Most controversial Cats ‘n’ Racks evar

Hold on to your hats, Ladies and Gentlemens:

Nancy, it’s a good thing you brought this to our attention, we’ve been just starved for commentroversies.



  1. awwwww kitty loves the…….. uhhhh chestal appendages! yeah, that’s it!

  2. katiedid says:

    Oh noes… sexual harrasment in the workplace.. and from a cat noless.. shame, shame, shame…

  3. Hahah, he’s making biscuits!

  4. cutescholar says:



    I don’t really know what to say about that video

    how about cute and weird?

  5. OH I know I know —

    Mammary Mushing!!!

  6. It almost looks like he’s befuddled as to the difference between the squishy side and the not-so-squishy side.

    Almost like testing a mattress.

  7. Ouch ouch ouch ouch!

  8. Making Boobie Biscuits!

  9. Breast Cancer Awareness Kitty is worried about your health.

  10. Mammary Mushing!! i love it!! Um, why is there no face attached to that torso?

    [Some folks just prefer to keep their face off the internet – Ed.]

  11. sweetpea says:

    I’m with Lezlee, that’s looking like a mighty soremaking activity!

  12. MandaBain says:

    That’s a cat who used to be a man who got his reincarnation wish 🙂 “They’ll think it’s sweet & funny if I was a kitteh!” Kitteh’s have all the fun. Just hope the claws don’t come out! POP! SSSSSSSssssssssss….

  13. Silent Meow says:

    Is kitty checking for lumps?

  14. Awww, he’s helping her with her monthly breast exam, You can’t beat those CAT scans!

  15. elliottsmommy says:

    ahh ha ha ha! that kittie’s making muffin tops. as for the mommy, you go girl with your firm-looking ta tas.

  16. Meg: OMG you have to make a LOLcat cartoon with that! 🙂

  17. Kitty proves “funbags” are really just soft squishable bits, indistinguishable from other soft, squishable bits (blankets, other kitties’ tummies, cat beds, the list goes on).

    My cats have attempted to knead my boobage before, and usually I stop them, not because of the latent bestiality factor, but it is annoying, and I don’t want my shirt snagged.

    I agree with the “cute and weird” comment.

  18. “First, we knead the dough ovah and ovah and ovah to get it juuuuuuust right…”

    I sure hope that cat is declawed. OUCH!

  19. Has to be a boy kitty lol.

  20. I don’t understand how that didn’t hurt horribly.

  21. semanticantics says:

    Ahh, the life of a cat.

  22. Does he have THUMBS?

  23. My Fiona isn’t just a kneader, she’s a nurser. If I’m seated for more than a minute or two, she hops in my lap, puts her face in my armpit, and proceeds to knead and suck on my shirt. I don’t know if was weaned too early or if it’s just a bonding/self-soothing thing or what. Anyway, I’m glad this kitteh is just a kneader, not a nurser, because that would be a little hard for his momma to explain to guests!

    It’s way cute and funny, though.

  24. Kitteh, don’t pop the implant!

  25. Now thats a happy kitty.

  26. Hilarious! But, yeah, those claws gotta be too much. I had a cat that tried to knead on my nads when I was sleeping. I bolted upright, of course, scaring the cat, and considered wearing a cup to bed thereafter. Yikes.

  27. All I am hoping is that the nipple was thoroughly protected in this instance. OUCH!

  28. That’s my kitty’s second-favorite place to revisit his kittenhood. The favorite is the crook of my elbow. Yeah, Jasper’s a little weird.

  29. 260Oakley says:

    Instead of “Puss in Boots”, it’s the R-rated version, “Puss ‘n Boobs”. tee hee
    Will I be censored for saying “boobs”? I wonder…

  30. Oh my virgin eyes! They burn! They burn!!!!!

  31. this is creepy

  32. Haha. “Breast cancer awareness kitty” 😀

  33. I had a cat who liked to do that. He even had similar markings to the little feller in the video. Thank Heaven for the invention of the padded bra!

  34. I think maybe I’d better not contribute to the comment thread, this time…

  35. I just got a craving for biscuits…


    My OCD kind of kicked in when the cat only focused on the one boobie though.

  36. LOL well kitty is having himself a good old time isn’t he.
    Good thing she has on a padded bra otherwise ouch.

  37. Desdemona says:

    Heh. No matter where they are kneading, I love the faraway look they get in their eyes — the look on this kitteh’s face in the closeup is the same expression mine get when they are kneading on my sheepskin rug, or the afghan, or each other, or me, etc. Totally stoned and blissed-out. You gotta wonder what’s going on in their little heads.

  38. Ow. Claws. Ow.

  39. I have a feeling the comments on this video are going to be far more interesting than the video.

    I haven’t even watched the video. But I’m gonna come back for the comments.

  40. ThreeCatNight says:

    Looks like their both sort of enjoying this, in a perverse way, because there’s not a word of protest or pain from the owner. I know I wouldn’t appreciate that kind of lactal kneading that much, although kitty is following his natural instincts. My cat Jessie does that, albeit on pillows (thank God – because he weighs about 13 pounds!). To each their own, I guess.

  41. This isn’t cute, just creepy.

    Not sure what’s odder, that someone lets their cat do this to their boobs, or that someone else thought it would be worth filming.

  42. well, it makes sense.

    kittens do that to the mum cat to release oxytocin, which encourages the milk let down reflex.

    as they age it’s just a comfort thing, which is why you see them do it to blankets and other shtoof.

    erin, your Fiona may have been weaned too early or it was the only kitteh in the litter.

  43. ha ha at Teho not commenting! …… wonders why?
    [Well, let’s see, married heterosexual male, hmm… – Ed.]

    this isn’t creepy if you have ever owned cats – they like soft squishy things to squoosh – they get all dreamy and content… it’s sweet and love.

  44. Awww, kitty is being cute. Why the girl would want the kitty clawing a nice shirt is a separate question. I guess making biscuits doesn’t require strength, but when I’ve had kitties accidentally walk or jump on my chest, it hurts!

  45. rissu, and others, I am thrilled to learn that others call this “making biscuits”. i thought that was just my own old West Virginia family-ism.

    paz comments also much appreciated. i saw that and thought “that is a lot closer to the biological function of that behavior then making biscuits on a pillow or couch does”. although it is rather weird to watch. perhaps i am a prude.

  46. One time when I was still breast-feeding my daughter I wasn’t paying attention and let my cat do that to me. It worked as intended for cat moms, if you get my drift. I had to run and apply pressure to make it stop!

  47. I love the content look on the kitty’s face. My kitties love to make biscuits/cookies too. anywhere. my leg, my boobs, my tummy, blankets, pillows… whatever they can get their little paws on.

  48. OK, I can’t let that one go without linking to this comic:
    Two Lumps –

  49. But Teho your wit will be sorely missed ; )

  50. paz: I suspected it had to to with her being weaned too early, but I have no way of knowing since she was a Humane Society kitty. I never thought of her being the only kitten in the litter, though. Maybe that’s why she’s so attached. That’s interesting, thanks!

  51. Hon Glad says:

    I hope there is a good strong bra under that shirt.
    Or it’s ouch.

  52. binky-mama says:

    kitteh’s don’t discriminate between biscuit-making materials. fleece blankie? OK soft peelow? score! boobies? why not?

  53. ummmm… when kitties do that.. do the claws scratch? that looks uncomfortables

  54. My wife just turned to me and said “That cat reminds me of you on our second date.” Nice.

  55. That was odd…

  56. roro – ROFL. COPTER.

    I also lol’d when I saw the ad on the side come up, something about “Squishables.”

  57. Justa Duck says:

    Silly kitteh, you can’t make biscuits from melons!

  58. my youngest cat tewtally does that, sometimes she even goes under the covers and tries to go directly on skin. not so good. generally it’s not at all physically uncomfortable, but it does make me feel pretty gross inside 😉

  59. This is hillarious – my kitten (a 3 year old, 17lb ‘panther’ of a cat) does that too, but I’d never have admitted it in public until now. That’s it, I’m coming out: MY CAT MAKES BISCUITS ON MY CHEST AND I’M NOT GOING TO BE ASHAMED ANYMORE!!!

    hehe – he’s really sweet when he does it and it’s never been ‘weird’ to us as he started when he was a tiny underfed and lonely rescue kitten… and he just still does it: He demands a ‘suckle’ about once a day by giving a special meow and walking to his a special blue nubbly blankie… he wants me to lie down propped up on a pillow and put the blankie over me, then he hops up on my tummy or my… chest… and kneads and suckles on one of the nubs on the blankie. He stares into my eyes and I stroke his head and call him wonderful until he suckles himself to sleep and it’s a great bonding time.

    He thinks I’m his mother, what can I do?! He’s just way too cute… and yes, I trim his claws regularly.

    Thanks Meg for the post… best vid ever!!!

  60. Dood, my gigantic kitty always does that to me when he lies next to me in bed, and it hurts! So I push him away and he kneads my head instead and then we’re all happy. The end.

  61. chet's momma says:

    liz, that’s tewtally cute! that’s how kitties mean it, anyway. it’s us hoomans that get all squicked out!

  62. Poohbear says:

    Couldn’t stop laughing! cute biscuit making. But on me, that would hurt (claws + sensitive spots…???) Ouch!

  63. It’s gone 😦

  64. Great now cats are getting more action than I am. 😦


  66. Good thing she wasn’t wearing her water bra that day!

  67. Well. it’s gone on the main site anyway – got a message ‘this clip is no longer available – however here in comment land it’s there – cute indeed! A lot like my cats 🙂

  68. Sheilagh says:

    This kitty is a bit more risque, not only with the boobsmooshin’, but the shirt-pawin’, and the neck nibbling:

  69. Adrienne says:

    both my cats do that too! it’s like they have a boob-homing beacon. even if i’m under a pile of blankies, they find boobs and they stomp them.

    my husband finds this hilarious.

    Boob Stomp!

  70. “Breast Cancer Awareness Kitty” Indeed! I love it. Those are definitely REAL, says Mr. Kitteh.

  71. Daikatana says:

    I’m going to make sure this post has 70 comments… Just for the sake of my sanity D:

  72. is kitteh a board certified ob/gyn?

    i am willing to take this as a substitution for a mammogram.

    i lerve it when kittehs make biscuits!

  73. Yep,these are real.

  74. OWIE!

  75. She must have a bra made of kevlar – youwwch!

  76. one of my cats does that too. but he also SUCKLES.

    I have photos that prove it. 😉

  77. Too Late says:

    Lol! Owwww… I don’t know how people think is weird.. it’s just a mommy thing for kitteh… My cat is a nurser too… whenever I sit down at the computer I end up with a wet spot on my sleeve, but she only does it on certain t-shirts. Then she falls asleep in my arms like a bebeh… how can you not adhoore dat!!!

  78. meowandwoof says:

    My tiny little black kitten, ELI, looked up at me from his little cardboard rescue carrier and immediately headed for my bottom lip. He’s now 14 years old, 20 lbs. and we enjoy nibble time twice a day. Gross or not, I’m his mommie and love every minute of it. Boy, am I gonna need my CO peeps when it’s rainbow bridge time for Eli – hopefully not for years.

  79. My cat Jay is a kneader — but his thing is blankets. He’ll stand with his back arched, purring, as he kneads the blanket with his paws, and sucks a piece in his mouth. We both feel embarrassed when I catch him in the act…

    But the other cat is weirder. He’s a love biter. On more than one occasion he’s bitten my nipple. NOT COOL!

  80. My cat Jay is a kneader — but his thing is blankets. He’ll stand with his back arched, purring, as he kneads the blanket with his paws, and sucks a piece in his mouth. We both feel embarrassed when I catch him in the act…

    But the other cat is weirder. He’s a love biter. On more than one occasion he’s bitten my nipple. NOT COOL!

  81. Too Late says:

    LoL @ nipple biter!!!

  82. I donno where you guys are going saying kitty making biscuits hurts. When they STAND on them it hurts, but my boys make biscuits all the time, they have their claws and I’ve never felt any pain from it. Hm…I guess some cats are just more enthusiastic about it…
    :3 You go kitty.

  83. court cutie says:

    ummmm, yeah. That was not cute at all. Gross.

  84. Catsquatch says:

    “we’ve been just starved for commentroversies.”


    I want in on the commentroversy this time!

    Lets see, um…

    Oh! I got it!



    How was that?

  85. court cutie says:

    ummmm, yeah. That was not cute at all. Gross.

  86. I thought they made biscuts to fluff up their “pillows” (in this case boobs). They have that faraway look in their eyes cause they’re sleepy. This kitteh want’s to sleep!

  87. Justa Duck says:

    Sheilagh, I found one even worse:

    There is nipplage in there. Yikes!

  88. brinnann says:

    Red sweaters, indeed. How dare they? Think of all the red sheep who had to go nekkid so she could have that sweater, which she’ll probably never wear again.

    Catsquatch, u rok!

  89. What commentroversy? My cat does that to me every night, and I have the scars to prove it. (No, you can’t see them.)

  90. DaytimeDeb says:

    uh, Ebby, I get what you’re sayin, ’cause my kitties know when to leave their claws in.

    But, ah, um, there are certain times of the month when I don’t want ANYONE coming ANYWHERE near that region. To say they are tender is an understatement.

    That’s thet same reason I don’t let the kitties walk across my chest. They can’t tell what the date is. They would be so confused if one day all is OK, and the next day you have to peel me off the ceiling and they are running away with little bushy tails because mommy yelled so loud.

  91. I’m with the OWIE! people. When my cat tries to get comfy on the ladies I push her away because it hurts!

    Still, it’s cute when it’s not happening to me.

  92. Kneading Nippies!

  93. gorgefire says:

    That cat is mugging her breasts. Does her husband know that video was posted on the intertubes?

  94. Michelle says:

    ahahahah! I love this video.

    Meg, “Breast Cancer Awareness Kitty”=best comment ever!

  95. Aww I cant see it!

  96. Well I guess this is a pretty unanimous action by the feline population. And I don’t blame them, what with all the pliable, luscious curves (sorry been reading old Conan stories lately >_>).

  97. gotta love the “ho-hum, ladeedah” look in kitty’s face. all in a day’s (lack of) work.

  98. My cat does that too but to my hair while burying his head in my neck while I’m lying down. I don’t what he would do if I ever cut off all my hair!

  99. Sarah F. says:


    LOL. Me, too! I am coming out the chest biscuits closet!

  100. Amy,
    my cat does the neck thing too! he nuzzles into my neck with his giant head and kneads while purring and sometimes drooling… sounds gross but its not, its really very sweet.

  101. Charlotte says:

    Man, what is that bra made out of? Kevlar?

    My furkid used to knead on my chest like this when she was a small kitten, after her mother had stopped nursing. She even tried to suckle at one point (through my shirt and bra, natch). She obviously knew what a rack was for – she just couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working!

    *shrugs* I never thought of it as weird or scandalous – I just took it as a sign that she thought of me as her replacement mommmy.

  102. I hope the cat at least buys her dinner!

  103. If luvn u is rong. . . says:

    This happens every morning in our house at 4:30 am. I roll over, and the cat makes biscuits until the alarm goes off at 5 am. If I don’t roll over, she pats my face to wake me up.

  104. you know, folks, lotsa kitties with claws know how to kneed without using them!

    my little boy (now 15) has been kneading the ladies for a decade and a half. there’s nothing sexual, painful, wrong, gross or anything else about it.

  105. I wish my kitty were lovey-dovey. Not on my…er…chestage, but at least my lap or something. He wants to be pet and brushed and played with, but he’s just not a lap-sitter or snuggler. He’s a sitter-next-to’er. Maybe it’s for the best since he weighs almost 20 lbs!

  106. Cleo prefers laps and tummies, but she’s definitely got the same biscuit-making action. It’s always accompanied by much purring, and she does use her claws – I don’t mind though, I wear jeans!

  107. I guess if there was less nipple going on …then maybe I could have appreciated it for more of the cuteness.
    Cats=cute Nipples =inappropriate

  108. MandaBain says:

    Well I’m pleased to see the lack of commentroversy – I’ll bet Meg & Theo MIGHT even be a little disappointed…? 😉

    I’m sure some other more seemingly benign post will make up for it soon enough!

  109. stubbedoo says:

    Kid, these are not the boobs you’re looking for.

    Keep moving.

  110. ha ha. my cat does that to me sometimes too, but i have to push him off. he’s 19 pounds and it HURTS (and he’s not declawed either) 😉 Then he moves on to chewing on my hair. he’s a weird one…..

  111. Fat Tabby says:

    Haha. The only thing that bugged me was that he was squishing the middle part, just felt painful to watch, but I’m uber UUUUBER squeamish. Also, I now feel extremely flat-chested ;P

  112. Fat Tabby says:

    BTW, my little panther kitteh has very tiny paws, it’s not happy-times when he decides it’s time to stand on my chest for what seems like forever before settling down 😛

  113. Just now able 2vewtehvid –
    Ha! Dat kitteh is a “jugs addict”!

  114. Paunchie says:

    “knead my nads”


  115. David Harmon says:

    Yeah, as Paz noted, “kneading” starts off as the kittens convincing Momma Cat to produce milk.

    My cat likes to sit on my chest when I’m in bed, but doesn’t usually knead unless I’m brushing her. At that point, a blanket is mandatory, as she’s not so good at keeping her claws sheathed.

  116. Ouch kitty, ouch!

  117. Nips of Steel

  118. Like Theo, I am reserving my wittier comments, for fear of being slapped silly.

    On the less witty side, I’m a little surprised to see that this is happening in an upright fashion. I’m used to kitties kneading bodies or objects that are lying down.

    On the experiential side, our first cat, Meow, never really stopped nursing. She’d make biscuits on your arm for a little while then suddenly she’d start schlurping on your forearm and not let go. She was a freak. But we didn’t stop her.

  119. My kitty girl loves to make biscuits on my boobs or tummy, and she has her claws, but she’s always very gentle and it never hurts. Tickles though!

    Anyway, kitty is only doing as nature intended.

  120. Ewww! [the human, not the cat]. Momma, don’t let your babies grow up to get implants.

    Like watching a sloshy train wreck: kinda hoping a dewclaw was going to catch a saline geyser.

  121. starling says:

    Hmm, I had a top like that once.


  122. darkshines says:

    I don’t find the nipples offensive, we all have them. What worries me is that they are so erect, the woman is clearly getting off on this. I feel like a voyeur of furry porn 😦

  123. bwahahahaha! *kneadkneadknead*
    “its part of the yearly womanly exam lady.”

  124. I don’t want to see no more of that stuff on Cuteoverload.

  125. Ow!! Claws!!

  126. theoneflyinvet says:

    i say if we could have that kind of an…exam every year rather than the mammogram we’re used to, the world would be a much better place.

    that said, i knew a cat who was rather sneaky in his suckling ways. he’d start out nice and appropriate purring and makin’ biscuits on the upper chest (think pec muscles) then he’d start licking my face, then he’d very gradually work his way to an earlobe and suckle on my earring. i wore small hoops or studs when i knew him and this always tickled me NO END. man that cat would go to town and not stop until finally i had to pull him off of me. lol. 🙂

  127. whats up with all these prude-y people! they’re just boobs, and they’re beautiful!!

    all my cats did stuff like this. anything smooshable gets smooshed. 🙂

  128. JinxtheCat says:

    What’s up with people thinking this is odd? My kitties love to make biscuits on anywhere that is soft (and that includes boobs). Sheesh. That’s how the kitties show their love. I think it was precious.

  129. Ahem, the lady in question may just be COLD and not, in fact, getting off on it (and yes, that WOULD be gross!)

    I call this “stomping”. My kittehs all LURVE to give me “stompingks”, almost never on the “ladies” (LOL’d @ that one!) but I only have one (semi) nurser. It’s when they stand on my breastBONE that hurts!!!

  130. Daphne Moss says:

    Uh-oh…someone’s been filming through my window…my cat does this weirdness, and I just laugh…He’s such a perv

  131. Oliver's Momma says:

    “If I’m seated for more than a minute or two, she hops in my lap, puts her face in my armpit, and proceeds to knead and suck on my shirt.”

    Oliver does the same thing, except on my arm, sucking on the fabric bunched up on the inner side of my elbow. He’ll wriggle his way under the covers and wake me up doing it. It drives me nuts to be woken up every damn night, but part of me thinks it’s pretty cute.

  132. To the nuffers:
    This is very normal cat action, especially for those adopted young, and has no sexual significance. Cats think we are their new mommies when they are adopted. Even if they were weaned long ago, the most serene and comfy time they ever knew was when they suckled at their mommie’s teat. Mommie cat held them, washed and nuzzled them, loved them. When we cuddle our kitties or they are content, it is very common for them to act exactly like this. They are “reliving their childhood” so to speak, and find it deeply comforting.

    Maycat prefers me to sit on the couch and hold him and he kneads somewhere near the upper breast/collarbone area. To avoid the claws, I started putting a peice of old blanket over me each time. Thing was, the blanket had little nubs of yarn where the layers were tied together. Well, now he equates those with nipples.

    I made the mistake of letting him nurse in front of my brother in law. he thought I was way weird and looked grossed out.

  133. i had to go back and look for those erect nipples – missed them the first time through XD thanks for pointing (cough cough) them out!

    the only reason i feel dirty inside when kitteh does it on nekkid flesh is that she insists on licking the nipple while she does it, hee hee.

  134. Nevar haz sumfingks sew painfuhl ben so plezhurabuhl.

  135. Well, that is the function the kneading behavior originated for. But good luck to this cat in trying to get milk.

    It’s the human’s mental state you wonder about.

  136. There was a cat I knew who loved my very, very much, and would immediately jump on me and start kneading my crotch. Every time I saw here. I’d turn her around, distract her, whatever…and then she’d go back to the crotch. I don’t really get it. Boobs, I get that.

  137. stealingsand says:

    Hah. This reminded me of the fact that whenever my cats jump on my chest invariably they land square inn the middle of tha nipple. Damn. Every. time. Like they know.

  138. ouch!

    when i wake up in the morning my cat sometimes stands with one foot on each boob, RIGHT in the middle. it hurts!

  139. yumyumjanitor says:

    The only thing weird about this is that is was filmed and put on YouTube. Everyone knows that I cat will do the paw nasty on anything that’s fatty.

  140. fluffybutt says:

    When my kitty does this to me it hurts!!! She has such hard little feet. Its very very cute though.

  141. hm. I feel that she (the boobs) is enjoying this too much.
    Or maybe I am just jealous because I’m barely a b cup.

  142. NutherDeb says:

    As a breast cancer survivor, I must say, if I had a cat like this, maybe I would have been diagnosed sooner!! Only a face as cute as that could get away with that!!!

  143. NutherDeb says:

    …Of course, now, I’d have to worry about kitty bursting the silicone…

  144. Kitteh looks like it’s been hanging out with my hubby.

    Damn boobie mashers!

  145. My cat does this same thing to me every night, only he drools at the same time.
    Tewtally freaks my husband out.

  146. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hee hee hee, the cat scan comments are teh awesome!
    Wonderful funny video.

  147. Alternative Carpark says:

    Laktashions, she is happeninks??

  148. yankeebird says:

    I’m surprised by all the “ow” comments. One of my girls is a frequent kneader on my boobses, but I’ve never found it painful. I don’t know if it’s because I have larger tatas and don’t feel it as much as someone with smaller breasts would, but it’s only painful when she tries to *stand* on said boob.

  149. Oooooooh..! That cat is suuuch a purrrrvert.

    GEDDIT??! : )

  150. Molinchka says:

    I have a cat who is pushing 18 now. He’s always loved to kneed. He likes legs, shoulders, boobs, really any place where he can both stand on you and kneed. He’s got pointy claws so I only let him have at it when I’m wearing thick denim or a sweatshirt, otherwise he’ll poke a zillion little holes in you wherever he’s kneeding.

    He’s also a licker, and since he’s so old I know of one family member who abides him licking his hand while he reads the paper. That patch of his hand is now bald. Kitteh likes to lick.

    I also had a cat that loved kneading this one wool blanket. He was really weird about it and would drool profusely while he worked at it. So glad it was just the one blanket and not me. That would have been a little bit gross.

  151. gravyboat says:

    Squeesh squeesh squeesh!

  152. oooh, that’s gotta hurt!

  153. tigerbunny says:

    Just because her nipples are erect does not mean she’s aroused. I doubt she’s cold, with a sweater and a warm kitteh and all the attention of the cameraperson. I used to work with a woman who had nuclear nips. Didn’t matter if it was 110 outside, or how thick her bra was, you could see ’em. Everybunny’s different. 🙂

  154. I guess this is different from your cat walking all over your chest area at 2 am in the morning, or atleast she seems to enjoy it.

  155. La-de-da says:

    It hurts a lot less when they’re fake, though!

  156. I used to have a cat who would make biscuits on boobs (especially mine), then he’d move up to knead the shoulders and drool on your neck. I had to warn every female who entered my house. That cat freaked people out.

  157. I wish my cat would knead my special place.

  158. TheBladeRoden says:

    Yet another item to add to the list of things pets can do that would get me thrown in jail.

  159. OMG! That woman is clearly not about to get her special monthly visit from her favorite Aunt.

    That makes my boobies want to scream just looking at it.

    Dear Kitty: Breasts are not biscuits!

  160. PS: One of my kitties used to be a “Nurser” too.

    His name is Hootie McBoo (similar enough to Hooter McBoob)

  161. Lol… I’ve had cats try to do that to my breasts before… Nuhuh! I have mildly sensitive boobs and just watching that pained me rofl.

  162. kittenkissies says:

    They must be from Missouri.

  163. marissposa says:

    so precious…. what a cutie.

  164. Boobies make the softest, most kneadable kitty pillow in the universe… 😉

  165. and someone filmed this??

  166. *fap fap fap fap*

  167. Kim and Chili says:

    My cat Chili does this all the time, with the added visual of his nose up close and drooling. I never thought to take a video. I adopted him declawed so no worries there.

  168. acelightning says:

    Almost all cats, no matter what their age or size, will knead on soft things. And what’s more soft and kneadable than a bosom? Besides, I think the cats know, at least on some level, the biological similarities between a momma cat and a momma human. However, as a human female myself, I do have to object to a full-grown cat kneading on my bazooms with his claws half-out!

  169. Hum, darkshine? Erect nipples has nothing to do with enjoyment. Take a piece of sandpaper and rub your nipples. It hurts, right? OMG, your nipples are erect!! You LOVED that??????

  170. Ah, folks, we have rules-

    No kneading on bare skin. Ever.

    there are Do Not Go zones that are defended by teh human.

    She doesn’t knead, he has a mad passion for my pectoral minors, but he has been known to drift- something I am vigilant about. He settles in, purrs dielsel-ly, and I simply put a hand over the No Go zone, all are happy, until such time that I am tired of being trod upon.

    On a good day I can get him to lie down and just in/out, more claw, but not going into skin.

  171. I think kneading is definitely a personal sensitivity area. Me, it hurts like crazy and the cats are not allowed. All the cats I have ever had have been declawed, but it didn’t matter, anywhere they kneaded on me hurt. My mom has no sensitivity to it whatsoever. Except with my bro’s cat. She pinches. I don’t know quite how, but she uses the pads of her paws to pinch you as she kneads. Not nice.

  172. Well, I thought it was cute, if a bit ouchie if kitty wasn’t careful with the claws.

    My cat only does this on two blankets I have… microfiber, and a pink comforter I’ve had since I was a teenager. It’s very cute when she does it… but it’s only for a moment before she lies down and settles in.

    Or when she is trying to wake me up in the morning, she might do it… I’m being cute, give me treats! After waking me at dawn, making noise, and clawing my toes. O_o

  173. skippymom says:

    Sara: “I sure hope that cat is declawed”?
    I sure hope you don’t really mean that. Maybe you should read up on how painful and traumatic this practice is for cats.
    [I sincerely apologize if this comment makes a nuff, but it’s hard to believe any CO viewer would advocate declawing.]

  174. a seriously creeped out person... says:

    ok, ok i know this is probably going to make hundreds of people go ‘its not offensive’ blah blah blah, but this whole ‘cats ‘n’ racks’ thing really creeps me out. I mean, for who’s benefit IS this? I find the whole thing just a bit twisted and sick. The rest of the site is great, but I really think we could all do without the likes of this. I mean, the first time I saw the cats ‘n’ racks bit i thought i’d inadvertedly stumbled upon some creepy porn site. 😦

  175. “He demands a ‘suckle’ about once a day by giving a special meow and walking to his a special blue nubbly blankie… he wants me to lie down propped up on a pillow and put the blankie over me, then he hops up on my tummy or my… chest… and kneads and suckles on one of the nubs on the blankie. He stares into my eyes and I stroke his head and call him wonderful until he suckles himself to sleep and it’s a great bonding time.”

    Sure, lady. Your cat DEMANDS it with a special meow. Tells you to lie down on the floor, does he? …. *rolls eyes*

    You’re getting off on nursing your cat. That’s disturbing.

    Yeah, it’s natural feline behavior to mush things with their paws. Humans who exploit this for their own weird kinks are sick.

    Your instinct to be ashamed and secretive about this was right on.

  176. a seriously creeped out person... says:

    cynthia, i cannot tell you how glad I am that someone shares this point of veiw. The fact that some people enjoy this sort of thing is sick.
    The whole ‘he looks into my eyes’ thing just makes me think that person’s imagining things. they need to get out more in my humble opinion.

  177. Janice the "8 is Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    Yep, typical kitteh behavior! Like most of you I wasn’t at all nuff-prone from this, just kinda cringing at the claws and the amount of pressure kitteh brought to the…table.

    Some of mine will do this when I let ’em, but they haven’t mastered the “no claw zone” concept yet so a sweatshirt AND a blanket are a must!

    Pretty kitteh, too, but then I’m always a sucker for anything in stripes!

  178. Oh my gosh. I work with cats all day, and let me tell you, cats + claws on boobies = owwie! lol.

  179. Lemongrass says:

    All I can say is she must be wearing a rubber bra because…OW. OwowowowOWOWOW.

  180. I am reminded of a friend’s hubby who thought it was funny that their kitten kept nursing on his nipple. That poor screwed up cat!

    Frankly, I discourage the kneading from Old Cat because it’s painful!

  181. umichgal says:

    TWICE in the middle of the night I’ve woken up to my cat doing the same thing! Hilarious that she’s not the only perv in the kitty world! just kidding – i think its hilarious and not at all pervy…well the utter lack of whispering or laughter in the background kind of makes me think the filming humans are a little creepy, but…well I’m sure there’s an explanation for that. 🙂

  182. Whoah MOMMA! Hey, that IS where the instinctive behavior comes from. . .

  183. CupcakeCowgirl says:

    For those of you with the “implant” comments…

    I’m guessing that you’ve never actually SEEN fake breasts, because it’s obvious that the ones in the video are real.

    Look how far his paws go in! No silcone-stuffed rack would be that smooshable.

  184. Cynthia, you do realize this person was saying the cat does that to a nub on the blanket, not her actual nipple, right? I’d be surprised if she’s “getting off” on watching her cat nurse on a piece of blanket while she pets him. It may be strange but it really doesn’t sound sexual to me.

  185. Anon E. Moose says:

    Pervy Cat says, “Of course this how you do massage. Really, Iz OK. I massage therapist”

  186. i laughed so hard i freaking cried!

  187. Lara,

    you know how you can tell a lie by all the gratuitous and unnecessary details that a person fills in to the story, but how the truth of the emotion can come through.

    According to Liz, her cat meows her to

    lie down
    put a pillow under her
    cover herself with the blanket

    Feels like a big old delusion.

    But Liz’s experience of shame and secretiveness rings true.

    If the kitty is just playing with a blanket, why the shame? Whether there’s a blanket or not, Liz likes the “massage.” I don’t believe there’s a blanket. Liz is doing naughty things with that cat.

  188. metsakins says:

    Solly meows to me to come lie down on the bed to pet him. I guess I’m deluding myself and I’m really a sicko. Geez, I just thoght the cat and I understood each other.

    *call shrink for emergency appointment and consultation*

  189. metsakins says:

    btw … to continue on this

    animal behavoirists who study cats found that the cats have many different intonations, that clearly mean different things. Also feral cats have different intonations than domestic cats and they believe that this is because they are trying to communicate with their owners. I guess when Huggy comes running up to us to tell us Solly is at the back door and wants to come in, we are imagining this as well for our own sick purposes. Hubby first noticed it, but he’s retired and I guess that causes the delusion.

  190. metsakins says:

    on that note I’m going to make a batch of vanilla pudding from scratch…mmm warm puddin’

  191. aahahahahahahhahaha ow ow ow ahahahahaha!

    Barbed — you beat me (by a mile) to the “kevlar bra” comment.

    and while i’m am loath to add to a commentroversy, particularly one we’ve already had a bajillion times, i just can’t help saying that you weirdos who think the owner is somehow “getting off” on this are without a doubt the real pervs. stheriously. the only way i can even begin to take you seriously is to imagine that you are a bunch of effed-up 14-year-old girls who are obsessed with yet terrified by sex and therefore see it in EVERYTHING.

  192. I have a cat now that used to do the same thing with a blanket when he was little. He would only do it with this one blanket, it was his “momma”, he loved to suck on it and knead his paws in it. It’s not pervy, it’s adorable.

  193. rubber duck says:


    I’m trying to decide whether the cat thinks they’re toys or balloons or something…or whether he(?) thinks he’s a man…

  194. rubber duck says:

    Lemongrass wrote: “All I can say is she must be wearing a rubber bra because…OW. OwowowowOWOWOW.”

    Goodness, yes, look at those nails! I hope it’s a thick brassiere.

  195. There was a very strange moment there when the cat stopped and I thought it would actually suckle…lol

  196. I hope this kitty doesn’t have claws…

  197. Squeezit says:

    Holy crap I can’t stop laughing

  198. ow? that’s what I’d be saying. ow! 🙂

  199. *head tilt*

    *beckons hubby*

    *hubbys head tilting*

    *Nudges hubby to take notes*

    [TypePad strips out anything in “angle brackets”, for future reference… – Ed.]

  200. /head tilt

    Hope thats not a water bra :/

    if it is… lets hope kitty is declawed !! LOL


  201. can you not make a comment enclosed in “” ??

  202. All you have to do is keep the claws trimmed, you know. Declawing is actually a pretty extreme procedure & I don’t recommend it.

  203. o.O

    never knew bout those pesky angle brackets 😛

  204. Yodie — exactly. The greater-than and less-than brackets make TypePad think you’re trying to inject HTML, and rather than parse it (complex), it just skips it (simple).

    I use the standard “[” and “]” brackets instead.

  205. I dont have a cat, have never had a cat, and only threw the declawing/waterbra thing in there to humor those who may be wearing a water bra 😛

    Im sure getting your nails ripped out would be quite extreme.

    DO NOT WANT !!11one11!

  206. Ow… ow… POP!

  207. skippymom says:

    Theo–thanks for the anti-declawing message. I was surprised that so far no one else had brought this up.

  208. roommie’s kitteh does the same on my lap! her claws hurt so no kneading leg or tummy. seen her knead + suckle a cat who’s never had bebes before – it was really funny.

  209. Hi – This is our video! Thanks for posting it, lots of schwa-eeet writers poured in w/ commentroversials. Could U pretty pleez put in up top somewheresers the original source, Poush Comics? (we make comic book vending machines – yes, machines that vend small comix for $1!) Thankya… Jamie

  210. pixie-stix says:

    He’s fluffing-up the soft peeelows before having a nap.

  211. Stephanie S. says:

    I usually hate cats and racks but this one is hilarious.

  212. Beats the hell out of a typical mammogram session. Is this the new alternative diagnostic technique they have been working on?

  213. PG-13 OMG

  214. kittyface says:

    So, please let me get this straght, if I send you a picture of a small cute kitten wraped around a mans balls, will you post it on your famlly friendly website ?? How about if I cram a kittin in my but crack… will you put it on you cute animal website?? I love your website and look at it everymorning befor work but I am desterbed and descusted by your choice of subject matter regarding “cats and wracks “. Their are more then enuf other places to get your titty fix . And come on girls why are you doing this to your self, do you really want who knows who perving on your body ?? And what example are you setting for you daughters ???? PLEASE NO MORE BOOBY PICTURES !!!