Everybody calm down—here’s a pic of Flocke.

Wow, almost 500 comments on the ‘Pa-sickie" video! You People are nuuuuuuuuuuuts!

[Patting you on the back] It’s gonna be OK. We’re all gonna be OK.


MSNBC did a story on Flocke ‘n’ Knut, your fave Polar Bear book-ends. Photo by Joerg Koch. Gracias to Sender-Inner Kristyn L.



  1. Cockatoo says:

    Still too qute fer words in our langwidge or hers!

  2. waaaay better *sigh* *cuddles Flocke* our darling baby polar bear girl <3 isn't she anerable

  3. What a nice expression on her face. And diamond-shaped eyes!

  4. I love you Meg! Post whatever and whenever you want!


    Jus’ kiddin’. I have infinite respect for you both, Meg and Theo. And for teh cutes. U’s ma heerohs!=D

    Hi Flocke! How are you today?

  6. Flocke iz Qte. Dogs and human babies? Not Qte.

  7. LOL @ the hovertext!

  8. I think this is the only picture I’ve seen of Flocke where her tongue isn’t hanging out. What is it with polar bear cubs and tongues?

  9. I love the hovertext too!

    Meg and Theo, you my heewoes too! Bless you both!

  10. *begins to breathe again*

    Bearsies!! Flocke-sikie! Yaaaaay!

  11. VERRRRY cute and I lurve the hovertext, too!!!!

    I also adore and THANK you, Meg & Theo!

  12. This photo is UnNuffable.

  13. If anybody knows how to chill . . .

  14. I absolutely find it amazing that there aren’t 500 comments about how cute this is… why aren’t there?

  15. I love Flocke and so do her keeper-nannies. Check out the daily videos on her Zoo website. They adore her and she is da bomb! Totally squeal-worthy.

  16. More babies. All babies all the time. A solid week of nothing but hilarious, cute babies. Attached to racks or not. Babies, babies, babies.

    Oh, the bear is cute, too.

  17. snorglepup says:

    Aint’ no cute chill like a baby polar bear. Can’t nuff da bear.

  18. Oh, no, this photo is *to*tally nuffable. But I’m going to be a big person and not point out how.

  19. Raemie L. says:

    Heh, Meg comes to the “rescu(t)e” with a Flocke ice-pack.

  20. I love her eyes..
    that girlie ~knows~ she is cute, work those eyes Flocke!

  21. *siiigh* What a sweetheart.

  22. I love the fluff around his face! Adorable!

  23. Meg, you are the MacGyver of commentroversies and I humbly bow before your talent.

  24. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sosososoooooothingggsss.

  25. It’s about Flocke’ing time! (hehe, sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  26. Hey CO Peeps — notice anything different?

    (no, I haven’t lost weight, ahem)

  27. Yay, Flocke! I lubs you Teho and Meg! What a graet way to start a Sunday!

    Carrie – You won’t find that many comments because people would be either ded/sploded/speechless from Teh Qte!

    [kees on Flocke’s schnozzle]

    P.S. LMAO @ the hovertext. Very Zen!

  28. Um … that should have been “great”. See what cuteness does to spelling?

  29. Teho – it’s Sunday and I’m still woozy. What ees eet?

  30. CoffeeCup says:

    Flocke is how I am right now…sleepy, but oh so ready to party.

  31. him no want pa-sickie? aww so sad

  32. I just realised that my head had automatically tilted to the left when looking at her. Annnggggh.

  33. Raemie L. says:

    No one’s suggested anything, is it that one hovertext, Theo?

  34. Christine H says:

    Is “Bears” a new category?

  35. gooeyctr says:

    or perhaps “Bearoo?”

  36. gooeyctr says:

    (i should add, “CO says, ‘take that, Stephen Colbert’!”)


  37. Poohbear says:

    There was a different typeface and layout for a while yesterday, Teho, was that it ?
    Anyway thanks to both, and to Flocke, for the much needed chill! Luuuuvvvvv ya.

  38. yankeebird says:


    Sorry, that’s what happens when you pat me on the back after a pa-sickie.

  39. Theo, I noticed there was a background color on the commenting pages—could that be it?????

  40. perfect! I love cuteoverload in the morning. Especially when polar bears are involved!

  41. Good morning everyone! Christine H. is correct — we no longer have to label bears as “Unusual Animals”. Nicely spotted!

  42. OMG! I noticed that, but I thought it was already a category!


    Apparently, my time zone is a few YEARS ahead.

    [shakes head dazedly]

  43. That’s the cutest “snowflake” I’ve ever seen!!

  44. *tears of joy* Now that is cute! All is right with the world. *sniff*

  45. LOL Lizzy Flocke-sickie indeed.

    Polar bear cubs are so cute and adorable and I still think Knute is Cute. Even all grown up. HE has IT ♥♥♥


    Just jokes, Flocke is adorable. Would she like a pa-sickie?

  47. he’s so cute. gosh he’s growing so fast. he’ll be in college soon!

    i’m not going anywhere near the popsicle post. it must be ugly in there.

  48. Poohbear says:

    Oh yes yes yes, new Bear catehgoreh, for poohs and such, rum-tum-tiddle-um.
    Let’s hear it for Beeaaarrrs!

    3 Cheers for Pooh!
    (For who?)
    For Pooh –
    (Why what did he do?)
    I thought you knew;
    He saved his friend from a wetting!
    3 Cheers for Bear!
    (For where?)
    For Bear –
    He couldn’t swim,
    But he rescued him!
    (He rescued who?)
    Oh, listen, do!
    I am talking of Pooh –
    (Of who?)
    Of Pooh!
    (I’m sorry I keep forgetting).
    Well, Pooh was a Bear of Enormous Brain –
    (Just say it again!)
    Of enormous brain –
    (Of enormous what?)
    Well, he ate a lot,
    And I don’t know if he could swim or not,
    But he managed to float
    On a sort of boat
    (On a sort of what?)
    Well, sort of pot –
    So now let’s give him three hearty cheers
    (So now let’s give him three hearty whiches!)
    And hope he’ll be there for years and years,
    And grow in health and wisdom and riches!
    3 Cheers for Pooh!
    (For who?)
    For Pooh –
    3 Cheers for Bear!
    (For where?)
    For Bear –
    3 Cheers for the wonderful Winnie-the-Pooh!
    (Just tell me, somebody – WHAT DID HE DO?)

  49. why does this link open in a frame?

  50. Oh my!! a BEAR!!! I HATE bears!!! they’re awful. They attack people all the time. They gross me out. ugh

  51. What a cute photo! Nice to have a post that isn’t so… polarizing.




  52. Bears are godless killing machines.


  53. Maerlyn99 says:

    Can we have a new category called “Paw-sickie”? Then we can really mess with people. Will it be bebeh animals? Will it be small children asking for frozen treats? Do you dare to view it?


  55. bcteagirl says:

    Cute but…. now I am all confused…. Everyone said this was turning into a baby site right? How is this a picture of a cute baby??? Now I am infuriated and will huff off never to return (Aside from coming back to post more about how non baby pictures are gross etc…)


  56. Arvay…..that was cheesy…I like cheesy…haha…

  57. Flocke is always cute. Surprised at the level of bile over a human cute. Cute is cute, no matter what species! Keep up the good work CO!

  58. hehehe…..you must chill…hehe

  59. Arvay-I wish I had thought of it- polarizing……..uhhh,such good work done here, such elegant work…..

  60. I seriously wonder where all those “waahhh. i see baybeez all the tii-iim and never see amnuiles!!” nuffs live. Pa-sickie bebeh was one of maybe two I’ve see in the past month. But we have a dog park behind our apartment, so I see the puppinghams all the time.

    Regional and cultural differences, eh?

    Also, I don’t see many polar bears in my day-to-day existence. Thank you, Meg, for featuring such rare beasties as polar bears and human infants!

  61. AndreaJN says:

    Since Flocke and Knut are German polar bears, I think we should say “Danke” instead of “Gracias” for their photos. 🙂

  62. is it just me, or is flocke here practing her disapproving-bunneh face for the camera?

  63. Flocke is anerable, of course. But it makes me a little sad right now, because one of our zoo’s p-bears died last week of an unfortunate medical emergency. Po, po beauw. 😦

  64. Maybe we could have categories for all the different types of nuffers? Baby nuffers, animal rights nuffers, boob nuffers, anti-nuff nuffers and the ubiquitous grammar and spelling nuffers….

    Or we could just do as floke says and “Chill”.

    Time for a pa-s-ki.

  65. She is so cute! And so right! Just chillin’.

  66. Catsquatch says:



    I missed out on a COMMENTROVERSY?!?!?!?!

    Thats what I get for playin Guild Wars alla time……

    Flocke is cute, and so is little PASSIKKI!!!!!!!

    OMG! Can a kid be any cuter than that?
    And smart too, nice work so far Mommy and Daddy!

    THERE! I got in on the commentroversy!

    :grumbles about peeps closing commentroversies before I kin see em:


  67. Baby Hater says:

    Why should people be ashamed to say they hate babies? Everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes.

    I definitely like bears, yay!

  68. The Typewriter says:

    Wow, polar bears grow damn fast, don’t they? Must be all those delicious omega-3 fatty acids and suchlike. Seems like yesterday these two were just little things.

    OH…by the way…

    Why doesn’t CO just shut down comments? Theo, you can’t be that much of a masochist!

    Commenting in its current, repetitive, vapid state adds nothing to the site, except amusing/appalling insight into how acrimonious certain folk are.
    Why can’t we ever discuss actual pertinent information unless it’s subjective opinion (“OMG CUUUUTE!” 400 times) or whining that won’t change anything (GO POST ON AN ACTIVISM SITE AND DO SOME GOOD, DON’T CAUSE FIGHTS HERE!)? We’re all grown women and men here!

    As for youtube vids, comment at the original page *where the original poster will see your comments.* We can’t do anything about your pearl-gripping indignation here.

    Meg? Theo? Keep up the GOOD WORK. Love the site, hate the FANS.

  69. Could Flocke’s ears be *any* cuter? I don’t think so!

  70. I mostly lurk.

    All I have to say about the human baby “controversy” is that Cute Overload has never limited itself strictly to animal cuteness. Did everyone forget about the Product Cuteness category? Not everything in that section is about animals: some of it it just about food.

    So yeah, Pa-sickie may be the first straight up cute human post but it isn’t the first non-animal post. It’s way to late to complain about that.

    Besides, they’ve always kept the standards for cute pretty high around here. I doubt the site is going to be overrun with every YouTube video that just happens to have a baby in it. Give them some credit. They’ve always done an excellent job.

  71. Haha, I love how Meg and Theo dealt with the dramz. Puuuuure class, people. Puuuuure class.

    And, for the record, I *just* finished reading the pasickie comments. It took me THREE DAYS of furtively tabbing back to the page as soon as coworkers weren’t around (at one point I copied the text into a very official-looking Excel file). Tewtally worth it, too.

    If you did happen to like that video, I have two more for ya (one of which was mentioned in the midst of COMMENTROVERSY: 2008) – go to YouTube and search for “Charlie bit me” and “Buhlud.” Holy cow. Hilair.

    Now, back to gazing at today’s CO posts. Ahhhh…gggghhhh…drool….aggghhhhh….


  73. Methinks “Shoutin’ John” must work for the Colbert Report.

  74. This is more like it. Although the Pa-sickie video was not as horrible and frightening as I thought it would be, judging by the comments. I don’t like babies, but this was a good quiet one. I mustered up the courage to watch it, expecting the kid to scream in a high-pitched voice, but he just whispered “pa-si-ki”. If only all babies were this well behaved. A kid that quiet deserves to be on this site.

  75. margaret says:

    What about Wilbaer?