What’s up with all the Sköges?

Um, I ALREADY went to Ikea and bought a white Sköge rug.

Everyone has one. Everyone that’s anyone that is. OK, you’re right, I don’t have a polydactal Sköge. I’ll take 2.


Melissa S., it’s a good thing it’s the new polydactal version.



  1. Holy Toledo…this cat is HUGE and beautiful!

  2. BonzoGal says:

    I’ll take two for the living room, one for my bedroom, a couple for the bathroom, and three for my cubicle, please.

  3. hibousoir says:

    Cats always remind me of sea otters when they do this. I’m glad mine aren’t the only impressionists!

  4. whoa…

  5. momof2kitties says:

    Holy Smokes.

    It looks like that itty bitty hayd is ‘shopped onto that bodeh. My goodness!

  6. Wow. Until I scrolled down far enough to see the kitty’s face, I thought it was a polar bear. Big kitty.

  7. Cat rug AND carpeting, both, eh?

  8. good gawd!!! what an ADORABLE mr. (mrs.?) mcsquishypants. those paws! gah! belly blobulence! eeep!

  9. Seven Paws says:

    ROFLOL Pliny, my thoughts exactly. Polar bear or sheep dog!

    Now there’s a cat I’d like to step onto when I get out of bed on a cold morning.

  10. beaufolo says:

    This kitteh rug needs to come with a warning tag – “This polydactal Sköge rug may contain pointy ends.”

  11. StormCat says:

    I have a rule in my house… Neveh touch anything that’s pointy-end up…. It’s just safer that way…

  12. CoffeeCup says:

    Warning: This Sköge rug may move occasionally, and may be in fact a dangerous trap of claws if a limb is placed on or near it.

  13. beaufolo- “pointy ends” oh you made me LOL

  14. I thought it was A DOG! until I scrolled down. Man… we have some fat cats in the US.. we need Kitty Craig… or NutraCatSystems

  15. ThreeCatNight says:

    This rug is the special “belly rub” model that vibrates as soon as you touch it.

  16. Zee kitty belleh is begging for a snorgling. maybe a wee nom nom on zee tiny feetsies and ears

  17. I love big cats. I have one at home, and am hoping that the kitten that we just got has big cat potential!

  18. pretty green eyes!

  19. I’m with you, BonzoGal! Let’s order them for our cubicles. Then I can take off my shoes under my desk and have happy warm toes all day longs! Purrbration actshawn!

  20. Gorgeous! I want one!

    I love the markings, just beautiful. The green eyes are the cherry on top.

  21. I’m glad I am not the only one with a big-belleh kitteh!

  22. We call this “dead-gophering” ’round my place.

  23. Nicolletta says:

    That cat doesn’t have paws…he has built-in oven mitts.

  24. JuleeJulee says:

    When my kitteh “Pudge” does this, we call her our PASSIVE SOLAR COLLECTOR!

  25. Best hover text ever.

  26. You see, I went to IKEA in Cinncinati this past weekend, and they were totally sold out of these!

  27. Seven Paws says:

    At my house, this is known as the “roadkill pose”.

  28. Oh no, no. This won’t do. I was looking for a small throw rug for the foyer, and this is much too large.

  29. Melissa S. here, who submitted this fat mudball. He’s actually right below me meowing as I type. Wanting to be fed, of course.

    Yes – that is the BEST hover text EVAHHHH! momof2kitties – nope, not photoshopped at all. He is really that disproportionate. And to Golden – you are RIGHT. He is on a diet as we speak. We do need little kitty diet plans. lol

    Go here to see him cleaning his fat bellehs –

    Two-Tone says, “Thanks Meg!”

  30. Two Tone has to work hard to clean that belly!!

  31. I have a kitty with a disproportionately small head too! Her name is Lola and she’s just about as cute as this “little” guy here! They should get together and have some cute teeny headed kittens! Well, they should if Lola wasn’t fixed… lol

    Thanks for the bruised nose though. I hurted it when I tried to snorgle the belleh through the screen…

  32. check out the roll of ‘back fat’ over the shoulder
    i like how he’s got two crazy overgrown groucho marx eyebrows

  33. A squishy belly like my Alli cat

  34. Anne Boleyn says:

    I’m thinking that, until that diet kicks in, you’d do well to change his name from “Two Tone” to “Two Ton”. I say this with great respect of course. Maybe the next reality show should be “The Biggest Kitty Loser”. I’d watch that.

  35. Hilde, Norway says:

    That’s still a dirty word.

  36. 260Oakley says:

    He looks like a furry hot water bottle. I’d totally warm my tootsies on him… until he started to bite them, of course.

  37. GAD ZUKES, this cat is the cukes — er, Qtes!!!

  38. I could so use one in front of the fireplace.

  39. I demand a new category called Skoges (with the umlaut of course)! We can have sub-categories of white skoges, black skoges, and dappled skoges – PLEASE?!?

  40. Oh. My. God. So cute and funny! BELLEH!!!

    Is it just me, or is Two-Tone actually polydactyl as well? Melissa S., does he haff thumbs too??!?!?! Or is it just the camera angle?

  41. Oh! A SKOGES that looks like Hitler… hmm.

  42. CoffeeCup says:

    Beth, it’s not just you.

    Everyone has one. Everyone that’s anyone that is. OK, you’re right, I don’t have a polydactal Sköge. I’ll take 2. Melissa S., it’s a good thing it’s the new polydactal version. is at the top and bottom of the post.

  43. CoffeeCup says:

    Meant to say..

    “Everyone has one. Everyone that’s anyone that is. OK, you’re right, I don’t have a polydactal Sköge. I’ll take 2. Melissa S., it’s a good thing it’s the new polydactal version.”

    is at the top.

  44. Ohhh, CoffeeCup, you’re right! I was so blinded by the belly that I missed that!!


  45. F-16s coming in for a landing on the carrier USS KittyTum.

  46. berthaslave says:

    I love big kittehs! My first cat, Harpo, was a big cat, and he was the nicest creature I have ever known!

    Two-tone has BEAUTIFUL fur! Talk about PLUSH!

    Good luck with the diet, Melissa…just keep loving him no matter what!

  47. Perfect! If he sheds, it will blend right in with the rug!

  48. TotalPuppy says:

    Say, hey, Big Girl…this is your pal Total Puppy,
    an’alls I can say is, you
    make me wish we hadda few
    more weeks of that there
    cold weather sos we could
    snuggle up somewheres…
    didnt get a real good look…If instead youse is a Big Guy…hey, sorry man!

  49. WOOHOO!!!

    *jumps and bounces on giant fluffeh belly*

  50. What a happy, content cat!

  51. TotalPuppy – I beez a guy, but dat no matter to meez. I luv allz.

    Also, to everyone else wondering about his toes. He has 7 claws on each of his front paws. Some are small and he has a big one that is tucked into each of the “thumbs” and main paws. I have to watch them because they get ingrown. Ouch!

    Thanks for all of the wonderful comments, too. You guys are feeding his already huge ego.

  52. Yitzysmommie says:

    Sooooo, I was thinking it was time to go buy a new pillow, and then I saw loverly Two Tone here, and thought “who needs a pillow when there’s this wunnerful BELLEH right here?”
    I’m sure that if Yitzy protested, Two Tone could sit on him (even tho Yitz is no slim slender boy himself…).

  53. Too funny.. My cat is uber-thin. I was actually worried. I thought she was sick or something. I rescued her. She’s a siamese mix. Anyway..took her to the vet, all concerned about the weight. Vet says.. no no no. actually this is a normal weight for a cat. I was very relieved, but then at the same time realized.. holy crap .. all our cats in the nation are over weight!

  54. JuliaJellicoe says:

    This isn’t an area rug, it’s an ottoman.

  55. Jennifer says:

    i LOVE this. I can’t even DEAL with this. I would be a distracted baby-taking mess with this cat.

  56. ashagato says:

    i totally have that Ikea rug! it decorates the highest branch of the cat tree. every day oscar goes up there, kneads it and purrs blissfully like it’s his momma…

  57. Ahem, JuliaJellicoe, I believe these days the proper term is “Turkish American.”

  58. leah b. says:

    I want to snorgle the afor said rug and have it sleep next to me it would wonderful.

    But my baby girl might get mad at me she sleeps on the bed with me.

  59. O.

    *beeps blobbular belleh*

  60. Hon Glad says:

    I’d like a two tone pillow with vibropurr action.

  61. I have the slightly smaller version in a deep chocolate brown…I call him Charlie!
    I think it’s a knock-off of the Ikea version.

    Melissa S.—cute bebeh!!!!

  62. Picture it: You come home whipped tired. Broke tired. You get into the comfy clothes, grab a comfort snack and put on your favorite movie…nice a settled except you need Kitteh Throw Pilla… ahhh. that’s it…you put your head down on the softest belleh and feel immediately bettah…life is good.

  63. All other bellehs bow down and worship in reverence.

  64. I have this in black. 🙂

    Also, Michele, there’s an Ikea in Cincy now? Road trip!

  65. I have this is dilute torty!


    well, my mom does anyway

  66. Hellcat says:

    Hehehe. I know this kitteh, and I am telling you…if you wanna zerbert this kitteh, you better be wearing protective headgear b/c two-tone don’t put up with much nonsense! I loves hims!!

  67. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    Melissa S., do you have any close ups of his massive paws? I’ve never seen seven toes on a kitteh before. What a great looking guy!

    My Lola (she’s a Calico) lays like this quite a bit and before she lost 5 lbs (she weighed 17 lbs at her heaviest) she looked like a beached white whale…now she looks like a fat otter. A plus to losing weight is that she can now clean her butt more comfortably without the use of furniture to prop her up as well.

  68. mandykins says:

    I totally felt like this after I ate a hungry man frozen dinner today for lunch!

  69. Look, I got the black Sköge rug (though it’s currently sitting on the desk): http://www.lintqueen.com/gallery/puppy/india_rug

  70. momof2kitties says:


    How the heck do you vacuum that? Or is it self-cleaning? 🙂

  71. @momof2kitties: lotsa brushing. She is also a tidy beastie herself, which helps (doesn’t, for example, like to get her feets dirty).

  72. Totalee Puppy says:

    Feeling a little intimidized by the size of
    this cat-I won somethin at
    Coney Island once, about that big…

  73. Gillian says:

    If wanting to blow a zerbert on that kitty’s belly is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

  74. lol what the heck. it looks like the kitteh had too much to eat and is lying down with a stomachache.

  75. BELLY RUBS!!!!

  76. Wow that looks like a larger version of my cat Waffle!