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These two buns are pushing the bunvelope. They must be stopped and no white plastic mesh fence can hold their cuteness at bay.

Ronnie, originally uploaded by Little Bay Poo.

Mimi Cuttest Bunny Ever!, originally uploaded by HIADA.

Loreh W., I completely disapprove of these photos (harumphing leeps)



  1. momof2kitties says:

    The not first bun totally has Bugs Bunneh earsies. No?

    The disapproval! It burns!

  2. katerpie says:

    The photo right before this one on the Flickr site has hands down the most DISAPPROVING bunny face of all time!

  3. Arokthis says:

    The second one reminds me of a stoner friend of mine: “Dude! You gonna eat that?”

  4. CoffeeCup says:

    That first Bun is totally, “You lookin’ at ME?!” ‘ARE YOU… LOOKIN…AT ME?!”

    The second Bun is just very “Do you have some grey poupon?” to me.

  5. Awww, sweet bunnies!

  6. Katrina says:

    Arokthis- totally. I see this as a pensive rabbit. This bun is …..don’t ask a lot of questions, I’m absorbed in thought right now.

  7. Oh, that second bun is clearly rearing back to apply some serious disapproval. Along the lines of “How DARE you think you can escape my wrath?!?!”

    The first bun’s disapproval is clearly of the “you’re about to get in big trouble when I tell Mom” genre.

  8. Hello Kitty says:

    I’ll I can say about se bunnies is…QUE BELLOS ESTAN!!! I want to snorgle w/them pronto!!!

  9. sweetpea says:

    Is this not like a half bunny half cat. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I see one sturdy example of bunnyhood.

  10. Sweetpea says:

    The second bunny, I mean. Zee one that ees orange.

  11. OMG the disapproval has burned me to my soul… I am Dead I tell you dead from the cute.

  12. I think there’s a new Rule of Cuteness in the first picture: If your eyes appear larger than your body…it’s cute

  13. Lepus Lips!!! I lub Lepus Lips!

    I can’t see the picture that katerpie is referring to all I see is a sleepy bun and a bun hiding in the leaves and one eating – what am I missing???

  14. I would like to retract the above not seeing the picture statement cause I was looking at the wrong bunny. Ooops

  15. oh good grief. bunnitude’s finest! that 2nd one cracked me up

  16. Aww Buns can be just as cute as kittens!! 🙂

  17. OMG the red one is probably the funniest bunny I’ve seen for a longest time!! Can’t get enough of it. GOOD day to YOU too!!

  18. The first bunny has a crazy ear to head to eye ratio.

  19. berthaslave says:

    The rollover text is WILDer.

    You guys are the best.

  20. The second one’s fur pants go up to his NECK!

  21. EMILY ANNE says:

    HOLY BUNNULENCE!! Out of freakin control. I dont even like buns…perhaps the second one has changed my outlook on buns forever!

  22. Mrs. P. says:

    I’m kind of disturbed by the link label on the second bunbun, labelling it the “cuttest”. Man. That’s harsh.

  23. That cinnamon bun-ny takes teh cake with his dissaproving-ness.

  24. DoodleyDog says:

    Bun #1 has a terrifyingly large eyeball. Cute, yet kinda creepy.

    Bun #2 is melting me with his disapproval. I can practically feel myself withering away….

  25. DoodleyDog says:

    Stray thought!

    Bun #2 = cinnabun!


  26. “I SAID Good DAY!”—a “Tootsie” reference??

    1st Bun–as an adolescent, is practicing his “disapproval”, but is afraid of backlash…

    2nd Bun–has been taking the Graduate-level Disapproval training from Cinnamon!!

  27. I don’t quite see the disapproval, but she does seem quite taken aback a bit. Must be working up to the disapproval later.

  28. The second bun looks like my grandmother. That happens a lot.

    My grandmother is really cute, though.

  29. MilkyWei says:

    Holy Floofyness!!

    *that’s all I have to say*

  30. kestrien says:

    So I made the second bunny my desktop, and I can’t keep from reaching out and poking his nose.

    Poke. Poke. Pokepokepokepokepoke!

  31. A wee round bun and bunny floof too! Eet keels me with cuteness!

  32. Awwww! I wanna bunny.

  33. The second bun is absolutely fabulous!

  34. ashagato says:

    “The second one’s fur pants go up to his NECK!”
    “…pushing the bunvelope.”

    you guys are sooo funny!!!

  35. ashagato says:

    “The second one’s fur pants go up to his NECK!”
    “…pushing the bunvelope.”

    you guys are sooo funny!!!

  36. I want to snoooooorgle his fur pants. They are fantastic xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  37. Anasztaizia says:

    I’m pretty sure if my cat were a bun, he would be that 2nd bunbun. Something about him screams “I’M HALF CAT” at me =P

  38. michelle says:

    AWWWWW big fwuffy bunny wif big horizontow eaws!!! wantit!!!

  39. Hon Glad says:

    Ist bun: Why I eyes you.
    2nd Bun: Gad Sir, I’ll have you horse whipped.

  40. acelightning says:

    Bunny #2: “I completely DISAPPROVE of how cute the other bunny is! Hrrumph!” (*flounces his ears in disapproval*)

  41. @Hon Glad: ROFL!!!!!

  42. Totalee Puppy says:

    For Mimi Cutest Bunny Ever…This is your would-be main squeeze, T. Puppy,
    sayin “Hey, hey Baby (wo wo)…I wanna know (wo wo)…
    if you’ll be my girl…(dah dah dah dah dah)…
    C’mon…bag of carrots and a movie…

  43. Buntacular!

  44. @ Anasztaizia: Yes! I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was about Bun2, but that’s it – he’s part cat.

  45. Awwawwawww… I love buns!!!!

  46. GEEEEEEEEEP!!! The earses in pic#2! Too moishe!




    [ad infinitum]

  47. @Hon Glad:

    Can … not … breathe … laughing … too … hard …. hep hep … hep me … (splat)

  48. zeldapie says:

    I challenge Mimi to a DISAPPROVAL CONTEST with Cinnamon! Cinn will kick booty, I tell ya!

  49. Hee hee hee! “Bunvelope” ~sguiggles~ !

  50. The red bun is crazy cute! What kind of bunny is it?

  51. binky-mama says:

    second bun: WHAT?!?! What do you mean they were out of strawberry yogurt drops? This cannot BE!!!