THIS JUST IN: Eyebrow “circlettes”!

It’s a GOOD THING you People are ON THE BALL or else we would have missed these "eyebrow circlettes" entirely.

Please see exhibit "A" the seal pup here, with completely circular eyebrow hole things.


See!? SEEE!? LOOK!


No, I am not kidding, Johanna S.



  1. bookmonstercats says:

    Some special eyebrow sensor thing, I teenk. Anerable anyway.

  2. Theresa says:

    Whatever those things are actually called, they shall surely henceforth be known as “eyebrow hole things.”

  3. Theresa says:

    PS, whn my cats do this pose, it is known as “Upside-Downy Head.”

  4. Uilleand says:

    Could thees Pup-kin BE any more sandy-licious??

  5. 260Oakley says:

    OK, this is simply the world’s most adorable slice of cinnamon toast. Come on people, does he not look dusted with cinnamon sugar? Nomilicious.

  6. cinnamon pup. new delicacy. I shall commence the nomming. YUMMY

  7. How can a man look at a creature like this and then smash its cute head in with a club (I don’t know if this picture is of a fur seal of the type being slaughtered right now, but you get the idea)? Please, write to your congresspeople and Canadian consulate – ask them to pressure the Canadian government to stop the seal hunts.

  8. Yesh. They match the “whisker hole things”, yet not in the cute 5 hole flower-like pattern.

  9. Hon Glad says:

    This, could become a whole new make up trend.

  10. Sorry folks, I ate her. She was yummy… *burp* very cimanimmy!

  11. Rogh-sensei says:

    Hm. Bottomless black eyes, five-point eyebrows, too cute to be natural… I think what we have here is a Hellpup!
    Adorable Evil!

  12. SQUEEEEE! Look at those puppeh eyes! But is that a seal or sea lion?

  13. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Those are where her mommy made her take out her eyebrow piercings…..

  14. ThreeCatNight says:

    They look like mini-AC vents to help keep McSealy’s eyes cool, or antennae.

  15. the pup is eating off all the cinnamon sugar, starting at the toes…

  16. leah b. says:

    Meg’s is cool too lest we forget or me for that matter. I think I offend Ms. Meg when it came to the screaming pickles post.

    I will forever be sorry Ms. Meg. Please forgive moi.
    No this is not an April Fool’s prank. I really is sorry.

  17. leah b. says:

    cute seal pups to run circles around too…

  18. There are blood-filled sinuses around the base of whiskers that let them pick up even the tiniest vibrations, and that’s what makes the “dots”.

    I would now like some cinnamon toast please!

  19. Don’t forget about the furry paw pads!! guh!

  20. now on the look out for circlette eyebrow hole things.
    what the hell is THAT all about?!
    Like this critter NEEDED more cute…
    I think the eye brow hole things are actually Cuteness Ducts…that he can use on command.

  21. Leah B — “screaming pickles”…???

  22. Sadly, these little cuties are being slaughtered as we speak in Canada.
    [URL removed – this isn’t the place, Ayame, April Fool’s Day or not – Ed.]

  23. aawwwwwwww. cinnamon frosted doughnut!! nohm nohm

  24. leah b. says:
  25. leah b. says:

    go there theo to understand screaming pickles

  26. Leah — ur link a splode… 😦

  27. berthaslave says:

    I must remember those eye holes for when I play the seal pup in the upcoming school play.

  28. Sealio starts singing. Upside down you turn me!

  29. Agreed, L-A. Everyone needs to complain loudly until the seal hunts in Canada AND OTHER COUNTRIES are stopped.

  30. leah b. says:

    yes sir theo this the right one

  31. L-A and jill, thanks for your reminder to everyone. It’s a sad time for baby seals in Canada right now. (And Namibia….) I keep hoping they will be forced to stop, but the cruelty continues.

    Let’s give it up for cinnamon toast pup here- may you live a long and happy life!

  32. Um, what? This can’t be…*gives up in utter disbelief*

  33. Those circlettes remind me of the little thingie you see after you click a video but before it starts playing.

  34. This seal is CLEARLY embracing the otter way of life, and wondering why humans waste wood for tables to eat off when they have perfectly good tummies.

  35. I dunno…Sort of looks like this little seal is practicing poses for Play-pup magazine. The flipper in the mouth, that come-hither look, lying on her back in the sand. At the very least, it’s Seals Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

  36. eddiy f says:

    although the animals are cute many of the adults posting are a litttle long in the tooth for such cutesy short pants antics “uh buh buh buh” grow up a little

  37. lucy's mommeh says:

    makes me think of some belly dance ladies I’ve seen.
    (bridal bindis on the forehead)