Another Feel good vid

Alert reader Beth W. reminds us that epic band Weezer also had one of the best Feel Good vids around… Check it out.






  1. I’ve known about this for ages. WHY DID IT NEVER OCCUR TO ME TO SEND IT TO CO?!?

  2. The video opens into another window – but can only view half of the screen because the window is not resizable. 😦

  3. Uilleand says:

    THis is the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the other vid.

  4. So much better than the bread shoes vid! 🙂 Yay!

  5. Man, I loved Weezer back in the day. Awesome vid.

  6. homer mariner says:

    I love the puppy licking the monkey and monkey wipes it off.. best moment ever.

  7. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Best part: Marmie AIR DRUMMING, PEOPLE!!! LOL!!! XD!!!!

  8. Just sayin'. says:

    YES YES YES> thank you.

  9. Beautiful!

  10. I know it’s totally fake in the sense that it’s all staged shots with trained animals, but to me it looks like a vision of paradise.

  11. Why did the Sloth cross the road?

  12. This is way better than bread shoes, and it IS paradise. If we’re picking a CO theme song, this one gets my vote.

  13. (Hairy) CHEEKY MONKEY!!!

  14. It is better than Bread Shoes.

    Sorry nice Bread Shoes lady.

  15. OK wait a second! Nobody told me you could to heaven and film it!!!!

    There is no cute winner, but the panther is well, beautiful and gorgeous don’t seem to do it justice.

  16. Diana – Click on the link that says “Check it out” =)

  17. chet's momma says:

    i’d have to say this is one instance when the hoomans in the video are almost as cute as the sweet animules! ladies, dost thou agree?

  18. it opens in a window that’s too small to see the vid for me too. 😦

  19. Great big smile on my face! Love, love, love the video!

  20. Aw, one of my favourite music videos EVER! Another excellent Weezer video is “Keep Fishing,” starring the Muppetts!

  21. Er, Mupetts. 🙂

  22. Muppets. 😀

  23. Hello Kitty says:

    Luv it, eh, eh, and why am I not the person playing w/se bebehs in the video!!!

  24. Not a big Weezer fan. Their music does nothing for me. However, Spike Jonze directs AWESOME videos, so this video gets a +1 for direction and animals, and -1 for music I’m not fond of. So in all, it comes out to be neutral, an “Eh, it’s okay” from me.

  25. Whoops. MUPPETS.

    *covers face in shame*

  26. HEheh A weezer fan by way of having had teenagers who listened to them.. I have never seen this video before but OMG I love it… and I like that song too it feels like how I feel when I go on Vacation.. and I want a vacation where I get to play with animals in the sun…

  27. HappyFunBall says:

    I had SUCH a crush on Rivers Cuomo in high school, before I found out he was kind of a cuckoo bird. He’s writing a song with YouTube user ideas right now.

  28. Totalee Puppy says:

    Needed a lot of tish-yous
    for this one, cause I was cryin happy tears…Your friend T.Puppy
    was found wanderin in the
    Mean Streets, but I got a
    soft heart…mebbe cause I
    got so much ta be thankful for…like these animals!

  29. Juniper: I love that part! LoLz so funny.

    I had never seen this video, even though I love this song! Wow! How could I have gone so long without it?!

    I think my favorites parts are with the flying chimp and his inquisitive shirt-puller-upper tendencies! So adorable!

    *watches way more times*

  30. Just in time for their new album, which is coming out in June. It is rumored to also be titled “Weezer”… great musicians, great song writers, crappy album title makers! hehe

  31. sunnymum says:

    Love the song and LURVE the vid!!! Sweetness. When the nice cute man gives the gentleest of leetle keeses to the bebeh kitteh… left me as a puddle. When same nice cute man does air drumming with bebeh kitteh’s paw – ROFLMAO mixed with ded from the qte! And I could go on and on and on… yep, this is supreme in my book!

  32. Right click over the play button and choose open in new window and then you can see the whole thing! This was great.

  33. i LOVE 42 seconds in where the guys laying down and holding the puppy and rubbing his face against the puppies chin. ANd then right after a different guy is holding up the marmie kitty and kisses it and the kitties just like *blink* (is overwhelmed with cuteness)

  34. I’m probably one of the few who wasn’t familiar with this video (I knew the song, though — and liked it). But this video is basically what I yearn for — the opportunity to frolic with a variety of wildlife. Made me cry, it’s so lovely.

  35. ashagato says:

    i’m telling you spike jonze has directed every one of the best music vids EVAR…

    yay weezer, yay cutie pie animals 😛

  36. awww pat and the little orange kittennnnns

  37. Another Angela says:

    Best video ever on CO!! Gave me a shiver up my spine and made me almost cry!

  38. Totally agree! Lotsa love for this song. This has been one of my fav videos since it first came out (back when videos were something still worth noting). It never fails to make me mushy and teary. Super sweet.

  39. Man, this made me nostalgic for my time in Africa playing these sorts of games with lion cubs. 🙂 Can someone please point me towards the immigration office of this place…?

  40. Damn.

    We have screwed up this world but GOOD.

    Bye-bye beasties. Sorry I couldn’t do more to save you.

  41. GR8 vid. Feel gud tew watch!

  42. This is officially my 2nd favorite video on youtube… Mean Kitty being #1 cause I think I want to marry Mr. Safety if Mrs. Carrie will let me…. but I digress!

    Of course He won’t let me *bleep* Matt Damon OR Ben Affleck, so I doubt this will come to fruition.

  43. snoofie says:

    Hilarious were the slo-mo shots of Weezer’s primate friend flying in the air. Brilliant!

  44. berthaslave says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before…I lurve Weezer and Spike. And even the lack of a pixieish henna-faced Icelandic chanteuse doesn’t bother me!

    My fave moment is at the end when the guy is sitting with the monkey and the monkey is petting the marmie.

    It’s really a wonderful song, too.

  45. This video came out right after September 11th. I’ll never forget it because it reminded me that it was okay to smile.

  46. Lucia Mendez says:

    That was awesome all the little lions where too cute especially the one at 1:09 and it was funny seeing the chimp run away from the puppy at 2:11 lol ;p

  47. Daphne Moss says:


  48. I, too, enjoy the weez. When I realized a certain dude as NEVER going to dig me, I replayed this song so much, I was like OCD.

    But then, Patrick teaches the little kitteh to play drums (invisible, kitten-sized drums). And Brian has only to BE in the vid.

    That’s guuud Weezer. And, yays, “Keep Fishin” is beyond fab. Things just seem to happen when muppets and musicians mix….

  49. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhn!

    *goes and curls up into bed with my childhood teddy bear, dreaming of one day being leeked by adorable bear cubs*

    also, no one has mentioned GIRAFFE OMG!

  50. I love this video! Thank you for posting it here.

  51. Hon Glad says:

    A pity this charmed world does not exist But we can pretend it does.


    Bear cubs and lion cubs and bebeh marmies and chimps and puppehs…


  53. I knew this was gonna have to happen… my favorite website featuring something that fiance loves.. and he definitely loves him some Weezer hehe
    He’s gonna love this when I show it to him tomorrow.

  54. This video was also indirectly referenced by a post a couple of years ago:

  55. cheesybird says:

    Ahh… see, this vid is much more up my alley (no offense to the bread-shoe girl). Multiple cute animules, some actual rock elements to the music, and – exposing my proclivities here – cute indie rock geek boys.

    Plus the kitten-face close up made me squeeee out loud in the library! 😀

  56. acelightning says:

    I love how the marmie kitten and the lion cubs (and even the grown-up panther) all get similar facial expressions going.

    What an amazing fantasy of “The Peaceable Kingdom”…

  57. Hey, thanks for the morning pick-me-up. I liked the song already, but I had never seen the video and now I’m all full of feel-good vibes.

  58. Birdcage says:

    Happy Chimp Tossing – WANT TO.

  59. warrior rabbit says:

    Hey Carrie,
    I love Mean Kitty, too!

    However, I think that Mr. Carrie would not be the only one objecting to your fascination with Mr. Safety. Mrs. Soon-to-Be-Safety would probably also have reservations (he taped his proposal, it’s also on YouTube).

  60. The best bit? Snorgling the lion cub. Awwwwwwwww.

  61. Such a happy video. Smiles abound. And I’ve always liked this song, but for some reason I thought it was Guster so thanks for the knowledge drop, too. 🙂

  62. natalie says:

    Love Weezer, love wildlife, but not like this. The vision of it, sure, but not what had to happen to film it. I know I’m torpedoing the happy feelings here, but my heart stopped during the part with the chimp being thrown up in the air. Ack!

  63. About the chimp being thrown, I was thinking that was something it enjoyed. Could be wrong. I mean, people throw human babies up in the air sometimes because they giggle and enjoy it. And chimps jump around in the air in their natural world, don’t they? I just can’t imagine it being put in there if it was unsafe or unpleasant for the chimp.

  64. I love that song. I love Weezer. I love Spike Jonze. I love animals. That made me want to cry.

  65. My husband went to high school with Spike Jonze, back when Jonze used to be Adam Spiegel.

  66. I love the giraffe in this video. All the baby kitties make my heart smile, too (and the big kitty). Good call posting it!

  67. Reality Byte says:

    For the week following September 11, MTV only played four videos (same four, over and over). This was one of them. It was meant to be comforting and calming, but I’ll always associate it with that time.

  68. creativegirl says:

    gosh – i never knew that the video to this song was all cuteness!! My girls will love it as they love this song because it was just featured in the movie Aquamarine a few years ago and we still listen to it all the time.

    My favorite Weezer was always Buddy Holly where they look like they were on Happy Days. They really are a great band.

    p.s. my puppy plays air drums all the time. her specialty is the Christmas anthem Little Drummer Boy. I’ll have to send the video to CO!

  69. If you can’t see the video, it’s really easy to find on youtube. Just search for weezer video and its right there. Yay for feel good videos on rainy days…. 🙂

  70. Mary (the first) says:

    How come I have never heard of “Weezer” until now? ( < ---- old person)

  71. Kissamummo says:

    I can´t decide which are cuter, the animals or the boys.

  72. Sharon Wilson says:

    So nice to see a rock vid with nothing but positive imagery!

  73. Love Weezer! They are great live, by the way.

    @Mary (the first): Not sure, but here is a good quick intro, with links to music clips

  74. saffron says:

    There is nothing sexier than cute rocker boys playing with baby animals. NOTHING.

  75. saffron says:

    There is nothing sexier than cute rocker boys playing with baby animals. NOTHING.

  76. Would that be double-or-nothing, Saffron?


  77. clifford says:

    Cute video but again, I can’t handle that “rock music.”

  78. I want to fly like a monkey!

    *goes off to ask Weezer if they will throw hoomans through the air, too*

  79. Juniper Jupiter says:

    MEG!! I pointed out yer “bonus shot” yesterday!! Come on, don’t I get some mad props or something? 😛

  80. There were two videos shot for this particular song; the other featured a Hispanic wedding, and I have to say that I liked that one better. It was warm and happy and full of human interaction, and seemed as though they were actually playing at a wedding ceremony with lots of kids and friendly grandparents.

  81. OMG! I totaaaally love this song! It’s in my car and stuff! I can’t believe it has such a cool music video! The best parts had to be all the scenes with the chimpanzee (especially when he was dancing and playing with puppies) and the end when the baby giraffe runs out =D That was “awsum”!

  82. TukaWuvy says:

    Awsome vid.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    For thoes who love animals it’s a rare occasion to be that close with animals thats not intended to be. While living in northern Nevada in 1948 I was lucky to have rescued a baby puma(cougar, mountain lion) whoes mother was killed by a truck. I raised the kitten for 9 months and only had a few happenings where I got bitten but it was more nip than a bite, but I didn’t mind and 2 months later he was released back into the wild and for another 3 years our pathes crossed many times. It’s a great feeling knowing you did some good in the wild kingdom, even if it on a small scale.
    Thanks again for sharing the vid.

  83. SayYesh says:

    Reality Byte said “For the week following September 11, MTV only played four videos (same four, over and over). This was one of them. It was meant to be comforting and calming, but I’ll always associate it with that time.”

    What were the other 3 ??

  84. Gingiefan says:

    I love Weezer, this song and film clip. What beautiful animals especially the ginger kitties!!

  85. When people ask me what my perfect day would look like, I cite this video.

  86. Totalee Puppy says:

    HEY…SHANNON’S got the rite idea…this is like
    seein what heaven is like…i think for ANIMALS
    heaven is name “RAINBOW
    BRIDGE”…we take so long to lern to be good frends’ so we stay here long time…animals born jus knowin how to be frends,so they leave sooner…My heart follow you to Rainbow Bridge…el cielo
    de los inocentes…

  87. I just wanted to let everyone know there is a new band in town that is also committed to keeping music videos cute. Check out the latest from Athens, GA band spring tigers: