i saw the observer cat.