I just checked

And the snow is STILL out there.

My blue snowman scarf and I will check again in a few minutos.


Toma, Mar and Phinnegan the soft-coated Wheaten Terrier—nice woik.



  1. Fluffeh snow-pup! Such a sweet face.

  2. If that sad pouty face doesn’t convince Spring to just show up and stay once and for all, I don’t know what will!

  3. It snowed another inch last Thursday up here. It’s melting now and I hope it will stay that way for the rest of the Spring.

  4. A Wheaten! A Wheaten!!!! FINALLY!!!!!
    YAY for a cutiepie snowy face!
    We have two Wheatens who just looooove the snow and have been underwhelmed by the lack of it this year.

  5. NutherDeb says:

    I know your pain, puppeh!! I had an expression very similar to this when I went outside this morning!! Not nearly as cute as this though!!! 🙂

  6. ThreeCatNight says:

    Saw someone walking a Wheaten puppy the other day. Just have to love those faces!

  7. Hon Glad says:

    I use my cats as a weather barometer. A wet rub round the legs indicates it’s raining, ditto muddy wet paw prints.

  8. zeldapie says:

    I LURVE soft-coated Wheatens! Hooray!

    Buddy, I know how you feel. It’s snowing like MAD right now (Minneapolis). Sigh.

  9. My soft-coated wheaten LOVES the snow, too!

  10. Awwww, lookit his FACE!!!

    Cute scarf, too.

  11. Oh, my, what a snugglepuff, even with the cold nosicle. Beautiful puppy dogget. Are they as soft as they look?

  12. Ok…so who else sees his black eyelashes????

  13. Hayley the un-shopgirl says:


    I miss my Ralphie. I can’t see one of these guys without getting teary eyed.

  14. Looks like my Cocker Spaniels expression on rainy days. Poor puupeh. makes me want to pick em up and cuddles them.

  15. {{{Hugs for Hailey}}}

  16. un-shopgirl says:

    Hmm, there was supposed to be a sob and a lip quiver in there….


  17. Awww what a lovely puppeh… Never heard of the breed either!


    Yeah, we have a SLUSH storm in MN right now. Supposed to be 5-7 inches by tonight, and did I mention SLUSH? Plehhh.

  19. Yes, Wheatens are definitely as soft as they look. They do not shed, but require daily grooming to keep mats from forming in their hair.
    They are loves. :o) Can’t imagine my life without my two!!

  20. This doggerson is adorable even without the snow. I just want to hug him.

  21. Yes, it’s true, it’s still snowing. I think God is having his little April Fools’ joke a little early.

  22. devicakes says:

    Here in Boston we have been getting slightly better weather, but I totally feel this one. Give me sunny 65 degree days! None of this rain or snow….

    Puppy says it all.

  23. I think he disapproves of the snow. And here I thought only buns disapproved of anything. :*<

  24. un-shopgirl says:

    Oh no, these guys can disapprove you to death. Ours was all smiley all the time… until he’d go to the groomer. Every pic we have of him all squeaky clean has this puss on it.

  25. It was snowing Friday, and it was snowing again today. Enough of winter. We’ve already set records for the most snow in a century in NH. I want SPRING NOW! I can just see my hedgie sniffing distainfully at the weather. This dog is very cute by the way.

  26. It’s “The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy”!

  27. Hmm. Why does this dog remind me of Will Ferrell? I’m being serious.

  28. Will Ferrell in a Chewbacca costume, maybe?

  29. it’s the eyes. something about them are very Will-ish.

  30. Um…I have undies with the EXACT same pattern as that scarf. Just where did you get that scarf, Phinnegan? *shifty eyes*

  31. Awww…What a doll! My gorgeous wheaten Woofy lived to 14 – lost her last year. She also looked adorable in blue and always came in from the snow looking like a fluffy snowman herself. Love the snowman kerchief.

  32. On the eyelashes – my dad and stepmom have a Wheaten (their second) and she has the *longest* eyelashes. (Literally about an inch and a half – so cute).

  33. Seriously one of the cutest breeds I’ve ever seen! I’m so crazy about this pet.

  34. This must be the legendary Colombian Terrier…

  35. berthaslave says:

    Sunny in California!!!!! Baseball opening day!!!
    First day of the quarter!!!!
    Lots of posts today!!!!

    Life is good!!!!!

  36. Yitzysmommie says:

    Srsly adorabuhls dogster.
    5 inches of fluffy cold white stuff here in Salt Lake City today.
    Almost an April Fools joke.

  37. leah b. says:

    He would not have any problem finding snow here in western MN we just got 8 to 10 inches of heavey wet snow….uggggh.

  38. Martin san says:

    Wow! Finally a Wheaten! I can’t believe it has taken so long when they clearly is at the top of the list in the cute factor. My Wheaten loved snow when he was younger but as he grew older he started to realize it was not all fun’n games doing his stuff in 4 feet of snow:D

  39. Fransouah says:

    Request: photo of that pup getting washed. Should come with a label shrinks during washing OMG

  40. What about the fuzzy PANTS?!
    I love the fuzzy wuzzy PANTS on these puppehs.
    He’s like “Do these fuzzy pants make my butt look big?”
    Yes, they do, but in a GOOD way.

  41. More wheatens please!
    THE most adorable pupsters ever 🙂

  42. Oh my gersh. This pup is unreal. Strangely bear/monkey-ish. (Okay, probably a stretch.) I want one!

  43. Shepard says:

    looks like Neil Young from
    The Last Waltz

  44. emilybird says:

    What an adorable Wheatie! That’s the same face mine makes when he realizes that I don’t want to go outside in the snow with him, it’s so sad that he usually wins.

  45. Totalee Puppy says:

    A Wheaten, man! First time
    ever I saw your face…wish I could be a
    CLASS ACT like you…I’m just a little dog someone found in the street…Melt the snow a little, and you
    are ready for the RED CARPET! Not even no makeover team to get you ready…Hey, that scarf is
    SO YOU!