We have a Challenger

There is just no denyin’ that this toe-hawk Challenger is THE ULTIMATE IN TOE-HAWKS.

mopa (48), originally uploaded by anaxferus.

[Gavel sound] Case closed, Melissa H.



  1. lucy's mommeh says:

    Hm. Looks like I should put Lucy’s floofy toes in the lineup…

  2. grandpa’s ear reincarnated as a cat’s foot!

  3. Check out the other pics of what I assume is Mopa the kitteh. Major flufftitude!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    The irony is that I fight with my dog once a month or so to hold her down so that I can de-toe-mohawk her. With her breed it spreads their paws and you’re supposed to keep the toe fuzz short.

  5. Holy Floofmuffins, Catman! That is some serious hawkage.

  6. Heh–nice Suicidal Tendencies reference. That is one flooooooofy kitty.

  7. Sheesh. EVERYONE in Hollywood these days is getting hair extentions. But I have to say, that weave is better than Britney’s. Toehawk. Isn’t that what Brangelina’s little boy has done to his hair?

  8. wow. hope kitteh’s floors are carpeted. would be some serious slippage on hardwood.

  9. Creepy feets!

  10. metsakins says:

    that is more redonkulous than the cat rap video.

  11. I’d like to request a video of this kitteh on wood floor, please. XD

  12. Aw, “preshus” Dr. Seuss feet!

    That’s what we call my baby, Koko’s, feet.

  13. I still challenge that my Tomo has overall more floofiness (more evenly spread in all toe cracks), but your kitty does win hands-down for the longest tufts. *bows to mopa*

  14. temperance says:

    “and she wouldn’t give it to me!”

    wow- i listened to that song *a lot* in my youth. thanks for the flashback.

    i’m still waiting for that and black flag’s ‘t.v. party tonight’ to make it into national ad campaigns- they both have so much potential…

  15. Feet Poofs!! FEET POOFS!!! I need to eat them!

  16. This, ladies and gents, is what puts the O. in C.O.


  17. ashagato says:

    “…how can you say what’s in my best interests??!!!!!!?”

    ok, i admit it – i had a ‘hawk in high school 🙂

  18. ashagato says:

    “…how can you say what’s in my best interests??!!!!!!?”

    ok, i admit it – i had a ‘hawk in high school 🙂

  19. That cat masturbates too much.

  20. binky-mama says:

    Am I weird for wanting to braid the toe floof? It’s ok…be honest I can take it

  21. my goodness kitteh , how many times a day do you have to clean that hawking area ?!?!?!?!

  22. Juniper Jupiter says:

    No, no, binky-mama, I was thinking the exact same thing. I want to put pony beads on the end when I’m done.

  23. Is that toe even real? It looks like that of a stuffed toy!!!

  24. cheesybird says:

    LOL @ Karen!

    OMG, the picture of Mopa stretching, belly up on the bed!!! That’s farkin’ fabulous!

  25. berthaslave says:

    wow…the rollover on the second pic is truly inspired (as others have pointed out)….and temperance, the great thing about that music is that it can NEVER be co-opted by the mainstream, it’s way, way, way too sickly honest for normal people to handle…

    and the toehawks are pretty raunchy….hopefully the next ones will be dyed pink.

  26. binky-mama says:

    LOL Juniper Jupiter! You supply the beads and I’ll find my old Barbie hair accessories…let the braidingks begin!

  27. My OCD makes me want to “trim” the toe fluff. Halp!

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    YM shaking her head in wonder.
    Yitzy is a superior puddy tat in many ways, but his toes have been srsly outfloofed / toehawked here. His ego will never recover.

  29. That does it. I’m tracking down my cat and he WILL submit to toe-hawk photos today. You ain’t seen NOTHIN like Hobbes’ hawks!

  30. Two questions: Does that puddy-tatt ever walk on those floofed-toesies, and, if so, how many hours per day does aforementioned puddy-tatt clean aforementioned floofed-toesies?

  31. Awww! Such soft and lovely feet! I want to see the rest of the kitty! Not fair.

  32. KentuckyGurl24 says:

    Don King toe fluffs….guess that hairstyle is catching on. Beware peeps.

  33. WOW. I have known some floofy kitties in my day, but I’ve never seen paw pads that were this tufty! That’s crazy how that center puff just kind of radiates from between those two toes. POOF!

    We had a big Maine Coon cat when I was growing up. He had really tufty paws (nothing like this.) To solve the floor traction problem, he just dug in his claws when skittering around. On the nice, brand new hardwood floor.

  34. oh holy marzipan the talk of beads in the toe-hawk reminds me of a time in summer school that a guy came in from vacation with his hair beaded and braided from jamaica. every time he moved is head, we heard “clink clink clink” and wanted to behead him. the beaded toe-hawk would be worse than just clicking claws on hardwood or tile!!

    and that kitty is giving my boyfriend’s ear-fur a run for his money. srsly. i’m dreading when we get old and he gets the crazy owl eyebrows too. they’re already huge and bushy 😦

  35. melissa h says:

    sometimes mopa calls me on the phone. she has a really scary voice. and she has this really extensive criminal record. oh man. that cat is pretty amazing.

  36. bananasforbunnies says:

    I thought my cat had toehawk but this one is fabulous!

  37. maggieb_tpa says:

    My Norwegian Forest has really tufty paws, but she will not allow them to be photographed.

  38. MandaBain says:

    Okay. I suppose I’m alone in this (and I don’t know why) but this kinda creeps me out. Not nuffin, I swears…I keep searching in my brain for a logical reason for this reaction and can find none. Just wondering if I’m the only one…?

  39. Awwww…he’s growing his own fuzzy slippers.

  40. dawnin8r says:

    Kudos on the Suicidal Tendencies reference, all that toe hawk needs now is a pink streak and some gel

  41. MANDABAIN! I was just going to post the same thing. It makes me creeped out and nauseated, but I don’t know WHY!!!!!

  42. Okay, whoa. Kitteh needs to step away from the Rogaine.

  43. MandaBain says:

    Whew. Thanks Kate. I’ll take a regular clean jelly-beans paw pad any day, but I guess I have issues. I’m actually surprised it DOESN’T get me queasy since that’s all I’ve been since I’ve been pregnant. Thankful there at least…

  44. Melinda says:

    Wow, this kitty has my cat beat by a mile!