Disapproving at such a young age

This bun is only ten days old and ALREADY he is not happy with your choice of outfit today. Tomorrow he will frown upon your live-in boyfriend.

ALL IN ONE HAND, originally uploaded by jan2eke.

Alex B., thanks. I think.



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Harrrrumph! That’s gonna be deadly when bun-bun grows up.

  2. Courtney says:

    He looks grumpy. But I like how he molds to the hand. 🙂

  3. Pat Trenner says:

    What he’s REALLY disapproving of are his own pitifully small earses. Humph!

  4. momof2kitties says:

    Well, since he’s already so disapproving, he won’t mind if I beep him on his wee little nosicle.


  5. Oh , How much more do I have to put up with ????

    Humans…… Hurrmp! wait I am getting warmz hurmpzzzzz

  6. What a pretty silver bun-bun!

  7. Dear Gawwwd, if you value your life you won’t look at the adorableness on the Flickr site…babies, babies, babies bunbunsbuns…ded.

  8. Aw, bunny. I thought I could get away with wearing this necklace ironically. I’m sorry you disapprove. I’ll retire it after today.

  9. Awww, whoz a widdle gwey dustbunny?


  10. Too Late says:

    He haz dissapproval meltdown

  11. Aw, this poor widdle bun-bun isn’t disapproving, he’s just ZONKED! He’s worn out from being so dang CUTE!!!! How sweet! Soft and snorglable, too!!

  12. Poohbear says:

    THIS is a perfect example of why I have a CO addic-shon (and am NOT going to CO-hab, no, no, no): the perfect blend of funneh and Qte in equal parts – aaaaaahhhhh, so sooooothing. Meg, great Wizardess of Qte and Funneh, I doff my plumed hat to you, with a flourish.

  13. Elizapooh says:

    Let’s not give this behbeh bunneh further cause for disapproval. All CO peeps need to vote and get the best blog on the planet its much deserved 2008 Webby! We owe it to all the animules everywhere!!!!

  14. Jennifer says:

    Oh, I need one of these for work, so that when idiots come by my cube, I can just pull him out. DISAPPROVED! 😉

  15. CoffeeCup says:

    10 days?! It looks awfully big for 10 days…maybe it disapproves of its size. Or rather, YOUR size. Rabbits do after all, disapprove of nutritional irresponsibility.

  16. Kallisto says:

    I, I. Okay, I did it, I looked at the flickr site. At my own risk. And now, I am speechless. That is just so precious (not in the Gollum way). It’s just…. I’ve never seen such young bunnies. It’s just, okay. I’ll admit it: I feel all fuzzy inside. If this requires rehab: I don’t care!

  17. Pushok and Kallisto, you waved a red rag in front of the bull, and I went to the flickr site where I saw BUNTOCKS. Honestly, people. Also adorable babybuns.

  18. That is what I call the “Sly Disapprove.”

  19. CoffeeCup says:

    Stop the CO presses!!!

    There’s a VIDEO of the qte!


    I love the head shakes in the beginning, then the bun hopping over to his littermates…then the rebel of the pack deciding that he couldn’t get comfy, so he flips himself to face the other direction – but that wasn’t enough so he left the group, went to his own area, figured out that there was nowhere to go, returned to the group and then proceeded to bother everyone who was napping in a bunch by shoving his head between a another bun’s head and another bun’s butt.

    Yep, he’s the feisty one.

  20. awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

    silky snorgly disapproval. aahhn.

  21. Grumpy bun can’t even bother to open his eyes to offer disapproval. 😦 He’s being dismissive while half-asleep.

  22. Poohbear says:

    E-pooh : I voted a while back but ICHC is still in the lead (tho’ CO is gaining). I know many of us are fans of both *looking warily in Teho’s direc-shon* but I think CO should weeeen! Vote, vote, baby stoats!

  23. Hon Glad says:

    Sorry bun, this is my relaxing after work outfit, sory you disaprove.

  24. Ya know when Bugs Bunny sits at the piano and slicks back his ears? I can imagine this one doing that. Looking so aht-sy. Beautiful color. My computer screen show the litter a pink and silver-purple bunnies on his home site. I wonder how big s/he will be when grown up? Imagine a whopping two fistfulls of this disapproving at you from a-far. Whew!

  25. Hey-H, you cracked me up! I totally guffawed right here at work. I’ll have to try that one… “I’m wearing this necklace ironically” to excuse my next fashion faux-pas (but not in front of the bun as he is not to be fooled).

    So fun!

  26. Aww, there’s nothing quite like holding a sleeping baby bunny. They’re so warm, and so complacent at that age – once our rabbit got older she wouldn’t even let us see her sleeping, let alone fall asleep while we were holding her. Is my grammar wonky? I’ve had too much caffeine…

  27. “I disapprove of being displayed like a Ribeye at a Morton’s Steakhouse! Harrummph!!!” *adolescent voice breaking*

  28. Catsquatch says:

    Silky little silvery colored fursoft cradlebaby…..


  29. What a sweetheart! *wants a handful of bun* lawlz

  30. Raemie L. says:

    Handheld floppy bunneh beams the disapproval.

  31. acelightning says:

    Nope, this little bunnikins hasn’t been around long enough to disapprove of anything. He’s just snuggling into a loving hand, all warm and safe and comfterbulz… Sweet dreams, little bunny!
    *kisses bunbun very softly on the tip of his nose*

  32. i’z not disapprovin’…i’z jus’ sleeeeepy…..

  33. Paunchie says:

    so sweet and soft looking — I want to just kees heem

  34. Silky Silver sleeping bun…
    Upon the hand of the lucky one.
    Sleep and love, love and sleep…
    Your preciousness doth make me weep.
    Tiny little lovey bunny..
    would you let me kiss you, Honey?

  35. Totalee Puppy says:

    Wow! That was funny from GAIL about the steakhouse…Thanks, VICKSTER for such a special
    poem. (I like to write poems, too.) I wish I could hold
    a silver sleeping bunny…even if he DISAPPROVES of the rabbit
    food crunchies I buy…I need
    to improve the food with more texture and better
    candied carrots with romaine garnish?(I got that last idea from Winston.)