Cub “Wilbaer” gets Mom-handled

Freshly-borned polar bear cub Wilbaer and Mom Linda (just kidding, it’s Corinna) were unveiled at the Stuttgart Zoo in this recent vid. Check out Mom picking her kid up. Love it.

Great recommendayshe, Sparkeh



  1. Love how the way mom picks him up LOOKS painful but the cub totally doesn’t care (Because it actually isn’t painful) She’s so gentle with him! <3

  2. Cute Broadcasting Sounds!

  3. Jeez, what is it with the Germans and their polar bears?

  4. OH MY GAWRSH!!! That is just the cutest thing! My kids are in love.

  5. Is it too early to ask Santa to bring me a polar bear cub next Christmas?

  6. BiscuitTin says:

    Mom’s all: I’d hate to have to slaughter anyone who gets a stupid idea, so we’ll just go in now. This is MY cute baby!

  7. My parents did that to me all the time. 😉

  8. Mama’s sooooo careful with her beeg feeties!!

    (Last couple seconds, baby’s all, “I wanna go OUTTTT!”)

  9. There’s another video of them where she picks him up by his tocks. Again, sounds painful, but it’s super cute. Too bad I can seem to find it. 😦

  10. mama bears all like
    k thnx bai

  11. Woods Walker says:

    It is a cute bear cub. The name of the Stuttgart zoo is the Wilhelma. I visited once while stationed in the Army. They almost kept me thinking I was an escaped ape.-Woods Walker

  12. I think my favorite part is when mama bear picks up the baby and her nose is all snorfling around. So cute.

  13. awh so cute.

    and Heather, in the first few seconds she picks him up by his tocks 😛

  14. watch mom’s nose when she picks him up the second time. wiggle, wiggle. funny.

  15. So cute! I thought she was yawning the first time she went to pick him up. I didn’t know you could pick them up from the middle! I guess the neck thing must be a cat thing…

  16. Mama Bera: come along Wilbear it is time to go to bed.

    Wilbear: But Mom I don’t want to go in now.

    Mamma bear: (muffled through mouth full of Wilbear) ) I said it was time to go to bed.

    Wilbear: Awwww MOOOMMMMMM!

  17. ::YAAAAWN:: Nab! You’re comin’ with me, kid!

  18. Ari, thanks for telling me. I guess I missed the first part.
    But I did see a longer ‘tock clip somewhere. I guess she does it often then? His little back legs waving in the air just kill me! Super cute!

  19. That chubby belly at 37 sec just kills me. Would mom mind if I scritched it just a wee bit?

  20. Did you see the way the cub was reaching for the floor then second time Mom picked him up?

    Want floooor. Nooooow.

  21. girlnextdoortn says:

    Oh, yeah, the momma nose wiggle while she was arranging her teefs on the baby was funny and cute.

  22. So THAT’S what baby bear ‘tocks are for! I always wondered! ha-ha.

  23. PheonixKalinKarr says:

    It is the cutest! Mum so wonderful, so scary bear that is sure to lift her feet so’s not to step on behbeh.
    Mum: Too many cameras, bed time.
    Will: No bed! *scurries*
    Mum: Time. for. bed. *moufull of bebeh furries*
    Will: Ahhh floor! No! Back to floor! No no no no! Pleeeese!

  24. I didn’t know polar bears came with built-in handles on the back. I am trying to decide if baby is just tiny or mom is really big. Maybe both…

  25. Juniper Jupiter says:

    No, Mom!! That’s not the scruff!! You just gave Wilbaer a turbo-wedgie!!!

    Cute vid!!:P

  26. Nebulous says:

    April: I was kinda trying to figure out the sizing, too. I mean, ye gads, that mama looks HEE-UGE. Yeek.

    I didn’t know cubs were picked up in that manner. Learn somethin’ new every day, eh. 🙂 Adorable vid.

  27. Important scientific and human-paradigm research going on here.

    But sad be cause the metal bars -and their greater meaning- means the bears will never be free. Ambassadors, not a bad discription, but don’t forget to put yourself into their paws.

    There is a better way.

  28. very sweet! I love her gentleness and when enough was enough she retreated. What a great momma.

  29. OK junior, that’s enough,bed time.

  30. Do polar bears have toe floofage too? I bet they do!
    (Still caught in the toe-floof thrall).

  31. There`s nothing like a mothers love !!

  32. Cute cub, but adult bears are a little frightening…

  33. Whew! I thought that yawn was going to turn into a chomp! But Mama was all like, time to goooo!
    And for those who were wondering, Mama really is HUGE. Polar bears are the biggest land carnivore on earth. I’m from a town in the Canadain far north and we see them pretty often in the spring. Big and beautiful!! Just don’t get between a mama and her babies!

  34. I don’t think they are meant to be picked up anywhere but the scruff. I guess she’s a new mom…?! No wonder so many polar bear cubs get hand reared 😦

  35. Did you know that polar bears are the only carnivores who will purposely hunt man for food? Polar bears are probably one of the cutest animals on the planet and they are one of the deadliest at the same time.

  36. Anyone ever thought about Corinna in a different light? Methinks she is a conniving, calculating stage momma that will do anything to get her offspring into the media limelight. Why you ask? Look at the million$ cute Knut brought in to Berlin Zoo. Thanks to morphic resonance in the animal world, Coriina picked up on that fact and knows that as the mom of a another celebrity polar cutie, she will enjoy many benefits such as more fish and criossants not to mention her picture in the international media…so why not?

  37. stubbedoo says:

    I love how careful she is to put her paws down gently – one misplaced paw and it’s splat! Love the ‘tock picking up action, too. And those noises! Ehn!

  38. darkshines says:

    Gah, I love polar bears so much….

  39. Sharon Wilson says:

    Katrina, yes, polar bears actually have toe floofage so they won’t slip on the ice! I loved how Wilbear was pushing backwards against momma–Ehn!

  40. Such gentleness! What can I say…a mother’s love is a beautiful thing.

  41. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    Awwww how cute! Polar bears are always so damn cute right before they chew your face off LOL

  42. The behbeh’s actually on the website’s homepage:

    anyways, my own take on the last part, where Momma was taking the behbeh in:

    Mom: Oh, come on now dear. You’ve got dirty nappies. I gotta clean you.
    Baby: Noooo! I want to play, I want to play!

  43. DaytimeDeb says:

    Why momma, what big teeth you have!

    All the better to pick you up for bedtime, my dear…

  44. Corinna looks as if she cleaned nicely for the camera. Look at that silvery glaze on her fur…… I am sure she has a publicity agent for herself and cute Wilbaer. But I still love Knut best of all – even now that he is all grown up and facing identity issues that Berlin Zoo refuses to address. He was my first bear love and will always be loved. But Wilbaer is adorable even if his mother has her eyes on the fame and money.

  45. Pussytoes says:

    Oh hurry up. Call Peta.

  46. OWIE?!?

  47. Mary (the first) says:

    I also loved the middle part the most where she delicately tiptoed around the behbeh so as not to step on him. Very sweet. I think in “real life” these guys (Mom and babeh) would be in a snow den all winter though, wouldn’t they? Seems like I saw that on Animal Planet show or something… so the picking up by scruff might not be a real frequent thing.

  48. SQUEEEEEEEE! How precioush!!!

    Mama is gorgeous too.