No Foolin’! Hamster Tee orders extended ONE MORE DAY!

I am not pulling your leg. Today is the last day to order the hamster T of your choice!

Check them OUT!

Womens, Unisex, your choice of girl or boy hamster 😉 Still top-notch quality, natch.


And like hamsters, they’ll be around for a limited time.



  1. brinnann says:

    Yay! I can haz a bleenin hammiepants shirt!

  2. yankeebird says:

    I ordered mine a couple of days ago because I didn’t want to miss out. I can’t wait until they arrive!

  3. I keep waiting and none of you have bought me a shirt yet!

    What’s wrong?

  4. Yay, ordered my girlie one with no pants!

  5. When I ordered mine, I believe I *did* actually have pants on… but, as you please.


  6. Hello Kitty says:

    I ordered mine yesterday photo finishe…and ordered both!!! What a hog.

  7. OMG, I got teh comment from Theo!!111
    *passes out


  8. brinnann says:

    O_O I didn’t realize mah girlie wun didn’t have pants! O well, I’ll luvs hur n-e-wai. 🙂

  9. zeldapie says:

    Hmmm. I liked the brown one better, so got a boy Hammie, I guess. Even tho’ I’m a girlie girl. Oh well!

  10. brinnann says:

    I almost got the brown one, it’s a very pretty shade – like chocolate! – but I can’t pass up pink. 😛

  11. carrie,

    I’d buy you a shirt but I wouldn’t know where to send it. PM your info and what color/size shirt you’d like to

  12. mariser omg! that is absolutely the sweetest thing ever, but I will decline… but I will forever remember your gracious offer

    – I’ll give you a hint via email so noone can hornswaggle you into buying them a shirt instead.

  13. Dang it, Carrie! I was gonna get another shirt! thppppppp

  14. Sorry Teho! I feel bad now. 😦 Mariser, please, buy poor Teho a t-shirt 😉

  15. There are layers of T-shirt-related irony & history here that you may not aware of, Carrie. Mariser & I are C.O. regulars since way back.

    (No worries, though; it’s all good.)

  16. indeed, indeed. and now that he’s made an appearance, I’m sure T. can vouch that I was serious in my offer.

    [Yep, it’s true… – Ed.]

  17. are you being mean to me?

    [No! – Ed.]
    […it would just take a rather long time to explain all the ways this little T-shirt thread is funny, and by the time I was done, it wouldn’t be funny anymore – also Ed.]

  18. Whyyyyy are hamsters available for a limited time?

  19. SORRY I knew you weren’t being mean – damned internet not human thing…

  20. How sad!
    “And like hamsters, they’ll be around for a limited time.”

  21. Totalee Puppy says:

    Oh wow! This is T. Puppy
    just sayin–Where else could a guy get a Hamster
    Pants tee? Hey, just the
    thing for the street corner
    in my hood–look real cool,
    distinguified and stuff…
    Man, I’m willing to risk
    some physical retaliatory
    and all that action for ol’
    Hamster Pants…Nows I think about it, the guy who took me in…his niece
    named him “Hamster Butt”-
    for REAL–We even got a
    Christmas card to “Hamster
    Butt and Family”—Now, doesnt this guy deserve his own Hamster Pants tee?

  22. berthaslave says:

    I decided to hold out on the off-chance that next time there will be a forest green or a royal blue of some sort.

    Or else something with a disapproving bun.

    But the rest of y’all enjoy.

  23. gooeyctr says:

    Yes! or ones with a disco mantis or (even better) sweet doggies with biscuits on their paws!

  24. Totalee Puppy says:


  25. Agreed, berthaslave. (May I call you BS for short?) 😉 I await the barfed rainbow of colors.

  26. brinnann says:

    berthaslave, for disapproving buns shirts, please to be clickin teh linky:

  27. From the BirdChick Boutique: “Please note, we can no longer guarantee delivery by Christmas, 2007.” LOL

  28. zeldapie says:

    I’ve worn my Disapproving Rabbit shirt all winter (um, not every day… I DO wash it), and everyone LURVES it! I get lots of comments and compliments on it. I heart Cinnamon.

    She is probably disapproving this post right now.

    “Nope, no sir, I do not approve.”

  29. Oh, the hammyTs! Will they come again lay-ters?


  30. On another note,
    In my sleepy state, I was looking at the tippy toes kitty above and the title of this one was just across the bottom of my screen and my brain squished some letters and read “No Foolin! Hamster Toes extended…”
    It at least gave me funny mental pictures. Or maybe just funny mental…

  31. yankeebird says:

    Babs, if you mean the one with the clown barfing a rainbow, that’s a Threadless t. It’s still available in a few select sizes. (I know this because it’s on my to-order list when I have the funds.) I think it’s called “The Morning After” if you want to search for it.

  32. Thx, yankeebird, but no, I merely meant a variety of colors for the hamster tees. Besides, I’m skeered of clowns. _>

  33. turbofloof says:

    I wonder if I will see other no-hammiepants shirt wearers around town… or, is cuteoverload addiction a closely guarded secret?

  34. brinnann says:

    turbofloof, I wonder the same thing sometimes. I’ll see people in the pet store or with their animals and wonder, “Do they visit CO?” I also wonder if anyone around me knows LolSpeak, but I’m afraid to ask. If I see someone with a Hammiepants (or Hammiepantsless) shirt, I think I may squee! But thankfully that shouldn’t scare them, if they’re big enough CO fans to sport the tee.

  35. Totalee Puppy says:

    Hamster Pants make me wanna
    dance! And a lady-Hamster tee for some nice ladiee!
    Pleez tell me they come in
    dog sizes–like “medium mutt.”

  36. turbofloof says:

    Well, Brinnann – if you’re ever in Austin, TX, and you see someone in a no-hammiepants shirt, it may be me, and I’d be happy to squee with you! 🙂

  37. brinnann says:

    Awww, turbofloof, I missed this comment!! I’m glad I came back: I actually live in Beaumont, TX so it’s not entirely out of the question. If I ever happen to visit Austin, I’ll be sure to wear mah pink hammie shirt!

    I really came by to see if there were any updates on when we might be getting our shirts. I don’t remember what the order site said.