An Engineer’s Guide to Kittehs [eye roll]

OK, People, Everybody and their BROTHER is sending this video in. Who ARE these guys wanting us to know their kitteh techniques? Are they swingle? What IS their deal? My eyes are rolling all over the place.

RuthElisa K., you are the latest in a LONG LINE of Sender-Inners for this vid. So congrats.



  1. momof2kitties says:

    I saw this last week. It is soooo bleening funny! Love it!

  2. Only engineers … *rolls eyes* 🙂

    Great video!!

  3. ok I must admit, I love the cat yodeling :p

  4. whalesforever says:

    This just proves that engineers have waaay more time on their hands than, say, a liberal arts major. 🙂

  5. ashagato says:

    genius! i love it! where are the guys like this in real life?

  6. electric says:

    Ha ha. I crying during the cat yodeling part. That was so hilarious.

  7. I instantly sent that to my engineer friend. Definitely one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while!

  8. I <3 ENGINEERS.

  9. Paul is a cutie, I’d hit that lol

  10. Awww that was soo cute! “Cat motivational problems” lol. You could power a city off how many times my kitty and I shock each other in a year. <3

  11. XD I first saw this on Fark and I was wondering when it was going to show up here.

    *Has tried the kitty yodeling with her roommate’s cat* X3;

  12. corporal cuddling! i do that all the time!

  13. anner, me too! Then I usually get a claw to the face.

  14. Hee! I always called it “the 1000 kiss torture” 😀

  15. Space Cowgirl says:

    Love! Must show this to nerdy BF who doesn’t really like cats.

  16. these guys are priceless. LOVE the cat yodelling, and the self-deprecating humour. Also Paul has a bit of a George Clooney thing going on, which can only help.

  17. gatekchiclet says:

    i’m an engineer and i couldn’t stop loling.

    the mating practices of engineers are definitely accurate.

  18. mirysien says:

    was very fun to watch 🙂

  19. Well, OK. They do it in a very engineer-y kind of way. But it is very sweet and cute! And shows the kitteh love! I approve. No eye rolling here.

  20. Watch his latest video to where he talks about him receiving several marriage proposals from numerous cat ladies

  21. “Floral arrangement regurgetation” ROFL! i cant get over that!

  22. I love these guys! I love this video and I love there cats! *shake shake shake shake* YAY!

  23. I love these guys! I love this video and I love there cats! *shake shake shake shake* YAY!

  24. I love these guys! I love this video and I love there cats! *shake shake shake shake* YAY!

  25. I love these guys! I love this video and I love there cats! *shake shake shake shake* YAY!

  26. I love these guys! I love this video and I love there cats! *shake shake shake shake* YAY!

  27. I love these guys! I love this video and I love there cats! *shake shake shake shake* YAY!

  28. Am I the only one who noticed that Oscar was PITCH PERFECT during the cat yodeling part?

  29. Oh. My. God. I married an engineer. This is accurate to the point of being frightening.

    My favorite part? The peanut butter and jelly sandwich with…*gasp*…DIFFERENT kinds of jelly!

    That, and “post-modern cardboard deconstruction.”

  30. stubbedoo says:

    I too married an engineer and have cats, this is pretty darn accurate – and I loved every minute of it! I will now annoy all of my friends by sending it to them.

    And, I so have to try cat yodeling.

  31. Oh please, make it stop! My sides are splitting.

    As a professional engineer myself with a life-long “cat problem,” this was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t begin to say how much of this is spot-on. The cat yodeling is priceless, I didn’t know the practice even had a name. I just thought it was huggy-kitty time that usually ended with an annoyed kitty that gives me a 10 minute cat-scan from under potted plant.

    Cats are excellent companions for engineers due to the high amusement to annoyance factor.

  32. Fabulous. Why isn’t my cat an artist too? Although he is good at lounging, gotta give him that.

  33. Those guys are sorta sexy. Oh yeah, and the cats are coot too.

  34. Ok, this was a little weird but also very cute. I also loved the cat yodeling.

    I really needed a visit to CO today and this video was perfect. I attempted to rescue a kitten I found in the middle of the road on my way to work this morning, but unfortunately it died just as I got it to the Vet Hospital. I was so upset and a visit to Co was just what I needed. Thank GOD for animal lovers.

  35. Whoops, should have been a capital CO at the end there. Sorry! Hard to type through tears.

  36. I used to date an engineer… this is so right on! Cats are the engineers of the animal world!
    OK, and “low energy cardboard performance art”, made my day!

  37. Marriage proposals? I’m surprised he’s not getting ovaries in the mail.

  38. OMG! Kitteh Yodeling is the BEST! I LOL’d like I never LOL’d before.

  39. Areinaka says:

    My favorite part was when the tuna was being dished out, and a marmalade paw reached for it accompanied by a rather pitiful meow.

    That was great.

  40. LOL! Loved it!

  41. I am an engineer and I found that video hilarious. I do, however, think that those two engineers must be unemployed…..they have far too much time on their hands

  42. BustaMove says:

    I live with an engineer and his 2 cats – this was spot on! Very funny.

  43. hahahahahahahha this is one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen

  44. That TOTALLY made my morning!

    Off the link goes to my engineer brother in law who loves cats…

  45. Catsquatch says:

    Im so bummed, once again youtube killed it for me right when he served the tuna…..
    Ill try again tomorrow.

    To the woman with the emergency kitten, I know honey, bless you for trying.

  46. AAAAAA!!! I haven’t laughed so hard in quite a while. I can understand engineers doing exactly this. The kittehs were so patient, and the engineers so clinical… loved it!

  47. OMG. I died laughing.

  48. aspenjade says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!1! I don’t doubt that these guys got more ladies after posting this video. That may have even been their goal. Purrfecshun, gentlemen, absolute purrfecshun.

  49. Love it! Paul is cute! The cats are adorable!

  50. I love the part about “games like, I’m not paying any attention to you”. When you’re an engineer your job is to make things do what you want them to do. Paradoxically many engineers I know (because they are introverts?) likes cats because they can’t be made to do that.

  51. this is a great video. So amusing. CAT YODELLING! Its great… squeeeeeeek

  52. Nome of your videos are ever available. It’s annoying and makes the website look tacky and amateur. How can you remedy this problem?

    [Sorry, Chloe, but this isn’t true. You need to have the Adobe Flash plugin installed in your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) to watch any YouTube video, and also whatever internet connection you have has to allow Flash video. Some folks’ internet at work, for instance, have firewalls that block videos. Finally, if you’ve got any anti-scripting plugins installed, like NoScript for Firefox, you’ll have to set it to “allow” Link to free Flash install is below… – Ed.]

  53. I loved all of it, but I especially liked the little touches, like the pantry that had nothing but dry cat food and tuna (for the cats) and multiple jars of peanut butter and jelly (for the engineers).

    These guys are definitely engineers AND single. Did you notice their “early garage sale” furniture?

  54. Aesthetica says:

    i will totally marry this engineer AND his cats. then we can be the crazy cat couple.

    and i am still in tears from laughing at the yodeling and the performance art. i think i might have s stroke. priceless!

  55. Kristina says:

    Ashagato, the guys like this “in real life” are in the Engineering Department of your local university. They can also be found in small rooms in factories, on half-built bridges, and quite often in management positions in major business. The “engineeriness” of the latter is somewhat questionable, though.
    True engineers are always distinguished by their lack of good fashion sense, their tendency to carry calculators roughly the size of a breadbox, and their complete inability to effectively relate to strangers of the opposite sex.

  56. GingerMartini says:

    I’m LOL’ing so hard at work now, I can’t answer the phone!

  57. Chloe- the vids usually work just fine for me. On the rare occasions when they don’t, I just click through and watch them straight on youtube.

  58. Kristina says:

    Ashagato, the guys like this “in real life” are in the Engineering Department of your local university. They can also be found in small rooms in factories, on half-built bridges, and quite often in management positions in major business. The “engineeriness” of the latter is somewhat questionable, though.
    True engineers are always distinguished by their lack of good fashion sense, their tendency to carry calculators roughly the size of a breadbox, and their complete inability to effectively relate to strangers of the opposite sex.

  59. This is too much. My computer nerd/introvert of a boyfriend has a cat, and there’s nothing that makes me giggle more than when he baby-talks the cat. And the (corporal)cuddling. Too funny. I (heart) nerds. 🙂

  60. lurkingsmirk says:

    Cute, and nicely done. I wonder if the two marms are siblings.

  61. Ermine Violin says:

    When the little paw reaches up to the plate it just kills me. The entire thing just kills me.

    Right now though – i’m going to go stand in a doorway all day – the earthquakes are coming! the earthquakes are coming!

    (2 today!)

  62. Chloe, my guess is the problem is on your end, and it might be a good idea to rule out any problems with your set-up before accusing the Cute Overload site of being “tacky and amateur” since you seem to be the only person complaining 😉

    Here are a few things you can try:

    If you’re viewing from work, it may be that your employer has had blocks installed to prevent employees from accessing certain material. If that’s the case, you’re out of luck, and it has nothing to do with CO.

    If you’re viewing from home, check your firewall settings.

    If you use Firefox as your browser, check to see what extensions you’re running and if you’re allowing scripts. Viewing videos here or anywhere else requires that you permit scripts to run from You Tube as well as the site where the video is embedded.

  63. tracyFlick says:

    I bet they also like girls who are smart and funny, sigh…love the sidekick dude.

  64. Meg, thanks for posting this video; I was wondering when it would show up on CO!

  65. Hey Ermine Violin! Didja catch that last aftershock? I ran straight outside when I heard my dining room chandelier.

  66. Necessary??

    I fully support Chloe’s agitation with the site. Every time I open this page it shuts down my entire internet. It happens multiple times every single day.

  67. stealingsand says:

    ah Gahd, the pitiful questing PAW!!!! and did everybody miss the tap-dancing Ginger (Rogers?). Shake that booty. yeah.

    There’s too much here to talk about, can’t stop quoting it to my husband. This is why engineers/geeks are cute, BTW. Not so big on the fashion, but definitely in the earnest/unassuming arena. Fashion can be fixed, character can’t.

  68. I finally have a name for it! Corporal Cuddling!!! Mu big is a big touch-me-not and this happens all the time. I mean, I try to respect his wishes but sometime I just HAVE to!

  69. pugmamatimestwo says:

    “corporal cuddling” ha! in my house, we call that “protest kitty” because she haaaates it when we snorgle her. she gets all yelly and splays her toes. so cute!

  70. SSSsss — sounds to me more like you’ve got an issue with your PC, like some kind of malware infection. Call your doctor… er, tech support.

  71. Ermine Violin says:

    Yeah I sure did – it felt like my chair was a bumper car for just a moment there.

    I’m near a ™BIG COLLEGE TOWN not in Chicago in Illinois… where are you?

    SSSSssss maybe you aren’t supposed to be here then? hmmmmm?

  72. My kittehs have moved on from floral arrangement regurgitation to ribbon bundle regurg. Colorful and textural!

  73. The yodeling! Oh, YODELING!!!

    Too, too, moische.

    [collapses in gigglefit]

  74. Jennie — thanks for sharing, eww

  75. Best video EVAR! Paul’s a hottie…single 27 yr old blonde female here! yes i like older men, older CAT men! mwahahahaha, i’ll even buy my own ring, you can’t beat that! well, except for maybe with cat yodeling.

  76. Ermine V – I’m in the St. Louis area in an old brick house. When my cell phone vibrated a few minutes ago I about fell over dead. Not that I’m nervous or anything.

  77. ErminViolin Huggs from California.. Hope your aftershocks get less and less as the day goes on.

  78. Noelle, I’m so sorry to hear about the kitty you tried to save. But at least the little one’s last moments were in the hands of someone who cared.

    And this video … I thought I was going to explode from trying not to scream with laughter lest I disturb my office mates.

  79. My former boyfriend the engineer hated my cat, so I find this hilarious and comforting.
    Apparently this guy has rescued some kitties in the past, hence the marriage proposals.

  80. omg, cats in boxes again!

  81. omg Im gonna say it…

    I’ve been busted by my coworkers… NOT WORKING AGAIN CO!

    The cat yodelling… was teh funnay!

  82. Ssss….I had something similar happening a little while ago, but only it was whenever I was in my Yahoo Mail (my .com mail at that, not my .ca mail).

    The issue? I had a Trojan and a pile of Spyware on my computer. A massive cleanup cleared out the problem perfectly. No more browser crash.

    Make a note to self. Triplecheck that issues aren’t actually on your own machine before accusing a random website.

    And this vid? ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE! I lurves it!

  83. Madeleine says:

    I’ll bet this was all an elaborate ploy to get the ladies, as was mentioned above–worked on me, at least :).

    I can’t decide what is funnier–the cat antics, the engineering/math jokes, or the unassuming, deadpan manner of the narrator.

    As a math geek, this reminds me of one of my favorite cartoons of all time:

  84. Sheesh, put a couple of modestly attractive adult male humans in, and no nuffers to be found.

  85. Yes, Paul is attractive. But, his boyish charms cannot take my attention away from the kitten paw impatiently reaching for the tuna around 2:00.

  86. I have 5 cats of my own and found this video so funny I cried laughing. Great find! (Off to use corporal cuddling)

  87. Corporal cuddling! Holy crap! I have a name for it now :).

    When our monkey whines and cries like a baby (usually for treats she can’t have), she gets held like a baby. She hates it 🙂

  88. My day is now made. I am now sending this video to all my engineer friends. Love it.

  89. Very funny video :DD

  90. I’m convinced that all male cat lovers practice corporal cuddling and cat yodeling. I’m no engineer but I’ve been using those techniques for years. 😉

  91. ashagato says:

    thank kristina for the locating-sorta-dorky-but-witty-cat-loving-guy tips!
    i’m heading out to find some now 😉

  92. I love the “fitting into tight parking spaces” bit!

  93. My hubby calls it “kittel harassment.” When I mention that to non-qte people, they think he’s being abusive. *sigh*

  94. marissposa says:

    Jim- There is a pretty obvious difference (I assume you’re referencing the unfortunate popsicle incident). This video has cute animals in it. I’m surprised you failed to notice it since it mentions it right there in the title nd all.
    Corporal Cuddling is the only affective method of disciplining my kitty. Also the only way to get any love.

  95. Very clever and amusing! I actually wasn’t aware that cat-nerds existed.

  96. DailyHamster — I feel like my entire existence has been denied… 😦

  97. I have a feeling the two guys in the video aren’t all that concerned about getting the ladies, if you get my drift. 😉

    Anyway, the paw reaching for the tuna out of desperation? Classic.

  98. @Theo: LOL! I didn’t mean to marginalize you, dearest Teho! It’s my own ignorance, not your insignificance, at work here. And anyway, I discovered today that, not only do cat-nerds exist, they’re adorable. 😉

  99. Haha yes, finally a name for it – corporal cuddling! My kitty gets dragged under the blankets for that when he won’t stop waking me up for breakfast too early!

    Am so going to have to try cat yodeling…

  100. This is fantastic. I love their scientific approach to the cats’ behavior and his deadpan face as he talks about them. It so reminds me of the tv show “The Big Bang Theory”. Too much!! Thank you CO – that was just what I needed today.

  101. Michelle says:

    Hilarious! And ladies, guys like this are everywhere. You just gotta know where to look. I met mine at dog obedience school. Some of them like dogs as well as cats!

  102. turbofloof says:

    Ok, by the third viewing of this video today, I’ve had to close my office door because apparently, my laughter is disruptive to the work enviornment! HA!

  103. Michelle says:

    Oh and one more thing.


  104. Bad Michelle!
    No catnerd!

  105. Justa Duck says:

    Where’s the TJ love? I’d totally snorgle that.

  106. Ermine Violin says:

    Teho – look in the mirror and repeat after me:

    “I’m good enough
    I’m smart enough
    and doggoneit people like me!”

  107. E.V. — oh yeah, that’s what I need, MORE EGO.
    Well, that, and more cowbell.

    Al Franken is the man.
    (well, him, and Chris Walken)

  108. Engineers rock, but engineers with cats are even better! You guys rule!

  109. Laura M. says:

    I luf these guys.

  110. Ermine Violin says:

    Well, speaking as a thoroughly married woman who shouldn’t comment on things such as this to thoroughly married men, you do have one of the better looking chins I’ve ever seen. 😀 😛 And you’re also never rude.

  111. LOL!!!!!

    Did you hear that, everyone? I’M NEVER RUDE.


  112. I think I died right around “cardboard performance art.”

  113. LisaLisa says:

    I am in full agreement with the other ladies on here. Paul is a cutie. If I wasn’t married………

    I laughed and laughed at this video. I’m gonna watch it again when I get home.

  114. amanda j says:

    GUH! tap dancing ginger is the best thing ever!! SOO CUUUTE!

  115. i’ve been calling it “love torture,” but corporal cuddling sounds much more geektastic.

  116. Martha in Washington says:

    Now I have a name for it!!
    Cardboard Performance Art!! My Gemma is the Picasso of CPA! Altho those kitties are very good too.
    Did anyone else notice how the (cute) engineer served the tuna in three perfect portions?!

  117. How is it I’ve missed seeing Teho, the (never seen) “Maris” of CO?!!!

    Somebody posted that link in the Pa-sickie commentroversy last week, I think, and it is such a great video!!

    Yes, I’d marry Paul, too. (If he likes older broadzzzz with their own set of cats). Love a guy with a sense of humor, kindness (and gray hair, too!)—and whoever said Clooney is right!!!

    [Maris never *spoke*, though. I’m more like the Once-ler. – Ed.]

  118. This is fantastic. I wish I would have married an engineer.

  119. My Favorite Part of the video well actully one of my favorite parts is the whole cat aspect ratio. Just killed me..
    I know it is one of those geeky references but I just loved it.. Can’t help it Taking introductory algebra in college, plus married to a total geeky network engineer.

  120. kittehsnbubbles says:

    lol really made me laugh, it never fails to amaze me what ppl can come up with in their spare time!

  121. Alice Shortcake says:

    My cat was going berserk during the yodelling! I must try it when she’s calmed down a bit!

  122. CoffeeCup says:

    No one has mentioned the ninjas in the beginning! The calculators! The ninjas!

    I love the cats, and the classification of being “that guy with cats” and how in the end…he’s got three cats! I love how the cats are participants in the video, but don’t seem to care either way. I do love the marmalade paw when the tuna bit comes up. Awesome.

  123. If I wasn’t already in a relationship, I’d be hunting down both of these guys with my feminine — and feline — wiles. They deserve great gals to go with their amazing fur babies!

  124. evil latte says:

    LOL i love the geeky references!(and the ninjas) i MUST try cat yodeling and corporeal cuddeling with my boys!

  125. OMG, this is too goddamn funny!

  126. tubbysnuggles says:

    i absolutely lost it at cat yodeling. CAT YODELING. And I didn’t see how they could top the cardboard performance art.

    OMG this rocks. You’ve just GOT TO love a couple of guys who are willing to look so funny. Just … LOVE THEM. omg.

  127. Persephone says:


    did anyone else assume that these guys were a couple?

    I mean, it seems like the cats belong to both of them. 🙂

  128. Wow–that is one LONG video. But I learned a lot, so it was worth it 🙂

  129. thequeenmum says:

    All I have to say is: ROFFLE!

    I almost choked on my mac & cheese when it got to the cat yodeling part because of excessive giggling.

  130. I’m gonna see if any of my guys will yodel!

  131. Oh man. Corporal cuddling.

    I didn’t know there was a name for it. I torture my cat with love all the time 🙂

  132. I want to marry either one of them, and I was an English major!

  133. I tewtally get it … being an engineer and all.
    The cat yoedelling was hilarious…both my puppies were ROTFLTAO.

    BTW : Good observation Persephone 🙂

  134. okay, after working with engineers for 18 years (1979-1998) and loving cats for 50 years (1958-2008), this is probably the best video i’ve ever seen on cats!!!!! these guys are priceless (the engineers too) and the last picture with all 3 cats and TJ is worth 1,000 words! this should be a psa for cats!

  135. oh yea, and corporal cuddling should be instituted in the u.s. for all beings (human and animal). free hugs!!!!!

  136. CoffeeCup says:

    Persephone…I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two of the cats belong to one of the guys and they just collaborated cats for the purpose of the video. They don’t look like they’re a couple and there isn’t a reason to assume such. *shrug* Guys can’t just be around each other without the premise that they might be gay?

  137. Paul! Paul! Paul!
    I have it on good authority that he’s a great dancer as well as an engineer with and ability to laugh at himself.
    Watch out, Paul!
    P.s. you totally get my vote at the Tallgrass meeting.

  138. T___T i want to cat yodel?!!!
    why doesnt it work with my cats!?

  139. Piggalette says:

    OMG I laughed til I cried (actually, scared the crap out of hubby who was sleeping) at the corporal snuggling. Sooooo funny!!!!!

  140. I’m an engineering grad student, and I love boys with cats. This was almost like porn for me. The corporal snuggling nearly killed me.

  141. Dailyhamster, not only Theo, but there’re Mario and Brent over at SOMC! They’re out there…ya just gotta look for ’em.

    My cat Sammie – who looked almost EXACTLY like Zoey – would do her own yodelling. She would trot along while meowing. It would sound something like: Mreh eh eh eh eh…

    Love this video!

  142. Girlnextdoortn says:

    Cat Yodeling!

    A+ for every single bit of this video, despite its length. Truly, A +.

  143. maggieb_tpa says:

    My furbombs have carefully positioned their furry selves out of easy cuddling range.

  144. NameChangedToProtectInnocent says:

    Yes, “corporal cuddling” has been known to happen at my house also. Unfortunately one of my cats loved to be violently kissed so it wasn’t real effective for him, at least. I’ve been known to attempt a variation of yodeling also; had a cat I’d pick up and hold stretched out on her back, at shoulder/hip, and sing “Samalina concertina” to her while moving in a wavelike fashion to simulate a concertina. (Maybe you had to be there.) But to me the cat yodeling sounded like someone playing a saw.

  145. You know, I’m a nerd. I’m a cat nerd. I write a blog about some of the animal pics here and eventually about my own cat. I am getting a Ph.D. Right now I am interviewing for a tenure-track position at a major public university and last week got an offer to publish my dissertation by a major academic press.

    But because I work in the “arts” and am “furry” and “panda-bear shaped” I cannot even fathom getting the kind of tail (sorry, ovaries) that these guys are getting. Zheesh. Engineers are like the rock stars of nerds, and I’m like the roadie.

    Thanks, CO. Thanks a lot.

    Slumping away to the corner, singing “Alone Again Naturally,”


    P.S. I second the remark that just because two guys are in near proximity and like cats does not mean they are gay.

  146. Juniper Jupiter says:


    I’m glad I’m not the only one stroking out on the CAT YODELING!!! I didn’t know it had a name, either!! I like to “torture” my cats with it whenever we’re pissed off at each other! I think I peed a little on that! 😀

    ***Two little known facts aboot Juniper!
    1) My pop-in-law is a Senior Electrical ENGINEER at a well known University (unfortunately, though, he’s allergic to cats and foods that make him really sick!:()
    2) My bro-in-law is an Industrial ENGINEER who not only co-invented a particular type of digital camera, but also was a contestant on Battlebots, on two different seasons!!

    How aboot that!!

  147. What is with the snarkily worded intro, your eyes are rolling… mine are crying! What a great clip.

  148. I have not laughed so hard at a CO post in a long time.

    (Well, at least not since the “pa-sickie” post…)

  149. Aw, berthaservant, I love ya. To tell the truth, you indimidate me a little, because you are *so* smart and funny and articulate and well-written and all…..

    but I love ya too.

    Panda-bear shaped? What’s not to love?

  150. I love nerds.

  151. He needs to come facilitate our company presentations and webexes. Hilarious!

  152. Totalee Puppy says:

    NOELLE, Sometimes caring hurts, but I believe that you will go on caring…How much nicer for
    the kitten to be with you than abandoned out there…
    Whether you believe in Rainbow Bridge or whether
    your caring hands have built a bridge from suffering to safety, you have made a difference for each little someone-in-need
    you find. Que dios la bendiga–May God bless you.

  153. browngrl says:

    We have “corporal cuddling” in our house too! Only we call it “duty time” and I advise both our cats to lie back and think of England while I snuggle them up. Both have learned to tolerate it.. but just.

  154. Totalee Puppy says:

    Oh, I forgot to say that I
    really enjoyed this video!
    My favorite part was the
    little marmalade paw reaching up for the tuna…
    and the meow. So simple…
    so true.

  155. turbofloof says:

    Noelle – Sorry for your sad day. I remember once, I “adopted” an AWESOME stray (I fed and loved on him – tons of pats and skritches, but he stayed outdoors,) who I named Jose. One day, I came home to find Jose collapsed on my doorstep looking awful and weak (he was always the handsomest of tom cats – except my own, of course.) When I whisked him off to the vet, I found out he had advanced FIV (I never could catch him to vaccinate and neuter him, which is why he wasn’t allowed indoors with my own two kittehs.) He was so sick, I put him down that day. It was horrible! But, the other poster was right, at least your kitten had someone who cared for him in the end. What a lucky little guy…. Being responsible sucks sometimes, but it’s the right thing.

  156. Aww, c’mon Berthaservant!! You know you’re OUR PhD candidate (okay, so I’m paraphrasing Halle Berry in “Bulworth”)!!!

  157. OMG, I am not an engineer, but I work with those folks all day. This is SOOO engineer, but I am absolutely flabbergasted at the amount of humor involved here. It must be the cat factor. It has to be. (We didn’t call it “cat yodelling”–we call it “playng the kitty bagpipes”!) LOVE IT!!!!

  158. What a great video – geek jokes and animal jokes; what more could I want?

    Berthaservant, don’t despair – you’re very smart and funny, and if I weren’t completely in love with my sweetly geeky, attractive-but-not-in-a-movie-star-way boyfriend I would do some flirting. Except I’m mildly allergic to cats, although I admire them from afar.

    Maybe someday I’ll post “the opera singer’s guide to chinchillas.”

  159. Piggalette says:

    Melisma: You MUST do that video! It would be awesome. 🙂

  160. Sweet Pea says:

    Lurved the kitty dance moves!

  161. yankeebird says:

    Heh, that’s funny… I’ve had this open in a tab for about a week now as I keep meaning to send it to my cat-loving engineer ex, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Why didn’t I even think of sending it here?!?

  162. yankeebird says:

    Wow, I just read everyone’s comments… it seems like everyone here knows or is an engineer! Weird.

  163. I’m lost for words – really what can one say!
    I did find the item placement in the kitchen cupboards quite disturbing 🙂

  164. CoffeeCup says:

    Future father in law is an engineer, I have several friends who are engineers (and a few who were in the engineering building during last year’s Virginia Tech shootings – eeesh!) and one of my aunts is an engineer. And I received NO math genes at all.

  165. This is my Favourite CO video ever. Ever!

  166. Yay! I was one of the people that sent this in! hehe So glad others did as well so it got posted!
    I absolutely loved it when I first saw it on Neatorama. It had be cracking up the entire time. I think I’ve watched it at least 10x and now that it’s on CO.. I’ll be watching it even more now! hehe

  167. Oh and during the Corporal Cuddling part.. I swear that one cat sounds like it’s saying “Noooooooo” lol.. cracks me up every time.

  168. Dude, I have that same calculator. In the spirit of cat correlations…

  169. Mollence says:

    Funniest thing since Winston!

  170. I would date either of these guys (except they have cats and I’m extremely allergic).

  171. Men + cats + funny = prrrrr.

    Berthas**, you are totally eligible. Pity I’m on the other side of the world.

  172. Yale Applied Physics Grad Students are just like this-only they play “What if?” a lot.

    This is going to my UCONN guy and beyond. Perfect. OOoh, the three equal portions of tuna- this was so well thought-out, so many snort-inducing details! Thank you!

  173. momof2kitties says:

    Awww…Berthaservant. Don’t you know by now you have your very own CO fan club? We luffs Bs!

    W00T for panda bear (shapes!) Some of us are shaped like that too. Its all good. 🙂

  174. That is one of the funniest cat videos I’ve ever seen!! My fiance acts like an engineer and fits right in on some of their techniques.

  175. what a riot. i’ve been laughing to tears over heah! “aspect ratio” !?!?!”yodeling?””????!!!

    AWESOME VIDEO (and tewtelly beautiful kittehs)

  176. I think many of us have some fearful practice we visit on our kitties at times. I used to carry my 4-pound kitty around baby-style and sing “Shrimp Boats is a-Coming” to her. Weirdly, enough, she did not hate this.

  177. OK, finally a legitimate way to use “engineer” and “cute” in the same sentence: “Have you seen that engineer video on Cute Overload?”

    I didn’t think it could be done. (snicker)

  178. (Ballpark-style chant for Berthaservant)
    MVP! MVP! MVP! 😉

  179. How funny! In my house, when my big girl (same aspect ratio as Zoey, I think) needs her claws trimmed, we feed her bits of treats when she starts growling. It goes something like “ggrroooo-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow” until she runs out of breath. As annoyed as she is, she can’t turn away from the treats. Not quite yodeling, but still hilarious.

  180. you know whats sad… i’ve tried cat yodeling. i am so ashamed…

  181. Ermine Violin says:

    I immediately ran over to my mom’s house to see if Belle yodeled – she doesn’t, but she does push at your face and chest rather hard and screeches.

  182. Hey, kc! My boyfriend’s an engineer, and he’s plenty cute. But he’s also a great partner dancer, so I don’t know if he’s your typical engineer.

  183. Rad_Cuteologist says:

    Noelle, good for you for trying to help that kitten!
    I agree, thank goodness for animal lovers!

  184. Siobhan, it’s OK. Everybody experiments in camp.

  185. This was hilarious!

  186. Ha, awesome. Corporal cuddling works very well with one of my cats, but not the other. Quasar is the only cat I’ve ever met who not only likes to be picked up and squeezed, but occasionally demands it (with claws).

  187. Paunchie says:

    Did you notice at the grocery store, what the guy’s got in his cart?! LOL!!!

  188. Seriously, this was the funniest video in CO ever! I laughed so hard I almost wetted my self..
    Just wonderfull!

  189. LOL to all the comments. And let me say this engineer guys are everywhere and they are the best kind of friends and
    girls if you want them you have to make the first move. They are usually shy around girls. THey are not the kind of guys that stand out in a crowd but if you take teh time to get to know them they are by far and away teh best kind of guys you will ever meet and have a relationship with . They are kind considerate and though a bit OCD about details tehy are almost all excellent conversationalists once they get to know you.
    They are usually not rock star cute but they are cute and Berthaservant polar bear proportions mean nothing it really is alot more about who you are in yourself.

    Ohh And Teho really is never rude, at least not in the last year I have been coming to CO. And someone mentioned a cute chin.. there was at least one photo with your chin in it Teho.. The one with your rabbit getting a bath.

  190. turkeylegsmom says:

    I loved the mail from the Kentucky woman in the second video–all the “fix your cat! All the cool guys do it!” bumper stickers. Um, maybe it’s just me, but if I was trying to impress a guy I’d never met, perhaps the best opening salvo isn’t “Marry me! I’m really into neutering!”

    But you should, of course, fix your li’l monkeys. Then ply them with tuna and on to the Corporal Cuddling!

  191. I don’t remember the last time I was this turned on! Animal-loving engineers….if only I were single. (sigh) HA! Love the video, thanks guys!

  192. That guy is very George Clooney – like. Cute! And the kitties are great.

    I love the sense of humor. The whole thing was so funny! I’m a programmer, so I guess that makes me sort of an engineer, almost.

    Be careful with the tuna, though. If cats have too much, it’s bad for them. Could even be dangerous for them to have too much.

  193. Berthaservant and all other hetero men: hetero women love men with cats (or other animals). Sweet guys are sexy! I know–I’m with the sweetest, sexiest one in the world.

  194. I thought they were a couple, and I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. It didn’t look like any women ever set foot in that place.

  195. hey meg, keep rolling them eyes.
    so what.
    it’s cute
    get over it


  196. Palema, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with it–but there’s no evidence for it, either. Especially with a segment showing one of them trying to attract a female. I’d guess this is Narrator Engineer’s place and Assistant Engineer is just helping make the movie.

  197. Or, they could be BFF. And if it looks like a woman has never set foot in the place, well…they ARE engineers. *snicker*.

  198. I think I’m in LOVE!!!!

  199. katiedid says:

    Every part was so funny. From the cat reaching up for the tuna to the “feedback” from cloe the cat lol. I LOVED the cat yodling. So great!!!

  200. My cats fail yodeling. 😦

  201. Brandi Lee says:

    BRILLIANT !!!!!

  202. Cockatoo says:

    A few observations from a proud she-nerd:

    I just finished a book called “Nerds: Who They Are and Why We Need More of Them” in which the author points out that a characteristic of nerds is having far less self-consciousness than the average person (which explains fanny packs, cell phone on belt, open enjoyment of “childish” amusements, etc.) So I’d guess it’s less easy to figure out from their behavior whether two nerds are a couple than it would be for two non-nerds.

    Second, I must point out that they measured the cats in INCHES. Real engineers and scientists use METRIC units. (shakes admonishing paw in their direction)

    Third, did anyone else notice similarities between Paul and the “Will it Blend?” guy?

  203. nicole face says:

    I tried the corporal cuddling on my cat…he smacked me in the face with his paw.

    i’m going to try the tap dancing thing today!

  204. Fundamental flaw in the corporal cuddling technique: May be misinterpreted as a reward. My cat would LOVE to be corporal cuddled. All day. He’s a golden retriever at heart.

  205. fiddledeedee says:

    Charming and hysterical at the same time. Made me wonder if you were on the same Meds I am on. Only unanswered question is who wrote the script for the cats? Excellent dialog for them…oh, and the narrator as well.

  206. Furbabies says:

    Where, oh where, was a guy like this when I was younger? Not that I am old now, 49 is not old. Cute, funny and loves cats. Oh, for a time machine.

  207. ThePhantomOfTheNet says:

    Interesting. I tried the ‘Coporal Cuddling’ with my oldest, UC, and she acted a little weirded out. No meows, and she’s been eyeing me suspiciously ever since.

    NS usually allows only a brief snorgle, and true to form, allowed 3 quick coporal cuddles, then the claws and mad scramble came out. No meows again. He is a peculair one, he doesn’t like being picked up at all, but he has to have a paw extended and touching me whenever either of us are sleeping.

    TS will be over for a visit soon, so I’ll have to try her out…

    I’ve got to get one of them taped yodelling for my sis in Switzerland!

  208. RuthElisa says:

    Meg & Co:This is really cute.
    My dad sent me it so glad ya’ll loved it.
    This was really funny!:)
    CO rules!

  209. GREAT stuff !!!

  210. 1, This video is the best.
    2. One or both of these guys is invited to propose to me.
    3. Any other guys out there who LOVE cats and are available, ditto.

  211. “Kitty bagpipes” is what my dad called it. He is an architect-very close to engineer.

    Engineer hubby would eat hamburger helper every night with his engineer roommates until I rescued him.

  212. KatinarKit says:

    It’s disconcerting how many of the engineers I know could be doubles for that vid.

  213. Pat in FL says:

    So funny! I also have 3 very different cats, all with their own strange quirks. No engineers though. Maybe I should get myself one of those? Had a good laugh and will have to try the yodelling thing

  214. Raemie L. says:

    Hehehe, great details in this ‘Guide’.

    @Jaffer: LOL at Petition video, especially the ‘challenge’ to Kobe (aspect ratios XD) and the “Vote 4 Pedro” part at the end.

  215. A Reader says:


    > As a math geek, this
    > reminds me of one of my
    > favorite cartoons of all
    > time:

    Fourier transform and cat! I have that posted on my filing cabinet at work! Brilliant! Best ever!

  216. People who love both Cute Overload *and* XKCD have a special place in my online heart. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  217. Thanks to everyone who offered encouragement to me. This is why I love this site…so many great people!

  218. I’m more of the music/languages/tabletop RPG (ever notice how much acting and storytelling go into them?) kind of nerd myself – mathematics aren’t really my thing; not enough room for creativity (although I hear that changes in the higher levels). Still, I know enough math to greatly appreciate xkcd.

    As for the chinchilla vid, as soon as I get the money to bring some chinchillas home and let them settle in, I will make it. My boyfriend can do the editing.

    Don’t suppose anyone knows of a chinchilla rescue anywhere near Philadelphia? My boyfriend and I would prefer to do a rescue, but there aren’t any nearby.

  219. Such a beautiful thing. Cryingly funny. We’re so close to becoming a 4 cat family…

  220. spikedcolor says:

    I cried and snorted at the “corporeal cuddling”!

    I need to find these guys and mail them my panties.

    *wonders about her own aspect ratio*

  221. LOVE THIS!!!

  222. I was one of the many who wanted this video up. Actually, I was the one who posted the link in the “pa-sickie” entry. 🙂

    Showed this to my cat-loving friends. I think I killed them. XD

  223. Are they SINGLE? Are you kiddin’! Did you check out the decor, the micro-suede and the toast for dinner???

  224. Skyweaver says:

    This is brilliant. I giggled through the whole thing. Thanks Engineer Dudes! And your keeties, who no doubt after this posting can be found in their trailers. Or their boxes.

  225. Wow, where can I get a cat-loving, humorous, creative, intelligent man of my own?

    single with 4 cats in Ohio

  226. that was so funny except now my boyfriend is making our cats yodel.

  227. Sasha's mum says:

    Ok, I hate to get all pedantic on y’all, but … “corporal cuddling” is redundant. “Corporal” means “to do with the body.” “Corporal punishment” therefore = physical punishment. And *all* cuddling is corporal cuddling.

    But these are engineers, after all. What do they know about language? 😉

    What we have here is more appropriately called punitive cuddling. Or corrective cuddling.

  228. Sasha's mum says:

    Ok, I hate to get all pedantic on y’all, but … “corporal cuddling” is redundant. “Corporal” means “to do with the body.” “Corporal punishment” therefore = physical punishment. And *all* cuddling is corporal cuddling.

    But these are engineers, after all. What do they know about language? 😉

    What we have here is more appropriately called punitive cuddling. Or corrective cuddling.

  229. Sasha's mum says:

    Ok, I hate to get all pedantic on y’all, but … “corporal cuddling” is redundant. “Corporal” means “to do with the body.” “Corporal punishment” therefore = physical punishment. And *all* cuddling is corporal cuddling.

    But these are engineers, after all. What do they know about language? 😉

    What we have here is more appropriately called punitive cuddling. Or corrective cuddling.

  230. Sasha's mum says:

    Ok, I hate to get all pedantic on y’all, but … “corporal cuddling” is redundant. “Corporal” means “to do with the body.” “Corporal punishment” therefore = physical punishment. And *all* cuddling is corporal cuddling.

    But these are engineers, after all. What do they know about language? 😉

    What we have here is more appropriately called punitive cuddling. Or corrective cuddling.

  231. Sasha's mum says:

    Ok, I hate to get all pedantic on y’all, but … “corporal cuddling” is redundant. “Corporal” means “to do with the body.” “Corporal punishment” therefore = physical punishment. And *all* cuddling is corporal cuddling.

    But these are engineers, after all. What do they know about language? 😉

    What we have here is more appropriately called punitive cuddling. Or corrective cuddling.

  232. Sasha's mum says:

    Ok, I hate to get all pedantic on y’all, but … “corporal cuddling” is redundant. “Corporal” means “to do with the body.” “Corporal punishment” therefore = physical punishment. And *all* cuddling is corporal cuddling.

    But these are engineers, after all. What do they know about language? 😉

    What we have here is more appropriately called punitive cuddling. Or corrective cuddling.

  233. Paul Klusman says:

    The guy that made this video needs to get out more. Not a bad video, I guess…