And now, a kitteh puddle

People, this is an oldie but a GOODEH.

A good ole-fashioned calico kitteh puddle.


Sharon M. thank you for reminding us of this phenom-meh-nah [Say in Animal voice].



  1. I don’t think this is a calico. But still verrrrry cute!

  2. One portion of that please!

  3. Sweeeet! But that’s a tabby cat, not a calico.

  4. momof2kitties says:

    Tabby, calico, who cares? It’s the earsies, peeps, the ears!!

    *resists urge to bury face in kitteh fur and inhale deeply*


    *looks for Mia for a snorgle*

  5. shinymathom says:

    It’s my opinion this is probably a tabby. It’s also my opinion that it certainly is cute!

  6. violetgreen says:

    Well, IMO, this is not a kitteh puddle but a beaded-up droplet of kitteh.

  7. I see three colors- that’s a calico. A little calico pudding cup. Reminds me of the cartoon where the dog is hiding the kitteh by using him as a powder puff.

  8. [Sad Slow Head-Shake]

    d00d, this one’s practically an ANTIQUE in internet years…


  9. the appropriate response to “phenom-meh-nah” is “Dee dee de-de-de” (in sing song voice of course).

    I wonder if April Showers bring Calico puddles!!

  10. In our house, it’s “Do Dooo, da doo doo…” 😉 (We have dogs, so that might explain it it…hee!)

    for those who have NO idea what we’re talking about.

    Oh, and very cute kitty!!!

  11. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    I’s ded…

  12. I name him Charlie Chaplin with his big featherpants, splayed feets and wings that look like a baggy jacket …. I can imagine him waddling along and looking quizically at the world around him. I lub him.

  13. one of my personal favorites. I don’t know about you guys, but I could totally go for a swim in that delightful kitteh puddle!

  14. You can’t fool me– that’s a Mini-Monorail Cat.

    Monorail? Monorail!

  15. According to Ben Stein, the mainstream scientific community believes that life began when lightning struck a kitteh puddle.

  16. purrfect peace

  17. Ermine Violin says:

    O! This shook my world… oh wait NO

    It was the earthquake we had! In Illinois!!! sigh – we’re supposed to be getting a big one soon.

  18. my new bumper sticker:

    “i bleen for repeats”

  19. ashagato says:

    the bebe kit, she is perfection…annnnnnn…

  20. I remember this from when I first started perusing CO. The blobulence is killer.

  21. Poohbear says:

    Kitteh pudding ! *nom-nom*

  22. mtnfireprincess says:

    Adorable. But a tabby cat. Not a Calico. Calicoes have large blotches of pure colour. (I’ve had beautiful calico cats in my life since I was born. I suppose I’m a calico snob XD )

    Though with it’s amount of cuteness I say it it multiplied because it’s a tabby and therefore not as stereotypically cute as other coloured cats. It makes up for it in those delightful ear-tuffs.

  23. ThreeCatNight says:

    If this is a kitteh puddle, then I don’t mind singin’ in the rain!

  24. Kitteh loaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I had one of these babies for sixtten years and the term that always got used was ‘calico tabby’ because she was both. Big white splotches and mottled brown/grey/black tabby. It sort of stops the argument from both sides.

  26. Actually maybe a tabby or maybe not it actually could be a (Torby?? I always get these confused.)
    it is both a calico and tabby combined.

    they look like a mix of an orange and brown tabby with splotches of each all over their body

    Here is a picture of Magneato

    And another one, Miss Huggums who is metsakins kitty.

    But maybe some one with a more clear understanding of them could chime in.. I think once some one posted a link to a discription of the cat colors and all their presentations .

  27. phenom-meh-non please (singular, not plural)

  28. writtenwyrdd JYNX!!! HEhehehe

  29. SMFR — since this is basically a duplicate post, I’d say “phenomena” works.


  30. It made me gasp with delight when I saw him/her!

  31. ‘Tisn’t a kitteh puddle: ‘Tis a CATerpillar!

  32. I think that might actually be a type of persian called “shaded golden”. it’s hard to tell though because its eyes are closed, and they have characteristic crazy huge green eyes. click on my link to see an example.

  33. Could a calico and a tabby be a Cabby?? Heee!

  34. OMG! Thx Kris for the muppet link! I have a compulsion to “doot dooo da-do-do” every time I hear the word phenomena just because of those fuzzy fellas!

  35. This is one of my very favorite posts! Thank you soooooooooooo much!

  36. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Torbie. Great. Thanks Theo. My kitten, Cleo, is one of those. Samantha, a cat I had many years ago, was also one, with a lot of white.

    The kitten in the picture is enough to make one melt.

  37. binky-mama says:

    It looks like you would need a spatula to pick this kitteh up. And a non-stick pan.

  38. Those sweet little closed eyes! Ahhhhhhh…

    (Hahahaha @ tribble!)

  39. Oooh, It’s the wooly kittapillar! I’ve seen this before, and makes me “awww” every time.

  40. I think you’ll find it’s a patched tabby or torbie and is very cute!!!

  41. Just for the record (because I am a NERD):

    The song was from a Swedish film, and first performed by the Muppets on the Ed Sullivan Show (and later on Sesame Street) before being revived for the first episode of the Muppet Show.

    And it’s not Animal who sings it (though the guy has wild hair that kind of looks like Animal’s).

    I wish I were this kitteh.

  42. It’s a tortotabipointico!!

    And now, for you genetics nerds, the reason why those girlcats are so cool:

  43. itsmemom says:

    me eyes can’t take this much cute! blink…blink >”<

  44. dacoffeeshakes says:

    The itty bitty kitty loaf! Gives me warm fuzzies. 🙂

  45. ack! adorable little squishball!!! eeeep!!!!! gah!!! aaaa!!!!


  46. ok, who knew i was having surgery and needed this to help me get better?!?

    thank you so much! it helps with recovery….

  47. octochan says:

    ooo, I see the Tarepanda line has been expanded! Tarekitteh, I like it!

  48. flowerfanatic says:

    I raised and showed Persians for 25 years. This is a brown patched tabby. The white muzzle shows it’s a true tabby.

  49. Oh kitteh! I would mop yew up ANYtime!

  50. Totalee Puppy says:

    JENBEN–Sorry to hear that
    you are in recovery from
    surgery–Hope Kitten Puddle will help you feel better. Lots of Kitten Cuddles are on the way to you–Take two in the morning and two in the PM.
    Give yourself all the care
    you deserve…

  51. Raemie L. says:

    Kitteh-shaped melon bread. What will the Japanese think of next?

    I just had to read through the comments. The “Mahna Mahna” vid woke me up (it’s bedtime here) – I love that song! XD

  52. Speaking of Mahna-mahna- does anyone remember those critters that sang the “doo-doo-do-doo-doo” part? Wow!

  53. meganfay says:

    whether tabby or calico, it’s a puff-ball mushroom!

  54. Shhhhhhhh….

    Sleepy time!


  55. rubber duck says:

    I know this one under the title “THE MONORAIL CAT IS OFFLINE FOR MAINTENANCE.”

    And it’s cuuute.

  56. trie_squid says:

    It’s the kitten-version of the Face of Boe!

  57. Totalee Puppy says:

    No one’s going to like me for this, but the shape is a little like Jabba the Hud…there the resemblance
    ends…If ol Jabby had been beautiful like our kitteh, I would have enjoyed that movie a whole lot more…

  58. Capt. Jack for the win, Trie_Squid.

    (notice that I actually spelled it out)