Ladies and Gentlemen, The Cutest Kitten in the World

There are really no sufficient words to accurately describe the proshness you are about to witness. Rest-assured the Japanese [shaking fist to sky] beat us AGAIN on this one. This time with the delectable dollop named “Memebon”

[drum roll]


See a LOT more of Memebon, her family and tons of merch over at 😉



  1. the eyes.. omg the eyes, they burn!!

  2. Pets in pots, condition deux.

  3. There’s so many rules of cuteness @ play at once that I can’t even begin to point them out! Perhaps I shall just say SQUEEEE!, and fall dead to the floor from the cute. *thud*

  4. Poohbear says:

    Neeeeeeeeehhh – waaant! Calicos rule!

  5. Melting! I’m melting!!! OMG this is one adorable mite!!!

  6. i’m not really crazy about this kind of cat. their eyes always look like they’re on the verge of falling out 😦

  7. My head just exploded!!

  8. Normally I don’t like those cats with the pushed in noses, but this one is SUPER CUTE! I wonder what it brothers and sisters look like.

  9. bathtime??


  10. I too don’t care for the pushed-in-nose look, but the one where Mama’s picking her bebeh up and she’s all “HALP!!” cracks me up.

  11. Man o Man…As teh end of tax season rolls around…you cannot beleive how much I need the Qte today!! I’ll have to be all like…”Excuse me, go ahead adn keep yelling at me about how you shouldnt have to owe teh government any money, and how I’m a stupid head, I’m just going to snorgle this little kitteh.”

  12. help… help… must… press… back button before… it’s too

    {boooooooooooooooo} < --flatline sound

  13. Corlissa says:

    Love it, love it, LOVE it. Thanks for not holding back on the quantity of pictures.

  14. ZOMG SO WEE…

  15. Kind of ugly actually. sorry.

  16. Must……have……that…….kitteh!!!!!

  17. BTW…what kind of kitteh is this? A Scottish Fold?? (Is that even a kitteh? Sounds like it should be)

  18. Persian I think….scottish folds are ultra cute

  19. *WHEW*

    OK, hovertexts now added. ALL of them.

  20. Ded. I am ded.

    D. E. D.


  21. Bebeh inherited the facial markin’s- so tiiiiiiiiny, oh, so, so, YEAH. The straight out the back tail, my fave!

    Domo origato!

  22. Maybe you should just shut down the site now. Nothing can ever top that; it was a lifetime supply of cute. It touches so many rules and creates still more.

  23. ooooooo soooo cuuuuuute

  24. This cute kitty disapproves a lot though.

    And… does the mom have fire in her eyes ? That would explain a lot. Only a demon can engender a creature so cute you would damn yourself.

  25. CoffeeCup says:


    My favorite, I think, is the tokyo stomping one. The little ducks! The pastel blanket! The kitteh sniffing the little animals! Looking confused and perplexed, as if to say, “wai u afrade of mes?”

  26. It is the cutest kitten in the world!

  27. Jennifer says:




  28. momof2kitties says:

    Oh. Em. Gee.

    It’s HRH Miss Mia, as a kittayn. I am immediately whisked back two and a half years to seeing her and her litter mates for the first time. Now you all know how she ended up coming home with me. Who could resist such potent qte? No one I tell you! No one!

  29. Lindsay M. says:

    Thank the Lo’ fo’ makin this kitteh!!!

  30. ZOMG!!! *falls out of chair* I have been blinded by the cuteness!!! I can’t see! NOOOOOOO!

  31. GAH!

    i am so overly DED, beyond DED, so DED that there is no word to describe how DED i am.

    it’s too much. too much. can’t take it. ok CO you can take a month off now, this will last us at least that long.

  32. Spyro: ‘Only a demon can engender a creature so cute you would damn yourself.’

    That’s the funniest concept I have ever heard…EVA’!

    and le’s so troo 😉

  33. The nompaw is my personal fave. And I too usually don’t go for persians (except Winston)–cats’ noses should protrude from their faces! Memebon obviously breaks all the rules.

  34. coyotemom says:

    Squeeee!!! I want!!!!!!!!

  35. Homahgawd. I am slayed by the paw-sucking seductitude.

  36. I’m all ‘aww’ed out. I’m just gonna keel over and die.

  37. oh my dear god that is the cutest thing i have ever seen.

  38. In the midst of a really bad day, this was almost exactly what I needed–the only thing better would be to hold it and carry it around with me today as I do a bunch of meaningless things

  39. Awww, so that’s what the smooshed face cats look like as kittehs! I always wondered….

    *pictures Winston that small*

  40. I SWEAR in that one picture she’s sucking her thumb!

    Aaaaanh. (head tilt)


    That. Sweetest. Bebeh. Kitteh. EVAH!

    My eyes caved into mah head. No longer need to QTE. Dis waaay too much WOW!

    Bebeh kitteh in cup. I want!

  42. I need all the qte I can get today, thank you, Meg, for posting so many of this little miracle.

    My world is shattered because one of the greatest animal lovers I know, my stepfather, is no longer with us. He rescued our Theo when she was two weeks old and even tinier than this little doll.

    Please hug your friends and loved ones close (whether or not they walk on four legs or two).

  43. Theo and Theo say Thank You.

  44. Desdemona says:

    Bebeh gripping the little blue octopus is my fave. Would it be so wrong to displace my 4-month-old hooman grandbaby pic with that as my screensaver? Oh, wait, I think I’m asking the wrong crowd that question. . .

    [ ***SNORT*** – Ed.]

  45. More baby pics please!

  46. I am not a lover of smooshed faced kitties – or folds – but that’s pretty darned coote!

    Was she a preemie or a runt? I am unable to read Japanese – so can’t figger out anything at their site.

    But dang – she’s a cootiepie

  47. Oh…my…god!!!! Someone shoot me to put me out of my painful urges to fly off to Japan to snorgle this kitty right now.

  48. Berthaservant…. I wanted to, offer my condolences and thoughts and cyber hugs for you and your family during this time… may your furfriends and 2 foot friends be a comfort to you in this time.

    (((((hugs)))) – a great fan of yours and your gorgeous kitty – Carrie

  49. Poohbear says:

    Awww, BerthaS*, so sorry about your loss 😦 Big hugs and squooshes to Bertha {{{}}}} (puzzled by the name change, but guess that’s insensitive given the circumstances.)

  50. Pretyblak says:

    Too cute. I am not addicted.

  51. I don’t…
    I can’t…
    How am I supposed to live a normal life after all of that cuteness. AND ICAN’T EAT IT!!???

  52. Poohbear says:

    Theo, great work on the hovertexts, and fast too!
    Carrie – she’s just small in some of the pics, now she’s a normal kitty according to the website (and she HAS survived that first bath!)

  53. Nicolletta says:


  54. meowandwoof says:

    berthaS – many many thoughts with you today…and many meows, woofs, chirps, and squeaks, too. don’t even know you but i think you’re my bff.

  55. What? WHAT?!? What fresh hell is this, Meg?!?

    Big hugs to Berthaservant. I’m sorry for your loss.

  56. Re: kitten on scale…
    I bet she weighs less than Hello Kitty. She is the same as three small apples.

  57. meh. i liked the photo on the sheepskin bed but other then that. meh.

  58. OMG!!!! so, so cute….i can barely help myself from trying to reach into the computer screen and snorggle that babeh!!!

  59. Thanks all. The name change is unrelated to the recent sadness, just coincidental. After some reflection I was uncomfortable using the term “slave.” I try to be sensitive to the way I use words and the way I was using that word was not accurate, internally or externally.

    I keep looking at these pictures, thank you Meg and Theo again.

  60. michellemybelle says:

    I’d like to know if there are more kittens like her in the litter, or is she the most adorable one? ‘Cause if there were more, we should just end everything now.

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    (( berthaservant)) I’m so sorry. And now that I look at your blog (finally) I see your Bertha is the twin of my dearly departed Shadow.. so I see how you have become enslaved.

  62. Pussytoes says:

    She’d be cuter if she said “Pa-Sicke.”

  63. I had not been a fan of Persians until Winston… but this little tike has won my heart. So Qte!!

  64. halfmilk says:

    Pussytoes, I agree. 😉

  65. Sweet Jeebus on a stick! There are no words.

  66. cheesybird says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss, berthaservant. 😦 It sounds like your stepfather will be mourned by many a two- and four-footer.

    As for this bebbeh kitteh… Ho. Ly. Crap! (Can I say that here?) There are NO words!

  67. cheesybird says:

    LOLBabyMama – Jinx, you owe me a Pa-sickle. Or do I owe you one?

  68. JinxtheCat says:

    OMG!!!! This just brightened my day, sweet baby. The octopus hug is soooo cute. THUD!

  69. Arokthis says:

    The one of momma loaded first and all I could think of was “Sith Feline!”

    As for the rest, he looks like an Ewok. WANT ONE!!!

  70. Hon Glad says:

    Surely this isn’t real, but part of a plot for world omination.

  71. my hed goes splodey with cuteness … i r ded

  72. I rarely comment, but here was my train of thought on this one:

    Awww, kitten on a scale!
    Awwwwwwww, kitty falling out of cup!
    Hee, tiny kitty attacked by …well, scary-eyed mom!
    OMG kitty with tiny ducks!

    *falls over*

    ^^or something to that effect. And I don’t even LIKE squashed kitty-faces. (I swear I’m usually a sane, rational person.)

  73. wee_squirrel says:

    Oh my sweet sassy molassey.

  74. Hon Glad says:

    Erm, domination

  75. ThreeCatNight says:

    I think that I have died and gone to QTE Kitteh Heaven. The delicate little pawsicle to the mouth is too much, if I can choose only 1! These pics are unbelievable, and that face is just so – so – kissable! (there, I’ve said it)
    I have to recover now.

  76. Brandi Lee says:

    Ive melted …. what a cute little thing …….

  77. Holy *SPLODE*!!!!!!!!!

  78. Shersher says:

    I heart hovertext 🙂 I has sad when they are missing…lol…this kitty and momma are fricken cute…overload complete…:)

  79. I think my soul just died.

    I think I need a vacation from CO I cannot take so much cuteness in 3 days. -packs bags-

  80. He seems perpetually disheartened about his lack of a nose. For being muzzle-less, though, he’s pretty cute.

  81. Love how the mom keeps taking him out of cups and saucers! She must be all, “You are cute, but they are not allow to eat you!”

  82. stubbedoo says:

    I can’t decide what’s better: the pics or the hovertext. Either way, I had a huge grin on my face while scrolling. There’s a cat next to me, but don’t tell him that I was looking at another cute kitty!

  83. It’s like, just when I thought the first picture was the cutest thing EVAR, I scrolled down and BAM! Cuter pictures. Scrolled some more: Cuter still. And so it continues until my head asplodes. The tiny head peering out from the bed. The duck toy. The blankie. The “it totally looks like the kitteh is sucking it’s thumb”. The octopus toy. The “I must squeesh my head through these bars. I MUST!” The SMALLNESS. THE UBER UBER SMALLNESS.

    *iz, like so many others on CO, ded*

  84. Can’t breath…cough cough…the lights are going dim and skull starting to…


  85. This one sent me over the edge. I have to go to my CO Anonymous group now. I admit I am powerless over my CO addiction – that my life has become unmanageable…

  86. I don’t like how his face/head is concave!!!!
    But the octopus picture is really adorable.

  87. @ Nicole:

    Sorri…u can not eat it..
    but you CAN print pic and EAT that…not as nice to nom, but still very enjoyable…
    Check out the fifth pic again..
    O MI GAWD do you just wanna die of happiness?!!

  88. P.S. Berthaservant, my most sincere condolences on your loss. Animal lovers are the best people around. (((HUGS)))

  89. @ Jessica-
    Yes, we need meetings to be able to talk to someone when we have hit our rock bottom of cuteness…I suggest you write our 12 Steps….
    i know my habit is out of control and that truly, it is unmanageable….
    but what a way to go.

  90. think I just broke my cheeks.

  91. OK, that made me LOL, NTMel.

  92. Ok… so at first, I thought to myself, “It’s a pretty cute kitten, but I’ve seen cuter.”

    But then, I got to the one wiff hims widdle MOUF open and that little tongue…
    … and then the one with the PAW over teh ickle MOUF!!!

    I’m still not sure if this is the cutest kitten, or just the best kitten photogrophy skills in the history of the “cute” genre. 😉
    I love them. <3

  93. Pa-sickie!

  94. um

    if you haven’t clicked on the link yet, well, it has a movie.

  95. Dear Lord have mercy on my ever-lovin’ soul! THAT IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!

  96. Gypsum Fantastic says:

    Don’t you think these pedigree cats with the bashed-in faces look just grotesquely deformed?

    I think cats with cat-face-shaped faces are always cuter.

  97. I never thought there’d be a kitten cuter than mine. But she is SOOOO CUUUUTE!
    I love the ‘face up with eyes closed’ shot the best. Awwww!

  98. LisaHoneychan says:

    Awww!!! This is beyond adorable! Each pic is mind-blowingly CUTE. I’m trying to reach thru the monitor to pet bebeh kitty. Mama kitty is gorgeous, as well, with her orange-fire eyes. (also not a big fan of push-faced Persians, but this post, plus Winston is slowly changing my attitude)

    Is it just me, ot is Pa-Sickie going to be a running joke on CO? I thought that post was cute, too. No problem with human babies once and awhile, especially when they do something that cute.

  99. Gaah! I think our dwarf hamsters are bigger than that kitten!

  100. ((( HUGS))) to berthaservant and family.

    I always thought calico markings were random, but the way the facial markings mimic the mom’s, I’m thinking I was wrong. How Cute!!!

  101. RevWaldo says:

    “Ziggy really sang
    screwed up eyes and screwed down hairdo
    Like some cat from Japan”

  102. RevWaldo says:

    His qteness has been amped up with tiny props and narrow depth-of-field photography! Don’t be fooled!

    Oh, OK, be fooled. ^_^

  103. So cute, but one wonders about the breeding that made this lil lady.

  104. berthaservant, my condolences as well. We only really miss people we loved.

  105. Londoner says:

    I regret to inform you that level of cuteness violates at least twelve laws and thirty-eight international guidelines.

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to confiscate that kitten for the sake of public safety. I shall personally take on the task of defusing its cuteness by snorgling it non-stop, every minute, until it is fully-grown.
    No, don’t thank me. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it…

  106. his face isn’t just flat.. it’s actually caved in..! does that mean it’s perpetually crosseyed?

    i think cats with noses are cuter

  107. Tee Heee Mini-Me Kittayn.
    Could it get any cuter I say No Unequivicolly NO!

    Teho Can we have a matchinks Cause she matches her Mama almost exactly. Pleease???? Makes sadest of all puppy dog eyes in an effort to influence.

  108. Oh dear – I’m afraid even the teeniness of the kitteh can’t overcome the fact that its nose doesn’t stick out. For me. I’m glad everybody else loves it. (I also thought Pasickie was hilarious, so what the heck do I know?)

  109. That’s frightening. It’s Deform-O-Cat, now with more walleye.

    The photos themselves, however, are lovely and charming.

  110. Deepest condolences to berthaservant and family.

    I love the calico kitties. My old girl is a slightly tubby tortie calico named Snack and in spite of the crankiness that accompanies her ilk, she’s a real lovey girl.

  111. CoffeeCup says:

    Edith, hey-h, I think the cat is a scottish fold, which is an accepted breed.

  112. Doesn’t look like a scottish fold to me…but anyway, I didn’t say it’s not an accepted breed, I just said it’s not my cup of tea (or cup of kitteh – heh). It’s ok, CoffeeCup, we don’t all have to like the same cats.

  113. If someone, anyone could invent a shot that keeps that kitten right at that size and age forever they would be the richest sob the world has ever known…..

  114. KAWAII!!! KAWAII koneko desu!!! =^^= I have never seen such a cute kittayn in my life!!! I wonder if she smells like baby powder…She MUST! I love the pic where the koneko is holding the aoi tako!!! Kawaii overload desu!!!

  115. Gail White says:

    This little Japanese love muffin nearly broke the needle on my proshometer.

  116. momof2kitties says:

    @ CoffeeCup:

    Our tortie calico had the smushed-in ears too, for a while anyway. They do grow into ’em eventually. Now she has regular pointy cat ears, suitable for snorgling, huffing and kissing. Assuming I have the appropriate protective anti-claw gear on that is.

    And, @ Alexis:
    She is a crank-meister, too. Goes with the territortie. HAHA!

  117. AuntieMame says:

    I think she just looks more smooshed because of her coloring. And is mamma taking her OUT of the cups or putting her IN?

    And condolences, Berthaservant, from me, as well.

  118. He looks deformed – his head is oddly shaped and too large, his eyes slump at odd angles, and he has no muzzle. The Japanese are famous for intensive inbreeding to get cute – this one just looks horrendous.

  119. I’m torn – I also like noses on my kitties, but this one is awful darn cute other than that!

  120. This is a cutie-pie. That * LINUS * pic with the blankie is just killer. A part of me though wants to rush this bebeh to plastic surgery to get a bigger nose. You can’t even see it with those markings!

    Maybe we can have a trans-pacific playdate with Winston.

    Berthaservant, I’m sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  121. little sweetie

  122. so torn today looking at kittehs. yesterday night some speeding idiot drove over my neighbour’s beautiful all white cat. It was heartbreaking seeing it die like this. I can’t get that out of my mind anymore. Sorry to disturb your good moods with this. Needed to write it down.

  123. Berthaslave, I’m so sorry!

  124. Oh … my … god! That kitten is the cutest thing I have seen in my entire life, and I don’t even like cats. So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😀

  125. Jmper: It’s an Exotic Shorthair, a hybrid of the Persian. Typically referred to as, “the Lazy Man’s Persian” 🙂
    We have 3 of them and they are just the sweetest animals ever. So boo to all of you that think they’re ugly!

  126. I can’t even begin to explain. I’m spinning on some CO cloud. Does it get any cuter? I don’t think so!


    I’m dying. Dead.

  128. oh my GAWD! I normally am not fond of cats…but….lord.

  129. StephKaye says:

    Scottish fold overload.


    * xenophobic comments will be unpublished *

  131. Stephanie says:


    oh my gee. so cute!

    my ovaries exploded.

  132. cubbybutt says:

    Oh for the love of gawd! The mama cat putting the bebeh cat in a cup? Or pulling it out? The bebeh cuddling a dolly? I can’t take this!!!!

  133. theoneflyinvet says:

    my sympathies, berthaservant. i’ve been there too.

    as for the rest…


  134. Oh my god. Too much cuteness for just one little kitty.



  136. ohhhh. the pic of her with her lil frens, duck and cat. KILLS me. Those spindly pink feet. oof.

  137. Is that a saki cup that baby is in? A tiny saki cup?

  138. If I am ever sad again at any point in my life, all I will have to do is think of this kitteh and all will be rainbows.

  139. BerthaS and Khadija, my condolences over the sadness you’re going through. There is still love in the world, remember.

  140. Awww! Calico persian :’).

    Maybe not the cutest in the WORLD, but probably a close 2nd or 3rd. *snorgles*

  141. Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt.

    I think you just need to close up shop, Meg. There is NOTHING cuter than this kittayn. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. You have reached the pinnacle of your CO career! Bravo!

    And Theo, what I can I saw about those hovertexts? I simply can’t choose one favorite!

    I should be working on the massive pile of homework that is looming over me. Instead, I am here, unable to tear myself away from this delectable little morsel.

    Bravo, Meg and Theo. Bravo *slow clap*

    – chick

  142. brb bcoming ded

  143. PS: berthaservant, I am so sorry for your loss

    – chick

  144. Sprinkles says:

    are you kidding me? I just melted!!! As a pug owner, anything with a smooshed in face and tiny, i just can’t help but love!

  145. OMG My head has exploded and I am ‘ded’ from the qt!

  146. well, some of the pics are really cute, even though i am a major dog person, but some of the pics are really pretty ugly. Sorry. smooshed faces on animals just looks like someone crammed their face into a brick wall. not all that appealing, i’m sure you know. sorry, but this cat is SO not the cutest. get some new judges!

  147. Want.

    Must have.

    To love.

  148. okay, i felt bad for such mean comments, so i went back and relooked over the pics. some (okay most of them) are very cute. the mom does look sort of scary though, with her scary eyes. (satan cat!!!) but the pics i like the best are: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,13,15. does anyone else agree w/ me??? and wow this little bugger really grew on me… AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  149. Many condolences, berthaservant.

    As for the pics, how come none of my kitchen utensils and dishware came with little bebeh kittehs?

  150. michellemybelle says:

    Now that I’m home from work, I’m checking out the blog section on – she’s grown up! There’s video! More proshness!

  151. So sweet… I’ve always been partial to Scottish Folds, although I’ve heard a lot of them have health problems – I hope this adorable kitten is as healthy as s/he is cute.

    Berthaservant, I’m so sorry. I remember the last time I was truly miserable, I too looked to cute animals for comfort… my pic of choice was of a tiny baby bunny curled up snug and safe in a benevolent hand, a reminder that there are those who care about us and want to comfort us.

  152. Berthaservant, my deepest sympathies to you and your family. Your stepfather was an exceptional person, and I’m sure he was loved and admired by everyone he encountered. May your family be spared further sorrows.

    Now I’m off to mop the floor where my head sploded from the cuteness of that anerable kitteh!

  153. Definitely a cute or sad.

    I don’t think cats with squished-in noses look right, but there’s definitely some cuteness! so helpless-looking!.. >.<

  154. Does this baby have cleft lip? Her mouth seems to open all the way to under her nose.

    She’s too adorable for words. My eyes asploded from the cute earlier today when I was at work…

  155. I am also not a big fan of smushed face kitties but this IS cute. Love the one with mommy picking her up.

    Berthaservant, my condolences as well. 😦

  156. @berthaservant: I posted earlier on the Pom commentary, but since it is gone, I just want to send TONS of {{HUGS}} and snorgles your way! (and to your family, too)

    Your stepdad sounds like a great guy. My dad was an animal lover, too.

  157. I went to the site, and memebon has her own books of cuteness! Too bad I can’t figure out how to order it through Japanese Amazon… 😦

  158. marmaladee says:

    it just didn’t stop!
    the cute kept going!

  159. ButtaRumCake says:

    LOLBabyMama – OMG!!! I laughed so hard I pulled a muscle! “Sweet Jeebus on a stick” ?!? Lawdhammussy!! LOLOLOL

  160. jen, u r soooooo rait. teneisha, ai agreez hunderd persent. all teh rest a u who’re ded, mii tew. Winston, welkum Memebon an familee into teh Kawaii Hawl uv Faim.

  161. Y’know what? I come here every day, and read these comments where people are all like “Squee!” and “I’m ded from the qte!” and I’m all smug like, “yeah, he’s cute and everything but GET AHOLD OF YOURSELVES PEOPLE!”

    Today, however… Today I giggled. I squeed. Out loud. I even snorted. Yes, I may have even said “Oh my god, how cute.”

    Curse you, Japanese. Curse you.


    …i died.



    melted. onto desk chair and floor.

    and who is then going to clean up this mess?

  163. ButtaRumCake says:

    ((((((((( Berthaservant))))))))) You have my deepest condolences. God bless the family!

  164. David Spor says:

    Must agree with the more negative comments. This kitten makes me feel sad.

  165. To those making the “omg ugly” comments: Cuteness is subjective. Some people prefer blonde, blue-eyed humans, some people prefer non-persian/exotic cats. But there’s no need to heckle the wee kitten just because it’s not your flavour of cute. Eesh.

  166. The cuteness… the cuteness…

  167. That kitteh is so cute he hurts. Oh the agony!




  169. not-a-linguist says:

    The kitty name is just ‘Meme’. Her mother is ‘Goma’ and they live together with a Scottish Fold ‘Fuku’. I’m trying to figure out where the ‘-bon’ comes in. ‘Memebon’ is the title of the book, and my best guess is it’s the word for book (but voiced due to compounding). Of course, I could be over-analyzing.

    Back to staring at the kitteh!

  170. OK, if you haven’t tried clicking the website, there’s a little menu on it I can’t read but the hover-over on one of the options makes this little animation of a milk bottle spinning around and landing in this kitten’s mouth. Oh my word.

  171. Catsquatch says:

    Im skeered….

    That poor little fugly kitty is gonna grow up….

    Definately in the “sad” catagory.

  172. OMG. It’s like this kitten is the ICE PICK of Cute and it has just been stabbed, stabbed, stabbed into my brain about a dozen times.

  173. Wow, that really is the cutest kitteh in the world. And I don’t even LIKE cats.

  174. Okay, there must be something wrong with me… I don’t think that kitten’s very cute. The picture with the teeny toys is pretty good, tho’.

  175. jeremiah says:

    that is the ugliest set of cats i’ve ever seen. I find most of the stuff on this site very adorable indeed, but cats that can’t breathe through their noses because they’ve been bred into mutants is just extremely disheartening to me. There is nothing cute with a cat without a nose structure.

  176. AuntieMame says:

    If it was a French kitteh, I’d say “bon” meant “good.” I don’t know what it means in Japanese, though. 🙂

  177. That is the definition of cute overload. And the mummy cat is cute toooooooo.

  178. dear god.

    i swear this is the cutest thing i’ve ever ever ever ever ever seen.

  179. PLEASE…I must know…

    what breed of cat is this??? I know that it’s calico, but what breed exactly gives the cat its BEAUTIFUL SMOOSHED FACE! I need to know! I want one so bad. PLEASE HELP ME!

  180. Hugs for berthaservant. I wish I could make you feel better. I always enjoy your comments. I can only think “hugs”. I will keep the platitudes to myself.

    hugs Kim.

  181. LesbianNeoCon says:

    shut UP!!!!!!!!!!

  182. *faints dead away*

  183. Hibiscus says:

    Little toy whale! WANT!

  184. Candy — I might as well say this, because somebody’s bound to, and quite possibly not as nicely… the “smooshed face” cats tend to have problems related to their smooshed faces. They’re basically missing a muzzle. This is especially true about the Persian breed, which is probably the breed people think of most often with this flat-face feature.

    To be honest, I’m not the best-informed person about this, since it doesn’t affect any of our resident critters… but just for starters, Wikipedia has this to say specifically about Persians:
    “The breed was originally established with a short (but not non-existent) muzzle, but over time this feature has become extremely exaggerated, particularly in North America, and Persians with the more extreme brachycephalic head type are susceptible to a number of health problems (specifically affecting their sinuses and breathing) caused by it.”

    The good news, then, is that THIS kitten most likely isn’t one of the super-smushed over-bred cats. (Also, kitten eyes generally tend to “straighten out” with time.)

    And hey, there’s nothing to stop you from going to your local animal shelter, humane society, etc. on a regular basis, and keeping an eye out for a cat to *adopt* with whatever characteristics resonate with you. Shelter pets are the best — and of course they all need Forever Homes, loving families, and proper veterinary care.

  185. hugs to Khadija also.

  186. Thank you, not-a-linguist. I’m a current Japanese student, and I figured out pretty fast the cat’s name is just Meme. The “-bon”, according to my dictionary, links to “hon”, which is book. The fact that she has more than one book makes this make sense.
    Aside from that. I’m not a big fan of the smoosh-faced cats, but even I have to admit that Meme-chan is cute. And Fuku-san looks eternally peeved.

  187. OH. MY. GOD.

    The beauty… the beauty… *sobs* I seriously almost teared because of the qte.

  188. ashagato says:

    “To those making the “omg ugly” comments: Cuteness is subjective. Some people prefer blonde, blue-eyed humans, some people prefer non-persian/exotic cats. But there’s no need to heckle the wee kitten just because it’s not your flavour of cute. Eesh.”

    true, Lara. it bears repeating. people, if you don’t have something nice to say, please just move on…

  189. ashagato says:

    oh, and love to berthaservant…

    and calicos rule!

  190. ashagato says:

    love & hugs to berthaservant…

    and calicos rule!

  191. I have to admit, my first response was “that is one ugly little cat, right there.”

    I think the one where she’s sleeping with one paw up to her mouth is what did it, though. Ugly as the little thing is, she’s still cute.

    It’s just that Persians look a bit retarded to me at that age, with their droopy eyes and oddly-shaped mouths.

  192. Holy crap, that is absolutely adorable! I don’t usually like that type of cat, but to deny the cuteness in those photos… just.. man.. my head almost s’ploded!

    Is it a male kitten? Think I can see some nads in some of the pics. Aren’t male calicos super rare? I do remember reading that somewhere that most calico cats are female and it’s very rare to find a male.

  193. This is so cute it brought REAL TEARS TO MY EYES.

  194. she’s so small and cute!!!! (too bad babies eventually grow up and I personally think that persian cats are not as cute as when they were young)

  195. That cat looks like it just lost a bar fight.

    Not cute, and certainly not deserving of 16 pictures here–seriously?

  196. Is this the first instance of Nietzschean hovertext on CO?

    Awesome post.

  197. Totalee Puppy says:

    I looked at a Japanese painted screen once, and there was a kitten that looked just like you…But enough culture…Interspecies Cute Attack!!…Gurgle!!

  198. Anonymous says:

    Theo, I just wanted to add something to the very important points you made. And while I’m somewhat reluctant to get morbidly scientific on such a delightful site, there’s a serious issue that should concern those of us who care about animals and are dismayed when we learn about some of the disturbing health problems associated with certain of the more extreme breeds. In addition to the ones you mentioned, another of the defects that occurs in Persian, and other flat-faced cats, is referred to as “sterotic nares.” Basically, what that means, in plain English, is the cat will require surgery to enlarge the nostrils just to enable it to breathe properly. But what’s really incomprehensible is why, for instance, an organization like the American Veterinary Association, hasn’t been screaming bloody murder about the havoc some of these breeders are causing by forcing what would otherwise be perfectly healthy animals to have to undergo corrective surgery.

    Now, having said that, the kitten is absolutely adorable. But please think about what’s deliberately being done to these helpless animals in the interest of somebody’s idea of beauty.

  199. Ahh, actually, I’m skerrd of this kitten! Espesh those photos with the momma cat!

  200. OH MY GOD! SO CUTE!

    loks like my cat that died not to long ago :[

    well the color that is all but still…

    anwyays fhsuifiuds

    so cute!! and I just spelled anyways wrong


    OMG CUTE! <3

  201. Thank you very much for all the helpful tips and info, THEO!! You are an amazingly knowledgeable person and obviously know your kittens!!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS

    thanks to you, too Anonymous (who also added to Theo’s comment)

  202. Okay when I first saw the header for this post, I was like “you’re so fulluva yourself–world’s cutest kitten? Yeah, bring it on, baby!”

    I’ll retract my words now. For shame, that’s one freaking cute kitten, and obviously one proud and caring mama!

  203. muppet2171 says:

    My hed just asploded from da cyoot!!

  204. Berthaservant, I am very sorry to hear. My condolences and hugs to you and yours.

    As for this poor lil’ calico pookiepuff … ugly or not, it’s a wee helpless behbeh, and therefore cute.(Goes for bebehs of all species as far as I’m concerned.)

    (Theo and Anonymous – thanks for the info.)

  205. His little pet duckie just puts the whole thing over the edge. That’s it, my life is complete.

  206. Raemie L. says:

    Uwaaaaah, too cute, tou kyute, 2 Qte…. Excellent post!

  207. sigh. I just don’t find this that cute. Plus, I am concerned that it has been bred for tiny size, which always disturbs me. I guess, just give me a wonderful DSH or DLH any day.

  208. I find this animal completely disgusting. Even for a cat (and that’s saying something).

    Release it, I say, and let it fend for itself amid the mean streets of Tokyo.

  209. Looks like a baby Persian kitteh.

    Salaam gorbe halet shoma chetori? Shoma kheili qashangast.

  210. bichonlove says:

    that thing is just faaaaaaaaarrrrrrkin ugly! bring on the puppies i say. cats are SOOOOO NOTTTTTT cute!!!!!! Hello???!!

  211. herzliebster says:

    Pushed-in-nose kittehs are icky. Squooshed-up-ear kittehs are icky.

    Cats should look like cats, not squashed bulldog/pekingese freaks.

  212. Damn me for not learning Japanese from my friends!!! *glowers*

  213. Holy freaking crap cakes… I think I just lapsed into some sort of diabetic coma from the sweetness…

  214. GRAVYBOAT says:

    What a forlorn looking puddytat! I want to geev heem a beeg kees.

  215. what is it with people and scottish folds? they aren’t cute, they’re pathetic.

  216. acelightning says:

    Dear gods, the *tinyness*!

    Berthaservant, my thoughts are with you… there must be a happy commotion going on at the Rainbow Bridge, as all of your stepfather’s long-gone furry friends welcome him…

  217. I think I’m gonna faint of all this cuteness…

  218. They’re Extic. Not Scottish fold. The Mom is our breed. They are NOT icy. They love people, and people loves them.

  219. dinkylynn says:

    what a beautiful animal. a most unusual pet and that lil kitty is too cute made me smile really big and will keep me happy today

  220. Most adorable thing I have EVER seen! What a cutie (;

  221. O_O …. O_O
    ~runs and *glomps*I the tv~
    mine! ^^

  222. Mommy kitty is pretty darn gorgeous as well! Between her and her kitten, my uterus is killing me!

  223. Anonymous – the term is steNOTIC nares, btw.

    I think the mommy cat and her kitten are gorgeous.

  224. who knew there was such a thing as an unattractive kitten – ick!

  225. Yeah, at risk of again apparently sounding like I’m telling Meg what she “can and can’t post in her own blog,” this cat isn’t cute. Sorry. Not cute. *shrugs*

  226. This little kitten is totally cute. I’m sure I’ve seen a kitten I didn’t think was cute but I don’t recall and its definitely not this one!

  227. CoffeeCup says:

    Geesh, people. It’s a frakin CAT. “It’s fugly!” or “It’s got health problems!” won’t eliminate the fact that it’s in existance, there are some really wonderful photos of it on the internet, and a lot of people really like them.

    It’s kind of like pa-sickie…you don’t like it, just go away until there’s a new post. I’ve NEVER liked persians or cats with “smooshed faces” but this was adorable. Why? Probably cause it’s tiny and it’s got toys. And it falls asleep randomly on soft things…I can overlook the fact that it’s got a little smooshedness to acknowledge that it’s just tiny and adorable.

    I mean, Theo and Meg just can’t please anyone, can they? Which is fine, because it’s impossible to please everyone, least of all people who can’t seem to follow the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all” mantra.

    Berthaservant, many e-hugs and apologies for not saying this sooner. Sorry for your loss, lots o’prayer.

  228. *dies*

  229. Good god.
    I think I just died inside a little.

  230. Note in pic no. 9, the primo specimen of kitten carrot tail.

  231. leslie thomas says:

    OH. MY. GOD.

  232. The other one Michelle says:

    If you can’t say something nice, please don’t post. Saying that the kitty is “not cute to you” is okay. Calling it “fugly” or “retarded” (and I have serious issues with the use of that word anyway) is just using the anonymous world of the internet to say something nasty. I for one don’t like cats, but the size of this little guy made me squeee along with most others.


  233. Monique in TX says:

    If you like the little octopus and the other teeny soft toys–they’re finger puppets from IKEA. The set of 10 (one for each digit!) includes fish, shark, squid, octopus, starfish (IIRC), and other fun goodies.

  234. You said it the other one Michelle. I dislike the “retarded” tag too, especially because I work with these people and they are mostly delightful. Some people just don’t think about what’s coming out of their mouths/keyboards.

  235. Poohbear says:

    1. They’re not Persians, but Exotic Shorthairs. For the umpteenth time. Le sigh.
    2. They’re not overbred, got normal nosies for the breed, can breathe fine.
    3. Bebeh-san and mama-san are super cute, and it’s OK not to like smoosh-faces, and let’s all be polite and courteous.
    4. Not another commentroversy!!!
    5. NOM – Finger puppet blue octopus!!!

  236. LadyChroe says:

    That is not cute. That is deformed.

  237. In the NOM: paw pic, it actually looks like she’s yawning and covering her mouth! How sweet is that!

  238. “I always thought calico markings were random, but the way the facial markings mimic the mom’s, I’m thinking I was wrong. How Cute!!!”

    Uhh…that’s called genetics. And anyway, this behbeh has alot more orange on her face than her mom. In fact all she has is a little black streak by umm, what can loosely be called her nose.

  239. I think what people have called “concavity” in her face is an optical illusion caused by the stripe. If you look really closely, you can see the nose sticking out a bit. Anyway, she’s adorable, and I love Mom’s amber eyes!

  240. The other one Michelle says:

    One last thing–for those legitimately concerned about the kitty and how he’ll grow, look at the mama. She looks pretty fine to me.

    On another note, I spent all weekend using the term “asshats”. LUV IT!

  241. TOOM — I think *these* are Asshats, wouldn’t you say?

  242. The other one Michelle says:

    LOL Teho–I have already sent that picture to numerous friends advising them of the uses for their unwanted stick-on bra pads. We have so many, you know!

  243. Stephanie S. says:

    haahhh myy gaaaad


  244. Gimme gimme gimme! Oh my god, that is just the cutest cat I ever saw. I so want it.

  245. Those are some UUUUGLY kitties. blech!

  246. Holy crap! It truly is the world’s cutest kitten.

  247. *kathud*

    Ded. Ded from teh kyute. Ded.


  248. binky-mama says:

    whaaaa……? (recovering from qte-induced seizure)

  249. Laura M. says:

    Is that a male calico? That is super rare.

  250. What surprises me most is the NASTY comments people will write on this site. And using words like “retarded” when talking about a teeny kitten? What is that about? Grow up. (I guess what’s good is that it sounds like most of you will never reproduce, due to your hatred of babies!)

  251. momof2kitties says:


    It makes me feel a little badly too. My beloved Mia looks very much like this kitteh and I love her with every part of my being. I can’t bear the thought of someone calling her retarded or any of the other even more hurtful names people have used here. I am trying not to take it personally but, geez!!!! A little tact, peeps!

  252. Oh, in the memebon site, kitteh all grown up… and not so cute anymore. Just kidding!! Still cute, in the adult cat sort of way.

  253. Shonash Eastwood says:

    Great googly moogly! The QTE is potent in this one! *is ded*

  254. I think I just burst an eardrum with how loud I SQUUE’D.

    Thanks alot, Cuteoverload, thanks alot. *shakes head*

  255. I jus dyed frum da cute. Member me to mah fam’ly.

  256. I would love a video or some audio to hear the little mew’s.

  257. Da chin! Da chin! I CANNOT get over the lit-tle mouf! Adorable!

  258. Allisonsaur says:


    that… is the single cutest thing I have ever, in my short, strange life

    that i have ever seen.

    dear lord.

  259. Tali Dayan says:

    How ****ing ADORABLE! Is this yours?? I want one! How so very absolutely edible!

  260. This is just too cute, sooooooooo adorable. I mean look at that face, I almost couldn’t stand it with cries out. “oh my godddddd”.
    This is THE cutest thing I have ever seen. Its unreal…I want one like that too.

  261. Rachael Takei says:

    I will never be the same after this post. The cuteness is almost more than I can stand. We must send these photos to all warring countries – these images will truly lead to world peace. Don’t fire those guns – the loud noises may disturb little Memebon and all the other adorables in the world! World Peace through cuteness!!

  262. Wow!!1! Three thumbs up for that cutie.

  263. octochan says:

    does that mean Nermal has been ousted from his position as the World’s Cutest Kitten? Get me a box and a shipping label to Abu Dhabi!

  264. Why do people make negative comments at CO, of all places? Run out of puppies to kick?

    I want #s 2, 5, 7, and 8 as wallpapers.

  265. that makes my heart ice age 2..ahah..nice photo

  266. You DO realize, don’t you, that you should have posted a warning sign on this series BEFORE allowing it to be viewed. After all, I and every other diabetic on the planet could go into sugar overload due to this!
    Thank heavens for insulin.

  267. heather r says:

    OMG! how old 4 weeks maybe?
    to cute for words. can i keep it? just lovin mom spit while being carried to verry big bed. to cute to stand.

  268. Is that a polydactyl I see?

  269. brinnann says:

    O_o Wendy, I think you might be right! In the Nom: paw picture, it looks like her right paw has the average 4 toesees, but the left – being nommed – has 5! It could be an illusion caused by the dewclaw, but I dunno…

  270. katiedid says:

    There is NOTHING that could make this kitty cuter. And this more then makes up for that ugly baby video lol.

  271. HELLO KITTY! mew mew kitty, i wanna reach out and scoop ya up and press ya to my cheek. oh mew mew kitty.

  272. I want….please?

  273. Berthaservent-
    so sorry for your loss I give you a sock monkey hug(from Mr.Magerioum’s wonder eporium)

    deh kittie though, is so adorable, and fascinating!
    the movie on the site, i feel the smooch she gave mah!

  274. catbubble says:

    Oh, how bad i wish i could read Japanse!!!!
    Rachael Takei- i agree. Peace.wif cute
    Berthaservent-So incredibly

  275. Not feeling so great, but at least now I know I can only puke a rainbow.

  276. Daralis: actually, that is not correct. If this was meme’s book, then it would be meme no hon.

    “Bon” is a common suffix added to nicknames. Not as common as -chan, but something similar. So, meme-bon or meme-chan, etc.

  277. Get the hell out of here! That can’t be real.

  278. Totalee Puppy says:

    It is Meme-bon…
    But soft…Kitten playeth with the dainty toys of
    inland sea…
    Oh, play again, Bright Angel! Would that I were an
    orange playtime whale upon
    that furry paw, just to
    be near…

  279. i just died.
    i love persians and exotic shorthairs

  280. maggieb_tpa says:

    Bertha – So very sorry. Purrs and head-bonks from Purrscilla and Noah.

    Qte is in the eye of the beholder. My beholding eyes have been shorted out by this precious morsel of fluffitude.

  281. mew!

  282. My heart is mush, I am in love !!!!

  283. Baleriana says:

    I dont think that any picture of that kitten in the WORLD can beat that little fur-ball.

  284. Is it just me or do Japanese cats look different from North American cats? I don’t mean this in any racist way, it’s just something I noticed. It’s like the domestic breed in Japan is different somehow.

  285. Squishy, squishy, squishy…I wonder if it is an ‘only’…this breed of cat often has small litters.

  286. Overloaded says:

    This is dangerous stuff!

  287. krystopher says:

    Cutest babeh kitteh evar!

  288. Deni Ziganti says:

    Wawawawa I’m cryin from cuteness…cutie overload. give me a cutie kittie that fits in a little bowl and I’ll be content for life…or a little tiny fluffy puppy dog. that doesn’t bark. white.

  289. Awwwww, so lovely, I love it~

  290. Totalee Puppy says:

    BERTHASERVANT–Please accept my caring thoughts
    and prayers for your loss.
    In Spanish the PESAME (pay-
    sa-may) means sympathy. Your loved one has gone where there is one language
    in every heart, and all the
    animals he helped will be
    understood by this gentle person.

  291. It’s just me or a cat that young shouldn’t be getting a bath?

  292. You know – in Oz-tray-lee-ah i am purty sure that we have laws against shiz like this. Yes thats right – laws against freakin absolutely death-defying, crippling cuteness.
    There. ‘Nuff said. Laws, I tells ya! (not that the Qte is tewtelly not appreciated, but really, laws should be in place to protect tha innocent viewer)

  293. Oh, yeah. And Lucy,I’m pretty sure it’s momma woulda washed it (altho mebbe not quite so wetly), sooo, I dont think that any kitteh is ‘too yung’to be having a bath. Altho, I am nether a kitteh, cat nor a veterinarian 😉

  294. this one is so cute it hurts. For what its worth, mama is an exotic shorthair and if the buff kitty with the family is daddy, he is a scottish fold. I’d say someone is trying to breed a cat whose head fits into small spaces…

  295. What a little beauty face!

  296. Jesus Christ SuperCat

  297. It’s sooooo cute that I just can’t stop looking at the pictures!!!

  298. SHANELLE says:


  299. yumyumjanitor says:

    In my mind, I am turning Memebon over and burying my nose in the belleh. And I’m inhaling deeply.

    I need a hit of that cat.

  300. how does one acquire such an adorable kitteh?

  301. Yitzysmommie says:

    Very very cute kitten. I approve.

  302. Oh. My. Gawd. I love this gato. It’s so teeny, and little, and edible. I want to eat it. :3

  303. I was reading over some of the comments, and I think some of you are freakin asshats to the max. And Berthaservant, super sorry. I know how it feels. 😦

  304. strange2elephant says:

    Ahhh! So cuuuute!


  305. Brain….Exploded….Candy…….All Over The Floor!!!

  306. SMOOSH.
    I’m just going to sit here and babble incoherently into the wee hours of the morning. Don’t mind me.

  307. ;0; I want a kitty like that! Oo, so cute!! >w_>;

  308. Oh my god

    I think this post just killed me

  309. OMG iWANT ONE!!! so so so cute the eyes the tinyness oh its SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  310. You get my vote. Adorable.

  311. One of the most heart string pulling kitten I have ever seen. Beyond cute!!

  312. Sooooooooooooooo adorable!! I want!!