Just Snarfin’ Around

Another great way to spend your Caturday.

Check out the baby armadillo schnozzling around in the yard. He’s all: "Donde es some grubs?"


Bonus points for eye capsules, Anna O.



  1. Oh dear me possible bleen?

    BABY ARMADILLO? Meg, you are brilliant….after the baby commentroversy you’re all “YOU WANT BABY ANIMALS, HOW BOUT A TWISTED LIL OL ARMADILLO?” That is SO AWESOME.

    But is it cute? It’s….YES, IT’S CUTE. And TOTALLY WEIRD.

  2. that is the most adorable thing ever!

    the army of dillo is on the rise…

  3. SQUUUWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEE! A bebeh armadilleh! Who knew they could be cute!

  4. its cute in a weird armadillo kind of way

  5. Pengraffe says:

    Awwww, so cute! I like how he looks sorta squishy, even though he is heavily armored.

  6. binky-mama says:

    PROOF: you can have scales and still be STHERIOUSLY cute! And yes; the eye capsules are cute but that pink schnozzle is out of this world!

  7. I no has grubs, but you can has teh slugs that eets mah flowrz.
    I love the little scaley texture on its ears!

  8. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  9. He has no fur, yet I want to pet him.

  10. Dillo Dillo Dillo! I love ’em! I would snuggle yous and your wee pink nose!

  11. Olof Moleman says:

    Yay I wuv armadillos!

  12. This is actually in someone’s yard? Someone is actually lucky enough to go out in their garden and see this totally anerable critter? How lucky!

  13. He looks all rubbery. 🙂 I will snarfle HIM!

  14. i want to scritch between his earses.

  15. http://www.accoutrements.com/products/10705.html

    I carried one of these to my commencement when I received my master’s degree. And I intend to carry it when I receive my PhD as well. 🙂

  16. Jap, exactly, scratch between the earsies. And beep the snarfing nosie.
    And go “ahn”.

  17. Wow that is CUTE.
    Kinda messes with your mind tho – is it more like a horse, a pig, a snake, there’s no way to tell!

    Whatever, I want eet 😀

  18. Dillos on CO!? My heart may just burst wif joyz! Their nosicles are amazing!!!

    My pudgy armadillo friend Artie has butt chub. It sticks out under her armor. And it’s ticklish!!! Teehee!

  19. *breathes again and adjusts zoo-dork glasses* I would like to add that this is a 9-banded armadillo, which is commonly found in the southern United States from Texas to Florida (and they’ve recently expanded into parts of Louisiana) and down into Mexico and the upper portion of South America. They are commonly found along roadsides after being hit by cars. 😦 And they are sometimes hunted for food. 😦 😦 😦

    Also, the 9-banded is the only armadillo which can inflate its intestines and SWIM!

    *pictures this behbeh in a mask wif a snorkle* *dies laughing*

  20. *further adjusts zoo-dork glasses and straightens lab coat*

    I would like to see this snorffle-monster with his/her siblings. 9-bandeds always give birth to 4 behbehs at a time, who are genetically identical. After fertilization, the embryo cleaves in two and then in two again, creating identical quadruplets! Yay Nature!!

  21. Wait. Hold the phone, Lizzy. You’re saying that there are three other dillos identical to this anerable Snarflenose McArmorplating?

  22. This creature CANNOT be real. It is obviously a prop from a Japanese sci-fi movie.

    (Look closely– you can see the cables and hydraulic tubes! I swear!)

  23. Nuffy McNufferson says:

    I do not think that Armadillo is cute. In fact, I find it rather disgusting. I am horribly afraid that Cute Overload will now be full of nothing but armadillos, day after day. I have never wanted to have an armadillo of my own, and I think that everyone who does want an armadillo should seek psychiatric help. I come to Cute Overload to escape from the armadillos I see every day on my way to work. If this continues, I will not only stop visiting your blog, I will start eating armadillos. I will eat them until there are none left to pose for gross pictures.

  24. Just too gorgeous!

    We dont have anything like it in Australia!

  25. awwwwww <3

  26. pa-sickie!

  27. rad_cuteologist says:

    great pic. in my experience, they are elusive little critters – great to see such a close up of this cutie! who knew they were so adorable?!

  28. I love heem.

  29. It’s so ugly, it’s adorable. Should there be a new category?

  30. I bet his leetle leeps are so soft…ahn. OMG Lookit the chin-hairs!!! *splode*

  31. It’s so shiny and new, and unshy too! I think the older they get, the more nocturnal they are. You really don’t see adults out in the sunshine too often.

    Two interesting ‘dillo facts.

    1) The litters are always identical quads.

    2) They are one of the only animals, other than humans, that can carry leprosy.

  32. WAIT!!!

    Lizzy says: “My pudgy armadillo friend Artie has butt chub. It sticks out under her armor. And it’s ticklish!!! Teehee! “

    You can NOT just leave us with that without explaining a few things. 1. Does your pudgy dillo friend live with you?
    3. Butt CHUB? Are you kidding me?

    You MUST elaborate on this before I ‘splode!

    and yes.. Barbara.. I must echo your sentiments…


  33. Look at his little pink snoot! LOOK AT IT.
    I can just picture it gently twitching as it smells an offered handful of armadillo chow (which probably involves bugs but I like to imagine as being something more like jellybeans mixed with popcorn).

  34. snorglepup says:

    Every time I visit FL, my goal is to see an armadillio other than road kill. I know they’re out there; and cute too!!

  35. everybody sing!

    If it ain’t got claws and beady little eyes
    And armor plate above the thighs
    Like a mutant rat in a tank disguise
    It ain’t no armadillo

    (thanks to john flynn)

  36. snorglepup says:

    Hey, my butt chub is ticklish. And I love jellybeans and popcorn!
    I could be so ugly, I’m cute! Could I be an armidillo???

  37. LOL Redzilla and Nuffy and Barbara!

    “Snarflenose McArmorplating”? Brilliant!

  38. OH MY GOODNESS!! Awwwww, look at his little eye…s!!!

    Awwww!! Can I kiss?! I want to kiss! CAN I KISS?! 😀

  39. Many times I have wanted to comment on CO… but I am incredibly lazy. However, this Armadillo has spurred me on. Soooo cute! The eye capsules! The ears! I love Armadillos, but not as much as my Okie Granny! I am sending her this pic right now. Fantastic!

  40. brokentreasures says:

    how sweet!!!! thanks for coming to your senses meg.

  41. Furbabies says:

    Excuse me, but my daughter and I have a, well a rather rude, name for these adorable critters. Please forgive me for telling you, but I have to, are you ready? Armored-dil-do. Sorry!

  42. bees on pie says:

    *shakes head*

    Classic ser/estar confusion. Sigh….

  43. O.O
    eye capsules
    <3 <3 <3

  44. Raemie L. says:

    It’s an armored Piglet! (From Winnie-the-Pooh. There’s an appropriate CO metaphor in there somewhere 🙂

    Love the floppy ears, BEF, and its rounded shape. I would be pleasantly surprised to see one paddling in my yard, but that’s not likely to happen. Is this someone’s pet or did someone just happen to snap a picture when he/she came across the armadillo on a hike or something?

  45. We are lucky enough in North Florida to have armadillos hanging around the yard. They chill out in the backyard with the cats. The live in harmony, I guess because of the armor. ;-O I will have to camp out and get a picture to send in…

  46. I forgot to add that ‘lucky enough’ also includes the large holes they dig to get at grubs. Small price to pay IMHO…

  47. Has anyone here touched an armadillo? If so, please describe!

    (Example: I have touched an elephant. It turns out elephants feel like tires.)

    I imagine this little guy as feeling sort of like a hairless cat but scaly.

  48. Eye capsule and pink snout action… uh dear! <3

    It’s super cute when they roll up, too.

  49. I WANT one.

    I also think it would feel like a hairless cat, but sorta firm and scaley, I know they have fuzzy tummies though.

    In my dreams I will have a Snorkels McArmorson who will let me rub her fuzzy tum.

  50. Raemie L. says:

    @JC: Ooh, that’s pretty cool. Heh, cats + armadillos, not often in the same sentence.


    Armadillos can carry leprosy.


    Freaky, non?

  52. ButtaRumCake says:

    *falls on the floor @ Golden’s comment* LOL

    I’m waiting for the answer, too @ Lizzy….butt chub on a ‘dillo? This I GOTTA see…please post pic!!!!

  53. Ottermom says:

    Maybe it’s just a Texan thing, but I absolutely adore ‘dillos! They are precious, just love the little tanks. They aren’t squishy, they feel rough and not soft at all. But they are still precious. (But don’t touch any, unless it’s a zoo-type situation where you are allowed to – they do carry leprosy).

  54. 260Oakley says:

    Tee hee, this reminds me of a line from “Spinal Tap”. The band members are talking about why they are not popular with girls and one of them says something like “We have, like, armadillos down our trousers!”

  55. Aww, it looks like a suit of armor he hasn’t grown into yet!

  56. wait a goshdarned minute. armadillos have furry bellehs? um, i am tewtally ded. a ded from which i shall never recover. the bebeh dillo is cute enough, but there’s a furry belleh under there too? that’d be worth leprosy.

  57. fish eye no miko says:

    Dillo! I love when CO has cute animals of the unusual variety. I loves me some kitties, puppies, and hammies, but it’s not to have a more varied selection of teh Qte to look at!

  58. BiscuitTin says:

    It’s a great Sunday afternoon when you’re driving down the road and you suddenly think of an “armored dildo” joke and you tell your Mom and she laughs so hard Ensure shoots out her nose.

  59. normally, i’m more of a cat person, but i just love armadilloes!!! this is some serious cute. i have fam who live in TX where these critters are quite populous, i got to pet one- very smooth and soft skin, and the little guy was so calm n sweet. thx for the post, this just totally made my day today.

  60. Carefuls, tho. These little tanks DO carry and HAVE transmitted leprosy.

    Pettings is a bad idea.

  61. Well, I’m glad I didn’t know about the possibility of leprosy the last time I was in Mexico.

    We were on our way from Merida to Chichen Itza and we stopped to have a break from sitting in a van for 4 hours. While we were stopped, a woman came over with a ‘dillo and we petted it and wanted a picture of it. She said it would be 5 pesos, which we thought was funny but paid up, because it was around $1 and we wanted a picture. So we took pictures of each other holding the poor animal, curled up in a ball, then gave it back to the owner and proceeded back to our van. She followed us and then tried to hand the ‘dillo to us once we got in the van. Much to our amusement, it seemed we had inadvertently purchased said armadillo. Unfortunately we couldn’t take it with us, although my brother came up with some very creative ways to bring it back on the plane.

    It’s been 10 years and he still gets pouty when we mention the armadillo we bought.

  62. spikedcolor says:

    OMG! I can barely breathe he’s so adorable. The pink, squishy nose, the ears…


  63. marissposa says:

    oh my you are a curious cutester aren’t you?

  64. Piggalette says:

    No one has mentioned his/her adorable little beard! So cute! (totally my new desktop, sorry bunny). 😀


    Hey, does anyone remember that animated movie about the armadillo who keeps curling up into ball? I used to LOVE that film, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is!

  66. CoffeeCup says:

    [puts on sarcasm hat]


    Only babies, please!

    [takes off sarcasm hat]

  67. CoffeeCup, do you have a photo of this “sarcasm hat” of yours?
    Do you have others?
    Do you sell them?

  68. [stands in line behind Theo for Coffeecup’s Sarcasm hat]

  69. CoffeeCup says:

    The Sarcasm Hat(TM) may be marketed at some point…but it looks like a newspaper hat, you know, the pointy ones with the brim.

    Ohhh and there’s also a [maybe sarcastic hat] in which you say things in a really sarcastic tone, but you actually kind of half mean it…

  70. Pointy? Like a dunce hat? Or like a wizard’s?

    Anyway, for anyone else puzzling over the animated armadillo, it’s Disney’s Pluto and the Armadillo (1943).

  71. Raemie L. says:

    I’d like to jump in with a link related to CoffeeCup’s Sarcasm Hat.


  72. To REDZILLA: Yes, there are 3 more. Talk about OVERLOAD!

    To GOLDEN: No, Artie doesn’t live with me. She’s one of the animals I work with at the SF Zoo. Yes, her butt-chub is ticklish – every time I hold her I give it a little tickle and she makes a funny noise and gives a squirm. Yes, butt chub, seriously.

    To BUTTARUMCAKE, I had pictures of her on my old phone but it diededed and I can’t get my pics off. Next time I’m there I will try to take a pic for you and I WILL SUBMIT EET!!!

  73. Martha in Washington says:

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    To prove to the armadillo that it could be done!

  74. Hunts around in brain for some kind of sarcastic remark but can only come up with Pop-sickie… Sadly this is not sarcastic and completely unimaginative.

    Coffecup.. you will be selling those sarcastic hats for a buck right???.. I am pretty sure I can figure out a way to smuggle it home on the plane.

  75. I don’t know what to say. Never seen a ‘Dillo in real life and I have to say I may go to Texas to hunt down to little anorable creatures. I loves him!

  76. acelightning says:

    Naomi – You may not have armadillos, but you’ve got not only marsupials (which are all strange) but also monotremes (which are even stranger – the platypus and the echidna have to be two of the weirdest creatures on earth).

  77. acelightning says:

    I want an armoreddildo. And a sarcasm hat.

  78. While conversing with a friend who was recently-moved to Texas, she told me about these critters.
    1) They are anti-garden plantings and will dig to China for grubs, routing any plants and messing up the roots so that the plants can’t be replanted
    2) When they can’t roll up in a ball they jump up, so that when a car drives over them to not hit them, they jump up into it and that is the cause of the road fatalities. People try to not hit them but their Dilloinstincts go against the whole ‘trying to save the Dillo’strategy. So, what have we learned? Dillos are dilligent and they are, um, destined for unfortunate fates in car vs dillo accidents. I would love to see more pictures, and if there is butt fat, should be be funding a Dillo exercise
    track, a Dillo tread mill perhaps? Dillobesity can’t be good except for CO.
    Oh, just imagine the waddling- ohhhhh-the waddling,ooooohhhhh. I am firmly in the pro-Dillo camp.

  79. cheesybird says:

    *snarfle snarfle*

    Armoreddildo? Ouch.

    Bebbeh armadillo? More more more!

    Sarcasm hat? Want!

    Look what you’ve done to me… I’ve been reduced to sentence fragments.

    Naomi, don’t despair! You guys have Bilbies! (Oh so CUTE!)

  80. I forgot to mention- I love the Calvin and Hobbes Sarcasm hat-I will save newspapers and make sarcasm hats for my 15 year old male child/man.

    I’ll never see the top of his head again, but it will at least be warning- see the comic “Zits” in today’s funnies.

  81. CoffeeCup says:

    My goodness, the Sarcasm Hat (TM) is getting so much attention! I wonder if Cafe Press would sell plain pointy hats.

    Oh, and they’re more like pointy pirate hats, not dunce caps.

  82. WANT!
    I have loved the idea of having an armadillo ever since reading “A Prayer for Owen Meany” where the boys would play hide and seek with the stuffed armadillo.


  83. little gator says:

    They can inflate their intestines? Do they deflate the way I suspect they do?

  84. Ned Flanders armadillo says, Hi-diddly-dillo, neighbor!

    I love him and I love this thread. I have to sandblast my screen from all the yogurt I’ve sputtered all over it.

  85. I read all the comments and all can I think is “Does anyone have the embroidery chart for those scales?” Mother Nature sure gave some thought to Baby Dillo’s cover.

  86. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    Snarflenose McArmorplating! FAB-U-LOS!!!!!!! I loves me some butt chubb! Hey I love chubb in all areas….

  87. I love armadillos, they are weird and cute, but they sure do dig up a yard. I lived in a subdivision in Alabama and for months something was digging up my yard each night, it looked like a bad golfer was whacking up divots. It was really a mess and we had no idea what it was. One night my cat was crying at the window and I went to look and saw an armadillo walking along the fence. I was dumbfounded – it’s not common in that area for them to wander onto lawns.

    Since it was really destroying my yard, I got a live trap, and the dillo went in, but was so strong he (she?) broke out. I tried repellants, including spreading moth balls around every night, but it didn’t deter my new friend. I finally hired a trapping company and they got him and released him in the next county.

    It was awesome having a resident armaditllo, but as much as I loved him (her) I’m pretty glad I no longer have one digging up my flower beds and lawn!

  88. Wow, the very definition of so ugly it’s cute. I can’t decide if I’m repulsed or awed by his beady eyes and snouty nose.

  89. Rachel Sweeden says:


  90. BTW, shouldn’t that be a “Chapeau de Sarcasme”?

  91. eeee! he’s cute! he’s cute!! is that a moist nosicle? lerve eye capsules.

  92. Hon Glad says:

    what a cute snorgle Mac Snorgleson.

  93. Too Late says:

    OMG so qeeeute!!! Now is it just me, or does his head look like a tatooed chicken leg?

  94. I’d like to have an armadillo by my side. My in-laws just got themselves a garden that could use some digging 😉

  95. temperance says:

    awesome short story featuring an armadillo as one of the main characters (warning- it can be a bit disturbing, not for children):


  96. What do they feel like?

  97. Why is this armadillo out in the daytime? Is it sick?

  98. Lizzy works at the ZOO?!

    Can we be friends please???

  99. Golden, that’s what I was thinking too! Can we have applications to be friends with Lizzy? 🙂

  100. Somebody needs to make a ‘dillo meme:

    Did you ever see a dillo,
    kiss a dillo, hug a dillo,
    did you ever blahblah dillo,
    dillo, dillo duck!

  101. I want he.
    It looks like some sort of pointy eared puppy that sprouted a strange little outfit.
    We saw armadillos once on Cumberland island. At night. They would go snorffling off into the underbrush. Very shy.
    Mostly we saw their strange little tails.

  102. Dude-o-rama says:


    *cuddles eet

  103. Um, excuse me, waiter, there’s an alien in my salad! 😉

  104. Hee, I was waiting for someone to point out the ser/estar confusion. Makes the Spanish student in me twitch.

    HOWEVER, this is an adorable ‘dillo, grammatically incorrect though he may be.

  105. i found a cute site with a ‘dillo rolling up into a ball. 🙂 so cool 🙂

  106. CoffeeCup says:

    Since the comments to the Commentrobabyversy Problem of 2008 has been officially shut down, I just wanted to remark a few things.

    – I’m working on marketing the Sarcasm Hat.

    – I actually, in fact, do hate armadillos. I’ve never seen one outside of a zoo, but I really do think they’re very ugly. BUT, they are fascinating. But you won’t see me screaming “no armadillos!” cause I can skip this picture, go “aww” at Flocke and also watch the video of the persian cat smacking itself in the face (I’ve watched it about 200 times now, and have made the SO watch it. He doesn’t even like animal videos and he thinks it’s funny).

    – I had my ‘pa-sickie/bicycle’ hybrid Queen song in my head and I’m glad someone (birdy) actually got it stuck in theirs too! SHARE THE LOVE!

    – Who took that photo? In what context? It’s awfully close…or really good zoom.


  108. I’m not a big fan of armadillos because not only are they stupid, but they also carry leprosy. While animal-to-human spread of the disease is not likely, it’s still unnerving. This pic, is deceptively cute, though.

  109. I’m not a big fan of armadillos because not only are they stupid, but they also carry leprosy. While animal-to-human spread of the disease is not likely, it’s still unnerving. This pic, is deceptively cute, though.

  110. when my dad was a little boy he was intensely terrified of this one picture of an armadillo in his encyclopedia. being from queens he’d never seen a live one, but the picture scared him to pieces and of course his older sisters chased him around with it all the time.

    it goes without saying that i emailed him this picture straightaway. figured i’d find out if he was still scared of them or not.

  111. rachel – You must tell us his response. 🙂

  112. Juniper Jupiter says:


    No, I did NOT think it was possible!! :O


  113. re: Dillos and leprosy

    At least the cure for leprosy is cheap these days. I’ll risk it for ‘Dillo snorgles!

    And yes! Let’s ALL be friends! *throws confetti and blows on one of those things that goes FWEEEOOO!”

  114. Hey, Acelightning, echidnas and platypii aren’t wierd when you get to know them.

  115. So, if you put a silly caption on this lil’ dudes picture, would he become an ArmadiLOL? a LOLadillo?
    I Can Has Grub?

  116. Not only is he cute, he is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way. Just look at that lovely skin. Its just incredible.

  117. Rachel- How is you Dad doing? Youth wants to know! Nasty sisters…..

  118. lurkingsmirk says:

    He looks like a dillo straight out of the Serendipity books! Or pigle from winnie the pooh!

    And re: the leprosy–you can get all sorts of illnesses from handling cats, rabbits, cattle and mice (some quite deadly) but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute!

  119. catablob says:

    I just noticed that she has little whiskers!

  120. Who, my vote is for ArmadiLOL.

    Gina, I am also in awe of this bebe’s beautiful, flawless, glowing skin. It looks so soft compared to the dull, dusty skin of an adult.

    I care not for manicured lawns and careful plantings, so they would be welcome digging in my yard. They can keep the moles company.

    Especially if they spawn bebes like this sweetie!

  121. O the … scalulence? Whatev, dis one anerable bebeh.

    Pssh, I don’t need no sarcasm hat. Actually, folks might say a need a no-sarcasm hat. To which I say “Pa-sickie!”

    @little gator: Heh, perhaps a sort of outboard motor effect?

  122. maggieb_tpa says:

    Possum on the half shell.

  123. Stressfactor says:

    Longtime lurker but this discussion of “Leprosy” has forced me to post in order to set the record straight. I’ve have worked with the records of the Carville Leprosarium in Carville, LA. — the only Leprosy Hospital in the continental United States.. since closed down.

    First of all, those who suffer from the disease prefer it to be called “Hansen’s Disease” named after the discoverer of the bacilli that causes the aliment — and it is caused by a bacilli, not a virus. The term “Leprosy” carries all kinds of negative connotations.

    2) The disease is only “feebly” communicable and in fact, recent studies of genetics have proven that 95% of the population carries a natural immunity to the disease.

    3) Scientists are still not entirely sure HOW the disease is spread — so there is no evidence to support the idea someone can “catch” it from an armadillo.

    4) In the past, people who suffered from Hansens’s Disease were forcibly quaratined and treated very much as second class citizens. I’ve read the stories of people who were shut away in hospitals for their entire lives. Even after drugs were discovered to treat the disease and patients were allowed to come and go from the hospital they had to fight for the right to travel on public transportation and visit public venues.

    So please, for the sake of those who have suffered from the disease in the past and those who still occationally contract it today, treat it with some dignity and avoid stereotypes.

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled surprisingly cute Armadillo

  124. ThreeCatNight says:

    Does anyone here have an aardvark?
    Does anyone here have an aardvark?
    Everyone here has a right and left ear,
    But nobody here has an aardvark.

    (Remembering Bob McAllister)

  125. ThreeCatNight says:

    Sorry, wrong animal. Still, it triggered childhood memories of that song.

  126. Rachel, waiting with bated breath to hear your dad’s reaction.

  127. I saw the underside of a ‘dillo once. Ewwwww.

  128. Mary (the first) says:

    ok y’all are going to think I’m nuts but I think this is cuter than that Persian kitten. Seriously.

  129. More animals, fewer homo sapiens. Animals need more respect and snorgling. Humans get plenty. Let this be a refuge from the incessant “Hey look at my kid, he’s so darling, he looks like ME, ergo I am so cute, look at me toooooo!” Be a stage mother somewhere else.

    That said, ‘dillos rock. I have yet to see a live one while visiting in Texas, but I am always hopeful. I have to settle for ‘possums, which is another delightfully weird mammal.

  130. Bonus points in my book for the TEXTURE EARS!! *swoon*

  131. Mary (the first), I am with you all the way. I never thought a calico could be ugly, but that was one ugly calico. This armadillo, on the other hand, is darling.

  132. Emerson, Lake & Palmer says:


  133. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, that settles it.

    I gotta gets mea armidillo.

    How precious is that!

    Hes even cuter than PASSIKKI!!!!



  134. Wow. Just wow. I could look at this pic for hours. (Ok, maybe not “hours”, but it’s so easy on the eyes!) This is such a great post… much better than the kid or the booby one. Although Flocke is an exceptional cutie.

  135. Hey Arvay, I have one of those armadillo purses too. Not as qte as this snorgleable liddle darlin, but qte nonetheless. I only carry it on extra-spayshul occasions and always get lots of “OMG, where can I get one of those?” comments, which irritates my father-in-law no end, ’cause he thinks it’s really weird and gives me grief about it. Right now I’m blingin’ mine up by sewing on Delica beads and Swarovski crystals for my next spayshul occasion (Knopfler concert).

  136. Armadillos never used to carry leprosy, they got that from human experimentation. They have the right metabolism to breed the disease very quickly and thus were used for laboratory experimentation with the disease.

    Things went along fine until one day… you guessed it… some infected armadillos escaped from the laboratory and scurried off into the wild infecting the rest of the wild armadillos with leprosy.

    So now, these critters carry leprosy. Sure it’s rare, and there are no documented cases of armadillo to human transmission. This is not very comforting, because they now represent a reservoir… and, you can also say that there are no documented cases of any animal transmitting Ebola to a human – but we know that there is an animal reservoir for that disease too.

    Anyway, it’s not the armadillos fault, but just the same, I prefer to see them at a distance or thoroughly cooked.

  137. brinnann says:

    Wait…what? Vegetarian, do you eat ‘dillo?