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Like a baby stoat

stoat stoat stoat

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“Wrinkular”, pronounced like “nuclear” as said by President Bush

Wrinkular \WRINK-U-lar\, adjective
1. A furrowed brow that usually accompanies a"baroo?"
2. Coruscations of chub folds."The puppeh’s wrinkular chest and muzzlepowshe area MUST BE TOUCHED."

Wrinkulessnessess \WRINK-u-less-ness-ess\


Rosey, originally uploaded by waggingtailsofhoboken


EXCELLENT glossary addition, Cait R.! Wrinkulicious image, Sender-Inner Lori W.!

Ferret Glamour Shots

Does this look too posed? [paws clenched]


I am TEWTELLY sending this one to Brad, he is gonna FREAKOMGI’MSOHOT


People, it just don’t get more rednk than the Pets Gallery over at Glamour Shots. You LOF EET!


Nice photos Ground Effects Ferretry! and thanks to Sender-Inner One-Eyed D. (who, by the way, found these photos by Google Image searching the word ‘ghetto fabulous’ natch.)

Blond pole dancer <-heh

People, some photos on the Internets have that certain "je ne sais quoi." Visuals stick in your mind forever and are harder to shake than a tick. This is one of those photos. You’re all "What the!?" then you just go with it.

This photo has been submitted a beellion times and is now finally posted. No, I have no idea where it comes from our HOW this puppeh got up there, no more than how we know ceiling cat got to be where he is. Just go with, OK, People?


Oh Bamboo puppeh—WTF? Thanks for the submishe, A.R.F. (not making those initials up)


The Baltimore Sun is reporting Samson the behbeh elephant gains 2.5 pounds a day. That’s like a new ear a day.

Samson lives over at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, and is featured on MarylandZoo TV!!! OMG.


I’ve never seen a smaller ‘phant, Alice B. Have you!?

Though technically not a stoat, this baby otter voted

Otters, weasels, stoats, ferrets—they’re all just furry kneesocks with eyes, aren’t they?

But, they can all make a difference by voting Cute Overload for a People’s Voice award! (Psst, look for the Weird category) (…or you could just look for “Cute Overload” alphabetically)


Via via Radikal Foto and Sender-Inner Angela D.

Last 2 days for People’s Webby vote!

Vote vote vote!

Like a baby stoat

stoat stoat stoat

cast a leetle vote!

Vote! Cute Overload for People’s Voice at the WEBBY’S!

In the "Weird" category



"Ermine portrait" aka Stoat Snugglin’ from Wikipedia.

Sleepiest eye capsules evar

CNN has this lil’ Thai bear falling asleep. Check out his smooshed schnozzle action NOT TO MENTION the best in eye capsulage.


Excellent submishe, Janny, Rebecca S. and Kate S.

Patiennnnnnce! [scream in Axl Rose voice]

Just a little paayyy-shance Yeaaaaah yeaaaah

[Prediction; .02 minutos before this chick becomes a Scooby Snack™]


Ashley C. forget how this scene happened in the first place, CHECK OUT the little FRO BRO bottom right!!!

Answer: .02 seconds

Question: How fast will this photo get posted on ICHC?


I Can Haz Right Hook, Sender-Inner P.A.K.!