Professor McSproingersons Sez:


Office-licious find, Teho!

(seen here… subjectively speaking, though, this is really the only Cute poster in the collection)



  1. Don’t thank me, thank Brian Briggs!

    (in the Daily Links section for today, listed as “just a theory”)

  2. SoCalSis says:

    Can I name this cutest little felleh “Gerald McBoing Boing”?

    Everything’s just a bit better, knowing this little guy is boing-ing away out there somewhere. Just what a Monday needs!

  3. That little lamb is jumpin’ over to MAI HOUZ….
    mine mine mine.

  4. SoCalSis
    Gerald McBoing Boing is a perfect name…he’s is BOINGING to my houz as we speak…

    “O Hai G. McBoing Boing….come on in…”

  5. rubber duck says:

    Awwww. How did they know how low I was feeling today?


  6. QUICK! Somebody find me a grassy hill to SPRRROIINGGGGAGG down! Looks like fun!

  7. He’s awful sproingy for a Monday! I want a lamb!!!!!

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG SoCalSis my exact thoughts too! Gerald McBoing Boing! When I was a kid (6 ish) I had an imaginary goat with that name. I think it was some kind of .. cartoon? song? from the 40s or something. Anyway. HERE HE IS in the floofffy flesh!

  9. momof2kitties says:

    Gerald McBoing Boing is a Dr. Seuss creation, I believe. This guy? Clearly a japanese creation. How come when I jump up in the air I don’t look nearly this cute?

  10. Hoverlambs will take over the world!

  11. Rubber Duck- are you related to Butter Duck, or is that ButterRumCake, Mayhaps? There must be a geneology in here some where.

  12. I agree with Kris – for a Monday he’s got an awful lot of pep!

  13. Hey, how come the link to more posters doesnt work?
    This little guy is just so Cute!

  14. I took the hovertext at its word and printed the poster for my office. Let’s all remind everybody that gravity is JUST a theory.

  15. Awww LAmby Frolicks. Hehehehe Sproing is about the best word ever to discribe little baby lambs.. They can be just standing there and go Sproing. For no reason except for fun!

  16. Great picture and saying…I needed this today…Thanks Meg, I always know when I need a little cheering up CO will come thru!

  17. makes me wish I could go play with this little fella.. cute to the extreme

  18. Mis Direction says:

    Oh, you KNOW some wack-job is going to get their knickers in a twist because those motivational posters are pro-freethinking, anti-religion…

  19. Personally, I’m more of a kind of gal.

    That little kid though is killer.

  20. freeeeeeeee! boing boing boing

  21. kthnxbye says:

    Contrary to popular belief, it is in fact possible to have faith and to think for yourself as well. I did think the posters were insulting, sorry.

  22. Oh let’s *not* get into the pro-vs-anti-religion thing. Talk about your off-topic comments! Notice, please, that the photo we posted has NOTHING to do with any of that.

  23. Ha. I think it’s very cute and funny, but the poster is also clearly a little anti-creationist joke — so telling kthnxbye not to “get into” that debate is a bit unfair.

    [More like an anti-physics joke, from where I sit. And oh look, little floaty lamb! – Ed.]

  24. SkeeksMom says:

    MisDirection: I’ll admit that I was put off (dare I say irritated?) by the obvious anti-religion bent of a majority of the posters (made by someone who is clearly very impressed with their own wit). However, that was because I was expecting more posters along the lines of the adorable Mr. McSproingersons – not to be beat over the head with “Religion sucks and so do you if you believe in God”. So, I simply rolled my eyes and did not look at any more of the posters … While I am not opposed to free thinking (everyone has a right to their opinion)- I was unaware that it was twin to anti-religious sentiment…

  25. “Clearly?” Really.

    OK, show of hands… er, hooves… who here looked at the lamb and immediately thought, “Ha ha, THIS’LL silence those gravity-hating Creationists once and for all!” …?

  26. @skeeksmom: I agree. I don’t think that freethinking was always synomymous with hard line atheism, but it seems that way nowadays. Notammi- My comment was more directed at Mis Direction and the link than the fluffy sheep which I thought was funny.

  27. lemme try this again… [ahem]

    “Oh, look! Little floaty lamb!”

  28. awww. floaty lamb.

  29. Part of the appeal here is the cute head tilt.

    For my money, this lamby is cuter than the supposedly cutest kitten further down. I have re-loaded this lamby about ten times now.

  30. SkeeksMom says:

    So sorry – I forgot to mention earlier… OMGHOVERLAMB!!!!1!1!11!!!!1!!!

  31. Sproing Sproing Dr. Floaty McLamb Here. I just want you to sit back take a deep breath and picture your self in a green green meadow with clouds floating by in the sky and you are playing bounce with some other lambs. Now then In your mind go Sproing , Sproing and feel yourself float above the meadow.
    There now don’t you feel better, forget about rude people and work for a moment. You are just having fun with all your very best Lamby Friends.
    Sproing. Sproing… Dr. Floaty McLamb peace and tranquility expert. DLH.(Doctor of Lamby Hijinks), PPTS (Professor of Peace and Tranquility)

  32. Nuffette Nuffersons says:

    Oh, what a terrible picture! Sheep are disgusting, smelly creatures with terrible manners. I THOUGHT CUTE OVERLOAD WAS ABOUT PUPPIES AND KITTENS, NOT GROSS FARM ANIMALS!!!1!

  33. Well that’s better.

  34. pa-sickie!!

  35. @amy j: LOL!!!

    I didn’t see any of the other posters—is that where the religiously upsetting stuff is???!!! Otherwise, sorry I don’t get it (but maybe ‘cuz I’m not religious?)

  36. Awwww lambie! And I love the humor of this poster. The others on that site, I do think are borderline offensive. But who cares? A poster isn’t national policy. If it offends you, don’t look.

  37. For the people irritated by the other “motivational” posters. Don’t waste your energy trying to speak reasonably to those that feel faith and critical thinking are diametrically opposed. Trust me, it won’t do any good.

    Just kick back and enjoy the irony of them calling people of faith “close-minded” and “illogical.”

  38. AuntieMame says:

    I wish I hadn’t looked at the other posters, because it spoils the joy of this one (which is also borderline offensive, taken in context with the rest of them). I will do my best to forget them and just ooh and ahh at the precious little lambie.

  39. @ Nuffette Nuffersons
    and @ THEO:


    EPIC WIN, both of you…

    easily offended =
    easily controlled which then = easily, uh…nevermind…
    O look a floaty sheepie!

  40. ButtaRumCake says:

    “Rubber Duck- are you related to Butter Duck, or is that ButterRumCake, Mayhaps? There must be a geneology in here some where.”

    LOL @ Katrina!!!

  41. Invisible trampoline? Yes, we’ve all been looking at too much ICHC. Hoverlamb actually looks like he’s being beamed up by aliens.

  42. Heh, I would love to go leaping/floating with this little lamb. Actually, I’d like to be the Little Bo Peep to a whole flock of hover-lambs. I would lead them in synchronized flying routines, and we’d be world famous and receive all kinds of money, which we’d donate to animal shelters (naturellement).

  43. Cincoflex says:

    The Lamb is adorable, but the other posters, not so much.

  44. bdwilcox says:

    Gee, I don’t know why anyone would be annoyed after you basically tricked them into going to a site that attacks their sacred beliefs and basically blames their faith for all the evils of the world.

    I mean, if showing a cute baby goat on a site called CuteOverload and then saying, “You think THIS is motivating, check out ALL the motivayshe-shons-al posters! Office-licious find, Teho!” only to have them open a page full of blasphemies isn’t grounds for annoyance, I don’t know what is.

    The best is then Theo berating a poster for vocalizing their displeasure and warning others.


  45. angrycupcake says:

    D’awwww, what a sweetie. S/he looks kind of bewildered, all “lolwhut?” and…stuff.

  46. BD Wilcox — good point, well said, post fixed, bye now.

    Anybody else feeling mouthy?

  47. Speaking of pa-sickies, I have a respiratory flu, and when I went to Walgreens for Tylenol at 4 this morning, I picked up a package of pa-sickies. I smiled and felt better immediately. sproing!

  48. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, I now have a new avatar.

    Awesome shot.

  49. Amy – Damn it, you beat me to pa-sickie. It’s going to be the ‘bleen’ of 2008, you mark my words.

    Teho – I see it! I see the floaty little lamb!

  50. @chanpon – LOL, you are so right!

    To those who are offended (I don’t seem to be able to get to the site but I get the idea), just remember this is CO, and we are here for teh cute, and this lambie pie is cute!!

  51. Person of Faith, a critical thinker, AND a sense of humor says:

    Aw, a floaty lamb. Only God can make a lamb float… 🙂

    BTW, the YMCA poster was pretty darn funny, IMHO.

  52. bdwilcox says:

    Theo, guess the truth hurts, huh?

  53. Such a cutie.

    For those who are offended why? The terminology of laws and theories in science are often misused. (not only by the religious either.)

    The “attack” here is not against religion in and of itself. It’s a poke at those who try to turn religion into science, and thus use bad science to prove a point.

    I think these parodies exist out of frustration from bad science, bad history, and civil liberty issues. It’s not religion, it’s what you do with it.

    And on a side note; Have a sense of humor about yourself. If your faith is as strong as you claim, some silly joke about it shouldn’t phase you that much.


  54. eikoleigh says:

    oh, that’s so cute!!

  55. viognier says:

    OMG. amazing. possibly cutest yet.

    oh, and whoever said this lamb was a “gross farm animal” and that the pa-sickie baby was ugly can kiss my ‘tocks. 🙂

  56. Space Cowgirl says:

    I’m sorry, but I need to comment on this – if you need to delete this, Teoh, I understand.

    I’d like to apologize on behalf of all of us atheists who believe religion or lack thereof is a personal choice, that sweeping generalizations are rarely valid, and that a key feature of being an atheist without looking like an idiot is making sure you don’t emulate radical religion.

  57. Space Cowgirl says:

    *That is to say, atheism by its very nature should be calm, moderate and non-condemnatory.

    I had better shut up now.

  58. Space Cowgirl — that “FreeThoughtPedia” thing is somebody else’s website, which we found via yet another unrelated website. We just like the floaty lamb. (OK, we really like the floaty lamb.) Neither of these external websites represent the beliefs of Cute Overload or its responsible parties.

    And to my mind, this is the sort of thing that should be plain and obvious to everybody. (yeah, I said “should”, which is nearly as bad as “assume”)

    It doesn’t mean we won’t give credit where it’s due, though.

  59. baaaah-sickie. 😛

  60. Space Cowgirl says:

    Teoh, I’m not sure where you’re getting that I thought CO endorses/shares FreeThoughtPedia’s beliefs. Nor am I trying to say credit shouldn’t be given because they appear to be a bunch of loons. I’m genuinely apologizing as for the behavior of my fellow atheists *as an atheist*.

    I may not post often, but I lurk here several times daily. Out of everything I do on the Internet (my job, moderating the forums/policing in-game for a private Ragnarok Online server), the denizens of CO are certainly the most calm, adjusted, good-natured, intelligent people I encounter.

    Except the people who bleen, but don’t get me started on that.

  61. yay! that’s a quick photographer 🙂

  62. Lambingtons have the be the cutest of the animals. Possibly even cute than the kittens, which is saying something. <3

  63. AuntieMame says:

    Space Cowgirl, I don’t think Theo was criticizing you or implying that you thought CO agreed with the sentiments on the website. I think he was simply making a general observation that giving credit to the source of a photo shouldn’t be construed as endorsement of any external website.

    (Although I definitely prefer the current, less enthusiastic credit line to the one that was there before.)

    [She’s right, SC; I have no problems with anything you or AuntieM are saying here… – Ed.]

  64. Ha! That was funny enough that I had to save it.

    And, I know this is only going to annoy you more, Theo, but I just wanted to toss this out there:

    The whole religion thing didn’t enter my mind until I read over this thread.

    Can’t you dweebs just enjoy something without turning it into an argument? Just enjoy the picture and leave it at that!

  65. I love it. Cute animals, AND pro- evolution/ anti- creationist publicity. I’m totally down.

  66. Lambies are some of the cutest and after all the hub-bub, I JUST had to check out the other posters and they are effing hi-larious. The YMCA one, especially. Are they somewhat rude, yup! Are they funny, heck yeah. Did I agree with all of them? Nope, I’m a Wiccan and we “pray” but the rest are to die for….

  67. Omg, there’s something boinging through the air! Boing, boing, boing. I can’t stop saying boing. That’s all I can think about, boinging. Hehe. Cute wittle lambie, or is it a goatie.

  68. Martha in Washington says:

    Lambykins!!! Fluffy, floaty lambykins!!!

    BTW, I liked the simplicity poster because I’m that bad at math.

  69. Hon Glad says:

    Mint Sauce.


    Yup, looks like anti-physics to me. I’m not even going to look at the other posters (yay for bad internet!) because a) apparently they don’t have lambs, and b)I do not wish to spoil my good mood this morning.

  71. Raemie L. says:

    Floaty lamb sproing-ing above green hills… ahhhhh. I’d put this poster by my bed.

  72. Did anyone go to the despair website mentioned above? Now those are hilarious.

  73. Lambular levitation: CUTE!
    Human arrogance: not so much.

  74. Woohoooo, jump, jump!

  75. T-shirt anyone? “Pa-sickie is the new Bleen”

  76. LOL Procrastinatrix!

    I’d wear one, fer sure

    PS: Love the Asterix and Obelix reference of your name

  77. *Blushes*

  78. Cute lambiskins!

    Must say I agree with Mary above ^

    And I loved the other posters at the link, hi-larious!

  79. Winni-pig says:

    Doesn’t this lamb just make you think of every time you have been happy? It does me!

  80. ThreeCatNight says:

    Mr McLamberson has his Air Nikes on.

  81. Sweet Pea says:

    How disappointing.
    I go to see more cute motivational posters & am bombarded with anti-religion “free thinking” posters.
    Did the creator of those posters ever think that maybe having faith is PART of free thinking?

  82. Yay, Space Cowgirl! I count myself among those you speak for; thanks for doing so, and so eloquently.

    And…. SPROING! Mister McLamberson has put a sproing in my heart.
    I’m gonna sproing all the way to work, ‘cos it’s that kind of day. A warm, sproing day. Maybe I’ll get a pa-sickie on the way.


  83. Too bad you had to link back to that site with this picture. How bashing religion is motivational is beyond me. No, I’m not religious.

  84. procrastinatrix – I was thinking the same thing!

  85. AmyJ, Foxy, Procrastinatrix —
    here, let me help y’all get started on that project…

  86. Zoologists call it pronking. And it is a very fine example of PRONK PRONK PRONK PRONK!!!

  87. Robin, I think the link was intended to credit the source of the image, not necessarily an endorsement. Meg just liked the floating lambie. A lot. As who wouldn’t? 🙂

    “Pa-sickie is the new bleen.” LOL! I wouldn’t wear it on t-shirt, but bleen has definitely had its day. Bring on the pa-sickies!

  88. brinnann says:

    seriously? SERIOUSLY? How did you peeps turn this into a religion debate? It’s a motivational pic meant to say that you can overcome your obstacles. Gravitational theory is neither a religious nor anti-religious concept. Religion does not shun all science. Some shy away from it, and some embrace it, but that isn’t relevant BECAUSE IT’S ONLY TALKING ABOUT GRAVITY!!! I agree with T[Ed.] – it’s a physics joke, peeps.

  89. @brinnann: Yes, it’s a physics joke… but it’s also a joke on the Intelligent Design proponents. They are telling people that Evolution is “only a theory”, playing on the colloquial meaning of the word and deliberately corrupting its scientific meaning.

    Although I didn’t like many of the posters on the linked site, this one is actually very smart, and I fully agree with its point.

  90. momof2kitties says:

    I want a “Pa-sickie is the new bleen” T, too! Pink. please!

    I, too, chose to ignore the other posters and instead focused on Mr. McSproingersons here.

    Look! A floaty lambie!

  91. It’s actually called PRONKING? Pronk sounds like a ram with an air horn on his head. PRONK! PRONK! Get out of my way!

    Sproing is definitely the correct word for what this cute lamby is doing.

    It also makes me think of the Bert and Ernie skit where Ernie is going to Dance Myself to Sleep (then he tap dances, plays the trumpet, and the lambies dance with him, while Bert has a meltdown!!!!) One of my favorite B&E skits ever!

  92. Paunchie says:

    “baaaah-sickie. :P”


    You people slay me!

  93. brinnann says:

    MomOf2, can you imagine having to explain to people what your shirt means? Lol, that’d be great! “Pa-sickie? Well, technically it means popsicle. Bleen? Um, well, TEHO says…” That alone would be worth wearing it! But I already ordered a pink hammiepants shirt (btw, any news on when we’ll get those?), so I want another color. Maybe a pretty, pale blue?

  94. Can somebody please tell me what bleen is? *dumb*

  95. brinnann says:

    Laurie, once upon a time people who had the first comment on a post would just shout “FIRST!” without leaving any actual comment. Teho started replacing it with “bleen,” but his attempt to deter us backfired. It became a word that was all-encompassing in some ways, being substituted anywhere we could manage it. If you look it up in the CO Glossary, there’s not a definition anymore.

  96. momof2kitties says:

    Yes, there would be drawbacks, for sure. But think how great it would be if you saw someone who actually DID know what it meant? W00t! And…blue works for me, too.


  97. momof2kitties says:


    “bleen” is CO code for “Yay! I’m the first to post a comment!” And it makes our beloved Teho mental. Which is just a bonus.

    *I kid! (a little)*

  98. Ah…the infamous “FIRST!”s…never was a fan, either. lol

  99. brinnann says:

    Mo2k: I mentioned something similar on the April 1 hammiepants tee post. It would be great!

    Turbofloof: I read that post just recently and I saw you posted a comment about being in Austin. I’m just a few hours away, in Beaumont, so if I happen to make a trip up there I’ll be sure to wear my hammiepants shirt! If you see me, say “O hai!” Or “bleen” LOL!!!!

  100. Thanks, Theo! I’ll take one of those t-shirts too!

  101. Only here can I get a headache reading… and yet I still come back, LMAO!!

    I love the little gravity defying lamb 😀

  102. Teho, I’m not sure I want a huge anti-bleen sign on my rack.

    I would however wear a ‘Pa-sickie is the new bleen’ shirt just to see who would know what it meant.

    And I like pink or blue.

  103. Kris, I love that skit as well. Poor Bert, at the end when the sheep carry him outside… it’s funny, because I see myself in both the free-spirited Ernie and the neurotic Bert. Kind of like how my two favourite Winnine-The-Pooh characters are Tigger and Rabbit.

  104. There are people who actually think these are REAL motivational posters, and not spoofs on the motivational-poster concept? Have you only had access to the internet since last week? Hee… I’ve got a video I want to show you, and it’s totally not Rick Astley. I swear.

  105. NightOwl says:

    FYI Gerald McBoingBoing was an advertising cartoon character (late 1950’s, I don’t know exactly which year) who could make lots of different sounds, realistically. I think he was advertising a soft drink.

    Also FYI I once heard that zoologists call that activity “stotting”. Couldn’t swear to it, recommend the dictionary to check.

    I grew up on a “hobby farm”, we had three sheep and new lambs each spring. Lambs can run and jump very soon after birth, no more than a few days at most. In the wild I assume it helped them get away from wolves. (Yes, sheep were once wild; I expect our domestic breeds are stupider and make a lot more wool.)

    Domestic sheep are stupid, but they have distinct individual personalities. Hard to see when you have a large flock, because the crowd psychology dominates them totally. When you have only three, their personalities show. I read that sheep can recognize and remember up to 60 distinct sheep faces. So even in a flock, they have some kind of social life, they keep track of each other.

  106. Furbabies says:

    This is my new wallpaper. Wonderful photo.

  107. Actually, gravity is a law, not a theory. There’s a difference. A law describes, a theory explains. Just sayin’.

    Oh look, a floaty lamb!

  108. is it boing? is it sproing? methinks it’s boing, looking at how Lambie’s legs are tucked.

    But it’s all “bah-sickie” though. 😀

  109. Yael: “PROING”

  110. While I would know what a t-shirt sporting “Pa-sickie is the new Bleen” would mean; I wouldn’t be caught dead in one. Cute animals pwn cute humans ANY DAY. There are plenty of cute animal options that could be EXCELLENT t-shirts tho!! 😀

  111. Totalee Puppy says:

    He DOES look like he’s being beamed-up by the
    Mother Ship. Maybe he will like the flashing colored lights and the

  112. Frodosmom says:

    ” We cannot rise alone.” The light of laughter and mirth lifts us up!This picture is the cutest, most smile inducing, secret chucklingest,…Thanks for the Cute. Meg and Theo!