I cant bark but I can SNORT

Um, Bark? Nyerhe.

Snort-roll-snort? OH YES

A video that showed up next to a video that Ant sent in!



  1. Cute and all, but you don’t think they clipped his vocal chords, do you? Eeek.

  2. bcteagirl says:

    Not sure why you would automatically go to the negative CatOr.

    Not normally a dog person, but this one looks relatively cute . 🙂

  3. hehe
    i think the little guy is adorable, although the noise he makes is slightly frightening. his little hops are totally cute.

  4. marissposa says:

    I thought the same thing CatOr. Let’s just hope its a natural idiosyncracy, because the alternative is too horrible to comprehend.
    Either way so cute the way s/he tumbles around when s/he vocalizes!

  5. OMG I love frenchies!! Mine can bark but does the same exact thing when he gets excited. His snorts are just so adorbale and always makes me squeel.

    CatOr… no.. nothing was done to that dog. That’s just how some frenchies are. Think it has to do with their short snouts. Some can’t bark and do what’s known as the “frenchie scream or yodel”.. look up some videos on youtube. They’re hilariously cute. Some pugs do the same thing as well.

    “Screaming pug rocket”

    Infamous old clip of a frenchie making the weird yodel

    Here’s another cute one.. poor puppy! heh

    etc etc etc

  6. PupPupPup says:

    Snortin’ and cavortin’ – now that’s what life’s all about!

    Me love this behbeh!

  7. I love how, towards the end, she says, “Up!” and it sounds like the piglet-dog says, “Up!” right after it. 😀 😀 😀

  8. Hey, Youtube! “Video no longer available”? Whadda buncha joiks.

    Does anyone have a link to this elsewhere? I need to experience the rolling and the snorting. Life and death. Srsly.

  9. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh my gaw!! Is it me or does Puppers sound like he’s carrot kronsching? 😀

  10. oh, just a hiccup, it’s working again.


  11. Alexandra says:

    The ears totally remind me of that cute blue alien from Disney…anyone know it’s name? I’m blanking.

    He totally says “up” after the cameraperson. Awwwwwww!

  12. If that little dog really can’t bark…then I WANT ONE!!! Personally I can’t stand little dogs because how annoying their barks are. There are the exceptions of course.

    Cute little puppy. 🙂

  13. Hon Glad says:

    Poor little sod doesn’t need to bark, with it’s owner barking at him. Where’s she from, the local correction centre?

  14. Alexandra, the name is Stitch if I’m thinking of the same one as you. 🙂 and also, AWWWWWW that video is just too precious! And funny at the same time! 😀 “BARK DARN YOU WHY WON’T YOU BARK D:” “snort ^.^”

  15. Alexandra – do you mean Stitch?

    Cause that is what came to mind for me too.

  16. Correction to myself; Stitch OR 626 which is his illegal genetic experiment number xD

  17. acelightning says:

    Poor little guy sounds like he’s choking, or even gagging. He managed *one* sound (the next to the last, I think) that sounded more like a bark. I hope he grows up to be able to bark normally.

  18. Some dogs have several different barks… not just one. My old red dog was very vocal and had a completely different bark for every expression. Once loudly for “fresh water please”, cujo bark for “get off my property!”, low and sad for “Don’t leave”, shrill and repetitive for “hooray!”, chuff-chuff for “let’s play”, fakey sneeze for “Yes please!” etc etc. This dog’s hoarse chuffing is typical of play barking for many dogs.

  19. oh. And darned cute. 🙂

  20. *byoing* *choff*


  21. Ermine Violin says:

    OMG! that’s all I can post after the kitteh sneezles… OMG!

    Teho – incoming techie email to you this am.

  22. LOL, what a sweet silly baby!

    The owner’s voice made me LOL too!

  23. The adorable snort-tastic barking got my kitteh’s attention, to put it mildly. She scrambled onto the desk to sniff the speakers, stepped on the power button, and sauntered away with her tail in the air while I helplessly watched my computer shut down.

    I guess I’m on notice now.

  24. I think I heard a ‘pa-sickie’ in there. LOL!

  25. moths_are_scary says:

    the little blue alien is STITCH!!!

  26. Maybe he can’t bark b/c he’s a puppy? My beagle couldn’t (or wouldn’t) bark until she was 2. It was weird.

  27. wagthedogma says:

    Well, MY dog barked right away when she heard the command…and from one full floor below me! 😀

  28. yankeebird says:

    I was already nearly ded from watching the video, but going to Youtube and finding out the dog’s name is Lego is what just officially overloaded me with Qte and made me ded.

  29. Ermine Violin says:

    OK YOu just have to watch them all

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    Snort-sickie. I love the batlike ears on these little guys.

  31. Anne Boleyn says:

    While this is REALLY cute, I cannot imagine giving my two rescued dogs of very dubious heritage a command to bark. They bark for every reason and for no reason at all and, while I love them very much, I hate their barking. HATE IT!

  32. I didn’t know that French Bulldogs didn’t bark. Or maybe they do and this one is just being funny. Either way. FREEEENCH Buuulldoggie!

  33. Ermine Violin — I’m not sure what email address you think you have, for me, but I don’t ever see any of the Cute Overload submission email. That’s Meg’s territory. If for some reason you need to contact me directly, you can do that through my blog. True, you’ll need a Vox account, but it’s free.

  34. Ermine Violin says:

    Theo – I sent it to you already today…. really really really early.

  35. It sounds like it’s saying ‘no’ when the owner is saying ‘bark’.

  36. My Frenchie didn’t learn how to bark until he was 5. Then we got a barky pug and it was all over.

  37. I have a cream colored Frenchie just like this one (Ripley: http://www.dogster.com/dogs/695603), and she doesn’t really bark, either. She barked like the video up until she was 6 or 7 months old. She’s 9 months old now, and is just starting to find her voice 🙂 I think she’s picking it up from the dogs at the dog park.

  38. He’s trying to so hard to please!!! What a cutie! How ’bout some praise? Or a cookie!!!!

  39. marissposa says:

    patito gigante:
    Lol! “on notice now” Sounds like your feline mistress is a real hard-nose.

  40. Paunchie says:

    Shannon, don’t give him a cookie, give him a pa-sickie!

  41. what a cute little snorting blobulence!

  42. bcteagirl: My post was not negative, just a concern. I said it was cute, for gawd’s sake.

    And thanks to the rest for the non-judgmental explanation. Didn’t know that about Frenchies!

  43. Marissposa, she hurts me a lot–but I respect her. However, I do plan to watch that pug again while My Queen is taking her afternoon nap. *rubs hands in anticipation*

  44. CoffeeCup says:

    Some friends of mine have a pug…he’s the quietest thing, but when he gets excited he snorts, not barks. They love that he doesn’t bark and the snorting/snuffling is hilarious. Thing is, he can bark just like other dogs, but he doesn’t like to. I think he barked once in my presence and immediately after it, he looked very surprised at the sound that he made.

  45. Urk! Not puggle! Frenchness! Embarras-sickie!

  46. Pearl Ostroff says:

    That is a really cute puppy.

    My new kitten (she’s between 6 and 7 months old) can’t really meow. She makes a noise that sounds like a strangled and very quiet sheep –“Maaaaaaa”–with a tiny bit of a hiss. I’ve heard her make something like a meow when she’s really upset, like when I put her in the carrier to go to the vet. She does make adorable chirping sounds. The vet, when I asked him, said that her lungs were fine.

  47. Catsquatch says:

    Poor baby….

  48. catablob says:


    thank you for posting this.

    I was once sitting next to a french bulldog at a party.
    It was sitting next to me, actually, in its own cushioned chair. I was petting it and scratching its terrible fat little head for quite a while. Then I stopped. Suddenly it started making the most vile noises. The owner said it had not heard it make noises like that before. So I started petting it again and it was quiet then.

  49. Thank you for posting this…too cute

    precious ittle puppeh!

  50. @Hon Glad: Too funny!!!!

    This made me LMAO—although to me it almost sounds like little sneezes or coughs…..

    OMG, patito gigante! She sounds like quite the disciplinarian. Perhaps there’s some disapproving rabbit in her background????

  51. snort-sickie!?!?
    best word ever! way to go threecatnight- i think you may have invented a new term for that cute little snorting noise…

  52. LMAO!!! Cuteness!! Sounds like he has hiccups.

  53. you are very lucky to have a nice little doggie like that. love him always and if he ever does anything wrong just remember he is just a little doggie. im sure you will anyway. duke

  54. CUTE ALERT!!!- look up “Diego is crying” and “Cooper” on youtube. especially Cooper. SO CUTE!!!!!!

  55. My great great uncle Dave used to “bark” like this when he had spilkis in his gennechtagezoink.

    And I believe this dog also is auditioning for the voice of Bill the Cat (Bill and Opus 88!)

  56. CathyDee says:

    I’m a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman. Discuss.

    I’d certainly vote for Bill and Opus!

  57. Frenchie’s are the best! My little black one actually barks though 🙂

  58. ahhh, I lived with my roommate’s Frenchie for years–he was awesome, couldn’t get on the furniture, totally chill, couldn’t really bark…if you don’t mind snoring, they’re like the best dog ever! He would do the “Frenchie scream” at brooms and vacuums, though. Man, he hated brooms!

  59. What a cute little piggy!

  60. TotallyPuppy says:

    this hasn’t been the happiest day, but this little french bulldog (hope that’s right) has really cheered me up! His cuteness is beyond compare!! I keep going back to replay his little
    performance and tune-out the kid giving the commands. “Mais, he do not
    deserve widdle fwenchie…son attitude, ca
    fais stinkee.”