Where is this MAGICAL LAND!?

Um, tiny ponies running around everywhere, trying out their new legs [Ehn! I keeck in your general direct-shons!] Just WHAT IS THIS PLACE? Heav-vons?

Michelle W., will you please point us to the leader of this straaaange lannnnd?!



  1. OMG PONIES!!!!1!

  2. BiscuitTin says:

    Heaven has lambs, as well. But this is very close!

  3. (stuart voice):
    look what I can do!

  4. I hear little bells on their little hooves.
    Plink a plink, jingle ding.
    I like how it is such a major decision as to which beautiful pony to follow with the camera. Oh, to be the one who has to make such choices.

  5. momof2kitties says:

    Now I know why I call my ponytail a ponytail. It looks just like that!

    And…I call Matchingks!

  6. I want a pony!

  7. So lovely!

  8. katiedid says:

    hehehe.. little fat ponies playing tag

  9. Looks like Assateague Island off the coast of Virginia.

  10. It’s the land of Milk and Pony!!!
    Clearly, the person behind the camera is a highly trained professional–not a single SQUEEEE!

  11. Hello Kitty says:

    OMG, what beauties!!! Did anyone hear the pee in the backround…is it from the camera person or the bebeh ponies???

  12. Dara! LOL!!!

    Sigh. Must truly be heaven! What a nice thing to watch in the middle of a worried day. Meg – you are an angel!

  13. Bluemenro says:

    LOL, CUTE! I could watch this on a loop all day. Reminds me of that clip with the bunches of bunnies randomly hopping around on a carpet.

  14. I love how the baby had to tuck his head down to nurse at the end. mom was just that tiny!

  15. I haz a poneetayle. Can I be in da klub? Yes? Yay!!!! Gallopity aroundz kikin up heelz in yur genral direcshons.

  16. Katherine Estes says:

    Why aren’t these ponies pink and blue? Why aren’t they trotting on little rainbow paths? This IS My Little Pony land, isn’t it?

  17. eikoleigh says:

    so precious!

  18. binky-mama says:

    (Beruca voice)
    I wont a pony da-dee…I wont a pony right NOW!

  19. Might be Solvang, CA.

  20. RedKitten says:

    Mini ponies are definitely teh cute. Don’t get too close, though…they bite.

  21. brinnann says:

    Where is this Magical Land, you ask? Why, it’s here, of course: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/06/planet_unicorn_.html

  22. That Magical Land, it must be Iceland!

  23. Michelle says:

    The bird chirrups made this perfection.


  24. Susanelle says:

    Baby ponies wouldn’t have Romance-language accents, would they? Wouldn’t they have wee Scots or Irish accents?? That line again then: “Ehn! I be kickin’ in yerrrrr genrrrrul drrrreckshuns!”

  25. Needs a new rule, call it Minibehbehs. Any miniature behbeh is beyond cute. The end.

  26. This makes me want to raise mini-horsies. I have a little meadow they could romp in. But I wonder if they need more care than avg size horsies or cows.

  27. @ Brinnann

    I was thinking the same thing. Heyyyyyy.

  28. stubbedoo says:

    Little baby horse-lets! Squee!

    now that’s what the world needs more of.

    but that reminds of me of some cruddy local news story i saw a few years ago (boston area) about a woman in the burbs who had a pet horselet (of the service animal variety). her neighbors complained about the noise(!!??). the best part was the clip of the women getting on a bus with the horslet- it could barely navigate the steps it was so small!

  30. I’ll take a six pack of the ponies please, and one large pizza.

  31. genevieve says:

    Are those Chincoteage ponies? Er..or Assateague ponies as AlisonH mentioned? Kyute x infinity!

  32. Someone said Heaven also has lambs…but if you listen closely you will hear one in the background! Love this…grew up on a farm and I can smell the heavenly green grass here…

  33. This magical place is called…. SPRING!!!

  34. Awwwwwwwwwwww.
    No way are they Chincoteague/Assateague ponies. They’re teeny! They look like mini-mini-mini horses. Anyway, the video’s description says “Fairytail Miniature Horses playing in May 07 at the Fairytail Stud UK. http://www.shetland-ponies.com.”

  35. Awww.. it reminds me of the fabulous Planet Unicorn! http://www.planetunicorn.tv/ !!!

  36. AquilaLorelei says:

    That pony in the last shot (running toward the camera at 2:26, final frame) has a white marking that looks EXACTLY like the state of Maine. Had to say it. That and OMGPONIEZ!!!!11!

  37. it may be Land of the Little Horses. Located in Gettysburg, pa. My parents took me there when I was younger. I don’t remember the battlefield, but I remember the ponies!

    LandoftheLittleHorses DOT COM

  38. *GASP!*


  39. Megan Martin says:

    It looks like the Dent Family Miniature Horse Farm in north Florida where we got our mini pony.

  40. Oh!!! I have always wanted a mini horse. This was wonderful and much needed after a horrible day at work.

    Mini horses are used as seeing eye horses!

  41. Whatever land this is, someone please post the address of the embassy. I will be applying for citizenship pronto!

  42. I found a nice website that discusses the care of these mini-cuties plus their value as service animals. Got interested after i was caught on a freeway during a brush fire, unable to get away and sitting right next to a trailer full of these little guys. A bunch of us were preparing to each lead a horse and try to run for it but the air tanker arrived and stopped the fire short of our spot. Phew! Anyway, website http://www.guidehorse.org/faq_horses.htm

  43. Thass right baaaaaaaybeeeey, it’s the Fairytail Stud farm. Ohhhh yeeeaaaahhhhh

    Well ok, the Barry White voice doesn’t really go with the babies in this video. But that’s where they came from!!! Oh cuteness!

  44. Daphne Moss says:

    oh, da “pronking” w/brother pony…Da ‘tocks! Da little whinny…and going to Mom for a snack at the end. No fear; living completely happy…Heav-von fer sure

  45. Springtime, chirping birdies, and tiny ponys! how wonderfully perfect.

  46. I like how the soundtrack is just birds chirping and wind in the microphone. Too many cute-video artists assume that I’d love to listen sappy 80s ballads while absorbing my daily qte. Not so, sirs.

  47. Awww, so cute! Mini ponies!

  48. Rachel Sweeden says:

    The mini mares and foals are adoravle but I liked the foals running and bucking the most

  49. Rachel Sweeden says:

    The mini mares and foals are adorable but I liked the foals running and bucking the most.

  50. berthaslave says:

    Yup. Definitely ponies.

    Frolicking, I’d say.

  51. When the wee one scratches his ear with his hoof life a kitty..! Holy crap that’s adorable!

  52. AquilaLorelei says:

    Little “State-Of-Maine” (as I have hereby dubbed him) is also featured heavily at 1:11 (from whence came his profile and so his nickname) and 2:01-2:02

  53. Theresa says:


  54. Heibi Dee says:

    So, that’s what gamboling looks like. I’ve read the word before, but I didn’t realize I’d recognize it when I saw it…

  55. ah, i want a pony!!!

  56. ashagato says:

    yes brinann and wcgc and lex, first thing popped into my head…

    planet unicorn heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  57. leah b. says:

    the camera person was starting to make me sick with the movement of the camera ugggh.
    But once a new pony got in the shot I was ok !!! I could hear the momma’s munching up the grass..cool that and the Birds Chirps..

  58. I am sure I saw some prancing going on there…gambolling, even. Cuteness powers set to max!

  59. Michael says:

    That black and white one got pwn-ied. Get it?!

  60. “Maaaah-aaahm! He keecked meh in the ‘tocks!”

  61. Hon Glad says:

    They look like Shetland or Dartmoor ponies.

  62. lol Redzilla

    “Clearly, the person behind the camera is a highly trained professional–not a single SQUEEEE!”

    No kidding!
    For that I can say…ohemgee PONIES! Weeeeee!

  63. starling says:

    I think they look like Shetland ponies. They come in large-ish and smaller sizes.

  64. Yep, I have to agree with you guys. That’s definitely gamboling. In a lovely bucolic setting, I might add.

    Seriously cute!!!

  65. Ok, ok, I see all the Slashdotters have done their annual pilgrimage to the pony story. I can understand the site maintainers coping, but how are all the cute ponies maintaining their cuteness through it all? Oh, and, OMG!!! Ponies!!!

  66. I would just like to thank everyone who mentioned Planet Unicorn for sticking that particular earworm back in my head when I had only just managed to evict it several weeks ago.


  67. FADE IN




  68. Way too small to be Assateague ponies, but they do have similar little pot-bellies, aaah. Cute.

    I used to have ponies like those. They were pink and purple plastic with sparkles in their manes.

  69. oh my god it’s like a live action My Little Pony, I wonder if Michael Bay directed it

  70. I was at first thinking minis, but I’m now more thinking Shetlands–they’re more pony-proportioned. Maybe mini Shetlands, tho.

    but whatever: FUZZY BABIES!!!!!!!

  71. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pony boy, pony boy,
    Won’t you ride my pony boy?

    Adorable and full of friskiness. Wish I had room for one.

  72. siobhan says:

    did that pony kick the other on in the face??? check 0:42

  73. Aw, I want to be one of those ponies, romping in the fields in the sunlight! *sigh*

    At least it’s warmish today, even though it IS all grey.

  74. Are these the tiny horsey equivalent of “binkies” (i.e. like bunny binkies)?

  75. Oooo! This is teh perfect inspiration I needed on my first week of being without crutches after knee surgery!

    i’m sproinging around just like zeez leetle zomgponies!


  76. EMILY ANNE says:

    Drumroll please….they are ICELANDIC PONIES, from you guessed it….ICELAND!
    They are everywhere. They are like cows in Alabama. Nobody rides them though…Unless of course your under the age of four. I usta live there. And trust me, you never get tired of driving by them. 🙂

  77. kentyman says:

    I found another site full of awesome pony action!


  78. Two Cents Worth says:

    Sweet little critters. It’s too bad none on the video whinnied because their whinnie is just as cute and high-pitched as one would imagine.

    They reminded me of the Fallabella mini horses at The Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. http://www.landoflittlehorses.com/

  79. reikidolls says:

    red kitten..I’m glad I am not the only one that has been bitten by a miniature horse!

  80. If you want something mini-horse-related that goes beyond redonk, try their SHOES… http://www.guidehorse.org/sneakers_horses.htm

  81. i could sit in a freezing field all day with a flask full of hot chocolate in scotland waiting for the loch ness monster and not see something as cool as that! ponies rock…
    go on my pony website it’s got lots of ponies rock stuff… http://www.horses-rock-19967.piczo.com

  82. sorry THIS is the webby you can click on…

  83. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! So precioush!!! I want to live in this place FOR-EVARES!

  84. I love how the mama ponies are all, you kids get outta my hair, I gotta eat.

  85. Aw, I wanted to shout OMGPONIES!!!!1

  86. These are most certainly not Icelandics! Who for the record are perfectly rideable for grown ups…

    These are Shetties, most likely mini-Shetties. And those are not so much for riding

  87. Totalee Puppy says:

    Gotta start savin up for a trip to ICELAND…since thats where these cute little ponies are gambling
    in the meadow (is legal?) Wanna take along one of those My Little Brush for
    combing my little ponies…
    Can I get that through
    airport security? (The brush, not the pony…geez!)

  88. That is cute says:

    Aw, it is cute how they started to fight. =3

  89. Couldn’t they be on the Shetland islands off the coast of Scotland?

  90. You know what’s even cuter than that? Ten baby goats and a playground ball.

    That’s how I fond out that squealing at the cuteness can send chickens into orbit.