Why yes, those are my ‘tocks, why?

You have a pro-layme wit dees? [Looks back]


More delectabuhl photos here. Found by Melanie S., photos by Prosephone!



  1. So that’s where chocolate puppies come from.

  2. Awww, no problem at all!

  3. I just want to nibble in his little chocolate ears.

  4. Nice color coordination! How cute. Wonder what kind of pup it is.

  5. ButtaRumCake says:

    ahhhnnnn…heem so sweeeeet

    *falls on floor in diabetic shock*

  6. cheesybird says:

    Dani, you take one ear, I’ll take the other. Nomnomnom… And I want to beep his little brown moist nosicle too!

  7. dude, does this camera make my butt look big? i think it does. Why does the world say i have to have a small butt?

  8. I want to know if they brought many puppehs in to compare their color with the sofa before they chose one. Lovely!!!

  9. The nose… I must kiss the nose!!! *SMOOCH*

  10. Wow, this kid’s a natural! I think we are looking here at America’s Next Top Model.

  11. I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade, but I think he’s peeing.

  12. Hon Glad says:

    The eyes are sucking out my soul.

  13. The Betty Grable of puppies!

  14. Check out his little sexy ‘tock pose! I personally though want to nibble on his little chocoloate chip nose.

  15. Dave, after long examination (pushes glasses up on nose), I’ve concluded that rather than peeing, his back legs have slid into the couch-crease, there. he’s prolly, like, tryin’ to get up.

  16. Oh wow, if there was a Playpup magazine, that would be the centerfold! Look at that sexy pose!

  17. If you want my body and you think I’m sexy, come on sugar, let me know!

  18. CoffeeCup says:

    That pup wants to know how he’d look in bra butt implants.

  19. ThreeCatNight says:

    Hi there! Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup!

  20. If there’s anything better than a puppeh it’s a chocolate puppeh!

  21. Ermine Violin says:

    May I eat this puppy? Even though milk chocolate isn’t my favorite –

  22. peeple, did you check the white chin and the little milk dipped paw?

    @Coffee Cup: he’d look fab in the butt pads for pups…

  23. metsakins says:

    I so have to get a puppeh to go with my couch. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I mean the cats give it a nice accent, but a puppeh brings out the style.

    *off to shelter*

  24. OMG!!!!!! He’s a cutey! And according to the site, he’s a Chihauhau!!

  25. temperance says:


  26. Catsquatch says:


    A whole cuppa fluffy chocolate tockage!!!!

  27. Poohbear says:

    Well, at least those are real!! :))

  28. riolinda says:

    awww… i just want to kiss his little nose!

  29. The tailio makes me happy.

    Cue the club music:

    bmp-ch bmp-ch bmp-ch
    what is love…baby don’t hurt me….

    [Old link for you, B’S… – Ed.]

  30. *sitting in the corner, rocking backwards and forwards*

    I shouldn’a done it… I shouldn’a done it… I read the WHOLE of the baby commentroversy. Now I want to die.

    *throws self into pile of soft brown pups and suffers aneurysms of cuteness*

  31. marissposa says:

    little nibble on the tiny tail. yumyum

  32. good LORD.

  33. ButtaRumCake says:

    OK, Berthaservant…now I have to wipe off my work monitor ’cause u made me spray diet Pepsi on it from laffin’ @ your comment *giggles*

  34. ButtaRumCake says:

    Oh, and *SQUEE’SPLODE*

  35. momof2kitties says:

    Can a pup be lascivious? ‘cuz this little guy is workin’ it! And, yep, I’m falling for it, too. You had me at hello.

  36. Definitely Peeing – and definitely CUUUUUTE!

  37. How does this not qualify as Matching !?! He’s in perfect camoflauge. Obviously they got a new puppy to match the new couch.

    BTW, Thank heavens they didn’t a plaid sleeper.

  38. Furbabies says:

    That puppy looks a lot like the baby bear above it. Where can I get a beauppy?

  39. Daphne Moss says:

    *clears throat*
    Class, here we see a perfect example of a puppeh defense mechanism….
    rampant proshness…
    Only the deranged would fail to immediately grab up and snuggle said puppeh…
    *thus endeth the class…let’s play with puppeh*

  40. Rosie A. says:


  41. binky-mama says:

    He’s all : What?…..JEALOUS?!?!?

  42. Ermine Violin says:

    I thought I’d commented – but I shall again…

    OMG PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bet that I can eat it in ONE solid chomp. Wonder how many calories a chocolate puppy would have, and would it be cholesterol free?

  43. Raemie L. says:

    Such a sweet-looking face! Eee, and floppy ears!

  44. Darleenie says:

    Meg, have I told you how much I love you and this wonderful website? It’s a lot!!! ^_^

  45. Berthaservant – LOL

    That song is my ringtone on my cell for my BF. Now I’m going to think of this post whenever he calls me.

  46. This makes me want to run out and get a chihuahua ASAP.

  47. Camo-pup! You’d have to search the couch before sitting down every time in case of squashage, he just melts into the background.

  48. Hexamillion says:

    That puppy is TOTALLY peeing! Time to Febreeze the couch again *sigh*

  49. Yup, looking cute while peeing on the couch.

  50. Hi everyone! My name is Jess and I am the breeder of the pup.

    To see more pics of my babies you can check out my website DarlingLittleAngels.com

    To clarify the speculation. He is a long coat chocolate purebred chihuahua. And no he is not peeing, his little legs slid between the cushions!

  51. Jess is the breeder, and a wonderful breeder at that. But he’s MY baby now!! His name is Manny and he’s my sweet little poopsie! I have his brother too, and he’s adorable as well!!

  52. Nuh-uh. I dont care what ‘youse’ say. I recognise that whole peeing stance, slippy feet or not, there is definitely peeing going on.

    But, cute peeing. Guess I can forgive the little fella for that 😀