The TINIEST of kitten sneezes

People, we’ve all seen kittehs sneeze millions of times before. Usually, it’s a light pat on the back or a simple ‘cat-zoon-heit’ response.

Not this time. This time, it’s deadleh.

Arvana, you have the market cornered for mini sneezes. Monopoly even.



  1. Awww bless you little kitteh! That ‘mew’ at the end was so precious that my head exploded!!

  2. oh my gash! tooooo cute! plz keep the bebeh kitteh warm.

  3. The proper response to such a tiny sneeze is, “bwwess u”, and to kiss the top of the kitten’s fuzzy little head.
    Any other response is impolite.

  4. Michelle says:


    The little mreh after the sneeze was just too much.

  5. Ah…Ah..Ah… MEw!!

    ooo dizzy

  6. Juniper Jupiter says:



    Y’all should hear how my hubby mimics a kitling sneeze!! Cracks me up!!

  7. binky-mama says:

    Holds miniature Kleenex to tiny kitten nose: “Blow honey”

    All better nows?

    (head tilt)

  8. choo! mew!

    please send help

  9. Hon Glad says:

    I never know what to do when they are trying to cough up a hairball. I useually say “not on the carpet”

  10. Hon Glad says:

    I never know what to do when they are trying to cough up a hairball. I usually say “not on the carpet”

  11. gravyboat says:


    “Pffffft. Mewwww!”

  12. Christine H says:

    Aww, what an adorable little mew after the sneeze!

  13. It’s like the Kitty is achoo!


    -rubs face to clean off sneezy stuff-

  14. acelightning says:

    That has to be the *tiniest* sneeze ever sneezed. (Snoze?) And the little squeak-mew, as if to say, “What happened?” (‘cos he’s so tiny and new he doesn’t know what a sneeze is yet). Meep!

  15. StormCat says:

    Binky-Momma – you had me tilting my head with you!!

    I had to watch it twice, ’cause that little “snoze” was too kewt!! As was the little Mew after it!!!!

  16. For me it’s not the sneeze, but the squeak afterwards. Also the still in teh bud ears.

  17. That little face is like a space-time portal, inexorably drawing me into a parallel universe of Qte!

  18. *cherff*


    GAH! I loves!!!!!

  19. cubbybutt says:

    i just heysploded

  20. *sherff!* Bless you! Poor bebeh. Hope it wasn’t catching a kitty cold. I think its eye was a little runny. But I’m sure the owners are taking good care. Bless the itsy bitsy sweetheart!

  21. Ermine Violin says:

    I know what made it sneezle – the little rotating circle of dots that run around its widdle noesterilses when the video starts up.

    Disunirregardlessly – I am off to the hospital to have my brain put back together after watching this video umpteen-hundred times at 5:30 in the am….

    pshew – mew

  22. Strangely enough, that’s usually what I do after I sneeze, too.

  23. EaterofShades says:


  24. ShelleyTambo says:

    Awww, my four-week-olds sounded like that about a week ago. Now they’re on bubble gum flavored Amoxil. Stupid owner turned in mom to the SPCA because “my other cat’s going to have kittens, too, and I can’t keep them all.” Get them spayed or don’t let them outside. Preferably both.

  25. Ohhhhh how pwecioush! SQUEEEEEE!!! And that mew at the end. My heart skipped a beat.

    I agree … this would be followed with “Bwess you!” and a kees on the tiny fuzzy leetle hayd.

  26. ShelleyTambo : “on bubble gum flavored Amoxil”… My vet used to harrumph and say “why don’t they make it tuna flavored”!

  27. ST : Hope your bebehs will be fine.

  28. yankeebird says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Kitteh just had a little cutesplosion. How freakin’ adorable, and with the little “mew” afterwords.

  29. yankeebird says:

    *sigh* afterwards

    I blame my typo on this little cutie. My brain no longer works right after such a concentrated dose of adorable.

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    God bless, babeh! Someone please pass me a Kleenex for the little nosicle.

  31. momof2kitties says:

    I have just gotten kitten-induced rapid onset diabetes. Please send something less sweet, like a donut, to help right my blood sugar. Thankyew…


  32. Alice Shortcake says:

    Meg, you are indeed a dangerous woman. All over the world people will be watching this when they should be working, thereby contributing to the recession and reducing themselves to quivering heaps of Cute Overloaded jelly…

  33. Ohhh….!

    It was like… *sneeze* Heyyy…. no faires >.> *rubs nosicle*

    I must die now, and die happeh 🙂

  34. Redfox in Tx says:

    Holy crapinoli,

    The little mew afterwards was da best!


  35. the precious meow following KEEELS ME, KEELS ME, KEELS ME!!!!!


  36. ButtaRumCake says:

    @ acelightning – I was wondering what the proper conjugation of *sneeze* was. Thank you!

  37. That’s it. I’m dead.

    It was the mew that killed me. Maybe it was the first sneeze of his life, and he was all “Whoa! MAMA!”

  38. Rosie A. says:

    Seriously, I nearly fainted watching this. My body tingled and became weak at the most awesome kitten sneeze EVAH! That sneeze could bring world peace; everyone would just watch it over and over and just say “aw” and the wars would just end…

  39. kitteh shot me with the rifle sneeze.. bang bang shot me right in the heart

  40. Who knew the daintiest of sneezes could BLOW YOU AWAY?

  41. Mother Earth says:

    AAAAAND *dies*

  42. Must watch again… and again… and again… *explodes multiple times*

  43. Space Cowgirl says:

    Argh. The little “mew!” afterwards sealed my tomb. That kitten needs a one-fingernail ear scritch, stat!

  44. A-doogables. I reran this on YT, and was led to this one:

    entitled Cat vs Mac. It’s wonderful.

  45. Yitzysmommie says:

    This kittayn sneeze and meeoow have saved me from despair.

    Went down to the garage to go to work and found my keys locked securely in my car.
    The spare is 20 miles away with hubby who cannot leave his work.
    AAA is on the way (hey, that rhymes!).
    I wear a white scrub top and black pants to work. I have a white and black cat, who took advantage of Mommie coming back inside to decide it’s time to snorgle. Of course, his black hairs are on my white top and his white hairs are now all over my black pants because of course it’s shed season.
    Yitzysmommie, happy with the Yitzy lovin’s, hunting down the roller thingy so I won’t arrive at the hospital COVERED in contrasting cat hair.
    Thank you, sneezing kittayn, for giving me a wunnderful AAAWWWWWWWWW moment.

  46. Let me preface this by saying I am EXTREMELY allergic to kitties AND that this site has never before made me actually speak out loud (or in baby talk) in response to a photo. HOWEVER, this morning, I found myself going, “Aww, bwess you, wittle baby.”
    What has the CO done to me???????

  47. Was such a tiny and quiet little behbeh sneeze I actually had to watch it a second time just to see it. Such a precious wittle behbeh kitty <3

  48. OMG! The tiny sneeze and then the baby mew, as if the kitteh is all “mah nose! Why is she doing these things?!”

  49. RevWaldo says:

    Drama Kitteh: (Choo!) “Will you puhLEEZ take that camera away, for pity’s sake? Can’t you see I’m dying?!” (bury her head under blankets)

    Hoomyn: (smirk) “The vet said you’re fine. You’re just a little allergic to ragweed.”

    Drama Kitteh: “Oh what does THAT quack know? I mean it’s not like YOU care. (Jean Harlow baby voice) ‘Oh wookit da widdle kitteh, ain’t it cute when she sneezes.’ It’s more than I can bear. Turn on the vaporizer an close the door behind you.” (fiddles with her iPod)

  50. I hope this lil dewd’s not sick.

  51. This kitteh could bring world peace with the tiniest of sneezes and apologetic little mew afteward. =] No one can resist!!

  52. Oh noes! Iz got too much wurk to do and now Iz ded from qtesplosion!

  53. Oh noes! Iz got too much wurk to do and now Iz ded from qtesplosion!

  54. Oh noes! Iz got too much wurk to do and now Iz ded from qtesplosion!

  55. Oh noes! Iz got too much wurk to do and now Iz ded from qtesplosion!

  56. Oh noes! Iz got too much wurk to do and now Iz ded from qtesplosion!

  57. Oh noes! Iz got too much wurk to do and now Iz ded from qtesplosion!

  58. hahaha, very sweet. Poor babe was all “what happened?help!” afterwords.

  59. girlfmkitty says:

    It killed me ded. I resurrected and proceeded to repost it and link other friends to it, killing them as well.

    Teeny kitteh is a mass murderer with the cute (and he managed to piss off my cat in the process with the cooing that ensued upon first watch, as nobody is worthy of my cooing but him, apparently…)

  60. chhh!

    Mew: I are allergic to human skin cells!

  61. After the sneeze the little kitteh delicately wiped its nose on the pillow. As he should.

  62. After the sneeze the little kitteh delicately wiped its nose on the pillow. As he should.

  63. *sneeze* *complain*
    *sneeze* *complain*
    *sneeze* *complain*


  64. What about the silent mew before the sneeze?? Almost better than the one after.

  65. Aww – poor little thing!

    I love when baby-anythings sneeze – and then they look all confused because they have no idea what happened.

    When my hamster caught a teenytiny cold, he sneezed and then looked all around to see who had made that noise.

  66. Ermine Violin says:

    and OMG – 5078079th time I’ve watched this catching every single nuance – is bebeh sitting in a diaper??? OMG


  67. I’d forgotten that squeak-meow kittens make. So cute! I could listen to it all day!

  68. sunnymum says:

    Well that one did me in for good. The upset confuzzled little meow is priceless. Baby talk reigns at my house. When kitty sneezes we say “oh! Big sneezers for a such a widdle girl!”

  69. Awww… cat sneezes are always cute, but this one has them all beat! “achoo…meew!” the most kawaii sound ever!!! Bless you koneko!

  70. riolinda says:

    OMG… I am getting NO work done today cause I will watch this video over and over and over again! bless you bebeh kitty! 🙂

  71. Oh, awesome. He’s all: “Christ, my SINUSES!!” after the sneeze.

    Gesundheit, sweet thing.

  72. turbofloof says:

    Does jr. kitteh in training have allergies? Does he need a pa-sickie…? Angggghhhh…

  73. TurboFloof — I just had a bad thought.

    Herbal popsicle.

    Try Chamomile, Echinacea/Goldenseal, and our new Patchouli!

  74. JuliaJellicoe says:

    That wasn’t an “achoo.” That was a spritz of Final Net.

  75. meacu1pa says:

    HEARTBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart just did a little skip and smash into a ga-zillion pieces.

  76. gwenhwyfaer says:


    What’s the betting kitteh hasn’t learned how to purr yet? I remember when my first furbaby first purred… he looked all confuzzled and didn’t know what was going on… and this reminded me sooo much of that!


  77. Ofcourse its gonna sneeze with all that fluff flying around.

  78. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Kitten sneezes…
    How they pleezes!

  79. OMG this kitteh is so teeny he is blurred by Heisenberg’s uncertainty priciple!!1!


  80. Are you sure, Kristin?

  81. catablob says:

    My favorite in this genre is still the 15 second video “the tiniest mew” posted here about 18 months ago.

  82. Scuzzbobber says:

    Take THAT Japan!

  83. MandaBain says:

    Whoah!! I just refreshed for more pics and the whole layout’s changed! I think I like it…
    Bleshoo Teeny Kitayn!

  84. bwwess you teeny kitteh

  85. by the way guys, if your really cute pictures haven’t made it onto this site please try submitting them to me for it’s a fairly new site hungry for good content 🙂

  86. Be careful what you wish for, JNet.


  87. Darkflame173 says:

    That teeeeney mew!!



  88. Oh my goodness! That’s the cutest little sneeze EVER in the history of kitten sneezes!

  89. omg!!! [/ded]

  90. PandaDiana says:

    Cuz I’m too lazy to search the archives…can someone tell me if this video has been posted before?:

    [Here it is… – Ed.]

  91. brinnann says:

    My layout hasn’t changed. *pouts* How come MandaBain’s did and mine didn’t? NOT FAIR!

    [Well, Meg hasn’t actually changed the layout recently/yet, so I dunno what that was about… – Ed.]

  92. brinnann says:

    OMG, JNet, the bumblebee rice crispy treats! That’s so awesome.

  93. brinnann says:

    So, I FINALLY got to listen to the sneeze, and


    I made audible “ahn” noises.

  94. A kitty video you say?

  95. MandaBain says:

    Okay, so now my layout’s back to normal. I don’t get it either! The white foreground behind the pics disappeared so that the fonts were on Lake Tinkle itself and the flying hamsters were peering directly over the tops of the pics. Wierd. It looked cool though…

    More sneezy baby animuls!

  96. omigosh @ R’s YouTube link!!!

    That kitty was all like…





  97. @MandaBain: “Lake Tinkle”???!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!

    Hey, peeps—my foster bebehs (almost 3 weeks old!) are starting to wake up to the rest of the world (or closet, as the case may be)!!! I am taking pics—they are truly a puddle of SQUEES!!!

  98. turbofloof says:

    hmmmm, Theo… herbal pa-sickie? Maybe catnip pa-sickie….?

  99. When a kitteh gathers the strength to squeeze
    Out of its nose the most tiniest sneeze
    It gathers from us a chorus of ‘squees’!

  100. too cute!

  101. Unpossible. Brain will not process such cute-ness.

  102. Baby’s all “Choo!….Blah!”

  103. Oh My Goodness.. First the silent mew then the sneeze then the heartstopping tear evoking awww making Mew.

    and kitty is all wrapped up in the softest fluffiest of comforters.

    Aww Awww and triple Aww.

  104. I’ve been watching this over and over. Perfect antidote to a COMPLETELY ROTTEN DAY at work.

    Can’t I have a job just working with cute animals??????????

  105. That teeniest of sneezes folowed by the teeniest of mews makes me wonder if this was it’s first sneeze evah. It’s seems like it’s saying, “What was THAT?”.

  106. too…..much…..CUTE!

  107. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I’m now cat-a-tonic!!!

  108. ai sii ded peepuhls. ai’m wun uv dem. send helllp. tew lait. send korner…

  109. FOCUS!!!!

    (just kidding….the mew makes it)

  110. Rachel Sweeden says:

    How adorablr bless da kitten’s teeny tiny little heart.

  111. miltoncat says:

    Aiiyee! I must keess the bebeh kitteh, then I must nuzzle the bebeh, then I must snorgle the bebeh kitteh. Mrew!

  112. Totalee Puppy says:

    REPLAY…REPLAY…REPLAY…REPLAY…REPLAY…All right, that’s enough…I can get over this…I don’t have to keep watching
    wonderful tiny sneeze and
    heartwarming little “mew”…Moving on…

  113. yankeebird says:

    LOL, someone on Youtube said this made their head explode into candy. That’s kinda how I feel after watching this. I seriously don’t think I’ve ever seen anything cuter than that little mew of “ugh didn’t feel good do not want”.

    I can’t handle the CUTE

  115. Magnoire La Chouette says:

    Little sneeze? That was a great big sneeze for a little kitty!!!

  116. CEILIN CAT BLES U !!11!

  117. omigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigod (at like, a REALLY HIGH PITCH. I swear, all the bats in my neighbourhood are at the front door!!!)
    OH MY GOD. Please, stop the insanity 😀

  118. Skoozibelle says:

    I think my brain just exploded into candy after that. TOO CUTEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. my cat sneezed on me today, and that was everything but cute. i was covered in cat slime afterwards and so was my book, t-shirt and pants….

    Pussy (yes that’s his name) jumped on my lap me thinking it was all cuddly and nice, only to sneeze on me and jump off again… but i love him.

    Pussy keeps getting the flu from neighbouring cats, then better (any connection with him drinking from the pool?), then sick again. We try to keep him inside but its impossible… any advise?

  120. Poohbear says:

    Are Pussy’s kitty shots up to date? Ask your vet about his kitty flu (coryza) vaccination.

  121. I honestly just sat here and my brain didn’t work for a few minutes after I watched this. The mew right after sounds like a surprised one, like the baby kitty scared himself. Too purrrrfect!!

    (Sorry, I just had to!)

  122. Kittayn: “What the heck was that?!?

  123. Awww! Who knew a sneeze could make your heart melt? 🙂

  124. @poohbear: yes, Pussy’s shots are up to date. Vet has taken blood tests and mucus samples and concluded that virus is resistent to all forms of antibiotics and penicillin, so the only thing we can do is try to boost his immune system (fish and antioxidants) and hope he can beat the virus himself (which obviously is better in the long run)…

    Pussy’s also castrated, so can’t catch anything that way…

  125. Raemie L. says:

    Aa-ahnggggh… [teeters from sneeze, crumbles into dust from teeny “mew”].

  126. Bless you little one !!!

  127. I can’t get over this..I keep watching it over and over and giggle every time! If only I could watch this at work–instant mood elevator!

  128. I usually only watch CO videos once but I had to watch this one over and over again!