Bears! [Say in Colbert voice]

It’s that time of year again, when young bearages and their Moms come out of their sleepy, Wintery dens for a good flop.








EXCELLENT find, Specklet!



  1. save the polar bears!

  2. FIRSTMAN says:


  3. Poohbear says:

    Mom’s so skinny! needs to fatten up to feed her bebehs! And yes, save the polar bears by doing the right for our environment, Flocke says so too. Don’t care if I’m shot down on CO for saying this.

  4. Polar Bear TWINSIES!!!!!!!! SO QTE, (can’t even complain that it’s Caturday)!

    Mama Bear’s so happy—she’s been cramped up in the den with the kids!!!

  5. JessicaLovejoy says:

    I decided to futz around with the second peekture and LOLCute it.

  6. aaww the little babies’ fur is so white they are just little fluffballs! 🙂

  7. Beautiful pictures, look how white and soft the little cubs look!

  8. Poohbear says:

    JessicaLoveJ : that’s so sweet! Thank you for the LOLCute!!!!

  9. ashagato says:

    this was so worth the wait today:)

  10. JessicaLovejoy says:
  11. Awww…look how floofy and white the babies are! I love the pic where they’re wrestling and mom’s just sitting all splayed out, watching. Just like us human moms!

  12. BiscuitTin says:

    I bet the one with his head in Mom’s ear in the 2nd picture is the same one biting Mom’s foot in the last picture. I have those two bears. Only they’re cats.

  13. momof2kitties says:

    What? Nobody’s called Matchingks yet?

  14. momof2kitties says:

    LOL to JessicaLoveJoy, too!

  15. Such beautiful pictures of beautiful animals – brings tears to my eyes.

  16. BTW if anyone is wondering about the alt text, “medved” is Russian for bear.

  17. i am so ded. ded ded ded i am ded. i am no more. i have ceased to be.

  18. I wish I had a high-res of the one with the babies fighting at the bottom!

  19. Great and important first message, Stella! Thank you! 😀

    These are some of the best shots I’ve seen of a mother Polar bear and her cubs. Just fantastic and so freakin’ sweet. Mama looks a little thin, though. 😦 I hope it’s just from nursing. Their home looks like a fabulous place; I hope it is.

  20. My partner and I “guilt” each other into turning out lights when we leave a room by saying, “Remember the polar bears!” or (better still) “Why do you hate polar bears?” We follow news about Knut, Flocke, and Wilbaer compulsively.

  21. You just killed me with the QTE. Of course I’m going to resurrect myself to squee at more photos in the future. Personally, the only thing about the Golden Compass movie I liked was Iorek. The movie just should’ve been about Iorek.

  22. OMgoodness Can it get any cuter or endearing than that. Mama will fatten up in short order now that she is out of Hibernation and on the hunt.

  23. JessicaLoveJoy LOL And way to make it all extra special cute.

    Teho can you please add the hover text from Jessicas Last picture to that photo it is just so fitting

    The MomNom one.. Thanks.. As if you have nothing better to do ; )

  24. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Pic#2: Cold nose WET WILLIE!!! 😀

    Pic#4: Mahm!!! He’s got my EEEARR!!! AAOOOWWW!!!

    Pic#6: Mahm? You sleep? Can I sleeps, too?ZZZzzzzzzzz….

    Pic#7: No, Seriously! Mom’s toes DO taste like Fritoes! Try it!!

  25. atomicpuffball says:

    those babies could not be cuter even if they had little hearts floating above them… i am snorgling them with my eyes.

  26. atomicpuffball says:

    those babies could not be cuter even if they had little hearts floating above them… i am snorgling them with my eyes.

  27. Mom looks so sleepy in every picture 😀

  28. OMG, Thanks so much for the polar bear pictures. I love polar bears. Mom is way to skinny, I sure hope they all survive.

  29. They are adorable! aww especiall when they’re skeeping :[

  30. AuntieMame says:

    Do polar bears hibernate? That could be why she’s so skinny.

    And LOL at JessicaLovejoy! Those were all hilarious. You’ve GOTTA submit those to ICHC!

  31. Beautiful AND prosh! How can it be?

  32. Lucia Mendez says:

    Aw the third and the last picture are just so adorable the fourth is hilarious, pay no attention to the baby cub strangling it’s sibling haha

  33. Now go get a seal pup Mama!

    Flocke – those are your half brothers, btw. Yer father gits around!

  34. I love how white the bebehs are compared 2 the momma

  35. I’ve got my mother’s day card!

  36. …yeah, ya kinda wanna see ’em live, don’cha, more than ya wantz ta keep runnin those idiotic hummerz.

  37. Yay for more polar bear pics!

    I love the one where they’re “fighting.” The one with his mouth open seems to have the cutest expression on his face.

  38. babies and mommy always make me want to cry.

  39. So redonk I am ded.

  40. berthaslave says:

    JessicaLoveJoy, PERFECT captions! “Momnom” is brilliant!

    p.s. Colbert is a secret bear lover. That’s why his name rhymes with BEAR.

  41. Natalie says:

    They are the most beautiful creatures… pictures… fragments of this miraculosu life…
    THANK YOU!!!!

  42. That are friggin’ adorable! Great pic’s!

  43. weasel_tea_party says:

    I can has babysitter?

  44. Polar Bears are no endangered.

  45. leah b. says:

    momma is so proud of her babies and they think she is a big toy that gives milk and advice .. too cute

  46. Yes polar bears hibernate-that’s when they give birth too, so when Mom and the kids come out, Mom has been fasting quite awhile and losing pounds from nursing. She does indeed need to fatten up quickly. *sigh* Nature is red in tooth and claw, or something like that.

  47. LOL, JessicaLoveJoy! Thanks for adding to what I thought could not be improved!

    May we continue to see pics like this for a long time to come. Time is running out to make that happen.

  48. I DIE. It’s TOO CUTE. Too cute by FAAAAAAR.

  49. I can’t believe we didn’t get a COXCU of one bear trying to kill the other and the HILARIOUS expression that caused (4th pic)!

    [“Kill” only in the “rough-housing siblings” sense… – Ed.]

  50. Totalee Puppy says:

    Yay…Hear little polar bears are BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!! Only I better save up to get Mama bear, too…I dont have the kinda habitat they need, so get packin, Totally Puppy! POOHBEAR–YOU CAN REMIND ME TO JOIN THE GREEN TEAM ANY OL TIME!!! How can I live on POLAR BEAR TERMS if I am not learnin from you on CO?

  51. chanpon says:

    Uh oh, need to hug and squeeze really hard right now. *runs off to find kitties for snorgling*

  52. Ooh! How freaking adorable. Made my whole day!

  53. Awwwww, the most beautiful bears on the planet! Love these pics.

    And JessicaLoveJoy – GREAT WORK!!! Tewtally ICHC-worthy.

    Marc, the polar bears may not be endangered, but their habitats certainly are. We stupid humans are encroaching upon their territory with our eco-hazardous practices. As much as I love them I fear the day MY habitat would conflict with that of a big, hungry polar bear! 😮

  54. Oh, and hope poor Mama goes back to her plump well-fed self soon!

  55. So ded from cute… *dies with big smile on face* 😀

  56. How close do you have to get for taking pictures like this?
    Momma bear must get angry if you get to close.

    Beautiful pictures.

  57. A little background on the group behind Marc’s link:

    Since 1998 the NCPA has received $465,900 in grants from ExxonMobil, and they’re outspoken skeptics on climate change.

    If you feel there’s cause to be concerned about current levels of fossil fuel consumption and the influence this consumption may have on the Earth’s climate, you might take issue with the research of the NCPA.

  58. oh I know they’re goddless killing machines but BEBEH POLAR BEARS ARE TEH CUTEST!

  59. colbert? which colbert? what does a colbert voice sound like?

  60. Stephanie S. says:

    mommy needs to eat soon!!

  61. Paunchie says:

    wow do you see mom’s claws shining in the sun in the second pic?

    No you didn’t prolly! just looking at the bebeh whispering in her ear — mom can I have some snackables??

  62. The bears hunt on sea ice, so the warmer seas of the past few years (for whatever reason, not getting into it) have really hurt them.

    The babies are cute, but I wouldn’t want to mee them when they are all grown up.

  63. Tortellinka says:

    Please, recycle.
    you may help to save this white fluffy cuteness, soon due to be extinct anyway.

  64. Furbabies says:

    Every one here is correct. If we don’t do something soon, then the only polar bears we will see will be in zoos. RECYCLE, REDUCE, REUSE. If each and every one of us does something, no matter how small, it will impact our environment for the better. And what cute little bear babies! So white and soft, with sharp leetle tooths.

  65. Danielle says:

    There is nothing like a momma love.

  66. HELLLLLLLOOOOO – do you see the toehawk on mama – I think we have a winner!!!!

  67. STOP GLOBAL WARMING!!! Humans are the only creatures that destroy the earth….so sad to be part of that species….

  68. Did this make anyone else think that all these pics need is to add in a Coke bottle? (I see Christmas commercials for next year).

  69. Save polar bears! Stop hunting them and destroy the environment! I want the future generation to see this majestic animal: polar bears!