Watch me air-violin during this video




No seriously, Stu and Sarah, let’s go [foot tapping sound]



  1. awww… party pooper!

  2. Hehehehehe Amazing foot work there DUDE!

  3. HAHA! Those lil’ birds can MOVE!

  4. Hon Glad says:

    Boid is the woid.

  5. The best was when they were both sitting on the feeder, before greedy-bird ran off the chickadee

  6. omg! i can’t believe the amount of geniusocity i’ve just witnessed.

  7. This is great! Some people are so ingenious! I haven’t got one bit of talent.

    FYI – birds in vid: titmouse (the little bird w/hat, black-capped chickadee and a common house sparrow) ***waiting for birdchick to come along and correct me!***

  8. Anasztaizia says:



  9. that was pretty good, I was really getting into that 🙂

  10. best. thing. ever.
    I can’t hear this song without thinking of ‘dumb and dumber’ so I dub those two boids, harry and lloyd!

  11. Blyhagd says:

    Quite possibly the best thing I’ve seen on the internets so far. I’m in awe. So much in awe that I’m going to be watching that over and over…

  12. Was that a Whiskey Jack at the end? Those guys are mega-brats.

  13. Shannon says:

    I miss my bird feeders!!!

  14. Theresa says:

    Mine! All Mine!

  15. lurkingsmirk says:

    This is such a perfect little clip. Birds DO have a funny little jerk that’s great for dancing…and I love the natural mohawk goin’ on!

  16. This is so awesome.

  17. This is the birdhouse that Funk built.

    Great video. BADASS editing!

  18. Miss N Casey says:


    Fortunately, I couldn’t ask for a funkier earworm — I LOVE that song!

    And cute birdies, too!

  19. Well, I talkedaboutit
    Talked about iiiiitttt…..

    Go boids!

  20. EaterofShades says:

    ridiculously awesome

  21. Nuthatch at the end! Didn’t see that!

  22. momof2kitties says:

    Someone has waaay too much time on their hands…

    Re. Donk.

  23. DaytimeDeb says:

    That’s one great video!

    And yes, that song is now stuck in my head all day. But it could be worse….

  24. Won’tyoutakemeto! FUNKYTOWN!

    Here, have another adorable singing animal:

  25. This video was made by Waverly Films. (

    Can you give them credit under the video?

    They do amazing work and they have a lot more on their site, including “the clip of the week”, which is what this was a couple years ago.

  26. P.S. They also have a YouTube channel ( Not sure why it’s misspelled on YouTube, but that’s them.

    I see their stuff get passed around in the web all the time and it’s never credited to them, so this is my little effort to help them out.

  27. oh that was great!!!!

  28. 1st bird = tufted titmouse
    then black capped chickadee
    at 29 seconds it’s a white breasted nuthatch and then the sparrow (song sparrow i think).

  29. tesstricks says:

    Love birding, wish I had more time for it. I have no doubt there are plenty more birders who visit here. 🙂 And I’ve never seen a tufted titmouse so close!

    jen: I always have problems with all those darn sparrow species. 😛

  30. Mary Chapel says:

    Favorite song and pretty birdies! Thank you!

  31. leah b. says:

    Truly wonderful gotta good chuckle out this tired lady…..

  32. k. o'dee says:

    Tits?! On CO?!

    Well, I never! I do believe I have the vapors!

  33. Perfect! And some of my favorite birds! (Seriously, is there anything cuter than a tufted titmouse?)

  34. thank you so much for that! i have been so stressed at work that i only just got to co now at 5:30pm! this brilliant filmaking makes me wanna leave work and GET DOWN!

  35. shake yer tits! (mice)

  36. Too short!

  37. I love this!

    I’m pretty sure that’s a chipping sparrow at the end.

  38. rachel – i think you are probably right. i don’t think it’s a song sparrow, because they have a streaked breast with a distinct spot in the middle.


  40. Oops, kindly disregard my previous comment about crediting this clip. I watched it all the way through and now I see the Waverly Film credit at the end.
    In my own defense, I have seen their clips on the internet with the credit removed and even with someone else’s watermark replacing it.

    If you go to their website, look for “The Werewolf Solution”, their funniest short film ever.

    Okay, I’m done now!

  41. Juniper Jupiter says:



    That. Kicks. ASS!!!

    THERIOUTHLY!! Whoever did that obviously had WAY too much time on their hands, but did a much better job than I would have, that’s for sure!!

  42. BabyOpossum says:

    More! I want more funky birds! Love the freeze-frame action. I found myself doing my own little poses along with it. I was caught up in the funk.

    (I’m going w/White-crowned Sparrow.)

  43. Annie J says:

    So cute! 🙂 They’re so on the beat, man! Makes a bando like me happy XD

  44. lol nice :p

  45. darkshines says:

    My favourite bit was bobbing up and down in time to the music near the end, made me lol.

  46. My mom and I were in hysteries watching the various birds bob, dance and boogle their way thru the video. All I could think of was my Robert ( parakeet) dancing on my shoulder or on my desk. Boy, I had a great laugh!

  47. That is so funny! *giggles*

    Well done. 😉

  48. Kimbunny says:

    Yubi Shines –
    All I can say is,

  49. Hahahahaha… that was awesome. Some people are so creative 😛 I never would’ve thought to edit it that way to Funkytown! HEHE

  50. Silent Meow says:

    This is one video that I am having to watch again and again and again and again and again because I’m SERIOUSLY ADDICTED to it! LOL!

  51. NYCGirl says: