We CAN all get along.

And here is the proof:

Heidi B., you’re right, this interspecies snorgling is OFF THUH SCALES



  1. Bravo, Sir, Bravissimo!

  2. Wow.. that’s great. I love the Velcro comment he makes..

  3. Weird.. Katrina.. that’s actually my real name.. so .. Hi to another Katrina!

  4. My favorite moment is when the cat gets caught with his tongue sticking out after slurping on the rattie. That’s weird, wonderful stuff.

  5. Pussytoes says:

    That is one attractive-ass rat.

  6. I was literally thinking about these animals this morning because this is in my town! I don’t have photos or video though, so all I had was a pdf of the article when he was interviewed in the local paper. Sadly the local paper is only available for viewing with a subscription. The guy trained them to do this! It’s even more incredible when you see them walking down the street together. I mean, my cats would never walk on a leash, let alone on a busy city sidewalk, let alone behind or on top of a dog, let alone with a rat on top…

  7. aesthetica says:

    commentrovery starting in 3…2…

  8. Anne Boleyn says:

    Really LOVELY! Peace!

  9. I agree w/ Daniel; my favorite part is the look on the cat’s face when he realizes he’s been caught licking on the rat. He’s all like “Whoops! Um…he’s just tasty, that’s all..” What I love most about this is how totally unconcerned the rat is, especially considering he’s the one who has the highest chance of being eaten by the other two, if things ever got ugly! Which doesn’t look likely to happen anytime soon!

  10. 吳同志 says:

    SB CO’ers UNITE!

  11. hrh.squeak says:

    I love when the little girl puts the rattie on her head. “This looks fun, lemme try it . . .” I really appreciate people who don’t hate on the ratties.

    I hope the poor dog gets some lickylove. He’s the one who has to carry everybody!

  12. rachelle says:

    I see these guys all the time in Santa Barbara! They are all little bundles of snorgleness!!!!

  13. Why am I not surprised that the owner is some hick from Bumfark, Arkansas or wherever? Cute animals, tho’ !

  14. unreliable says:

    Pimping out your animals on the street for entertainment… totes not cool.

  15. Gosh Estlin – could you be just a little more derogatory?

    I adore how the rat is so comfortable and laying all splayed out, on the cat, on the dog – it doesn’t matter… just let him be comfortable! haha

  16. I bet they’re all on Ecstasy.

  17. The guy reminds me of Danny Bonaduce for some reason. The animals are great. I wish I could trust my cat for one moment with the hammies, but I just can’t. He loves watching them in their carefully cat-proofed cages, which is fine, but he has to go into exile when the hammies are out to play.

  18. Jeebus, the guy’s not pimping them – it’s not like people who make monkeys do stupid tricks for money. I s’pose the Santa Barbarans can confirm, but I didn’t even see a hat or bowl out for money – he just seems to like to hang out and get the attention, and last time I checked, dogs, cats and rats pretty much enjoy lounging around and getting some attention, too.

    Not only is there interspecies snorgling, there’s I Shall Leeck you action, rat ‘tocks, who knows what else – is there something beyond trifecta?

  19. I see these guys all the time in downtown SB. They were posted here before, but this is a much better quality video of them.

    There was a commentroversy last time too. But they really don’t have it bad.

  20. lurkingsmirk says:

    There needs to be a grasshopper on that rat. Playing a violin.

  21. sooz, he does accept tips, and he lives off of them. There are lots of tourists in SB, so there are a number of street performers, and tips are good. Still, the animals aren’t mistreated or abused.

  22. sooz is right, the guy is not pimping them out per se. When interviewed for the local paper, he said he doesn’t ever ask for money. He does have a jug out, but he doesn’t make it about the money. I will say though, when you see it you want to throw tons of money at him. The animals see the vet regularly, the guy has a car, and he does stay in motels (doesn’t live on the street exactly). He has traveled to other states too (the cat chose–of it’s own volition–to start riding on top the dog when they were in a snowy city). I’ve even seen this guy in Santa Monica, not just Santa Barbara. Many people have worried that he’s drugged the animals somehow, and animal control gets called on him occasionally when he arrives in new cities, but they always determine there is absolutely no cruelty. He just timed the training with the animals in their development.

  23. The animals probably love it. Look at all the attention they get from both their owner and the people passing by.

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    These animals don’t appear to be drugged in any way. Just peacefully coexisting: no religion or politics to get in the way. Loved the way the kitty was licking the rat, and that very sweet, mellow dog putting up with the attention. Sweet, precious animals, and more power to their owner, too. He’s not bothering anyone, and who could argue with his philosophy? If the world could operate on this level, it’d be a beautiful thing. We really can learn a few things from the animals after all.

  25. Courtney says:

    I want to get in on that snorgling action. Maybe the dog can sit on me…

  26. You know, Golden Katrina, if everyone with the name KATRINA would come out of hiding it would be much better for all of us.
    I have had my lovely name for 54 years now and some meteorological phenomenon isn’t going to ruin it! I like my name and I hope you like yours- what is your middle name? Mine is Stevenson.

    Off my soap box, thank you for listening.

  27. Wow! I actually saw this guy and his pets in Telluride over 10 years ago. It is still amazing. If only I could get me animals to be so well behaved.

  28. Just amazing. I am against dragging cats into public places, which they hate, but this one is as calm as can be. The guy’s comment about the peace sign says it all. This might be the best video ever on CO.

  29. Alice Shortcake says:

    In Victorian times sideshow acts exactly like this were called “Happy Families”. One showman explained that the secret of a successful “Happy Families” act was to make sure that the animals NEVER went hungry!

  30. This reminds me of “The Napping House” where all the pets are stacked on one another.

  31. Hmmm, those animals look drugged or beaten into submission.

    But they are damn cute.

  32. Wow, I just started working on this cross stitch… http://www.janlynn.com/detail.cfm?ID=7206. I’m going to think of this guy whenever I work on it!

  33. All they need is a goat and a donkey and they are an old German fairy tale! Amazing!

  34. Paunchie says:

    booger, kittie, and mousie — tres originale!

    “I bet I can stack em up”

    give the dog a pa-sickie!

  35. Yay! I live in Denver, and I see these guys walking up and down our pedestrian mall in the summers! I love them so much!

  36. First of all, “Telluride, CO” is not “Bumfark, Arkansas” (and no offense intended to the people in Arkansas, either)….it’s that kind of attitude (“Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, same thing”) that gets countries into trouble these days.

    Second, SANTA BARBARA!!! My (at-least part-time) home for going on seven years!

    It’s also EXACTLY the kind of place where you would expect this kind of lazy, summer-day snorgling between creatures of all kinds. Come visit SB! And see some theatre or dance while you are here!

  37. Anne Boleyn says:

    NUFFERS! We can’t all be PhDs in nuclear whatever. (Or “nukular” as some…, oh never mind). They seems to be making people happy and, if they make a living making people happy I’ll bet it isn’t a big living but it MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY. Lighten up.

  38. Anne Boleyn says:

    Oops! That would be, “seem to be….”, not “seems”, Here in Bumfark VA we sometimes type ungrammatically.

  39. happyfeet says:

    Telluride is a famous ski resort town that attracts its fair share of celebrities. I wouldn’t exactly call it a breeding ground for “hicks.”

  40. the rat seems to has a flavour!!

  41. CoffeeCup says:

    I’m getting increasingly frustrated by the idiots who drop by once every three years to comment on something with bitterness and vileness. I’m talking to you, Estlin.

    BUT, just as soon as my blood begins to boil, here are the great citizens of COville to rescue my blood pressure by just being good, kind people.

    Thanks, guys. You’re all wonderful.

    And I thought this video was pretty amusing…it seemed a little bizarre to me, but then again, I don’t tend to like street performers who aren’t musicians or don’t have any obvious “talents” to show…I mean, rat sitting on cat sitting on dog is amusing, but for some reason, I find it kind of creepy. I guess just the fact that the animals just seem really blase about the people. But I guess if they’ve done it enough times, they get used to being around people.

  42. Bumfark? BUMFARK??? I’ll have you know there are some very highly educated people in the state of Arkansas. Some have even become PRESident. 😉

    That said, this vid is off the heezy. :))))))))

  43. is it just me or do these animals look bored as hell?

  44. Santa Barbara CO is repping it today!

    This rat/cat/dog show is so played out downtown, but seeing it through CO eyes, i suppose it is pretty adorable…

  45. haha i love the guy who goes:

    Dees da mos amazin ting i ever see in mah life!

  46. I know Hillary B.

    Hint: Go Cardinals.

  47. marissposa says:

    where is this? I want to meet this group in person. Like a pilgrimage. It would be just like hugging Amma, but way furrier 🙂

  48. Was this guy around SB before I left in 1997? This is what I call cute (until the little girl put the rat in her hair–sorry rat-lovers I have a total paranoia about rodents). More amanuls plz.

  49. I’m impressed that the ratty will sit that still! My two would be off looking for interesting things to chomp on, heh heh….

  50. I think this is the third time these animals have made it on to cuteoverload. But that’s okay, they’re cute (and inspiring!) every time.

  51. I don’t think so, debg. They’ve only been out here this past year.

  52. Contrary to popular belief, not all cats hate very public places. Just like dogs, start exposing them to that when they’re young and they’ll get used to it as that kitty has.

    Anywho… I think the guy really loves his pets. Sure he might use them to get money, but it doesn’t look like he’s trained them to do anything. He just takes them out and shows them off basically.

    Oh and I just love the shots of the rat falling asleep in the kitties arms… SO adorable.

  53. it doesn’t really take any training to do that… just getting them all when they’re young, and raising them together. just like my dog, cat and ferrets.

  54. Awww, that´s beautiful. And it IS a wonderful Peace message, methinks.

    Best comment: “Don´t knock the flea off” LOL

  55. I am losing my mind over the kitteh licking the rat. That’s *SO* awesome!!

  56. Hi CO-creating folks Meg and Theo- I just voted for you on the Webby Awards. Good Luck! Have a great Caturday. Thank you for your uplifting and life-affirming work. I don’t (can’t) know what went through your minds to think of it, but this site is creativity at its best.

  57. Rats Rule!

  58. acelightning says:

    I guess that guy must have taken it to heart when he heard the song, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me…”

  59. I saw this guy in DC about 5 years ago, and he wouldn’t allow people to take pictures. He asked that they buy one of his postcards. He said he wanted to get on the David Letterman show. Glad to hear he’s changed his message, but in a way, he’s still exploiting the animals. On a side note, the animals are cute and super sweet – too bad they have to hang out with this guy all day.

  60. Contrary to popular belief, not all cats hate very public places.
    as anyone who’s lived in a large city can attest. In NYC, for example, I used to see cats hanging out on the sidewalks all the time.

  61. I love that nobody is acting freaked out by the rat. He’s getting his head skritched!

    Different species can get along if raised together, true, but I’m sure he had to train the cat to sit on the dog and stay on while it walked around, sat, lay down, etc.

  62. Hon Glad says:

    If he’s been around as long as some of you say, he must have got through a few rats, they don’t live that long.

  63. I love that the dog’s name is “Booger.”

  64. bookmonstercats says:

    Interesting comments and thoughtful. I still think it’s a good advert for world peace. I’ve posted before that when I had a dog and two cats, the cats would voluntarily come for walkies with me and the dog. People stared and asked me how I did it, and often didn’t believe me when I said they did it of their own free will. The dog protected the cats and the cats stole food (off my table at home) for her. Never tried to introduce a rattie, tho’.

  65. THREADJACK – Theo, I can’t stop you from deleting this, but I HAVE to say this.

    Meg/Theo, PLEASE put a stop to the comments in the baby post. I would have posted this comment there but it would have got lost in that bedlam. If plants could read they would wilt and die from all the hatred on that page – hell, *I* nearly did. It’s so repulsive it made me want to cry and throw up simultaneously. I know that you’ve turned off comments on a couple of animal posts (like the dog popping those balloons) which had barely 20-30 comments, BEFORE any major commentroversy started. So why are you letting those lunatics run free on that page, insulting that innocent child? Can you imagine how the parents would feel if they came to Cute Overload and saw all these ill-mannered “adults” calling their child “evil” and “gross”?
    I’m *requesting* you to PLEASE either remove the really offensive comments or delete that post altogether. Not liking babies is one thing, but it’s totally unwarranted to stoop to that level of name-calling. It’s not worth sacrificing basic human decency for a few hundred extra comments. I agree this is the internet and not the Supreme Court, but we’ve got to draw a line somewhere.

    With all due respect,
    A long-time (since Jan 2006) CO commenter (if that’s worth anything)

  66. I’ve seen this guy!! It’s really amazing…

  67. Hang on there Kitty!

  68. Those animals look pretty happy and well taken care of to me. I knew a rotty who absolutely LOOOVED the kitties that were born in the barn. He was their grand daddy. A guy with that philosophy of peace doesn’t seem like the type who would beat or drug his animals into submission, as some people have been saying.

    I love the parts with the cat cleeeeeaning the rat. I also remember a long while ago another post like this which was just full of love.

  69. P.S. Extra qte points for that curly haired young man. 🙂

  70. Paunchie, your quote about “I bet I could stack ’em” made me laugh.

    Everyone else that commented about Estlin’s rudeness – that makes me feel so much better. Living in the south, I’m so aware of the stereotypes about being stupid just because you’re southern. I see it on television, in the movies, and in just about every form of media I encounter. If you want a character to be percieved as dumb, make them southern. It’s depressing because it makes me wonder how so many people can stereotype others and it be so widely accepted. What’s even more sad is that I see it being ingrained in southern children to be embarrassed, or in denial, about where they’re from, just because of how they’ll be percieved by others.

    Sorry to rant a little, but I just get so sick of seeing this commonality in our culture. You guys have no idea how happy it made me when I saw so many people respond to that one negative comment:)

  71. Must be a former member of the Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things.

  72. The kitteh-rat snorgling was my favoreeet. It waz so kahyoot! :3

  73. Raemie L. says:

    Wow, the comfort between the doggeh, kitteh, and rattatou-eh makes me smile.

  74. That dog looks really depressed.

  75. Thanks, Errata–I’d have hated to miss this.

    Think he sent a photo to Stuff On My Cat?


  77. Haha, I love this because I just saw this guy yesterday in Santa Barbara. Although the guy looks a lot cleaner in the video that he did yesterday, he looked very homeless…

  78. HanzoMama says:

    There’s another related video (The Dog, The Cat, & The Rat) that shows the doggie getting some lickie love.
    I love how the cat balances standing up on the dog. It’s like a Wild West Show!

  79. Kathleen says:

    One big happy family!

  80. the cat and the rat grooming each other! aaaaaaahg!

  81. thechickenprincess says:

    Aww! Can we nominate him for something awesome? (Nobel Peace?) What a great guy – and his wittle crew ain’t bad either.

  82. I realise this is “adorable”, but I have to file a complaint here. This guy had lived near my parents home in AZ for awhile…while there, his house caught on fire and he left his birds and mice inside to burn to death. As quoted in the newspaper his reasoning for this was because they were more “replaceable” and “cheaper to replace” than the cat and dog were. As an animal lover – and I’m sure [most?] of you agree – this is NOT an acceptable way to treat animals…regardless of how cute his new caravan may be. One species life is not more valuable than anothers.

  83. Southbeach says:

    That’s in South Beach, I’ve met that guy, and he totally goes around with that dog cat mouse thing asking for change. I’m pretty sure he is a drug addict.

  84. anyone else think it’s ironic how “we CAN all get along” came right before “The Epic Pasickie Affair”

  85. He’s not in South Beach, “southbeach”. There are recognizable buildings and street signs in the background, and several people here have pointed out where this video was shot. Maybe he was in South Beach at one point, since he does travel, but he’s spent most of the past year in Santa Barbara, and its very clearly where this video was shot.

  86. HOMG! It’s Dog Cat Rat man!
    He wanders around downtown statestreet in Santa Barbara where I live. I saw him about a week ago. Someone told me he ties them together or something but I don’t know. I didn’t get close enough to see.

  87. SO cute!!!

    Hahaha “I use velcro”

  88. Hehe, the cat “raised” the dog? That sounds like Daily Coyote ^_^ Very cute. I always love to see animals who are obviously loved by their trainers. You can get animals to do quite a lot of things outside their natural comfort zones just by giving them love and encouragement during the training process.

  89. Crazy- I was just in Santa Barbara yesterday and saw these guys…! They were all lax in the shade tho… too hot for proper snorgle action.