Rabbit Feet Peeeeellow

Burrrrr burrrrrrr burrrrrrrr [purring sound on bunny ‘tocks]

Rabbit Feet, originally uploaded by kellydna.

Hey Arlo R., go Paly Vikes!



  1. CoffeeCup says:

    …speechless. i just want to tickle the feet. the feets!

  2. CoffeeCup says:

    First off, I have to say that only the second time have I ever been so close to the first post that I AM the first comment. Whew!

    Second, I’m eating some really amazing peruvian chicken, and it’s lifted my spirits from an otherwise ho hum day of rain and puddles.


    And the cat’s adorable too. 🙂

  3. I wanna sleep on bunny ‘tocks! XD

    So adorable. Bunny feet! 😀

  4. CoffeeCup says:

    …I also forgot to ask…does this technically count as interspecies snorgling? I mean, there aren’t exact rules on *where* the snorgle point is, is there? Kitteh seems to be pretty comfy near the buntocks!

    And as http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2351/2383772413_199816ee30.jpg?v=0 shows, they are very comfy around each other.

  5. berthaslave says:

    A pillow made of bunbun buns!!!!

    That cat must have some pretty lucky dreams.

  6. momof2kitties says:

    Omgbuntocks! I’d be a little concerned about an accidental passage of gas. Yipe!

    And the calico reminds me of the Esteemed Grand Dame herself, the lovely Miss Mia.

    *dons protective gear and wanders off for a sneak snorgle*

  7. The one with Yul is pretty awww-inducing too.


  8. Uilleand says:

    Ok…*pushes glasses up* … I see toes, ‘tocks and interspecies snorgling. I must say this closely resembles a trifecta. What say you, folks??


  9. CoffeeCup says:

    ..is that a bike behind them? (well, behind the cat, in front of the bun)…

  10. It took me a sec to see where the bunny began and where the cat ended..LOL.

    Bunny tocks looks so comfurtables.

  11. I believe the proper term should be bunny-buns pillow. How do I get in on the action? Someone help me out here.

  12. happypiano says:

    amaaazing~ *stares*

    my heart just started beating faster. o.o

  13. Daphne Moss says:

    Most assuredly a cuteness trifecta…

  14. it’s a one-two punch of cuteness!

    and i’m-a knocked out!!


  15. Ricki Mtchell says:

    i love this it makes me wanna cuddle with a bunny or kitten well it is so cute!!!!…..lol

  16. ashagato says:

    i can’t get over the fluffy buntocks, and the furry feets, and the tail, and the perky pink ears! and the flame on the sweet sleepin’ kitty’s nose! i can’t take it…

  17. Laura M. says:

    Awww so precious. Do cats generally get along with bunnies and vice versa? Do cats see them as prey at all? I have three cats myself and am interested in getting a bunny…any bunny experts out there?

  18. legotech says:

    You can just see from the set of the feet and the angle of the ears that the bun does NOT approve 🙂

  19. As a Paly ’87 alum, I’m confused by the Paly vikes reference…and I went through the whole photostream to try to figure it out! I saw Apple…

  20. love me some bunny butt, btw

  21. I think bunnies are too big to be of much interest to cats. Many adult bunnies and cats are almost the same size.

  22. @creth95 Meg and I went to Paly together. The reference isn’t to the soft bunny pillow. 🙂

  23. CoffeeCup says:

    I’ve heard of plenty of examples in which cats and buns get along just fine, but generally I wouldn’t recommend buns and cats together unless the rabbit has a tough personality. My rabbit is slightly skittish and doesn’t enjoy other PEOPLE, let alone animals, and I would never get another animal, probably not even another rabbit. He gets skittish around people who aren’t even anywhere near his cage.

  24. How sweet! The kitteh and bun are just so relaxed and snorglishous!

  25. This is clearly a bunny-butt peeeeellow, not a rabbit feet peeeeellow! 😉

  26. snorgler says:

    I had a bun and a cat together. The cat came in as a kitten. At first bun Pebbles disapproved, but in no time they were chasing each other around and sleeping together in the bunny coop.

  27. How adorable is this!!! Bun and Cat look very comfortable around each other. My bunny got along really well with both my cat and dog. Bunny was around the same size as both cat and dog, he was constantly trying to get them to play but neither could be bothered. They did lay together though. I guess it depends on the bunny and the cat or dog.

  28. Bunnies are probably the softest pillow. I had a bunny who had so much spunk and moxie she teased the cats before kicking at them and scaring them.

  29. Bunnies are probably the softest pillow. I had a bunny who had so much spunk and moxie she teased the cats before kicking at them and scaring them.

  30. warrior rabbit says:

    Laura M.,

    If you get your bun from your local House Rabbit Society chapter, they’ll tell you whether the bunny is used to cats or not. In my experience, many foster homes are multispecies, so most bunnies are fine with kitties, but there are always exceptions. My most recent bun was one such exception.

    However, my first house bun *loved* kitties, and the cats and the bunny would take turns playing tag. (One would chase, they’d reach the end of the house and they’d invert, with the other one chasing until the other end of the house was reached. And repeat.)

  31. where can i get one of these bunny tocks pillows….they look so soft and comfortables!

  32. Absotively PAWSolutely DEV-as-tay-ted. That’s moar Qte than ENNYWUN cud pawsibly endoor. *heddesk*

  33. woofysma says:

    I want a bun-bun pillow, too!

  34. DaytimeDeb says:

    This must be what heaven is like…

  35. Even our dwarf bunnies could keep our kitties at bay althou I did not have Mis Magneato when we had the bunnies.. she might have been the one kitty to take down a bunny.

  36. DaytimeDeb says:

    BTW, I miss my chopper bunny (one ear up, one ear down, like a helicopter).

    He was about the same size as the cats, and when I “introduced” them, you could see the wheels turning in the cats’ minds: “Dude, you sure have funny looking ears for a cat!”

    Chopper took to one particular cat right away… they were inseperable. They were both white, but I don’t think it was a race thing. 🙂

  37. Totalee Puppy says:

    Hey! It’s your ol pal T.Puppy–I thot rabbit
    feet was for Good Luck–but heres we see Bunny feet
    for Good Nap…Help, where to get my own bunny peelow?
    Bed Bath and Beyond dont carry it–they really shuda
    ordered some when they had
    the chance…

  38. (the original) Mel says:

    Remember when the Japanese invented girl lap pillows and guy arm pillows? Well I want a buntock pillow!

  39. I call maaaaatchingks! I see black and white and orange all over those two cuddly buddies.

    Also, I don’t know a lot about bunnies, but that is one relaaaxed bun. It’s so sweet that they’re buddies. Ahn.

  40. Caitlin says:

    why hewwo, world peace!

  41. chet's momma says:

    yay i get to say eeet! PRIVACY TAIL!!!

  42. Theresa says:

    Holy crap, is that cute!

  43. LOL at the purr sounds. So friggn cute.

  44. revolution724 says:

    Aw, very sweet.

    I think bunnies are pretty close to cat-sized, and thus much too big for them to be considered prey. My cats don’t even like to play with toys that are bigger than 3″ or 4″ in diameter. A hamster, however, is another matter.

  45. OMG is that a tortie kitty sleeping on a bun’s buns?! Did I see that right?!!

  46. Hon Glad says:


  47. I’m the proud mama and am so delighted by everyone’s comments!

    To those who wonder about mixing it up, the interaction between species depends on the individuals. My cats grew up w/my very first rabbit and have never NOT had a bun in their sphere of existence. So this being Rabbit #5 (Robbin), they were well-experienced and took it as just another day at the office. And for the young bunster, it was vice versa, having mostly never known life without the kitties, except for his first six or seven weeks. (He’s about three months old in this photo, Dhia the cat, 13 years.)

    Even bun-to-bun can be a tricky endeavor—I have since added Rabbit #6 to the family, only after taking Robbin to the Humane Society for bunny dates, where he shunned MY first choice and instead picked Bibi, our marshmallow white bun who, it turns out, is the sweetest thing ever!

    I could go on forever, or at least for a really long time…

  48. leah b. says:

    wonderful picture and happy freinds forever..
    the picture made me trully smile
    this has nothing to do with the afor said picture, but I was thinking people might like looking this up..
    Changes the way you think about some things, try it see what you think.

  49. Pengraffe says:

    The entire photostream is adorable. There are TWO large rabbits and TWO kitties. They all get along fabulously based on the pictures. (Also, those are some big house rabbits!)

  50. kellydna-
    quick question…how did you manage to take that picture w/o fainting from the cute?
    Do they do this sort of thing a lot? Do you dare leave your house…you might miss this sort of thing….
    I want a bunneh tock pillow…looks softy and snuggly……

  51. @kellydna: Congrats on having such a happy “blended” family!!! You must be a great Mommeh!!!!

    Our own dear Meg seems to know about the hip accessories (witness the Skoge rugs from IKEA)—maybe she knows where to get the BunnehTocks pillow (with optional Calico kitteh)?????

  52. acelightning says:

    Bunny… kitty… softness… purring… sleeping… nope, nothing’s missing; this picture is PERFECT.

  53. If I had to guess, I’d say that your average-sized house bun is bigger and tougher and better-fed than your average-sized wild rabbit. When I was growing up in the Midwest, we had a huge Maine Coon cat who loved to eat wild rabbits, but I’ve never known of a cat who could actually see a grown house-rabbit as a food item. They’re just too big and they probably don’t smell like prey either.

    I don’t know much about buns myself, but I have a friend who does cat and rabbit rescues. She says that it’s very rare that she rescues a super-young bunny who can get acclimated to other household pets right away. Most of the animals who darken her door are adults, with firmly-ensconced notions of being Top Cat and/or Bigwig. So she has to be pretty careful at first with supervised playtime. Fortunately most of her cats and rabbits have been pretty chill in one anothers’ company. MOST.

    But sometimes bunnies–yes, bunnies! can get all riled up at the cats! That was EXACTLY the opposite of what I thought would happen! For the most part, when little quibbles arise, it’s actually been a bun who started it. (Like I said: some buns are absolutely convinced they are El Ahrairah.)

    Not all buns and kittehs will get along, but I’ve heard more positives than negatives on the topic. Anyway, just though I’d share, I thought it was interesting.

  54. cheesybird says:

    This picture confuses me. One minute I wish I was the kitty so that I could have such a soft, floofy bunbun pillow to rest my head on, the next I wish I was the bunny so that I could have a sweet, purring calico kitty curled up asleep on me. Bunny… kitty… bunny… kitty…. Nope, can’t decide.

  55. There should be a companion photo from the other angle so we can see the bun’s intense disapproval of this whole snorgling business!

  56. OMG, did you see kellydna’s Rabbit X-ray pics?
    Not cute, excatly, but pretty fascinating.

  57. Elisha B. says:

    My daughter has a Netherlands dwarf buck and he rules the roost!! Before our kitty passed away, he constantly chased her and he now continues to chase our poor sheltie. Peanut (the sheltie) just doesn’t know what to do when Bugs (the bunny) starts hopping.

    However, Bugs has this HUGE ball, about the size of one of those excercise things, that he will roll all over the house. He does it for hours!

    Nice pic, looks so soft and warm!!

  58. I think it ABSOLUTELY wonderful that you take your pets to the shelter to pick out your next pet instead of picking one yourself and taking the chance that they’ll hate each other. That shows real love to me.

  59. Do NOT let my overlords see this, or they will insist I get some buns for them to sleep on as well.

  60. I have had cats and bunnies together for years. The cats were there first and when the 2 bunnies came to live with me, they were as big as the cats. Because the bunnies were not in the least bit intimidated by the cats, the cats left them alone. They have co-existed peacefully in my house for the past 10 years.

  61. it looks like they are all tuckered out. howwww precious! (except for the possible poop particle by the bun’s left footicle) ((sorry for pointing that out, if it is indeed what i think it is, kelly))

  62. A rabbit tocks pallow, rabbit feets, AND a sleeping kitteh? That’s almost too much cuteness for one photo!

  63. Kallisto says:

    I love them feetz.
    They’re huge!

  64. Kelly — please email me.

  65. You’d think those whiskers would tickle the tocks!

  66. lsuhillary says:

    When I first looked at this I didn’t see the bun-bun. Then I had to look again and I was like Kitty and Bun-Bun napping TOGETHER!! YAAAY! I want to nohm on bunny feet

  67. Mary (the first) says:

    SWEET! My vet office has two sides, “cat” and “dog”. I was there the other day on cat side waiting for my kitteh (routine visit) and suddenly here comes lady with bunneh going home from visit. OMG it was all I could do not to attack. I didn’t want to ask if I could pet her in case she was still sick (the bunneh not the lady) but it just made my day to be so close. I think the bunneh was ok.. hope so.

  68. The other one Michelle says:

    Question for you bun keepers–are buns and beagles generally good mates? Do you need to bring your beagle to the bun shelter to see if they get along? I’m thinking if I did that, I havoc would ensue. I have always wanted another bun after my first two died when I was younger, but now have an elderly beagle. Also, can buns be litter trained? Please if anyone could let me know…email or whatever!

  69. KentuckyGurl24 says:


    Now this is extreme interspecies love fest.

  70. I’d look out if I were that kitty 🙂 It’s national kick butt day!

  71. riolinda says:

    soo precioius! that must be the softest pillow! I try to use my kitties as pillows, but they don’t like it. 😉

  72. michii wants cuddles toooo *snuggles in and puts head on kitty* (-.-)zzzz~

  73. warrior rabbit says:

    The other one Michelle,

    I don’t know about beagles; in general, I’d be a little wary of the hound group. (I’ve thought about a whippet or Italian greyhound, but have always demurred due to the rabbit issue.) Of course, it depends on the dog/personality.

    Contact your local HRS and see what they suggest in terms of introductions/dog gauging. Of course, even if your dog is mellow, you’d need gradual, supervised introductions.

  74. That kitty is SOOOO beautiful.

    @ The other one Michelle – I’d agree with warrior rabbit about being careful with introducing buns to dogs in the hound group. And beagles have been bred for hundreds of years to hunt rabbits and other small game – in other words, high prey drive.

    That being said, my beagle couldn’t care less about rabbits (which is probably why he ended up in a shelter in a part of the country where people still use hounds to find dinner). I can’t count the number of times rabbits in our nearby park have hopped merrily around him. He’ll pick his nose up off the ground, look at them, and then return to sniffing.

    But again, like warrior rabbit said, your local HRS will know best. Good luck!

  75. Aw, best friends. 🙂

  76. CoffeeCup says:

    Mary (the first), I had quite the opposite reaction from you …bring a bun owner, I go to the exotic ward of my vet clinic. The first floor is dogs and cats, but the exotics wing is where bunnies, ferrets, birds and other animals are taken care of. I preferred finding a vet that specialized in exotic animal care. Anyway, I was there to get my bun checked out and I was really surprised to walk in and see a little pint sized poodle hanging out in the same room as guinea pigs and lizards.

  77. cubbybutt says:

    i have witnessed the “everything is a pillow and a pillow is everything” phenomenon with my own kitteh, but never a bun-tock pillow!!!!

  78. frannie says:

    is the genius behind CO also a viking? i feel so proud!

  79. This made me squee!

    They are Interspecies Snorgling AND Matchingks.

    And adorably fluffular.

    And making me sleeepy.

  80. Mary (the first) says:

    Coffeecup- my vet clinic is very small.. no floors or wings. I have had the experience of a puppy on the cat side because he had something they didn’t want other dogs to catch.. which startled me and my kitteh. For the record this is one good reason to *always* have kitteh (all pets really) in a carrier at vet; I have seen people come in with kitteh clutched in towel only and always concerns me when I see that. The bun I saw was not in a carrier so it’s good there was no one around to startle her.. But I digress.. BUNS AND KITTEHS yay two of my favorite kinds of people! 🙂

  81. CoffeeCup says:

    The previous owner of my bun didn’t have a carrier for him and in transporting him would just allow him to sit on her lap as she drove – I was pretty shocked at that, since it’s not only a safety hazard to the bun, it’s awfully stressful and distracts the driver. All the animals I’ve seen in the clinic, except for the poodle, have been in carriers of some kind.

  82. EMILY ANNE says:

    Laura M: I wouldnt recomend it. my cat ate a bunny once. i saw the whole thing. They’re lean mean fightin machines.

  83. What year did you graduate Paly? I was ’99!

  84. Janice the "8 is WAY Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    If this were any more of teh qte I would be dead! I so wish I could have a rabbit.

    Sadly, not all kitties think bunnies are too big to be prey. I had a kitteh catch and kill a wild rabbit almost as big as he was. So be *careful* when making introductions!

    But you already knew that, didn’t you? 🙂

  85. DaytimeDeb says:

    Paly — I’ve been meaning to say, my Grandmother went to Paly, graduated in 1919 — no, that is not a typo. I have her yearbook.

    She was disgusted that she had to send her kids to arch-rival Sequoia in the late 30’s/40’s (those were the only two HS in the area… no Gunn, no Menlo Atherton back then).

    Anyway, so much for the history lesson!

  86. Totalee Puppy says:

    Been searching for Bunny Peelow…Found it!! In this fancy catalog between car lighter socket Soup-on-the-Go and “Slumber Party Queen
    Inflatable Mattress”–“Don’t leave home without your Bunny Peelow–with Hun
    Bun tote bag.” Only $9.95 a month till its time for the pearlies…Jus keep readin Theo on car safety for you and Bun-Bun…Soft dreams, everybody!

  87. Totalee Puppy says:

    COFFEE CUP–I owe you the most apologetic I got…The mighty CC is tellin us today how to ride ina car with bunny and
    other small animals(better not all together, OK?). Coffee Cup is the one we turn to–well, alla time! Im kinda new to everybodys names, so I mess up. And Hey, dont miss Theo and TEH
    HYLANDERR! (I probably messed that one up, too.)

  88. be careful, little kitteh

    those are not jelly beans

  89. omg i want to take a nap on buntocks! pleeeease!

  90. Go Gunn Titans!

  91. *knock, knock* Hello? Anybody home?

  92. That is indeed one seriously happy bunny. They lie with their legs out behind them like that when feeling very safe and relaxed. 🙂 I have three cats and a bun. She is a tiny bossy queen, and pushes the cats around. They love to play together. I would recommend starting with a brave adult bun and kittens if you want a mixed house. They have individual personalities and are just as different as people. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions. 🙂

  93. Aww, that looks just like a fluffy version of my old tortie girl, Snack. Snack barely tolerates her younger roommates, Buddy and Gravy, but maybe she would get along better with a bunny… Hmmm…