Logo_sampleThe geniuseses over at the Nuremberg Zoo  have packed their Pic-of-the-Day archive chock full of Flocke-tastic morsels. Some gems are below…

Check out the wallpaperes too — they’re POTENT!


She’s the new Knut, right Kristabelle?



  1. What huge paws! He looks just like a teddy I used to have.

  2. Erling Jacobsen says:

    “He” is a “she” 🙂

    but still cute

  3. binky-mama says:

    LOVE the croc impersonation in the second pic!

  4. yes, Flocke is a girl.
    now imagine her and knut having babies…

  5. jackie31337 says:

    Orbitty: “What huge paws! He looks just like a teddy I used to have.”

    Me too. In fact, I still have it, although it’s a little worse for the wear. They were the holiday plushes at some department store the year Klondike and Snow were born at the National Zoo.

  6. gravyboat says:

    Whee! More bears, please!

  7. Speaking of knut…

  8. The 2nd pic, the one peekin out the water. . . it’s got me talkin baby talk and makin’ smoonchy faces

  9. Harrismint says:

    Would that be Flocke Wallpaper then?

  10. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Thanks a lot, Harrismint! Now I have my ex-SIL’s nasty flocked red living room wallpaper stuck in my mind. Must concentrate on the Flocke to cleanse the mental palate….

  11. Awwww, she’s so preshus!!!

    Love her expression in #4.

  12. Threatdown!

  13. Flocke is a female Polar Bear, Knut (Berlin Zoo) is male. Both totally charming babies.

  14. Thats so cute I could puke a rainbow.

  15. Ahaha, yes, the “croc impersonation” is quacking me up. And the first one is way too anerable for human consumption.

  16. The Maine cubs are way more prosh. Cuteness is everywhere, but I like mine local.

  17. 260Oakley says:

    The one with the little green goatee is keeeling me. Goatees on polar bears–cute. Goatees on human males–eh, not so much.

  18. momof2kitties says:

    In the first pic. it looks like she’s auditioning for the next edition of “why yes, those are my ‘tocks, why?” And, darned cute ‘tocks they are, too!

  19. AuntieMame says:

    Just for the record, Klondike and Snow were born here at the Denver Zoo!

    The scrolldown on the second photo is hilarious. At first I thought it was an iceberg.

  20. moggyfan says:

    Pic 1: Teh Cute
    Pic 2: Teh Cute
    Pic 3: Teh Cute
    Pic 4: Why, yes, I AM a huge honkin’ bear who will eat you up!
    Pic 5: Teh Cute

  21. i hear the jaws theme on the 2nd photo. da dum da dum dumdumdumdumdum. lol!

    omg he is SO CUTE!!!!!

  22. In the 3rd picture she is totally blowing bubbles with her nose.

  23. OMG OMG OMG!!!! Meg posted something from MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    Oh, and these baby polar bears, I just love them. Makes my heart swell to watch them!!!!
    Baby Bear definitely needs a bath in that last picture! I volunteer!!!

  24. Lovin that swimming picture – “Scubabear’s gon’ get u” or “marine bear leaves no trace” or “PERISCOPE DOWN!” So many macro ideas.

  25. Well, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years! I’ve always tested the temperature of the water with my big toe. D’oh! Who knew I should have been using my nose!

  26. Is Flocke going to become dirty and bitter like Knut?

    [Excuse me, but “bitter” ?? – Ed.]

  27. Okay, stay with me here, but in the fourth picture, does she not look kinda like a little rocker dude with a goatee?

  28. how do I post a picture??? Help!

  29. CoffeeCup says:

    Knut got bitter? I mean, sure, being a child star is difficult, but it’s not like he didn’t get into boxhab.

  30. again, how do I post a pic?

  31. Linda — over in the right-hand margin, see the “Got Cute?” section there? That’s the starting point for content submissions.

    By the way, I have heard from a Reliable Source that a Cute Overload page re-design is in the works, which will make finding things like this easier (and prettier).

  32. her nose is heart-shaped!

  33. Awwwww – babeee polar bears are soooooo cute! I have a Maltese pup that I call my babee polar bear cause the coloring is the same. (but at least mine will always stay small and never eat me) 🙂 Flocke and Knut are both gorgeous!!

  34. Oh my! Is that for real? Sooo cute! My daughter is going to love it when I show her.

  35. Ooh, a redesign? Very interesting!

  36. I guess it’s Flocke, but that water just looks so cool and refreshing!!!!! The special additive—QTE!

  37. Knut’s got nothing on Flocke. The city of Nuremberg has plastered itself with these posters:


    Translation: KNUT WAS YESTERDAY.

  38. Knut is not “so yesterday”. He’s a living, breathing creature who isn’t getting all attention he used to b/c, shocker!, he GOT BIG. Same thing will happen to this little one too. I like the idea of Flocke and Knut cubs. They say he is looking for a GF. She’s a bit young right now tho!

    The 2nd pic is my fave. Blowing Bubbles!!! Don’t all baby animals do that at some point?

  39. is it possible to get a pet polar bear? if it is I WANT A POLAR BEAR

  40. #1: Prosh Flocke
    #2: Prosh Croc Flocke (aka “Great White Flocke”)
    #3: Prosh Jacuzzi Bubble Flocke
    #4: Album Cover: Flockey Mountain High

    (seriously…http://www.john-denver.org/images/albums/RockyMountainHigh.jpg )

    #5: Still the Qte Flocke.

  41. LOL Berthaservant.

  42. Totalee Puppy says:

    Seriously enjoying all these comments. You help
    me appreciate the photos more–had to go back for a
    second look.
    The croc picture I have named “Lake Placid”…
    Sorry in advance…I just have to say
    “Flocke knocks my sockes off…”

  43. MaliceAlice says:

    Cannot BELIEVE no ones gone for ‘Flockes tocks’ yet. They’re CLEARLY there people.

  44. Berthaservant, John Denver is my favorite!! Thank you for pointing that out – now I like the picture even MORE, if that’s possible!

    Knut’s moved from cute status to beautiful status, in my book. Grown polar bears are so majestic. Flocke will be there soon. Then, we’ll need a NEW baby bear to fawn over!!

  45. THANX THEO! 🙂

  46. Here is a newer video of the “Wilbär”:


  47. Raemie L. says:

    The first pic is my favorite.
    Second pic – I like how it is so very, “Zee crea-tchere of zeh deep moves closer…,” like others commented.

  48. Dear Flocke,
    This is a real sappy comment, but you have made
    a wonderful difference in my life…Your photo and story in the newspaper led
    me to CuteOverload.(But I’ll be all right…) I believe in you, Flocke (clapping hands energetically)…(This comment should come with a
    warning label)…Now I’m loving a little polar bear, and dignity and pride
    no longer matter (good thing, cause I never had any…)
    Your constant admirer,
    Totally Puppy