Prepping for Caturday

Wake us up tomorrow.

Whne we shall… TAKE OVER DEE WORLD!!!


Anna E., seriously potent potential world dominayshons going on there…



  1. *oof*

  2. Oh the sublime softness and head-tilts. I, for one, welcome our new Kitteh overlords.

  3. Hon Glad says:

    Tummy rubs coming up.

  4. Obey the fluff!

  5. oh those adorable tummy spots are killing me!

  6. sunnymum says:

    It’s so early and I’m already a pile of goo! OMGKITT!ES!!111!!!!1111!
    The middle one is such a ham! He’s all “try to deny the power of my cute – no frickin’ way you can dudes!” And the feetsies of the one on the right, delectable nomulence! And the poor little sweetie on the left.. “please, what, I’m sleeping!”

  7. Too Late says:

    OMG kittypawsammeech!!!

  8. Spotty tummies, orange tabbies, and peenk noses. Yum.

  9. Paunchie says:

    leedle pink toes! leedle pink toes!!

  10. OK, I overgeneralized… these guys certainly have a sense of humour. Speshly the tabby in the middle. Squeeeee!

  11. Nap first, THEN world domination. Makes sense to me!

  12. And now, class, a demonstration of rotation with kittayn heads. Here we see 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 270 degrees. Everyone, tilt your head by 30 degrees and say “ahn.”

  13. whatyou when?? you is already taken ova…

  14. Exposed kitteh belleh…I must scratch eet!

  15. revolution724 says:

    Zomg, that one in the middle, I believe it pwns my soul. Oof.

  16. Must…scritch…adorable…ears…the toes! The little blue eyes!

    ~The wonderful thing about tiggers
    Is tiggers are wonderful things!~…….

    The kitty in the middle has a *big* future in the world of cute.

  17. Just so you know – these are officially my cats now – no matter what any of you think. They’re mine and nothing you can do will make them stop being my cats. THEY OWN ME!!!

    I mean – I own them!

  18. OMG! I want, I want, I want!!!!!

  19. karmelrio says:

    Domination FER SURE. You can tell when the kittehs meet your eyes directly – even through the camera lens. These kittehs are VERY sure of their place in the world. And it is above YOU.

  20. metsakins says:

    I NEED to place my head on the kitteh pillow!

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    there’s just something about warm kitten armpits….mmmmmmmm yum

  22. OMG, sleepy bendy kitties!! My favorite kind!

  23. Mr. Spots in the middle there seems to be the stuffing in a marmie sandwich! I can haz?

  24. Head tilting as a method of domination.

  25. coyotemom says:

    There is nothing cuter (or more deadly) that sleepy kittens.

  26. riolinda says:

    cute, cute, cute!!

  27. Here it is only Friday and they have already taken over MY world!! =)

  28. Charlotte says:

    *resists urge to bury face in spotted kittayn belleh*

    *does so anyway*

    The brown stripey’s two-toned toe beans make this pic just that much better.

  29. cheesybird says:

    Oh my god! Spot there in the middle’s got multi-colored jelly beans! Squeeeeeeeee!!!

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    The little one in the middle has already started partying, and is sleeping it off. The other two qties are just keeping an eye on their buddy. So adorable!

  31. Bellehs and toeses and head tilts oh my!

    In a world ruled by kittehs, sunbeam naps would be required.

    They have my vote! Kittehs 08!

  32. ButtaRumCake says:


    *ded from the floof*

  33. Awww, the kitty in the middle is lookin’ so cute…

  34. ALBUM COVER!!!!

    (Or CD…or…uh…whatever bands use nowadays….)

    Seriously, isn’t there a Dixie Chicks album cover like this?

  35. Redfox in Tx says:

    I actually reached out and rubbed the spotted belly on the ‘puter screen.

  36. Okay, I just gotta tell all my peeps here…..

    I’M A NEW FOSTER MAMA! One tortie Mommy kitteh and her 5 (yes 5!) 2-week-old BEBEH KITTEHS!!!!!!!!!!

    I figured it would be a nice thing to do while I’m out here in Philly, away from my own brood at home and of course, have a fresh batch of KITTENS to snorgle!!!!

    I was SQUEEEEEING all the way home!!!

  37. TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER. I am your eternal peon. With a SMILE

  38. I want to post pics of my kitties. How do I do that? Please help me..

  39. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Linda, your “litties”?? I think [BLEEEN] might censor that….

    Oh, and back to the last posting, what the heck does ‘COPTER’ stand for?

    [Can Our Pastor Tell Erotic Riddles? – Ed.]

  40. Mary (the first) says:

    congrats Gail! As for me, again I have an overwhelming urge to twist my head all around sideways and kiss little Mr. Spottytummy on the leeeeps! gently of course. and then huff into his armpit. mmmmmm

  41. gail…that is so awesome! everyday will be caterday for you, and your new brood. 😉

  42. Linda — check the column to the right (under “Got Cute”) but be advised that Meg has very high standards. I had video of a wild squirrel walking right up to me and perching on my hand, and it didn’t get on.

    Gail — YAY! New kitties!!!! Have them fixed in a few months, though, or you’re gonna be up to your eyelids in kitty litter for a long long time.

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    Gail: That’s me knocking on your door and calling on your phone asking “Can I come in please? I can halp snorgle kittayns, please?”
    I’ll have All of you know that this picture nearly pushed Yitzy off my work desktop. Loyalty overrode the Qte, but it was tough!

  44. It’s inevitable. Animals and their cuteness will eventually overpower the human race.

  45. I’m fostering the kitties in the photo and I couldn’t be more proud of them! If you happen to live in Okinawa and want to adopt a snorgle let me know! PS – The girl in the middle also INSISTS on sucking my thumb all day long. THANKS MEG!!

  46. Okinawa is a little out of my way.


  47. Annnngggh.


  48. marissposa says:

    room for me? pleez?

  49. acelightning says:


  50. -steals the kitties-

    Nope, nothing to see. Move along. No kitties in my house now. Nope.

    Such kewtie piez! 😀

  51. I’m not even a cat person, and I have come completely unraveled…

  52. Janice the says:

    OMG. Ded. I’m ded.

    I have 8 cats already, but the youngest two are almost a year old. I NEED MORE BABY KITTEHS! The babies are soooo anerable.

    Not, I hasten to add, are the adult kittehs un-anerable. I love them all, even when I’m pulling cat hair from between my teeth.

    But I look at that pic and I just gotta say, squeeeeee! 🙂 Gimmee more!

  53. @Janice: I have 6 at home in IL. Fostering while I’m here in the Philly area is my “coping mechanism” for a) missing my own “babies” plus the doggie and b) wanting tiny, leetle kitteh-babies!!!

    And the mommeh-kitteh is SO SWEET…just a total PURR box!!!

    Thanks for the good wishes, peeps! Wish you could c’mon over to the greater Philly ‘burbs and snorgle/socialize/play with the babies.

  54. I want to plunge my face into that kittenpile.

    The one in the middle is SMILING!

  55. Ditt-o. J’adore zee bookend marmalades wif da gray tabby belleh. Ah cannot reysiste. Non. Jamais.

  56. The middle one looks almost identical to my kitten Puddins! (heres a link to a dangerous pic.

    [Your cat’s name is “Puddins” ?!?? Click below… – Ed.]

  57. JuleeJulee says:

    THIS is ecactly the kind of picture I come here to see!! More kittens! More kittens!