1. Marilyn says:

    Theo rocks!

  2. That’s just disturbing. Where’s the kitteh love?

  3. In case you’re left going “…huh?”

  4. Poohbear says:

    Plenteh love in there! That’s Tuni, and Rikki in the middle, and Jubi, and I forgot the names of the two sweet black’uns. How are they all doing? Any newzzz??

  5. Totally got you, Theo. The movies were cool, but I love the guy from the show, yummy!

  6. Let’s stick together!

  7. That kitteh is a better actor than Christopher Lambert and more scary than Clancy Brown’s Kurgan. Yup.

  8. Awesome, Teho!

  9. Chosen One!


  10. You’re right about Christopher, TW, but Clancy was pretty damn nasty in that movie, and not in a good way. Eww!

  11. Loved the TV series… TUNI TORTIE POWER….

  12. Tony James says:

    That’s not a Quickening – it’s a Snoozening!

  13. there’s a time and a place – icanhascheezburger.com

    [http://mine.icanhascheezburger.com/View.aspx?ciid=879760 – Ed.]

  14. highlander references on CO, lol. as if the redonkulousness was not off the charts already!

    group nap! come on, macleod, you too!

  15. leah b. says:

    its so funny theo keep up the good work

  16. icanhascheezburger is HYSTERICAL!! I can spend 5 hours on that site and not get bored. 😀

  17. Pile up in aisle four, pile up in aisle four…

  18. Sharon Wilson says:

    Touch not the cat but a glove!

  19. Yep, RCT.

    Teho, oh noes! You got yer cheezburger in my co-verload!

  20. Theo … That was your best one yet …
    Actually the best one ever!

  21. ringtailroxy says:

    oh-this is the first thing i’ve commented on in MONTHS! it’s too cute on too many levels… so i give it two paws up!

  22. Passed on the movie and the tv show. LURVE kittehs, thoah!

  23. My dork-dom is complete. I got the reference with out even having to stress a neuron.

    Love the website, my new addiction.

  24. Yes, funny reference. Not what I come to CO for, however. Wasn’t there a poll a while back about including cheezburger-type macros on the site?

  25. Pam, I’m sure Meg will refund every penny you’ve paid for this site if the posts aren’t all precisely to your tastes.

  26. Pengraffe says:

    Pam forgot that it is April 1st. You will have to forgive her.

  27. Yitzysmommie says:

    Tuni: “Using mai powerz to turn kittens into cheezbrgrs”

    I miss Tuni……

  28. Ah, the memories. Good to see little Tuni Tortie again.

    I miss her.


  29. Theo: Well done!

    Pam: Too bad

  30. DebbieH says:

    I love piles of kittehs and Highlander! What could be better!!?

  31. Poohbear says:

    Happy Birthday, pile o’kitters!

  32. Poohbear says:

    (miss Tuni, too… snurfl)

  33. Hon Glad says:

    Hoots toots ah have the powerrr.

  34. Woods Walker says:

    Good going Theo. The kitty looks like it KO-ed the others without much effort.-Woods Walker

  35. Wow, a simple, polite comment, folks, that’s all it was…and yes, I did indeed forget that it was April Fool’s day. So, that makes me a fool, I suppose…yay.

    I suppose the nuffers have oversensitized some here. That, actually, is what’s “too bad”. Is every comment that’s not a rave review considered an attack now?

  36. Aye Sharon, the uld clan MacChatton!

  37. ThreeCatNight says:

    I give them my “deer-in-the-headlights” stare, and they are mere putty in my paws!!
    Ahh, ha, ha (laughs evilly)!!

  38. stephchin says:

    All we need now is a Queen soundtrack…..

  39. Oooh, the Tuni-yeems! We shall never forget.

  40. @Pam:
    There are two basic types of comments that are not “rave reviews”- let me break down your comment into those.
    1)Snarky. “This is funny but not what I come to CO for… come on guys”– kinda sounds like, “whine whine” and the style in which most nuffers write.
    2)Not snarky. “Hey this is funny, but, correct me if I’m wrong, I thought CO decided not to post cheezbrgrs? Thanks!” — This is polite, not very whiny, and you have asked a question, to which people would likely answer, “haha you’re right but April Fools!” or something along those lines.
    You’re right that nuffers have sensitized a lot of people. But snarky whiny posts really is how they tend to comment… so there… that’s my analysis from many months of reading through comments.

  41. Actually Pam did ask a question… honestly it’s just that one line that makes people jump.

    “Yes, funny reference. Not what I come to CO for, however. Wasn’t there a poll a while back about including cheezburger-type macros on the site?”


    “Yes, funny reference. But wasn’t there a poll a while back about including cheezburger-type macros on the site?”

    The second version is like 100x less snarky. I think a lot of it is that nuffers come to CO with this idea of what should be posted, but it’s Meg’s blog so she can post whatever the heck she feels. So when you include a comment about what you come to CO for, it sounds really whiny and lame. I don’t like about 20% of what’s posted, but I don’t complain about it, because what I do like rocks. It’s like that with any blog, honestly, and those who don’t like it can go start their own.

  42. gee, i must not be very good at telling what’s snarky and not. i read pam’s comment and just thought it was kinda funny. i thought it was just a joke, not a complaint. so confused! i must be totally oblivious to snark. not a bad thing i suppose. i’m learning a lot at co today!

  43. REMINDER: it is no longer April 1

  44. “Touch not the cat but a glove!”

    yes, sharon wilson, but my clan’s motto could also apply to cats, Clan McGregor, Royal is my race.

  45. Another Angela says:

    People who overreact to nuffers are just as annoying as nuffers, if not more so. You be okay Pam. I remember the poll.

  46. What about the people who react to the people who react to the people who are nuffing? Or is that just silly?

  47. I always knew Torties had a hidden agenda. Now I understand WHY there can be only one… per house!

  48. Totalee Puppy says:

    THEO–Gotta start a line a
    GREETING CARDS, man! This is 100 percentage Happy Birthday!!