Just dooooin’ mah job

Nope—nope [waving paw] no thanks are needed.

Just saaaavin’ you from evil toilet papères once again…it can’t hurt ANYONE now.


We’re forever indebted, Panda and Teajay.



  1. My cat likes to do this as well…

  2. My beagle mix – Lizzie does this too. But she always tries to make it look like it wasn’t her that did it!!

  3. Baroo?!

  4. Ahahaha! Wow – that face! I’m in love. (“And they called it… puppy loooooooooooooooooooove…”)

  5. Ahahaha! Wow – that face! I’m in love. (“And they called it… puppy loooooooooooooooooooove…”)

  6. Wow, my cats NEVER contribute to the household economy like that. They don’t feel it’s necessary to do so. Maybe I should get a dog.

  7. And now the cats are upset that I complained about them. Job schmob, they say.

  8. extremely cute dog. Maybe a PhD should do a study on why dogs feel toilet paper is the great enemy? Maybe there is a dark secret lurking in their collective past?

  9. binky-mama says:

    OK so glad I’m not the only one…my kitty has shred countless toilet paper rolls so I could come home to a “winter wonderland”. Yes yes…I know how lucky I am.

  10. Binky-mama, Theo and I have been forced to conceal the toilet paper inside the bathroom cupboards. Our crazy-but-cute Siamese mix, Rikki, attacks paper products with a vengeance. Paper towels, napkins, T.P.–they’re all the enemy to him.

  11. snorglepup says:

    My furkids have no interest in TP or anything not food related.
    Long-gone ferrets had athing for socks though…

  12. I can just imagine our hammies with their little paws up to the sides of their cages, staring out at that pile of pre-shredded floofiness with longing and envy. They’d think, “That big hamster out there just made the best nest EVER!”

  13. binky-mama says:

    Jaye- *sigh* I have resorted to hiding rolls in the cupboards too but he taught himself how to open them and began to shred my *ahem* feminine products. Someone suggested baby locks to me and I’m seriously considering it! Baaaaaaaaad kitty

  14. I was a bit afraid to come back to this site – I thought it had become just another site for parents to showcase their children – thank goodness Meg is back to showcasing animals!

  15. AllThingsCute says:

    Yeah, browngrl, I can see why you’d be afraid of that. There has been ONE frickin’ baby video in THREE YEARS. A trend like that is unstoppable.

  16. Furbabies says:

    Bad dog! Bad do… bad … awww, hell. I can’t yell at you. Come here sweetie, ya got a little stuck in your chops there.

  17. You know, we don’t take enough time in our day to thank the brave animals who daily confront the menace of TP mutations. After all, it is well known that aliens have engineered the cotton fibers in conventional bathroom tissue to record our most private moments and transmit information about bodily DNA samples to the mothership before getting flushed away to the ocean, where they are slowly congealing to form a huge TP blob that will eventually cover the ocean floors and prepare the way for an eventual invasion by literally absorbing the earth’s water.

    The animals are the only ones that understand this on an instinctive level (isn’t nature amazing) and the more enlightened ones see it as their moral duty to hold back on this terrifying alien horde.

  18. Berthaslave, you have admirably defended your dissertation on “TP and its direct correlation to puppage attack”.

    The University of Cute Overload is pleased to confer the Degree “Doctor of TP”.

    You may now call yourself Dr Berthaslave PhD TP or Dr BS (for you know, short)

  19. I think the TP is dead..
    no longer able to plug unsuspecting toilets

  20. binky-mama, we have one cat that likes to open the linen cupboard and nest on the towels. But thankfully it’s not the same one who shreds the paper products.

    If they ever collaborate, we’re in big trouble. *shudder*

  21. Take THAT toilet papieres!
    I love cute animals saving us from teh 3v1lz toilet paper.

  22. Raemie L. says:

    Teh capshuns gave mee teh lulz, Meg. Enjoyed other comments as well. SINCE this adorable puppeh has saved me, I can now go and enjoy an afternoon walk outside. I’m dropping by the store for some banana puddin’ pops.

  23. momof2kitties says:

    You know what this pupster needs as a reward for protcting his family so bravely? Yup . You guessed it…


  24. Two Cents Worth says:

    During the life of my chow-chow we could never use Charmin brand bath tissue. She would grab one end, take off running and then start shredding. No other tissue invoked this reaction and I can only wonder what was in the Charmin to cause her to go crazy with it.

  25. i love how he’s all “wait, wait, i’m almot finished.”

  26. i meant almost :: d’oh! ::

  27. AppleJucie says:

    Ahaha, that reminds me of my Chi-Pom mix! Looks exactly like him too, but skinnier. Definatly a cute pic!

  28. i like how the picture was taken mid-shred. No guilt whatsoever is on that pups face.

  29. ahng!!! love the little face. my ‘rents have a pug who does this when she’s mad, she chews the TP and steams it all thru the house. and the look on her face is hy-sterical, all defiant: oh yeah!! what’re you gonna do NOW? heeehee

  30. Well, normally I would make a disparaging comment about a dog. But my cat has taken to doing this. Ergo…well, maybe not cute, but at least more acceptable.

  31. We had to put the TP under one of those plastic kleenex covers, to hide it from the cats.

  32. Dog’s gotta do what dog’s gotta do!

  33. LOLing at the angelic “I have saved you” look in his eyes!

  34. moggyfan says:

    Two Cents Worth: Because it was Squeezably Soft, that’s why!

  35. He is all like “What? What I do?”

  36. karebear says:

    At my house, the cats and dogs work together to save me from the evils of TP…
    The cat opens the cabinet to release the evil TP monster, and the dogs drag it out, and shred its mean-ness to pieces!
    Oh whatever would I do without them to protect me?!

  37. Luckily my sister’s cockapoo is a trained protector against the evil and malicious DISH TOWEL!!

  38. LOL well we also have one half Siamese and she loves to shred all things paper. especially paper towels and even more especially toilet paper. She can open the cupboards so the TP is in n a drawer and if you don’t get it quit closed all the way that TP is Toast.

  39. What kind of puppeh is this?? So anerable, I call rule #14!!

  40. @bastet: LOL!!!! I had forgotten doggie-revenge as a possible motive!!

  41. Yitzysmommie says:

    BinkyMom & Jaye – Yitzy too is a member of the “let’s shred anything papiere” club. We have had to emove said evil product from the rolls and keep it in the cupboard. Who knew that the basket with paper nakins would be such a treat? I’ll soon be forced to return to the cloth napkin era. *sigh*
    At least The Yitz only shreds clean paper. Our Pom Kizzy is fond of knocking over garbage cans to eat the kleenex – and strew what she doesn’t eat all over the house. We have had to lock the kitchen garbage can into the cupbaord with a baby lock!

  42. It would be impossible to be mad at a face like that!

  43. cheesybird says:


    Safe again from the TP scourge! (You never know when it might attack, you know.)

  44. nice excuse pupster.

  45. Just this morning – I was wandering into the bathroom after getting out of bed – and lo and behold… I was attacked by a viscious roll of paper! I just got back from the ER being treated for the teeny little paper cuts and paper burns… if I’d have had a pet – I would have been protected from this senseless attack on my being.

  46. Worst mess ever was when my puppy ripped up a whole Jumbo-pack of Kotex pads while we were out one evening. They were spread from the upstairs bathroom, down the stairs and all over the living room.

  47. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    ahhhhhh…. BAROO? Just what I needed on this Sunday morning when I woke up groggy from the margaritas last night 🙂

  48. Oh, yes. My dog is also an expert as saving me from the evil toilet paper. Just a few weeks after I adopted him he shredded an entire package for me, and then did his best to decorate my living room with the shredded pieces 😉

  49. This puppy has the “you look at me as if I did something wrong” look down pat. He can come TP my house anytime.

  50. I’m so glad we’ve done away with the humans!!

  51. Hon Glad says:

    I am not meerely shedding zer toilet papiere, I am making zer confetti.

  52. My kitties open cupboards, so I am glad we stopped the tp madness at an early age. LOL

  53. Did I mention, what a cute pup? LOL

  54. Too Late says:

    Hehehe… love the face: “I didn’t want to, I had to”

  55. Awww….the cutest little Toilet paper slayer 🙂

  56. My Shepherd girl fails at saving us from the TP attack. She likes to steal rolls from next to the toilet…and then tries to cuddle with them like a stuffed animal.

  57. I made a loldog out of this 🙂


    (you’ll have to copy and paste it looks like)

    Very cute.

  58. CoffeeCup says:

    The Big Bad Buns hasn’t yet faced the Warrior TP yet – I’m not exposing him to that kind of horror until I know he’s ready. In fact, I might have to print out this picture and post it next to his cage. You know, teenagers have posters from tiger beat (well, girls, anyway), and boys have Bruce Lee or whoever they happen to enjoy at the time, so my bunny can have the TP-inator poster next to his bed.

  59. Ffpuff, oh, itf you!
    How can you fleep at a time like fif? Haf moify! Don’t be upfet! You’re fafe wif me!

  60. The voifvefz made me do it! fpit-fpit.

  61. Forry, it runf deep in my famifly…

  62. (watchin’ out for the funny wagon) Meg! I’m trying, to get a French accent with a toilet paperes lisp…wipes brow…yes Mistressss!

  63. Fell, fee fer outta Fwenf friefz….and keffup…don’t blame yorfelf…
    Fhat? Haf I got sumfin on mah fafe?
    I fuft wanna be a felebrity!
    Fat’s fo funny?

  64. Janice the "8 is Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    “Barooo? Did I do something wrong, ma?” Much cuter than the cleaning up part!

    I have forgotten what it’s like to have TP on the TP roller in my bathroom. Kittehs persist in thinking it’s a cat toy!

  65. A long, long, time ago, back in prehistoric days, herds of toilet paper would sweep magestically across the Serengeti. Only to be preyed on by saber-toothed cats. They would pick out the weaker tp rolls; the old and the young and savagely tear them to pieces. Seriously, it was carnage. And that’s why cats of today still hunt tp rolls, even though they are not domesticated. The tp rolls that is, cats could never be domesticated.

  66. (checks tp roll for domestication) Yep. I only buy tame tp rolls. From friendly, civilised trees. Not those wild, barbaric trees. Noooo. Too scary. Their bark is worse n their bite.

  67. Oh boy! I am so glad I didn’t get a puppy and adopted two nine-year-olds instead! Puppies are sooooooo cute, but they are loony!

  68. @Berthslave: need to read more Berthslave…how do we get to your blog???

  69. Arvay! Ar-har-va-hay-eee!
    sorry don’t mean to cause a fuss on yr behalf…stifle-stifle…

  70. pyrit! pie-rrr-ittt!

    Wanna see my girls?
    (damn, that sounds like I am going to flash you, but I mean, my two dogs!)

    Retired sled dogs, they are:

  71. Arvay – LOling, crackin’ uh-hupps!
    Ha! You funneh you!
    OK, gonna check’em links now.
    Just to say, I petted Outward Bound sled dogs last month…beauties…

  72. momof2kitties says:

    @ pushok:

    click on Berthaslave’s name and it will take you to the blog.

  73. @momof2kitties – Thanks!! (didn’t work last time I tried it!)
    Also…a mom of 2 kitties (and three bunnies…none of which shred TP…yet)

  74. Oh…uh….hi. Um…you’re home earlier than I expected. Um…the cat did it. Yeah, that’s it. I was just trying to clean up the mess.

  75. my gerbils do the same thing 😉

  76. well, he obviously knew it was the rough kind that chaps your behind. just looking out for your tush!

  77. LOL @Pyrit
    Aparently we are all completely unprepared for teh imminent take over of the workd by TP thank goodness our kitties and doggies are on guard. Kitty and Puppy Protectors WE SALUTE YOU!

  78. What a brave, brave pup. Thank you, sir, for your vigilance. I shall now sleep better at night.

  79. maggieb_tpa says:

    Thankfully, neither of my feline furbombs attack tp. They DID, however, pounce on a snake in the house . . . .

  80. greenighs says:

    Did I loose a small squeaking pom pup a minute ago? 😕

  81. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ah, memories of my cat Patches when she was a kitten. And now Pumpkin takes the paper napkins from the napkin holder on my table and tucks them underneath her like a comforter, so I have to turn it over so that she doesn’t gain any access to them. Go raise children!

  82. @ greenighs- you totally did! grr, i just came here to show that vid to a friend and its disappeared!

  83. yankeebird says:

    I imagine the reason the pom post was pulled (hehe…. alliteration is awesome!) was because of some unsavory links and tags associated with the video. In good news, the post was a rerun from the beginning of March, so head to http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2008/03/whimperingks.html for your fix of this little whimperer.

  84. yankeebird says:

    Ack…. sorry, it was “greenighs”, not “greenights”. Guess my fingers threw the ‘t’ in by habit.

  85. unamused says:

    Wow, what a mess to have to clean up. Not cute at all.

  86. Thanks, YB.

  87. Catsquatch says:


    Im tellin the cat…..

  88. Jenn in IL says:

    Is it just me or does he look like a Shiba Inu mix?

    At any rate…lovin’ those eyes! He’s so anerable!

  89. my cats used to do this . to stop it just put the roll on backwards it will spin & spin but it won’t come off the roll .

  90. he is most adorabuhls!!! does anyone know what kind of dog this is? i want one! now! 🙂

  91. I have problems starting a new roll too

  92. Not just cute, but a beautiful photograph too!