Winston is a piglet

A good friend once told me—”Meg, you know what you need on Cute Overload? MORE WINSTON” Well this one goes out to you, Ross 😉

Cheers to Rich over at FourFour for watching QVC/The Hills/Whatever that is and taking great video at the same time.



  1. Lorel J says:

    apparently people’s lives are enhanced in some unexplainable way by posting [BLEEEEEEEEN]. So I’m trying it just this once.

  2. Jennifer says:

    *giggling madly at work*

  3. HAHA! Is he a cat or a goat??? I can’t tell.

  4. AlbertaGirl says:

    Even our goats are pickier about what they eat than that! I love Winston so much.

  5. hronnsa says:

    i <3 winston.

  6. Yay, Winston!

  7. snoopysnake says:

    I miss his meow in this one, though. It must be most gratifying to feed this magnificent, not to mention famous, cat!

  8. Wombats says:

    WINSTON! I LURRRVEE WINSTON! I want to be the President of the Winston is Pig Fan Club!

    Man…that cat will eat anything! My former kitty (rest in peace) would only eat Fancy Feast Tuna & Whitefish!

  9. Haha, winston wins.

    (but omg cat-spit-covered fingers conveying food into human’s mouth = grooooooss….)

  10. Your good friend LIED to you!

  11. meowandwoof says:

    I’ve missed Winston! And yes, your life becomes complete upon posting [BLEENISH BLEENY BLEENMENTS]!

  12. Wooow, he certainly eats like a pig!

  13. Well, it COULD be edible! You don’t know until you try, right Winston?

  14. Poohbear says:

    Soooo funny! Thanks for the LOLs! Go, Weeenston, go!!

  15. Oooh Winnie. Not everything belongs in yer MOWF! Tee-hee. Silly butt.

  16. How does this cat not weigh 400 pounds?!

  17. ai luv teh litl kitteh smaking noises….

    poor winnie!

  18. Pene-loaf says:

    I thought it was bad my cat chews on my hair – though I have to agree with Nottmi, cat-spit covered fingers + eating = ewwww

  19. Berlesconie says:

    Winstoooon! Damn it, he’s freakishly cute.

  20. He is so my favorite cat that is not one of my own cats.

    I especially loved the cameo by an inquisitively sniffing Rudy in the bottom right corner.

  21. True coniseurs know that piggy Winston slobbers enhances all food tastes . . . lol. Go Winnie Go

  22. I tried Gizmo on lettuce once. It got the same reaction as the pancakes got. 😦 He’s hard to spoil!

  23. Michelle says:

    Dear Winston,

    I am your biggest fan and this is my favorite film. I thought I saw you riding in your limo down the strip the other day and I waved and shouted. Did you see me? I was the one wearing the hat with the pompons. I know you’re a very busy cat, so I won’t take up your time, but if you could someday sign my autograph book with your teeth, you would make me the happiest person in the world.

    Loyal Fan

  24. momof2kitties says:

    More Winnie!! I wanna be in the Winston Fan Club, too! He cracks me up. How do his owners manage to stay gainfully employed? I would never leave the house!

  25. hands down, the BEST winston clip….

    just brilliant!

  26. He reminds me of that dinosaur that Fred and Barney use as a time clock on The Flintstone’s… chomp! I’m here, Mr. Slate!

  27. Count me in the club. I want Winnie so bad my teeth hurt.

    So. Adorable.

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    OK, my cat eats paper. What does that make her? I haven’t offered her any plastic utensils yet.

  29. Oh, you too-sensitive slobber people. After a while, the devoted cat owner simply forgets that the cat has just licked her fingers and reaches back into the bag of chips. Life’s too short to worry about gross stuff.

    And Winston ROCKS.

  30. See the scabs on the guys elbow? That’s from before the takeout arrived. Paranah cat! Good thing there’s not a herd of Winstons, they’d take out a live cow.

  31. lsuhillary says:

    Oh ma lawdy that FourFour blog is great! Will have to add it to my list, after CO, of course.
    Want to squeeze Winston!!!!!!!

  32. katiedid says:

    OH MY GOD I love the fangs .. I cant stop laughing.. I have to show this to everyone. So cute!!!!

  33. Win-STON! Win-STON! Win-STON!

    I’m always kind of shocked to realize that he’s kind of a tiny kitty…with a ‘uge noggin!

    Keep your plastic lids locked up tight…Winston is BACK!

  34. sunnymum says:

    WINSTON!!!! Oh how I’ve missed Mr. Chomper McChompersons. Man does he have a good appetite or what? He’s game to try anything! I think by the time the paper came around the jig was up. He’s all, wait, I’m smelling first before chomping now, and I don’t smell food mister! I still like the first Winston clip on CO, the montage of meows (Winnie what’s the problem?).

  35. no wonder the poor boy’s got ibs :s

    and i thought those were tattoos, not scabs. ew scabs.

  36. OMG! Winston!!!!!!!!! You chomper of everything! Why can’t I have a Winnie in my life? WHY?

  37. Winston is EXACTLY what I needed today. I didn’t know that, but he is. He was so busy chewing he wasn’t yowling.


    The little Rudy face was cute too.

  38. Daphne Moss says:

    I don’t generally like Persians, but that kitteh is such a sweetie…and clearly much loved (owner did not let Winston actually eat garnish, etc…hope he’s always that kind and considerate of kittey bellehs…)

  39. This is why I’m currently not employed. I REFUSE to work for anyone who doesn’t have insurance, 1 hour lunches, and puppies in the desk drawer.

    Unemployment understands…. REALLY they do.

  40. ahem – OOPS – ED. can you delete ^^^ or do you prefer to leave to show how silly I am?

  41. That would be The Comeback playing in the backround. It was a shortlived HBO mockumentary about a failed sitcom star starring Lisa Kudrow. It’s HILARIOUS. Cheers!

  42. OMG LAWL! <3 Winston!

    Anyway, did anyone see this video of Winston’s human feeding him carrots?


  43. He doesn’t pay for his meals…why would he even touch the bill?

  44. Theresa says:


  45. Theresa says:

    PS, I am showing this to my finicky Stinky cat– Look, Stinky, what a good eater!

  46. Sorry but GROSS. Slimy wet cat fingers transfering food to human mouth?! What?! And the cat (bless him) has no manners. Gross, gross gross. Even the snarkly snuffling is gross!! Urgh. Don’t see the winston attraction at all. *shrugs* off to find some real cute!!!!

  47. There is NO living being on this or any other planet as Qte as Winston.

    Just accept it.

  48. BonzoGal says:

    Winston is our snorfle-y overlord. The Winston haytahs can just go look at some sanitary Precious Moments figurines- the rest of us, Winston-blessed, will be rolling on the couch with our Rice-Krispie-costumed hero.

    Thanks Meg!

  49. oh winston

  50. sunnymum says:

    Cats are so frickin’ clean. There is a detergent type of thing in their saliva since they groom themselves, and they don’t stink like other animals who have to be given a bath when they’re dirty. Notice how clean they usually smell? Ergo, my cat’s saliva has never bothered me. Let’s put this in bio perspective here. Now, if you find it yucky, just because, then so be it. But it’s really not yucky in any sound scientific sense.

  51. Maybe its just me, but I don’t think Winston is all that cute.

  52. OMG Winnie is 75% head! bobble head kitteh, how does he not fall over? His ravenous appetite is to feed his gloriously HUGE BRAIN! HE WILL SOON CONQUER ALL HOOOMANNNSSZZ!!!

  53. Kittie licks are the best! Bertha is not much of a licker (bless her heart) but I would give just about ANYTHING to have my now deceased lick-happy cats back just for two minutes to lick my arms or fingers!

    (Jon Lovitz as Harvey Fierstein voice):


  54. lol- I was just driving home yesterday and Freak Me came on the radio, and I was thinking, hmm.. we haven’t seen Winston lately!

  55. The fangs, people. THE FANGS!!!!

    that’s all I have to say

  56. Oh, and I’m pretty sure those were tattoos because I have yet to see a star-shaped scab. Ever.

  57. bdwilcox says:

    I believe what others described as “scabs” on the fellow’s elbows are actually Kaposi’s sarcoma, a skin tumor that commonly results from an HIV/AIDS weakened immune system.

  58. Hahahahahahhahah ! That’s the funniest thing EVER !

    That Winston is an eating machine with fur !

    You made me laugh like crazy in front of my computer (yes, I’m crazy, but that’s another topic entirely).

  59. okay, where are the I <3 Winston T Shirts and the Winston Dolls??


  60. HURRY UP!!!!! says:

    OMG, I LOVE The Comeback.
    That show is the best show EVER. Winston, you have GREAT taste in television.
    I wish that show was still on…cute cat.

  61. Errm, I don’t know about the KS, but that is most definitely a star shaped tatoo just beside his elbow, very clearly in the final frame.

    And Winnie kinda grosses me out. It’s not him, it’s me. I can’t tolerate the sound of people (or animals, apparently) eating.

  62. foxy is absolutely right on-the TEEETH the TEETH-it is the TEETh peoples! Those teeth are fangs of the best kind, and yes, he IS Fred Flinstone’s cat that always gets the best of ol’ Fred.

    More Winston whenever he appears! When one lives with a cat such as Winston one is bound to swap spit- it just happens unknowingly-I’ll be he didn’t even notice he was doing it.
    Thank you for Winston!

  63. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, in spite of being a big cat lover.. I am not particularly fond of Winston. But the part at the end where he eats *everything* in sight but won’t take the check.. now that was pretty good.

  64. haaaaaaaaaaa

    i never laugh out loud. but that was too funny

    eating the lid is the best part

  65. gravyboat says:

    Winston this instant!!!

  66. Random comment girl says:

    Meg, are you in love with Winston’s Daddy? I’m in love with Winston, so, if you are, we’re going to have to get a big place.

  67. Not looking forward to the Winston exploding video.

  68. violetgreen says:

    Paper?? Puh-lease, I have my standards!

  69. I prefer to think that Rich takes the moment his hand goes offscreen to wipe his fingers -then- yoink a chunk of sushi. He probably didn’t, but it keeps the squick down and that’s all that matters.

    I lerve Winston. One second, he’s a snuggly toy with anime girl eyes, next he’s a lamprey, and then he’s a snugglewumple again.

  70. Loves me some Winston!

  71. AliceTanzer says:

    Or he’s, yknow, covered in tattoos which you can see in all the other videos.

  72. Man, I wonder what was in that awesome gift basket from the network.

  73. chanpon says:

    Winston baring his fangs on the plastic lid really had me giggling nonstop. Winston, you never fail to amuse me!!

  74. Not only is Winston a piglet, he has only two brain cells.

    And they’re not talkin’ to each other.

  75. That plastic lid did it for me! 😀 LOL

  76. I love Winston and I’m glad to see another video of him! Those two must have to tie down everything in the house… when he gets in eating mode he just can’t stop himself!

  77. Annie J says:

    So tasty! XD I love how he ate everything BUT the paper! Yay Winston! I’d let you lick my fishie fingers! 😛

  78. All of the spots on his arm, star-shaped or otherwise, are tattoos. It has been confirmed before on their site.

  79. This is the truly scary video of Winnie the eating machine:

  80. Freya Alternative Carpark says:


  81. Hon Glad says:

    My cat eats Primroses and licks Marmite from my fingers.

  82. Shannon says:

    Sheesh. I can hardly get my cat to eat lunchmeat or chicken meat off the floor, forget from my hands!!

  83. Lol… I say so long as Winston doesn’t have any kind of parasite then who care if Rich ate after Winston gave his fingers a lickin.
    I used to do it all the time with our Fatty (RIP). One of the ways she liked to show affection was to lick us and it was just the sweetest thing ever and I never ran off to wash my hands after she did b/c there was no reason to.

  84. Hee-hee!!!

    Reminds me of Drew Barrymore in “E.T.”—“Is he a pig? He sure eats like one!”.

  85. binky-mama says:

    Typical bebeh…..everything goes in the mouf….

  86. That is having me in stitches ROFL! Winston, you´re such a character! 😉

  87. acelightning says:

    The “garnish” won’t hurt him – it’s just a particular type of lettuce, and cats will often eat grass or leafy greens as a natural “tonic” for their system. (Well, it makes it easier for them to barf up a hairball. But it’s good for them.) And, although my own cat Loki won’t eat fish or seafood, most cats love it, so sushi and fishsticks would certainly make sense.


  89. win-STON your too much, i have to say I needed you to you yesterday. The lid was to much for me LOLOLOLOLOL

  90. rofl @ the greedy bugger. lid? chop stick? plastic fork? sure, not a problem! piece of paper, get that freaking thing out of my face! well i guess winston has standards, hehe.

  91. Why on earth would you all think that’s KS?

  92. metsakins says:

    although I would never eat with unwashed kittey lick hand (that would just be gross) I may have continued a meal or two (or three) that Miss huggums kindly tasted for me to make sure it was okay. Miss Huggums is just a giving sort of cat that way.

    Now, as far as the carrot video…two things-
    none of my cats eat carrots
    my cousin used to give our dog cookies and biscuits this way all the time.

  93. Totalee Puppy says:

    Family News/Noticiero Familiar
    Presenting Winston–Gross
    Guy or Green Guy?
    by Totalee Puppy
    “Run for your life–the omnivores are coming!” Is this really scary, or is it
    something we find in nature? Omnivore comes from
    two Latin words: omnis, meaning all and vorare, meaning to devour,eat…Enjoy the video about Winston…Is he an omnivore? Think about other animals… Check-out
    some information about global warming and how we can live green. Can Winston’s eating habits help our planet? Is Winston a “Green Guy”? (You may not think so…)
    JAZZ UP YOUR CLASS–Could you make Winston posters?
    “Corran lo más rápido posible…allí vienen los

  94. Holly Blaser says:

    God I love Winston! Keep the videos coming, they’re delightful!

  95. WIIIIIIIIIIIINNIEEEEEEEEEEEE! Ah, now I can face the day.

    I was gonna say it’s a Winsday post, but I see this was posted yesterday. Whatev, how ’bout a Winsday every week? Surely Rich has nothing else to do but videotape our Winston?!

  96. cheesybird says:

    Not just CO. The WORLD needs more Winston! Orally fixated much, Winnie?

  97. Oh Ya??? Bet those tats are covering cat bite scarring:)

    My dog eats off my fork, so take that phobes.

  98. I love Winnie and his guttular ways but he reminds me of a very cute but very ill-behaved child…he just seems rude sometimes! Where are the parents?!! 🙂

  99. yo, Winston is OFF THE HOOK CUTE! that’s right, I said it.

  100. Kathleen says:

    Hehehe! He would eat anything!

  101. hoooooooooowwwls!!!

    winston isn’t picking up the check!


    *falls over ded*

  102. I LOOOOOOVE Winston. Winston is the BEST. Somehow I always feel that Rudy is slightly neglected in these videos. See his face in the corner. Winston is the star.

  103. Caroline says:

    My kitteh loves eating lettuce as well as sushi. I even caught the little demon cat on the counter eating my salad last week!

    She will also eat spinach, kale, arugula, and my spider plant. And yet she will not deign to eat wet cat food! I gave up understanding her eating habits long ago.

  104. Silent Meow says:

    I LOVE WINSTON! Gimme more Winston! Gotta have more Winston! He just cracks up all the time! I can’t get enuf of him! :o)

  105. Silent Meow says:

    How about Winston every Caturday and every Winnesday?

  106. I love how at the beginning he’s all, “YUM TASTY NOM NOM NOM,” then he realizes that it’s just fingers and is all, “oh, I beg your pardon, I shall leek thems instead.”

  107. Oh, Winston, how I miss thee!

    I second the petition for some Winston every Caturday and Winnesday !!!

    Wait, why not Winnie for President ?! 🙂

  108. Alice Shortcake says:

    Dear God, is there ANYTHING Winston won’t eat? And yes, I think poor little Rudy should feature in his own video.

  109. Tartlette says:

    I laughed so hard I woke up my hubby – when he came in to see what was so d**n funny, he started laughing!

    Is he named after Winston Churchill?

  110. sally-rah says:

    couldn’t even keep it on for 10 seconds. really gross with the whole finger licking thing.

  111. omg I LOVE winston. his youtube vids were taken off for awhile & I was traumatized.

  112. Poor Winston. Poor Persians! Bred to have no sense of smell, no wonder he has to ‘try’ everything in his mouth. His moon-face makes him look plump but if you pay attention to his body type, he’s not one ounce overweight. He’s 8 pounds of hungry, compressed-sinus cat. Poor Winston.

  113. This one had me laughing out loud. Once he went for the fingers, I was lost. X3 Glad my roommate isn’t here to watch me make a fool of myself. ^^

  114. How does one actually establish whether a cat has or has not a sense of smell? Good guesswork?

  115. If he is named after Winston Churchill, does that mean he has a black dog?

  116. spacebunny says:

    Sushi? Man, that is a fancy feast!

  117. Sharon Wilson says:

    He reminds me of the dog in “Get Fuzzy:” “This might be food, so I’ll eat it anyway!”

  118. Joy Destiny says:

    OMG, he is so sweet. Know hes a keeper….If he cant bath a cat /w n as calm as he did, wow. BIG UPS to this jentleman, very handsom. I wish I knew him as a person. lol Im such a geek.

  119. Once AGAIN, I must say that I am NOT responsible for the nuffing by “the other Lisa”. I need a new name. Any suggestions?

    [Lisa Lisa? Cult Jam? – Ed.]

  120. OMG I love Winston almost as much as I love my own kittehs. His personality is so awesome.

  121. I feel like his collar is too tight lol but hes probably just fluffy

  122. Cute feeding Winston, but WASH YOUR HANDS before eating your own food! Please! Ick.

  123. aww.. I LOVE THE HILLS!!!!

    go winston!!

  124. it must feel weird for rich having all these strangers in love with his gorgeous catty..

    and um, some in love with him, ahem *cough cough*.. joy desting, ahem *cough*.. 🙂

  125. Oh my gawd, that is too funny! And, a little disturbing.

  126. i dont know who is cuter, winston or his owner