Ehn! [knob turns]

I’m am going OUT

and you ken’t STOP MEH

Ehn! [Right paw action on knob]


Brooke M. says that Rusty the Kitteh will also walk in on you in the bathroom. Of course.



  1. stubbedoo says:

    I love the curled tail action! Ehn!

  2. My cat does the same thing! Managed to actually get out once, so my I had to put a special automatic closing contraption on the top of the door.

    Pretty kitty!

  3. chanpon says:

    I need no kitty doors, MOFO!

    But it is fascinating that all my cats have exhibited this door knob turning / unlatching behavior, regardless of the size or shape of the handle.

  4. Our cat does this too. You have to lock doors around here if you don’t want kitty interruptions.

  5. O_o


  6. Caaaat Paaaaants! Caaaaat Paaaants!

  7. Sweet Lady says:

    That’s simply TOO cute. I mean, seriously, I had an immeadiate sugar rush, diabetic coma, and heart attack all at once. This sort of cuteness should simply not exist, and yet it does in all its tailicious glory.. because somebody up there loves it when we collectively go “AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!”

    *sigh* Can I take this kitty home?

  8. My meow learned to do the same thing, she CONSTANTLY opened the door to the bathroom when I was in there, and if I locked the door she would keep trying until I let her in.

  9. Theresa says:

    Motto of my house:
    “You’ll Never Pee Alone.”

  10. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ditto Theresa! My legs are the victim of head-butts at the most *ahem* inopportune times!

  11. cheesybird says:

    My cat never figured out how to do this. (Dog love him, he was the sweetest kitty, but not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.) He did like to stick his pawsies under the closed bathroom door though! Too cute!

    I’m lovin’ Rusty’s floofy tail and tippy toe action!

  12. David Harmon says:

    Well, next time your kitty walks in on you in the bathroom, remember all those times you stood around watching her use the litterbox…. 🙂

  13. OK who put the disquise on my calico? Just the thing my psycho kitty would do. She also opens cabinet doors with child latches and dresser drawers. Mr(s) CatPants wins approval from my me-roars

  14. Looks like the lightswitches are paw-enabled, too.

  15. The stray that adopted us (his name is Spare Cat) lets himself out of the porch after he’s “slept it off”…you know, out catting around… 🙂

  16. My kittie opens doors all the time, especially the sliding doors of which our bathroom door is a slider! An old cat of ours which was only kept indoors used to jump up the walls while we were at work and we would come home to find all the lights on…

  17. leah b. says:

    cute kitty I would type in better word but I just got done working 10 hour shift can’t spell.
    Tailo kitteh wants out to go get more treats….

  18. Seven Paws says:

    I used to have a cat who would open the latch on the china cabinet, open the door with her paw, and then carefully squeeze herself inside and just sit amongst the plates and glasses.

    Interestingly, a cat opened the door and walked in on me in the bathroom this morning, and he’s never done that before. He must have seen this post before I did.

  19. Theresa says:

    ThreeCatNight and David Harmon, once one of my boys was caught with the urge himself, when he thought he should be on bathroom escort duty. He rushed into the litter box room, did his business, rushed back to the bathroom door, and was sitting outside when I opened the door to come out.

  20. Theresa says:

    PS: My cats’ thought proceses when I am in the can:
    Stinky: Aha, she is helpless. She must pet me.
    Dante: Aha, she is helpless. I think I will sit in her pants.

  21. Madam X says:

    And here I thought Suki and Shiraz were so bright and unique because they both know how to open doors!

    Thank heaven they haven’t figured out the lock yet…

  22. Hon Glad says:

    Right , I am off next door the foods better.

  23. Anasztaizia says:

    “Stinky: Aha, she is helpless. She must pet me.
    Dante: Aha, she is helpless. I think I will sit in her pants.”


    And here I thought ours were just weird O.o

    They haven’t mastered the child-safe-locks (yet), but they do the lightswitch thing!

  24. I have not gone to the bathroom alone in over 27 years. (And I usually have 2-4 cats at any given moment)

  25. cheesybird says:

    With so many cats able to open doors (and cabinets), it’s a wonder they haven’t figured out how to use the can opener. But no, they still meow to be fed at ass o’clock.

  26. StormCat says:

    My male “Patio Cat” likes to sleep in the kitchen towel cabinet… It’s right at eye level and if I forget he’s up there, I get quite a scare when I look up and there are two darks eyes staring at me!!! Not to mention getting a towel out, to dry the dishes, and finding Kitteh hair on it!!! *sigh*

  27. Man, I *HATE* ass o’clock.

  28. Theresa says:

    There is something wrong with my clocks– they don’t HAVE ass o’clock!

  29. K. O'Dee says:

    “Rusty the Kitteh will also walk in on you in the bathroom.”

    Rori the Kitteh used to do that, too. She especially liked the hot, steamy, shower-y bathroom.

    Her second fave was face washing and tooth brushing which gave her a convenient back-stool to admire her gorgeous self in the mirror.

  30. MY cat does that too! We lock our bedroom door at night now and always wake up to a jiggling door handle and crying kitty.

  31. Monoglot says:

    My cat, Louisa, opens every door in the house.

    If we do not keep them all locked, she opens them and the dog, her happy, foolish accomplice, follows her into forbidden rooms….

  32. Awwwwww!

  33. cheesybird says:

    @Theo and Theresa: Otherwise known as the ass-crack of dawn.

  34. My parents’ cats do this and the only way they could stop them was by taking off the door handles and putting them back on *upside down*!

  35. leah b. says:

    Ass crack of dawn is when they are finally tired’s and are ready to eats and then they go sleep all day long while we humans are even, more tired cause they get us up that early….

  36. oh giggle giggle. too cute.

  37. Hon Glad says:

    My toilet door finishes about four inches from the ground, so skinny Sid crawls under and jumps on the toilet rim while I am peeing, sometimes on him if I am not looking, Plech.

  38. JuleeJulee says:

    When my kitteh was tiny, she would rush into the bathroom whenever I brushed my teeth, and climb up on my back. Now that she’s bigger she doesn’t do this any more, which is probably a good thing, skin-wise. But part of me misses it, a little.

  39. i sure hope Hon Glad is a guy…or that is really weird from so many, er, angles!

  40. Budgie blogger: My facade is exposed, I’m a guy not a home counties matron.

  41. @pitkat – what is this contraption you speak of? I need it!

    I am glad that I am not the only person that has this problem. Problem for us because we live in an apartment and don’t want the cats to get out! We had to use a small box and duct tape to cover the front door handle, and cut a flap in it so we can open it 😦 That cat also loves to get in the closet and hang from clothes and knock everything off the hangers and shelve, as well as open the door when in the bathroom. Sigh.

  42. Hon Glad —
    1) T. M. P. I.
    2) if you want, I can hook you up with some nice vinyl 4-inch-wide weatherstrip, just say the word…

  43. When I was growing up, I had a kitty who would do this. For years I had to sleep with my bedroom door open lest I be wakened by the frightening sounds of the kitty turning the knob. I’d always think a burglar was in the house.

  44. Hon Glad says:

    Theo: Erm whats T.M.P.I. As for the weather strip my toilet is based on a privy complete with Suffolk latch (thumb latch) and heart shaped spy hole.

  45. Too Much Privy Info

    (wait wait wait — “heart shaped spy hole”!!!?! GAHH!)

  46. Wait now. Take a look at the photo. If Rusty can operate the door handle, fine and dandy. But the door needs to be PULLED towards Rusty in order to open from the side he’s on. Can he do that!? Is that what the right paw is doing?! Oy.

    I mean, mine can pull open doors, but the door has to be off the latch and then she pulls from underneath or on the side. She’s a tortie, so usually she just sits outside the door and makes whatever noise it is that torties make until my head explodes and I let her in. Or out. Whichever.

  47. ass 0’clock!!!! I am still laughing! we have that very same time at our house! and our kittys come in the bathroom too just to see what’s up. I once heard that cats hate all closed doors.

  48. Totalee Puppy says:

    “(Yay, let’s start the music)Workin my way back to you
    guys…with a handle I can
    workin my way back to you,
    guys…I got loneliness inside…Don’t make me go
    away (no, no, nuh no-no-no)
    working every day…

  49. Ass o’clock, a.k.a. 0-dark:30.

    cheesybird, I’m pretty sure they know how to use the can opener. They just prefer being waited on. Also, depriving humans of sleep is a bonus.

  50. Arokthis says:

    Theresa: I used to have a Yorkie that would do the same thing.

  51. I haven’t yet figured out how, but one of my kittehs needs no handle to open our doors. The force is strong with her.

  52. So totally not my cat. She’ll stand bawling outside the bedroom door when the alternate path through the bathroom is wide open.

  53. homer mariner says:

    My cat Charlie Bean figured out how to open our bathroom door in much the same way… he had no fascination with people peeing, but he really liked getting in the bathtub when you were in there… He never minded water. Somehow it just ruins your bath when there’s that much fur in it…

  54. My cat once locked me out of my apartment onto my second floor balcony; I have a sliding glass door and he managed to push the dummy bar back into place. I swear he knew what he was doing.

  55. ThreeCatNight says:

    These are too funny! And to
    press onward with the pee report; while I’m worshipping at the great porcelain throne, I not only get head-butts on the legs, but my little Pumpkin also picks that wonderful time to jump up on the sink and actually press her little head against my cheek and hair. Thank goodness her brothers don’t do the same! Go raise children!

  56. oh my… thank you all for the good laughs this afternoon.
    I too use the toilet with a crowd of 4-legged onlookers. 0.o

  57. I feel the pain of everyone who has not gone to the bathroom alone in a long time. Bear and Pippin (Both Cats) always want to jump in my pants, which would not be that big of a problem but then they lick, lick, cronch! And my legs end up tore up. Thank goodness my kitties have not figured out yet how to get doors open (looks around) but they have seen this pic…DOH!

  58. Natalie says:

    I didn’t know anyone went to the bathroom without kit-cats. I have one who gets on my lap, and a couple who will get in the tub… mostly they just want me to get out the hairbrush.

  59. It’s really annoying if a cat knows how to open a door. My boyfriend taught his cat to do this by accident. He ones layed a fake mouse on the doorhandle and the cat opened the door by holding on to the handle. He only did it one time but the cat knows how to do it now. He uses it quite a lot and often gets into the room when you don’t want him to.
    Really naughty cat

  60. Kaitou Juliet says:

    The cat I had as a teenager used to do this too! Only we didn’t have this style of door-handle, so she’d put one paw on each side of the doorknob and try to turn it. Usually she wouldn’t succeed in opening the door, but when she did it on the door to my room, she’d wake me up long enough to open the door for her, and then I’d stagger back to bed. I wasn’t awake enough to notice whether her tailio curled when she did it, though!

  61. Paunchie says:

    LOL with the ass o’clock!

    actually it could be handy for the dang cat to let himself in and out. Because they never seem to be satisfied with either one, once they are in they want out. And vice versa.

  62. LOL @ all-a-youse, espesh Theresa and Hon Glad *brackets “Mister” brackets*

    One of mine, Baby, used to take a little ‘love bite’ on my ex-roomie’s thigh–so conveniently just hanging a little over the toidy-seat.

    There really is no privacy—even the dog wants to come in, see what’s going on. Guess I’m a captive audience. Then, immediately upon rising, another kitteh, Daisy, must stand on the seat to observe the water swishing around and then go down INTO THE BOWL and have a nice, little drinkie.

    I shudder to think what a “romantic guest” might think if, God Willing, I have one soon! 😉

  63. Laurie – thats hilarious

  64. If you don’t think cats are entertaining enough while worshiping on the porcelain throne, wait till my parakeet finds you, and then whatever you try to get toliet paper to do the wipeup, my parakeet will try to get the toliet paper away from you. Toliet duty can be challenging! I pray my parakeet will never fall into the toliet. Life is never boring with your pets in attendation.

  65. My mom had to change hers from a lever to a knob to stop one of her cats from going into her room! Now the poor kitty just cries at the door 😦 awww

  66. sunnymum says:

    My cat cannot open doors. What she does do when I’m in the bathroom is slides one paw underneath the door and finds the thing that stops the door from banging in to the wall. And then she pulls on this thing so it makes an annoying “doinnnngggg” sound. She does this until the door is opened again. Le sigh.

  67. Kimberly says:

    Thank GOD my cats have not figured out how to open doors. My older one was smart enough with kitchen cabinets that I had to put the childproof locks on. Otherwise, we can keep them out of certain rooms just fine.

    The bathroom is a lost cause, though – I don’t even bother shutting the door anymore, because if I do, there will just be a cat on the other side desperate to get in. My husband’s just had to get used to it!

  68. OMG!!!!!

    This is the funniest (and nuff-free-est) thread I have read here in ages.

    My boy comes in with me and bats at the TP as it comes off the roll. Also he gets shut in the bathroom at ass o’clock so I’ve gone through countless rolls of shredded TP, now it lives outside of the bathroom at night, and I’m constantly forgetting to grab it on my way back in.

    Now at my mother’s house, the bathroom door only sounds like it’s latching, but with a teeny push can be opened by any small 4-legged (or large 2-legged) creature. Her cats and dog are constantly coming in to check on what we’re doing. Doesn’t bother us any, but unsuspecting visitors, including my grandparents, tend to be thrown by the cats showing up suddenly.

  69. berthaslave says:

    This is an awesome thread. Bertha is a crier at the door, and she’ll keep crying unless I talk to her. It usually goes something like this:

    Bertha: pathetic kitteh meowh
    Me: I’m right here!
    Bertha: more pathetic kitteh meowhr
    Me: I still love you!

    Then when I come out she’s guarding the door so no one gets in.

    The late great Rider was a door opener, though. Major door opener. Even knobs. I’d swear he had opposable thumbs.

  70. Yitzysmommie says:

    A wunnerful giggly thread. Ass o’clock is when Yitzy starts complaining that the coffee is brewed and why are you not out here playing with me now? ie- every morning, 5:15 on the dot!

  71. There is, of course, the mcdoggersons approach … don’t bother with the handle, just go full speed at the door and it will open (especially in our house where the doors don’t quite latch because the wood has swelled because of damp).

    Not subtle but just as effective in ensuring that I never feel lonely or bored whilst using the toilet, because someone is always ready to come and lick my knees (this is very disconcerting by the way)

  72. Poohbear says:

    Great thread, I keep coming back for laughs. One of my foster babies, after headbutting his way into the shower, would play with the rubber suction cups on the shower mat, getting them unstuck one by one. I swear you could see him smile while at it. Meanwhile his sister is curled up in the sink waiting for me to turn on a trickle of water to play with. I used to end up brushing my teeth in the kitchen. As for toilet attendance, why, of course. Good place to flop down on the cool tile floor.

  73. acelightning says:

    My cat Loki understands perfectly how to open ordinary doors, sliding patio doors, even windows – his paws just aren’t quite capable of it. When he tries to turn a doorknob, usually his paw-pads are too smooth to get a grip. I’ve seen him try to do the “push simultaneously down and sideways” that opens a sliding door, but he can’t quite manage the sideways part. And I’ve also seen him try to push up a sash window that was open about an inch. Good thing I don’t have any doors that open with lever handles.

  74. saffron says:

    bev- LOL at your point about Torties. I have one too and I know exactly what you mean. The Tortie Motto: Why work when you can meow? I think this is also sometimes called “Tortitude.”

  75. Umm, two of our three kitties — the two agile ones — locked themselves into our downstairs bathroom a few weeks ago. From the inside.

    Luckily our landlord has a sense of humor and is a friend, so he didn’t mind cutting a couple of holes in the wall to let them out.

    Good times.

    Evil geniuses (genii) these kitties are.

  76. Having unsuspecting people over who aren’t used to the toilet-herd mentality is the best.

    Nothing is better than hearing your father, literally, squeal like a 5 year old girl whilst relieving himself. He failed to notice our baby girl Koji accompanied him, until she began leisurely climbing up the inside of his pantleg. He didn’t seem to think this was as funny as the rest of us did…

    These days I have gotten used to Koji on the laundry chute, Truffles on top of the shower doors, Poose in the tub, and The Duke in my lap to witness the goings-on. I think they all blink in unison to make me clinch. Maddening!

  77. Paunchie says:

    “one paw underneath the door and finds the thing that stops the door from banging in to the wall. And then she pulls on this thing so it makes an annoying “doinnnngggg” sound.”

    ovah and ovah!! LOLOL!!!

    that made me spew my coffee

  78. serorobele says:

    So when our cats were bitty kitties, they were not very good at jumping. One of them, Udon, was verrry proud when she finally gained enough coordination to make it to the toilet seat in one jump. From then on, she’d do it all the time, over and over just to impress herself.

    Then one day, the man of the house lifted the lid and seat to use the toilet and Udon decided to impress him. So she ran at full speed from under the bed, through the entryway, and skidded around the corner into the bathroom. She then took a flying leap and landed… straight in the toilet bowl!

    Kittehs, as it turns out, can change direction almost in mid-jump and she was out of that toilet as fast as she got in. Luckily he hadn’t started yet as then she would be in an even unhappier state!

  79. Totalee Puppy says:

    Cats think theyre pretty
    great cause they can do stuff like this…OK, so cats are GREAT…No door is any match for Houdini
    here…Just when you thought it was safe to go
    to the bathroom…You want safety? Call 1-800-GET-DOGS.

  80. Totalee Puppy says:

    PLEEZ DO NOT CALL 1-800-GET-DOGS! I checked it out-
    mebbe a store cause they dont answer at 7:50 AM (central.) Good thing other
    dogs are smarter than me–This little dog from the streets–I got a good heart-an-all, but SMART?
    WEEEEEELLLL…One time I dreamed I got a gret honor–THE RODES COLLAR!! Dream on, Dummie…HEY, YOU WANT

  81. If my cats learned how to do that…I’d be so f***ed