The R.A. just totally busted me

I told the R.A. I was studying at Tina’s and she was all ‘Yeah right then what’s with the Budweisers behind closed doors’ and I was all ‘C’mon!’ and she totally kicked me off of the Girl’s floor. Now I’m home.


Tough Bunday, Brian B. [shaking head]



  1. Aesthetica says:

    just another manic bun-day…

  2. karebear says:

    too funny Aesthetica, exactly my thoughts as well *reading mind waves*

  3. Aesthetica says:

    lol karebear, even weirder, I had that song in my head just before I clicked on C.O…nd now I won’t get it out of my head for days.

  4. binky-mama says:

    [gasp] The Velveteen Rabbit! He IS real! (I always knew it)

  5. OMG he totally is the Velveteen Rabbit!

  6. AlbertaGirl says:

    Ooohhh, I bet he’s sooo soft…

  7. BunnyHero13 says:

    bun is just beyond fiendishly anerable, such a great pic…nearly expired…post is freakin uber-funny!!!

  8. That is the *cutest* bunny fur pattern I’ve ever seen.

  9. I didn’t know buns came in tortie!

  10. Hon Glad says:

    He’s made of old wool.

  11. He’s just late for silflay 🙂

  12. k. o'dee says:

    Don’t mind me. I’ll just get these eggs hidden for ya, and I’ll be outta your hair in a jiff!

  13. Nikki Lamb says:

    This bun is a Mini Rex. I had a lovely Mini Rex for many years, and she was the softest thing I’d ever felt in my life. Her fur was so soft, you’d almost *not* feel her when you petted her (hard to explain).

    This particular coat variation is an unofficially recognized color called Magpie. Such a pretty bun!

  14. petting a rex bun is like petting a chinchilla right outta the dust bath.

  15. acelightning says:

    What an absolutely beautiful bun! Looks like a big fella (or gal), too. I don’t think he’s running away from anything – I think there’s something in the room (maybe lunch?) that he’s running *towards*. All in all, a gorgeous Bunday to start the week!

  16. awesome caption
    awesome picture
    awesome front paws all baletically formed

  17. balletically
    like in ballet class

  18. this looks like it actually is a residence hall, where is this place where bun buns roam free???!!!

  19. Anasztaizia says:

    He looks very velvety =)

  20. chanpon says:

    Bouncy bunny is bouncy. I want to nip his little upright tail in the back.

  21. Lol it’s happened to the best of us.

    Opaque water bottles. That’s the way to go.

  22. bats :[ says:

    What a pretty, plushie bunny!

  23. And that is why you must not let your tortie cats sleep on rabbits. The colour scheme rubs off on them. 😉

  24. Patty P says:

    If a bunny looks like a teddy bear, would it be okay to call him Ted Bun-dee?

  25. I have NEVER seen a bun that looks so soft! And the coloring is AMAZING, much like our first cat, the late, lamented Meow. Lived to 19, she did. Hope this bunneh has an equally hoppy life!

  26. momof2kitties says:

    Stating the previously stated obvious here: OMG It’s The Velveteen Rabbit!!!

  27. Mini Rex in Magpie color. Add another thing to the WANT! list.

    Very handsome bunny. Love the action shot!

  28. Casper Dunning says:

    I’ve got a mini-rex girl, infact as I type this she is sitting with me. And yes, I have to agree she has the softest fur. She is also very much a daddy’s girl, she’ll sit with me at the computer for hours.

  29. Ze Velveteen Rabbit. Ai lurves him!

  30. Aww, I love the colors, too! So unusual.

  31. @ Guido: Maybe he’s having his head bitten off. =P
    I’m also a fan of mini-rex buns, if only for their sheer softness! I’ve never seen a “tortie” or “magpie” before–they’s pretty!

  32. Totally want this rabbit right now. Am I shallow for tewtelly crushing on his mane?

  33. Aw! What a wonderfully coloured bun!

  34. bananasforbunnies says:

    What a handsome bun! He needs a nice slice of banana!

  35. spaceaged says:

    We have a Ragdoll kitty with similar coloring and fur so soft it’s hard to feel, like a bunny. That bun and our cat are both colored like toasted marshmallows with a little ash from the campfire.

  36. Beautiful form over (invisible) fence, bun!

    Many years ago I had a rex bun named Socrates. His offical coat colour was “opal” and yes, he was the softest critter I’ve ever petted. Very plush!

  37. tuckeverlasting says:

    should have a TY tag on his ear. the color and texture of his fur reminds me of a ty 🙂

  38. Wow at first glance I thought that was my rabbit, Harley! Double weird is I’m also a Brian B. Click my name to see him on Pet of the Day. He’s got a lot more black in his face and body than the pic suggests and looks very similar to this one.

    If he/she is anything like Harley, that leap is from the carpet outside the room to some island of firm footing on the inside. Rex feet have the same silky smooth fur on the bottoms so tile floors are a big problem!

  39. Res Life says:

    I’m an RA, and one of my residents has a bunny, which is TOTALLY against the rules. My deal? As long as I get to pet it, the cuteness is always allowed on my floors!