SOLID Daily Puppeh Ass-Kicking

I regret to inform the readers of this site that the Daily Puppeh just gave us a SOLID ass kickin’ in the Cute depahtment. Get a load of the evidence [hides face in SHAME]


Oh nice, next, some "Arrrrgnng arnnng arnng" stick-chewing action. Just great.


Puhlease, check out this "Petting-por-favor!" request:


Followed by a Nap-attack:


And last, but NOT LEAST; Ye Olde Blankie-Pull.


Yes, we’ve been TAKEN TO SCHOOL, Elizabeth C.


  1. Woohoo [no, I don't think so]!!

    Is this the same puppy from a few months ago who the couch tried to eat?

    [ - Ed.]

  2. I take it back, I mean the pup with the Pillow Pout, Paige…Sorry I’d Link but the ‘puter is acting up tonight.

  3. Hahaha, so cute! I like the first one best, but…they’re all cute! *snorgles puppeh*

  4. rhiannon_starfire says:

    What kind of puppy is this cuz I WANT ONE!! ^___^

  5. berthaslave says:

    Wow. You’ll have to step up your game, Meg, that’s some pretty serious competish.

    You gettin’ served.

  6. That’s so cute it almost falls into the uncanny valley. Looks like a Springer Spaniel, but I’m not too sure. Any experts out there?

  7. I’m thinkin’ King Charles Spaniel.

  8. crescentstreet says:

    It’s a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. They actually resemble Springer puppies for their entire lives. I’ve been owned by four of these. They have a long list of virtues, but here are the disadvantages: they shed; they can NEVER be trusted around cars: and you can’t leave them alone for hours, they would die of loneliness. They have been bred to be companions, and they need to be around their humans.

  9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for sure. The Daily Puppy article says so.

  10. Hon Glad says:

    Meg, perhaps the Japanese can help us regain supremacy.

  11. *hangs head* I caught myself reaching out to the moist noisicle in the 1st pic and craving to reach out and gently scratch the belly in the napping pic

  12. Me, too!! I thought it was my favoritest CO Puppeh of all time—Paige, the Victoria’s Secret Underwear NomNomNom’er!!!

    Don’t worry, dear Meg!! NOBODY can out-do YOU in the “Wide World of QTE”!!!


  13. awww, look at the pink belly!

  14. Hello Meg, do you wanna link me?

  15. pixie-stix says:

    Adorable- the first pic is perfect. What a soft, sweet-faced puppy with lovely round eyes.

  16. Wolverine Librarian says:

    A Cavie! want! WANT!! WANT !!!!!! snorf! What a cutie!

  17. Awwww, purrrty puppeh!

  18. Disappointed says:

    Language — I shouldn’t have to define an ‘asskicking’ to my little daughter

    [Cute Overload is PG-13, and it's going to stay that way. My advice? Tell your little daughter exactly what it means, but then emphasize that it's not language to be used in Polite Situations. Kids do get this. - Ed.]

  19. she wins. cutest pup evah!!!!!!!!!!!

    [Just one click on the "Post" button prevents duplicates... - Ed.]

  20. I have a new wallpaper for my ‘puter now ;-)

  21. Aaaww, I used to have a Cavalier… now I just has a sad

    Barooooooooooooo :[

  22. Meg, what’s with the pics of “E.T.”-era Drew Barrymore?

  23. Puppeh Bewwweesss!

  24. yankeebird says:

    Am I the only one who spotted the “violation” of the no-nads policy? :D

  25. Oh please. Daily Puppy may win sometime on the technicality of photo cuteness, but you kick their asses 100% on hilariousness of captions. Also on awesomeness of comments. IfIdosaysomyself.

  26. Yitzysmommie says:

    HOOOwee, Meg, the gauntlet has been thrown down! However, you kick the Daily’s Puppeh’s ‘tocks in the multiple times daily servings of teh QTE. Besides, the DP suffers srsly from a dearth of kittens.

  27. The Cavalier King Charles spaniel in full puppy phase.
    You have no chance to survive make your time.

    …and YankeeBird, just pretend it’s an outie.

  28. ThreeCatNight says:

    The belleh rules again!
    And this is my screensaver, just don’t tell the cats!

  29. Marianne says:


  30. This cuteness makes my teeth hurt.

  31. Fat Tabby says:

    Oh my god! I’m normally a cat person but the little face in the sleeping picture is killing me :o

  32. His name is FOSSE! Jazz hands!

  33. seenawiina says:

    two nad shots in two days?!? co is quickly becoming nsfw at the pet shop.

    [Except, y'know, that neither one has had any actual "nads" in frame... - Ed.]

  34. Good grief I am seriously falling in LOVE with these King Charles’ puppehs but my soul still belongs to the Pomeranians.

  35. Crazy Weiner Lady says:

    ACCCK! (died of cuteness) WANT!

  36. Persephone says:

    Hee. :) My husband and I saw those pics last night and were both virtually speechless. Finally Daniel said “is that even real?”

    Then I pointed out the classic muzzlepowshe action going on there. :)

  37. Evangeline's Dressing-maid says:

    No, Meg – there’s plenty here for all. One prosh darling sweet little Cavalier pup can’t…uhm….it won’t….errr….gee, I want one too. NO WAIT! At the end of the day, it’s still a DAWG, and dawgs require being trotted out in all weathers by a person with a bag to collect the poo. I’ll stick with the pix.

  38. Okay, I warn you… cavaliers are like potatochips – you CAN’T just have one. In fact, i know no one who has managed to only keep one. We have 5 :P Your ‘s is a cutie!!

  39. Wow, this was one of my least favorite daily puppies of late! It’s cute, but in a really boring way. Now Teddy the Corgi and Panku the Dachsund (also from dailypuppy) put this little thing to shame! Teddy looks like a toy and Panku looks like she just got out of the hair salon. I highly recommend taking a peek.

  40. The BELLEH rules you.

    Submit to the belleh.

  41. snoopysnake says:

    Are you blind, naynay? Oh well, a chacun son gout without accent marks. My cuteness receptors are squeeeed to the max by this little puppeh. I said on that it should win a bunch a Nobel Prizes due to the effects of its cuteness.

    i.e. I lurrrrrrrrrrvvvve theeees puppeh!

  42. ButtaRumCake says:

    Hey-h, I agree 100%. CO kicks ‘tox with the cap-shons. I laugh way out loud at some of them (especially the bunneh massage one)

  43. I agree, they kicked a little ‘tox, but I am not a big fan of the language. Let’s keep it PG?

  44. crazy weiner lady says:

    I think the language is funny. Of course I’m anti-children LOL

  45. Ass. Ass ass ass ass ass. It’s a funny word. Try it.

  46. Ass not what CO can do for you….

  47. …rather what your ass can do for CO?

  48. people get your own blogs and keep it PG fer crying out loud.

    Cute as always. Haven’t seen one thing on here(even the bugs) that wasn’t :D

  49. Beheauld, ass, an ye shall receive…

  50. LOL shock and amazement the language….

    LMAO puhlease your kids hear a hundred times worse every day of their life the minute they walk out onto any playground at school.

    As a mother with two grown daughters I found it more effective to let them know they would hear it and why to not use it.

  51. I had a Latin teacher once who used to say that only the laziest and most self-centered parents rely on the rest of the world to censor itself in honor of their child. She (a mother of eight) proudly allowed her children to experience the world as it is, but taught them which things were right and which things were wrong — including curse words in 6 or 7 languages. Her kids grew up to be brilliant, well-spoken, elegant adults.

    My thoughts? If you want your children to see things through Disney goggles, go to the Disney site. If you want to have a dialogue with your child about humor and language, satire and wit, then let them open their minds to what Meg has to say and why she says it. I think that may just be too much to ask of some parents who use the web as a babysitter.

  52. I’m pro bad language AND pro child!

    Heheh… I recently had an interesting debate with my 12 year old as to whether or not it’s really cussing if one says “Double-U, Tee, Eff.”

    The internet cussing adds to the smart.

  53. Ah, Meg, looks like CO has been righteously spanked by TDP with Fosse here, LOL,try to keep up, will ya? ;-)

  54. That first pic looks like Dakota Fanning if she were a puppeh…and cute…

  55. OMIGAWD OMIGAWD OMIGAWD!!!!! One of my submeeesches got on CO! Wif my rollover texts! Ahhh!!!! *dies of happy* I have now squeed to death TWICE over this adorable lump of puppitude.

    My aunt has a CKC – he’s a pampered showdog and too snooty to play wif sticks. It’s a dang shame.

  56. yankeebird says:

    Teho, I know what I see is not specifically “nads”, but it’s definitely not an outie! I also wanna say I wasn’t nuffing… show all the nadular-region bits that you want!

  57. And don’t you love how the full puppeh tummeh makes the wee ‘nad-esque bit LOOK like an outie?