The Lamb Socks 2000

Googly eyes and knobbular knee portions are also built-in to this model. Test goats are available for drives. Take the Burlingame exit, ask for Tony.


Nice work, Em!



  1. Barbados Black belly lambikins sooo schweeeet!

  2. And I think it’s a boy-o too.

    See how he has the almost horn spots.

    Heee… heee… heee.

  3. This little Model will be Sproinging into action at a dealer near you.
    Built for speed and low maintenance, this model can go from 0-60 in 1.2 seconds, can turn on a dime and as an extra bonus it can drop down in the tightest of parking spots.
    Hurry to your nearest dealer these lambikin turbo charged models won’t last long.

  4. Hahaha, the black knee socks!

  5. That’s actually a goat.

  6. thats a baby goat, dont they call them kids? Ok, maybe its cuter to call it a lamb. I just want to squeeze it.

  7. That is a goat not a lamb, a kid goat. You can tell because they have different bone structure to a lamb, see it’s body? Lambs are like little sausage shape with a weeny floofy thick coat, goats are bony lil critters with fur!

  8. ashagato says:

    i like the racing stripe down the back!

  9. Kwistee says:

    My favorite thing on the planet :3 I love this lil guy!!!

    Do lambs have sideways pupils, like goats do..?

  10. dragoness says:

    There are breeds of sheep that look a lot like goats– google Barbados sheep. ButI think this is a goat still… the more telling thing is the tail. Sheep have tails that go straight down from the rump, and a goat’s tail goes up at the base. THis one goes straight out, but I think it’s a goat just flapping his tail around!

  11. No these are barbadose black belly lambs here is a link to a web site about them

    They are not like the kind of wool lambs you are used to seeing.. they are a wonderful gentle breed.. we keep them for pets.

    Here is a post where you can see a couple of ours right after being born.. they have a longer coat as they were bread for a cooler climate than the ones in this CO post.

    But they are Sheep. Goat ears by the way are higher on their heads and point up usually and goat tails turn up not down.

  12. Baaah-ah-ah-ah-a. (couldn’t resist!). Some nursing home in O-hi “adopted” two bebeh goats (both black w/white splotches on da foreheads). The patients pet ’em and feed ’em. They’re the size of full-growed kittehs at this point. Huzzah to the goatage!

  13. HAh I guess I better add the link any way these are one of our sets of barbados Lambs right after being born

  14. It really is a Lamb not a goat Peeps and Meg and Teho… sigh..

  15. Omg too much cuteness!!!

  16. See, now? This is another case of a picture of a not-that-qte animule, made SO PROSH by experte captions from the experte!
    Plus uber charming hovertext work.
    Dis is a work of arte!

  17. Uh oh.

  18. I’ll stand upon meh hed ’til mah earz r turnin’ — errr, floppeee! GO SEE CAL

  19. Molinchka says:

    Girl goats get horns too. Equal opportunity horn growers.

    And I love the harlequin makeup on the eyes.

  20. berthaslave says:


    Those are not SOCKS.

    They are SPATS.

    Lamb is Puttin’ on the Ritz tonight!

  21. Annie, thanks for the info about Barbados sheep. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know–I’m a spinner/spinster. Your babies are beautiful.

    I got to play with little woolly lambs today. Their mamas get sheared in about 6 weeks, and I’ll get me a raw fleece! Stinky poopy wool . . .

  22. Totalee Puppy says:

    Okay…Think I got this now-BARBADOS LAMBS, right?
    SPATS, right? Love everything ANNIE is writin
    about these LUFFABLE LAMBS.
    A CUTENESS RUSH!!!! Quick-the ANECDOTE!! gulp-gulp–
    Must try another website–Everythins too LUFFABLE here on CO…I’ll be back…

  23. Chocolate lamby!

  24. Goats are the best!

  25. charliewabba says:

    he’s a maniac, maaaaaaaaaniac on the floor!
    And he’s prancing linke he’s never pranced before!

  26. Totalee Puppy says:

    cause it was so funny! Lambs prance? I lern somethin every day on CO…

  27. Also looks a bit like a goat…

  28. Shannon says:

    YAY for baby goat pics. THESE are the kinda kids we have got to see more of around here!

  29. Thanks for the pics, Annie–I was pretty convinced Mr. Lambikin was a goat, but you have convinced me otherwise!

  30. I think from a purely scientific stand pint, goats and sheep are dufferent varieties of the same species.

    What ever it is, its cute!

  31. Nah, pretty sure that’s just a little goat baby. Though the Barbados Blackbelly argument is convincing, it’s all in the nose:
    This may be a Nigerian Dwarf, they have cute, random coloring:

  32. Gailann Schrader says:

    Nope. Oberhasli kid. I raised them and here is another pic from Wikipedia.

    Still, one of the cutest things in existence! SQUEE!!