You got any erasers in here—WHOA

OK, this’ll do [snatches puppeh and trots off to white board]

every office needs one …, originally uploaded by bunchofpants.

Sender Inner Lori W., noice woik



  1. Wha–? My desk doesn’t have one! No fair!!!

  2. Hmmm. This should work nicely…even better than a Pink Pearl.

  3. I wonder if I can get a six-pack of these from Office Depot…

    You know, I was kept awake half the night by 40,000 drunk KU basketball fans screaming, and the assholes in charge at KU still made me come to work this morning. I think the university owes me a puppy.

  4. metsakins says:

    *checks drawer *

    *sees “sign here” stickies and an assortment of highlighters and clips*

    *gets out office supply catalog*

    Hello, yes, I’d like to place a special order.

  5. Every desk in America needs a puppy or a kitten in it! I don’t know how much work would get done but it certainly would raise morale!

  6. I have two of these drawers in my office.
    I’ve checked the one on the right, then the one on the left.
    Then I go back to the one on the right.
    Back and forth, back and forth.
    Still no puppy.

  7. having bad phone conversation with person that has no clue? open desk drawer and sneak a little lovins clsoe drawer and go back idiot. Problem solved !!!!

  8. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Well, if YOU had a pupling that cute, you’d smuggle it into the office, too, no?

    No, not my pic, but heck, even I think it’s a cootiepie! You all know I’m more of a kitty smuggleuppagus!!

  9. Theresa says:

    Shhhh! Don’t wake the eraser!

  10. I’m calling maintenance to request the installation of a puppeh drawer!

  11. Skyweaver says:

    *flip, flip, flip*

    (picks up phone)

    “Hello, Office Depot? I don’t see the puppeh page…”

  12. Barbara says:

    Exactly, Steppy – I need one of those – I’m calling my Employee Assistance Program! HR! OSHA! My physician!

  13. Desdemona says:

    Redzilla — I’m at KU too, only I don’t live near downtown. And I’m also one of the schmuck staff persons who had to come to work today while all the students are sleeping it off. But at least we get to check CO at our leisure!

  14. I’d give anything to be able to squeeze into that drawer and sleep next to the puppeh.

  15. What a nice well found sleepingplace!

  16. Scenes from the CO Dream Office:

    “Where’s the eraser?”

    “Oh, Sherrie took him out back. He needed to use the yellow marker, if you know what I mean.”

  17. CoffeeCUp says:

    Maybe Jim should put one of these in Dwight’s desk drawer – maybe he wouldn’t be so grumpy.

  18. we all seem to have defective desks, for they have no puppies. 😦 congress should get to work on these workers rights injustices immediately!

  19. Hon Glad says:

    Sorry boss the reports not ready, I was to busy snorgling then I had to do a furburt, then a little Cuteoverload and it was time to go home.

  20. Peg — considering that the CO Dream Office would be in Seattle’s Space Needle (after Dr. Evil and Starbucks get evicted for failing to pay ONE MEEELYUN DOLLARS in back rent), maybe we could change that slightly? How about “Oh, Sherrie ran him downstairs…”

  21. ThreeCatNight says:

    Now, why can’t I find something like this in MY desk drawer? Nothing but junk!

  22. (Visualizes Sherrie holding drippy pup off the edge of the observation deck)

  23. StormCat says:

    *sigh* I too have checked both of my desk drawers, but to no avail… I have no Puppeh in them…

    Would love to gently nom his little flipper over ear though…

  24. StormCat says:

    I just realized that his human Mommy put a towel in there for him to sleeps on!!! What a nice Mommie!!!!

  25. Katrina says:

    Pleeease tell me that there isn’t really a Starbucks in the Space needle.
    There should be puppies in every desk drawer-my desk doesn’t have drawers- how about a nice, soft and comfy “In” box?

  26. I can’t really see the work on the desk, but from what I can tell, it would put anyone to sleep!

  27. meowandwoof says:

    CoffeeCup, remember Dwight killed Angela’s cat! I don’t think we should give him this cute little Office Puppy!

  28. Katrina, that’s the only part that’s actually true about the future Dream Office. What other coffee would you serve in such an iconic Seattle landmark? Peet’s? Dunn Bros.?

  29. stubbedoo says:

    I don’t have any desk drawers – so no chance of a puppy eraser hiding in one of them. *pout*

    But, I do have two kitties around to snorgle. The joy of working from home.

  30. and the towel that his mommie put in the drawer has kittehs on it!
    how poifect is that for CO Dream Office???

  31. Hahaha coffecup, I don’t think I’d trust Dwight with a puppeh. Maybe a puppeh shaped eraser?

  32. gah!! i want an eraser like that!!! gimmie gimmie!!

  33. LSUHILLARY says:

    Having one of these in my desk might make me give hoot about my TPS reports!!!

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    Can anyone venture a guess as to what kind of puppeh it is? I want one. And I don’t know what to look for.

  35. DeskPets®
    Need a category of office pets, doing officey things ie: filing, coffeebreaks, take a memo, faxing, cleaning up lunch room!

  36. What’s the product code if I wanna order a tuxie kitteh?

    Does Office Depot carry these? Or only Pet Depot?

  37. warrior rabbit says:

    Theo: Seattle’s Best? Though I prefer B&O Espresso.

  38. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “workplace accident.”

    (P.S. My drawers have no puppeh).

  39. cheesybird says:

    Cute, yes, but does it double as a cell phone? 😉

  40. I used to work for a company whose owners would bring their golden to work on occassion. He would always come to see me ‘cuz I kept treats in my desk for him!

  41. Katrina says:

    Have the best you can find, my friends, I cannot drink coffee for it makes my medical condition SOOOOOO much worse.
    Relax, enjoy the coffee, I’ll enjoy the smell-can we have carrot cake and juice in the office?

  42. Just got back from lunch and dis making me soooo sleepiezzzzzz…

  43. Patty P says:


    Reminds me back when I had my own business and adopted (rescued) an undersized bouncy bebe kitteh from a litter of seven from the business next door (born in an old car in their warehouse). Kitteh went home with me every evening and came to work with me every day and slept in my open desk drawer on my red chenille sweater until he was a few months older.

    He was so tiny then, he used my desktop as a basketball court with a tiny wad of paper, batting it around in the circle of my arms. He’s now 11 years old.

    Here’s a pic of him the day we got him. he doesn’t look it, but he is already 8 weeks old.

    The vet didn’t believe his age (think he was only 4 weeks old), but I had documented the date his not-so-good alley cat mother came over begging for food immediately after delivery, still cleaning herself up. Yes, I fed her regularly since the “owner” was lax. My Sammy is the only one of the entire group (including the mom) to survive after one year, simply due to owner irresponsibility on their part.

    I wubs him! Here he is a few years back, coveting my cereal milk:

  44. Heh, when I first saw this picture I thought the towel was a world map. I did not realize this was a kitten towel until someone said it.

    Alas I too checked my drawer at work and no puppy, I do however have a stress relief piggy squeezer thing that oinks when you squeeze it.

  45. snoopysnake says:

    If my company had provided desk puppehs like this one I might not have decided to retire.

    Notice how the shadow and space between the tail and the body of the puppeh sort of resemble a pair of specs, if you don’t look too close.

  46. Sigh… Can I come work at your company .. Please????? I want a puppy in my desk drawer.

    I can do filing answer phones advertising some computer tech work you can even pay me in puppies.

  47. Kallist says:

    Patty P, I like your kitteh. He’s gorgeous. Thanks for taking him in. He thrives! One can tell.

  48. larakimbo says:

    what kinda of puppeh is that???

    My brother just got an italian greyhound, and he’s just about this size. I wonder if he would let me bring him to work with me and put him in my drawer….

  49. This is why I’m currently not employed. I REFUSE to work for anyone who doesn’t have insurance, 1 hour lunches, and puppies in the desk drawer.

    Unemployment understands…. REALLY they do.

  50. Birdcage says:

    Ha! I also thought that was a world map and now that it’s pointed out to me, of course that’s a kittowel. All I can say about drawerpup – WANT. I promise I’d still be productive. Could better avoid the internet during work hours if I had my own drawerpup.

  51. Stephanie says:

    Aww! That little ear just begs to be nibbled on. ^_^

  52. Mary (the first) says:

    Well I didn’t want to admit it but I also thought that was a world map. That puppeh could be my world, that’s for sure!

  53. Em (Melb, Aus) says:

    This is adorable hehe..

    When we first got my puppeh, Peanut, she used to sleep in the bottom drawer of our computer desk, just so she could be closer to do.. She slept in that draw for a good 8 or 9 years, until she couldn’t jump up there herself anymore 😦

  54. Em (Melb,Aus) says:

    Excuse my typo.. I just woke up!

    do = you

  55. binky-mama says:

    Um….how does this person get ANY work done?

  56. I don’t usually like little dogs, but this is just precious… <3

  57. Totalee Puppy says:

    Family News/Noticiero Familiar
    Pets-on-Hand Announces New Program
    by Totalee Puppy
    The success of bringing puppies and kittens to raise spirits and promote
    healing for residents in
    nursing homes has given the Pets-on-Hand directors a new idea: “Office workers
    need cheering-up, healing of poopy (sic.) conditions and
    droopy eyelids after trips to the vending machine…We are arranging for a puppy or a kitten in
    the coziest drawer of every desk. Please indicate your choice of fuzzy companion when you call Pets-on-Hand. We have
    branches in major cities and express service if you are working at a university.”
    “El éxito que se ha visto
    con la presencia de cachorros y gatitos…”

  58. I toally know what conversation I’m having with my boss tomorrow.

  59. Aw! He’s adorable!

    I thought that towel was a map, too! That little chew toy is the perfect touch. What a sweet, lucky little puppeh. He looks like a chihauhua mix to me… maybe?

  60. chanpon says:

    Damn it, must have lost the matching pair on the way back from the laundry. Next thing you know you have drawer full of singles. 😦

  61. Puppeh layink on map….

    He noes how 2 find cute…

    He iz now called:
    Thomas Guide

  62. to cute LOL holing McPuppersons out over space needle to pee LOL
    need puppy at work too but I don’t think they will let me…grumf.

  63. Totalee Puppy says:

    I thought it was a map of the world, too…I am getting Cute Overload blurred visión…But what a great way to go!

  64. @kallist:

    Thanks! I wubs him!

  65. LOL
    Iz NOT map…
    Iz kitteh towel!
    iz has da COL blurrz 2.
    O noes!
    NOW I seez it.
    I needz sleep.
    can I haz nap wiff puppeh?

  66. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I want an eraser like that where can I find one. LOL

  67. I love these scenes from the Dream Office!

  68. Um … HELLO? The only coffee in the CO Dream Office will be the coffee *I* make. (Which is pretty darn good, IMO.)

  69. Jessibird says:

    I wish I could do this with my kitty cat…she’s going thru her “teenager phase”, not happy about a thing. AND she talks back. What’s a kitty mama to do? *sigh*