Come’ere Caturday, I’m gonna getcha

This won’t hurt a BIT, Caturday. Not one bit.

[paw makes contact]


I know it’s been puppeh overload lately, I promise to post some other anim-mules real soon, Tiffany C.



  1. He’s SCAWY! Halp!

  2. Spotted toesies FTW!

  3. And wrinkles aplenty!

  4. BiscuitTin says:

    What a sweet baby!

  5. Oh I’m purrr-fektly happeh with them pupsters being posted daily! Must have more! Can’t get enuff!

  6. I think I see TOEBEEEEEANS!

    And spotty toebeans at that. 😀

  7. How very appropriate for a boxer!

  8. Pup-fu!
    Pink Toe Sudden Death Attack!

  9. A boxer Pup doing what boxers do best Boxing.

    Yes folk that is a KO for the Boxer as Caturday takes a dive.

  10. love the armpit wrinkles!

  11. Look! It’s a mini Reuben ‘Furricane’ Carter!

  12. gooeyctr says:

    “puppeh overload”?!? there is no such thing! i want puppies enough to rival the avalanche of tribbles!

  13. Ok Mr. McPuppersons I can let try and take on a 21 year old cat that may make her a 105 in cat years. But I think she will retrain your need to take on Caterday.

  14. “I know it’s been puppeh overload lately,”

    Like heck! More puppehs! less kittehs! It’s been grate!

  15. berthaslave says:

    Float like a pomeranian
    Sting like a pug

    Or something to that effect.

    BTW, this is one of the most awesome photos evah.

  16. There should be more kitties, they are of course the perfect animal.

  17. *** FACEPAW ***

  18. Heh heh. Love that look in pup’s eye, like “Oh, you wanna mess wit me?”

  19. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Hey, there! What’s up with my peeps? Back at you, baby!”

  20. ahhh shucks cutie overload!!!!