Flocke makes public debut

Flocke made her public debut today at the Nuremberg Zoo. She jumped right on in (Check out entire vid on CNN…)


Welcome to the outside world, Flockie. Great update!



  1. bookmonstercats says:

    …but please don’t get all fats like Knut!!!

  2. ArrrArrr says:

    Flocke is a little girl. 😀

  3. kiliri0 says:

    Flocke is a girl bear…

  4. Fransouah says:

    ‘grats, Flockette!

  5. Lieber Flocke!!!!

    Best part: Bear-paddling to the edge, and then nom-nomming the well-made German shoes!

  6. Wow! That’s a bad habit to encourage (or at least accept) in a little girl who’ll top out at several hundred pounds when she’s full grown. *I* wouldn’t want a polar bear nomming on my toes.
    OTOH, I’d love to have a bebeh polar bear chasing the waterfall in my back yard.
    Too cutes!

  7. She’s gotten so big! She looks older than Knut at his first public viewing. What a gorgeous girl. Did you see the zookeeper PET her? I’m very jealous and incoherent.

  8. Katrina says:

    I can’t see her-the screen goes black.

    Ich bin sad.

  9. What a cutie!!! She wins the stubbular tailio of the day award!!!!

  10. pleeeease, change it! she’s a girl! >.<

  11. sunnymum says:

    Awwwwww, such a furwy debutante! Flocke you are tewtally awesomely qte – we wuv u!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! My heart skipped when I saw the zookeeper scritch and pet Flocke – LUCKY!!!!!!!!

  12. Christina says:

    (Flocke means flake, coming from “snow flake” which refers to her being…well, a polar bear. A white polar bear. And Flocke kind of sounds…female.)

    She’s pretty cute, tomorrow they’ll let visitors visit her. YAY FOR GERMANY!

    I wonder when Wilbär will have his

    Ich liebe Deutschland, mein tolles, tolles Heimatland! Juhu 8D

  13. Ich liebe Flocke!

  14. Dammit, I’m so sick of all the icebear hype here in Germany! You can’t watch the news without something about some ohmeingottistdasschnuffischnuffischnuffig thing that one of those blasted bears did.
    They might be cute, but so what?? My hamster is all sorts of cute and nobody wants to see him on the Tagesschau. And he will still be cute in a year!
    They even made a stupid movie about bears, called it “Knut und seine Freunde” (Knut and friends), had some footage of Knut at the beginning and then some stuff about some other bears they dug up.


    Sorry, needed to vent…

  15. Ava Cartier says:

    Polar bars r00l!

    It’s been amazing watching Flocke and Knut grow up. I think they’re saying now Knut is lonely. I feel bad for the poor guy.

  16. Allright Flocke, you rock girl! 😛

  17. Helena, I want to see your hamster on the Tagesschau. Really, I do 🙂

  18. @Helena, I agree with Tiara, we need more cute on the Tagesschau. And I still like Knut somehow, even after he killed those poor fish who were only cleaning^^

  19. peachfish says:

    Aww. I loved the Nuremberg zoo when I visited it (in 1993 or so I think). They had great spaces for their animals and free-roaming marmots!

  20. claudia says:

    Go Flocke! These are simply beautiful animals.

  21. If Knute is lonely can’t they introduce these two? Sort of a polar bear dating service.

  22. AW! knut can has a girlfriend?

  23. kittymom says:

    @ Helena, deep breath, my dear…. Your hammy is darling, precious and perfect so post him/her on CO, pleeeeeeease! In the meantime, don’t dis the polars, they have a certain amount of cachet too…

  24. Hon Glad says:

    Flocke’s dive, the Flocke flop.

  25. NYCGirl says:


  26. acelightning says:

    Oh, she’s growing so fast! No more little fluffball – she’s beginning to look like a proper bear. Still beautiful, of course, and much loved by her human caregivers (and the rest of the world).

  27. Love the little guy! My dog has a little white chew bear we named Flocke, in honor of our fave.

  28. Flocke looks a bit overwhelmed at her new digs, but you know, if she needs company, I’ll volunteer to come and play with her…you know, until she’s strong enough to kill me and eat me for lunch.

  29. “ohmeingottistdasschnuffischnuffischnuffig “

    you know, i kinda knew that texting in german wouldn’t be as easy as english

    tnx 4d confo

  30. she looks happy. but it still makes me sad she has no mommy.

  31. I wish the zookeeper hadn’t gotten in the way when she leaped into the water, that was soo cute. I want a better view! 🙂

  32. What I dislike about this whole Flocke thing is that a) the Zoo said they didn’t want to make a money machine out of her
    b) which they currently try to do almost worse than with Knut, believe me, there will be a flocke-movie, just look at that big fat camera)
    c) Knut was way cuter because of the whole interaction with Doerflein. I mean look at that video, apart from the petting in the beginning they kept walking away from her rather than interacting.

    So I don’t like he Flocke-Hype.