This is a great song, and even better, it looks like what life would be like IN THE LAND OF CUTE OVERLOAD. I think Dr. Cute even makes a guest appearance in the video…

Thanks, Hera H.!



  1. claudia says:


  2. I’m confused O_o

    but I want all those wiggy cute puppies to plays with! 😀

  3. ashagato says:

    the official CO theme song!

  4. claudia says:

    Well… sweet vid I meant.. but everyone must be busy cuddling with animals to comment. 😛 Mine is eating tha’s how I end up here.

  5. Haha, I wonder if you lacqured the loaves of bread, then soled them with leather or something equally sturdy, if bread shoes would actually hold up for a little while. (I suppose you’d want to line them too) That would rule… “hey guys, check out my shoes! it’s bread!’

  6. ashagato says:

    wait, i proclaimed this the CO theme song before i finished watching the video! ooops. never-mind…

  7. The puppies were totally cute, but the bread shoes actually kind of freaked me out a little. No lie.

  8. chet's momma says:

    jes’ a leetle off topic…..but have you guys seen Fuchagi’s family on you tube? you won’t be disappointed!

  9. Darleenie says:

    Heh, that poor old guy is just all; “Please stop molesting my beard and go hug a puppy instead.”

  10. I got some undertones of A-Ha from this. The bread shoes and pillow smashing put it right over that random 80’s line.

  11. mojojojo says:

    please tell me thats just makeup and not a tattoo on her face

    and OMG… stretchy skincat?!?

  13. (and and AND, OMG Taylor cutaway!)

  14. Space Cowgirl says:

    And if it is a tattoo?

    Oh, right. How dare she choose her own body ornamentation! Sorry, was thinking out of line for a long 5 minutes there.

  15. (it’s gotta be a henna tattoo, y’all; they’re temporary)

  16. cute puppies, but I’m a misanthrope and frown upon any post featuring humans (with the exception of those with cats in their racks.)

  17. Patty P says:

    @mojojojo – I agree.

    I don’t disagree with body ornamentation, but because of society’s conventions, one can be very limited in job opportunities with a facial tattoo. Personally, I like to change my style ever so often and shudder at the thought of permanent markings that would be so difficult or painful to change. Temporary ones seem very fun and whimsical to me. I’ve been threatening to put purple jello/koolaid powder in my bangs for a while.

  18. I sure hope this isn’t the way C.O is going……… this is not cute. Humans are NOT CUTE. Just cuz it has a couple of animals in it doesn’t make it cute. This sucked. C.O has let me down.

  19. Space Cowgirl says:

    @Patty P – Her problem, not ours.

  20. Ron O'Brien says:

    That tattoo looks permanent to me – she has it in all of the pictures on her web site (except the pic where she’s only 11).

  21. charliewabba says:

    Yes yes yes to bread feet.
    the best bread feet ever are from Charlie Chaplin’s “The Gold Ruch”

  22. Here’s her website, linked from the Youtube page: herasings.com. As you can see, it’s not a henna tattoo nor is it makeup. It’s an actual, permanent tattoo. I completely approve. Then again, I also loved the breadshoes. I might just be weird.

  23. charliewabba says:

    I mean “Gold Rush”

  24. Cloying.
    But that’s just my crappy opinion so don’t get hopped up.

  25. clifford says:

    Too much human and the music is distractingk.

  26. That looks shockingly like a woman I used to date. Don’t remember the face tattoo though…or the puppies…maybe I really didn’t pay enough attention to her…

  27. @Space Cowgirl – you’re right, it’s not our problem…. but it’s so intriguing!

    I think it’s drawn on – some of the photos (from earlier, I assume) have a different design proportions of the design seem slightly different from photo shoot to photo shoot on her webpage.

  28. Manateegrrl says:

    Songs good, girls fine…

    But CO theme song? I challenge you to find anything cuter than Weezer’s Island in the Sun video. You can’t do it, trust me.

    “We’ll never feel bad anymore…”

  29. Manateegrrl says:

    Island in the Sun

  30. lsuhillary says:

    I just spent about thirty minutes looking and comparing pictures and I am still not sure if it is a real tattoo. I think it is, but does anyone know for sure so I can stop the madness????
    Thanks C.O. for sending me on timewasting, googling tangent.
    Oh, and I love Mr. Bigglesworth kitties!!

  31. ManateeGrrl — yep, that’s a strong candidate, but (personally) I haven’t had the flash of “OMG THAT’S IT!!” quite yet.

  32. ashagato says:

    manateegrrl, the weezer vid made my whole day!!!!!! you got my vote 😉

    spike jonze is a god…

  33. DAMN!!!!This girl is FANTASTIC!!!!!
    And…if that is a Tatoo on her face, then I must say…that is THE COOLEST Tatoo I have ever seen!!!
    It’s classy, as is the girl singing!

  34. redangell says:

    awww, Manateegrrl, the Weezer video is a bundle of happiness…

  35. Hon Glad says:

    I vote for Burl Ives ‘Big Rock candy mountain’, for our theme song.
    Oh the buzzing of the bees
    and the cigarette trees
    the soady water fountain
    where the lemonade springs
    and the Bluebird sings
    on the big rock candy mountain.

  36. (maybe replace “cigarette” with “guinea pig” in there)

  37. I love this girl! She’s just full of joy, isn’t she?
    I was also intrigued by the design around her eye and after looking at all her pics, see that it’s slightly different at different times. I love the design, though!

  38. Hon Glad says:

    Theo: Agreed cigareets not good.

  39. Ogogogo says:

    Too bad she didn’t have a friend with her at the tattoo parlor to say, “uh, no, that would look pretty retarded outside of a music video.” Even kittehs know better than that.

  40. Michelle says:

    awesome song and video.

    Her signature makeup (which is beautiful and doesn’t look anything like a tattoo to me, it’s too opaque) is slightly different in each photoshoot. I’m guessing she probably uses mac eyeliner whic is smudge and waterproof.

  41. DivaPie says:

    That is def a real tattoo on her face, as mentioned that all her pics show her w/ it, she also hails from New Zealand (well, originally Iceland) and it’s very common for the Maori people to have symbolic tattoos put on their faces for varying reasons.

    Sure it’s a little outside of the box as far as North American artists go, but it’s tasteful and unique… and to think of the pain tolerance she must have!

    Rock on facially inked one, you wear it well 😉

  42. Michelle says:

    Glad: Burl Ives was awesome! I even got to meet him once.

    I had an old Burl Ives disney album of animal folk songs when I was a kid, and there was a song on it called Horse of Demerara. It was about a horse that broke his leg and died. I would become hysterical if that song got played. Xp

  43. The Weezer video is a million times cuter than this! But then, the cuteness factor of this video is zero. I don’t come to C.O. see humans, I come here to get away from them!

  44. Michelle says:

    If that’s a tattoo, she has had it removed and redone several times… cause each photo shoot it’s slightly different. That would start to get expensive, I’d think. 😉

  45. brinnann says:

    If you look closely at the pictures, the markings are very dark and distinct. If it were a real tattoo, it’d have faded over time. So it’s either not permanent, or she gets it redone every three months.

  46. Daphne Moss says:

    I agree with those who don’t think this belongs on CO, much less be the theme song.
    Bread shoes, Sangria baths?
    What’s more, now that insipid song is stuck in my head…As our friends on ICHC say, DON’T WANT!

  47. brinnann says:

    *Squee!* Did you see on her blog (the link below the video where Meg posted the thanks to Hera H. is her site) she has a picture of her Sphinx as a kitten?!!

  48. Michelle says:

    Um… I wuld submit this as a candidate for CO theme song/video:


    Makes me smile every time.

  49. brinnann says:

    Here’s a pic of her without the “tattoo.” http://www.herasings.com/blog?start=3

  50. Animalphiles Annie says:

    The Weezer video _ SQUEEEEE
    bears in trees, chimps and puppies, drumming kittehs. It is teh awesum.

  51. Michelle says:

    End of the tattoo controversy here:


  52. If that blonde chick is Maori, I’m the Bush twins; both of them.

  53. Michelle says:


  54. Get_a_life says:

    Thanks Michelle, now can you waste another morning trying to dispel the existence of Santa Clause as too?

  55. LisaLisa says:


  56. Whine much, Get_a_life?

  57. Pliny and Pliny: hear hear! (and I still think they’re henna tats)

    (wait, no, I take it back!… now I think it’s that waterproof eyeliner stuff that somebody mentioned, upthread… not henna)

  58. Michelle says:

    ahahaha Get_a_life! Yeah, yeah… I know my factard ways are annoying. But I have pet peeves too. One of them is erroneous statements made with certainty that can be easily disproven with evidence. Call it a hobby, if you will. ;p

  59. LisaLisa says:

    Good Grief Get_a_life just because Michelle likes to figure out what’s real or not real doesn’t mean she’s a killjoy!

  60. Sandra S. says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I thought that was adorable. Actually, I just kind of fell in love with her in general and bought both albums on iTunes. But I’m impulsive like that. And I also don’t care if periodically the site posts stuff I don’t find cute. There’s an entire INTERNET out there folks. Not everything will appeal to everyone.

  61. LisaLisa says:

    LOVE IT, Michelle, I have that same trait Rock on GIRL!!!

  62. Michelle says:

    And anyway, I didn’t waste a morning. I wasted 15 minutes putting that image up. You want evidence? ;D

  63. LOL, Michelle. How about an animated .GIF? Or maybe Flash?

  64. brinnann says:

    LOL Teho! We can haz LolHera?

  65. I repeat… IT IS NO LONGER APRIL 1


  66. me-me-me says:

    Song was pretty good – tattoo totally distracting to me. The Weezer video was great. (I never saw that video, but I liked the song already. The drumming kitten was the cutest!)

  67. katiedid says:

    blah…. i demand more cute pictures and less creepy songs!!!!

  68. Some of my favourite ever CO pics aren’t the dictionary definition of cute. Most pics that can be classed as Redonk aren’t, and they’re the AWESOMEST. Who needs dictionary definitions? We have our own Glossary. 😉

  69. I liked the video – full of bliss, puppies and a wonderful kitteh! It’s upbeat and fun.

    I liked the part where she is molesting the guy’s furry face…lol…has anyone seen that face-wash commercial where the woman rubs her face up against others chin and cheeks when she greets them (like kittehs do)? There’s a part of me that wishes humans did that too…lol. But then again, I can think of a lot of circumstances where that might not be welcomed…lol.

  70. no to this song!
    yes to the island in the sun video!
    that bouncy playful yella lab is adorable! and the drummer kitty! and the bear!!!!

  71. also: kudos michelle! good work!

  72. Wow, I feel like a perv now. Am I really the only one who listened to that and thought ‘Huh, that’s an interesting dissonance, pictures of cute animals and baths and stuff while singing about losing your virginity.’?

  73. MandaBain says:

    Weezer video & song = PURE JOY! I agree it should be the CO theme. I was grinning like an idiot at the beautiful sweet baby animal/Weezer interaction 🙂
    This video is fun too, and I always say: Meg’s cute site = Meg’s cute whims. We are all just observers here, not content judges.

  74. Never listen to the lyrics. They’ll just make you feel all guilty if you bop around to something that turns out to be not so nice.

    It looks to me like her fantasy while inside the asylum, complete with keeper and Dr. Feelgood. Mind you, if that’s “rehab,” sign me up!

  75. Space Cowgirl: “And if it is a tattoo?”

    unflattering… that’s all. next time, chill out, and check YOUR own assumptions before postingk…

    thanks to michelle who found it is NOT a fugly face tat

  76. Space Cowgirl says:

    mojojo: If we’ve already established that you think it’s unflattering, how is it relevant whether it’s permanent or not?

    No assumptions involved.

  77. Michelle says:

    Wait… losing one’s virginity is dissonant with joy, pleasure, and sweetness?

    hmm. i think ur doing it rong 😉

  78. Allison says:

    wtf does this have to do with anything? im here for the cute animal pictures!

  79. Kristin says:

    Favoritest. music. video.


    *le sigh*

  80. gotta say “meh” on this one. song wasn’t that good to me, video needed WAY MORE PUPPIES and if you’re going to get a face tattoo, maybe make it not look like the doodles in my jr. high notebook.

  81. whalesforever says:

    por favor, not on CO! I come here to see bunnies snorgling, not annoyingly-clever hipster vids. snooze!

  82. Two words: rawr.

  83. Chakotaywoman!

  84. Just sayin'. says:

    I *loved* the weezer video! This one (girl) was ok but not as delightful as weezer.

  85. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    Pliny: Maybe Diva was referring to the fact that New Zealanders in general have adopted the Maori designs as part of their general culture. Mostly because the designs are too cool! Regular NZers not of Maori descent, still use Maori designs on many, many things. CUTE PUPPIES! Not enough of them, but still very cute.

  86. Patty P says:

    @Michelle: Thanks for posting the truth. Yes, obvious differences in the “tatt” makeup from one pic to another. I like the design, and think it is playful.

    The edges are different from one pic to another too, and do look like someone tried to carefully freehand the design in, but there’s a tiny jag here and there.

    Yes, I agree that statements posted as absolute truth without the evidence to support it are quite irritating and mislead others who won’t go look for themselves. I run into all the time, in health related subjects and fandom too. I refuse to be a mushroom (kept in the dark and fed poo!).

    Google is our friend!

  87. Patty P says:

    @manateegrrl: Thanks for the Weezer vid. Loved it!

  88. Thing with the breadshoes: that is obviously freshly baked bread. Imagine having your feets in fresh warm soft bread insides! But turning them into permanent shoes would suck (ow stale crumbs between toes ow). And I totally don’t get the bathing in sangria.

    However, I think there ought to be a formal scientific investigation into the benefits of PUPPYPILE!!! treatment for depression. I will, of course, volunteer myself as a human guinea pig, and my cat will be happy to volunteer his assistance for the related FLOOF! therapy study.

  89. Shannon says:

    I’m gonna hafta add myself to the “HUH?!?” list? With the exception of the puppies of course. I didn’t think it was cute, per se. But it’s not my blog either!

    And I love the facial art. It’s gorgeous. Haven’t you nuffers EVER heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Hmmmmm?

    Some of the nicest people I know have tats. And guess what, the rest of the nice people don’t. Go fig.

  90. Personally, I LIKED the song. The girl’s got a beautiful voice!

    Thanks, Michelle! I also really liked the “7 Seconds of Love” song! Very catchy.

    Not into tattoos myself, but I did think it was intriguing-looking.

  91. I think you’d need to be seventeen kinds of badass to get a tattoo on your face. Talk about pain. Ow.
    That said, I love the face markings, permanent or not.

  92. Cute song.
    Cute girl.
    Cute makeup.
    Cute puppies.

    Yup. It’s cute.

    Also, it’s awesome she’s from Iceland but isn’t too bjizarre like Bjork (who is also cute, but in a kooky way).

  93. Jamiemay says:

    I LOVE this video!! I went to her site and wanted to buy all of her albums. Too bad I don’t have the money. She’s one of my new favorites tho. And I love the face art!

  94. Ahh I finally made it home and got to watch and list4en to the video and ADD my two cents about the (Painted on tatoo) I say that because I like Micheele went to look… It may or may not be eyeliner.. but I used to do the acrylic paint on stuff for the kids at the school carnaval(face Painting) and it looks like black good quality acrilic paint to me which would not smear like eye liner would. And who ever applied it did an excellent Job and I love how it looks on her SHe is pretty the song is fun and I only wish there were lots more animals on it.. and who wouldn’t want to be in a pile of puppies LE Sigh.. HEAVEN 😉

  95. Sorry for the typos : (

  96. snorglepup says:

    Yes, more puppies please.
    It feels so good!
    I’ll try the Sangria bath too. yummm…

  97. I still think the video, the song, the girl are sweet.

    It sure does belong on CO, if she wants it to be.

    Sigh, the puppies alone! GAH!

  98. O_O

    …she is absolutely adorable

  99. RevWaldo says:

    Good song? Check.
    Fun video? Check.
    Cute girl? Check.

    Made me think of “Hi I’m Harry! Owner of Harry’s Sex Shop! I’m the guy with the snake on his face!”?


  100. RevWaldo says:

    Also, I see your Weezer video and I raise you –

    Talk Talk!

  101. Yitzysmommie says:

    count mine a yes vote on the Weezer vid.
    Didn’t much like the blond girl with the drawingks on her face, but I do give her puppypile a big YES.

  102. Helena Handbag says:

    You sillies, those aren’t bread shoes they’re LOAFERS.

  103. Annie J says:


    I liked the song, and the puppy pile too!

    I think her face makeup is pretty cool, more so because it ISN’T permanent 😀

  104. berthaslave says:

    Rev Waldo — “And scrambled eggs in a skillet? Why? ‘Cause it’s ‘Scramble Days’ at Harry’s Sex Shop.”

    I’ve never seen this Hera person before but I am suddenly quite obsessed. I have a thing for cute singer songwriter chicks. The kittehs and puppehs and her snorgling the bearded professor type is like so much icing on the cake. And then Rev. Waldo has to start going SCTV on me….it’s almost like it’s my birfday. (And it’s not).

    I love that C.O. allows us to expand our definitions of cute. I don’t think the cute animal purses or pottery is all that cute, but other people seem to really like it. I like this, some don’t. It’s a big ol’ beautiful cute complex world out there, ain’t it grand?

  105. berthaslave says:

    P.S. Tats or no, they are hot.

  106. Kirsten says:

    It’s not a tattoo. If you look at the pictures on her website you can see the brush strokes in the closeups and if you compare the pictures by different photographers you can see that it’s drawn slightly different each time.

  107. Stephanie S. says:


  108. LOVE her voice! I’m not such a great judge of voices but any woman that sings without that awful whiny nasal-sounding thing, of which I seem to hear too much, is a good thing by me.

    No offense meant to those women (or men but it seems more prevalent in women) that sing that way…LOL.

  109. Sorry it’s not Henna. Henna only comes in one color BROWN or a deep Red tone. Jagua does come out black, but never that dark on the face due to the thinness of the skin. Henna wouldn’t come out that dark either for that matter.

  110. Berthaslave – I agree. That’s wacky makeup and I like it!

    And OMG PUPPEH OVERLOAD!!! Sooooo jealous!

  111. I was waiting for someone to mention Harry…LOL. I miss John Candy…

  112. FYI, in her “Feathers in a Bag” video, she appears both with and without makeup.

  113. Aww the kitty is hers nd his name is Brjánn/Brian! She has a kitten pic of him in her blog!

    But I am also in the confused category for why this was posted on the CO

  114. acelightning says:

    The kitty looks like a Rex – that long, elegant, Egyptian body and the big ears.

    I think the thing with the bread is a warm, freshly baked loaf… pull out the soft inside and eat it, and put the rest of the loaf on your foot because it’s warm and comfy. (I’d rather just eat the whole loaf of warm bread, and have the cat lie on my feet to keep them warm.)

  115. acelightning says:

    Oh, and the doctor’s name tag is shown in close-up near the end; it says “Dr. Feelgood, MD”.

  116. Yitzysmommie says:

    LOL@ HelenaHandbag for the LOAFERS. Still snickering here.

  117. warrior rabbit says:

    Meh. Vid, song, girl do nothing for me. Chet’s Momma, thanks for the Fuchagi link. Made the post/thread worthwhile.

  118. I think the planet unicorn theme should be the official co song.

  119. I’m kind of disappointed that it’s not a real tattoo, because it’s really beautiful and it’s actually making me want to get a facial tattoo. You so seldom see them on women, and it really accentuates her natural beauty.

  120. i’m gonna have to find something to get this dang song out of my head now. have to say, i don’t think the appearance of half a dozen puppies makes this cuteoverload material. (i’ve submitted and had rejected MUCH cuter stuff than this!) 😉

    i’ll give you that the bread shoes are weird…but even that disappointed me. when i read “bread shoes?” i was like, “ooh, this might be fun! is someone feeding birds with their feet?” i honestly expected to find video of a person (or pet) walking in a park or something with bread shoes on and little birds just everywhere. see, now THAT could be cute.

    this, though…hmm. sure, she’s got a nice voice, i guess. but the song, i honestly find super annoying. i had a hard time sitting through the entire video. thanks for sharing, though.

    to weigh in on the tattoo discussion: i don’t see why her may-or-may-not-be-real tattoo has become such an issue. what difference should it make to any of us what she puts on her body? if she wanted to load her face up with lipstick so heavy, she looked like a clown, it might seem ridiculous…but whatever her reasons, it’s what she decided she wanted to do. and she’s the one who has to live with it, whether that means she can’t find a job (seems, at least form this video, that she’s trying to be a singer anyway, not necessarily work in corporate America) or that she gets strange looks when she walks down the street, she chose them by choosing to express herself the way she did. *shrugs* i’m just sayin’, it’s really not our business whether it’s real or not real. it’s okay to be curious, but the “i hope that’s not a real tattoo” wording seems to have hit some nerves here, though i’m sure the OP really meant nothing offensive by it.

    i’m gonna shut up now. my kitty just came back from the kitchen. 🙂

  121. Michelle says:

    I agree. Girls should be allowed to express themselves by wearing whatever they want on their face. But I also think girls should be allowed to express themselves by deciding what material gets posted in their blog.

  122. I totally have a crush on her!

  123. Too Late says:

    I’m just not crazy about the beard rubbing episodes there, but apparently that’s just me… :s

  124. Totalee Puppy says:

    THEO, hey, man, love those guinea pig trees and about how its no longer April 1–
    love to spell like you, Theo. HON GLD–A resorceful YAY for Big Rock
    Candy Mt.for CO Fourever
    MICHELLE–I hear how you
    feeling–NO HORSE SONG and
    that’s a PUPPY PROMISE!

  125. Totalee Puppy says:

    ORNITH–I call myself your
    pal T.Puppy and I forgot to say your one great guy!
    Hey, luv that PUPPYPILE
    tretment for when Im feeling down–How do I order that? Aint got a credit card–could get a pile a puppys around here,
    but MAN–the puppys in the
    show were so-whats the word?-it will come to me-CUTE!

  126. Catchy song, but it’s not cute.

    I agree with you SSSsss… I hope this isn’t the way CO is going.

  127. Divapie, I am from New Zealand and we have never been known as Iceland. Iceland is on the other side of the world!

    I don’t think she is a NZ singer either. Well, I’ve never heard of her..

  128. Wowsers, I’m too busy to check CO for a few days and I miss my friend Hera on there!


    Hera Rules.

  129. Quite what the point of this is beyond me?

  130. I did a search through the comments, and didn’t see anybody else mention that “Dr. Feelgood” was slang for a drug dealer/pusher a couple decades back. Maybe all us cuteologists aren’t up on our druggie-speak, but eh. Drug-references aside, I just don’t think this is all-around cute. After all, as the wide old saying goes, “Cute puppies doth not a cute video make… eth.” Or something. 🙂
    I say keep looking; in my opinion, this wouldn’t be a good theme song for CuteOverload. At the very least, I thought the Weezer video was better, and much happier.

  131. That’s a real tattoo? Who does she think she is? Yeesha? Uru’s dead, again.