The bunnular powers made me do it

I ken’t hep it. Bunnies just own this post-Easter week.

They’re creeping up on me, TELLING ME TO POST THEM. I must oblige.


Excellent table leg for scale you taunting beeyatches photographer Sophia R. and Tiffany S. 😛



  1. omg, that is ridiculously cute. so small compared to the table leg too!

  2. Awww…I used to have a stuffed bunny just like this.

  3. Lerrinus says:

    *squeeeeeee* 😀

  4. zeldapie says:

    Obey the bun!!!!!

    ands u shal wurship meh

  6. This is too cute to be REAL

  7. Er, got lost there for a sec. OK. Not sure what I was trying to say…
    [spinny eyes]
    [spinny eyes]
    [spinny eyes]

  8. guh……..

    *unable to make any other sound due to cute*


  9. Theo you were about to say:

    The Robin cried “wake up, wake up and started in to sing,
    the Squirrel opened sleepy eyes and said “It must be spring!”
    The Bluebird woke the Badger, the Badger woke the Bear, and through the forest voices cried “Its Springtime everywhere!”
    Remember now?

  10. oh wow he looks just like an incredibly soft anerable ragdoll!!!

  11. [spinspinspin]

    Yessss… I rememberrrr…


    …wait, what?

  12. My boyfriend’s gonna be sooo mad at you when I break down and get a fluffy bunny for my own snugglefest! So irresistable!!!

    The artful dark about the nose and one the ears really sets off the white flufflebun fluffitude.

  13. Looks like a stuffed toy! Ridiculous!

  14. charliewabba says:

    in terms of scale, it’s not the table eg that flips me out so much as the very carpet fibers which look positively GINORMOUS compared to bun-bun.
    my head……
    the high pitched noise……

  15. What a perfect creature. Ahhhhhhh.

  16. Yes, Meg…listen to the bun voices…

  17. um splodage from cuteness…eeehnnnn

  18. *GASP*

    I just…I… *splutter* There are no words.

    I’ll be on the fainting couch.

    I would love to have a bun of my very own, but how can anyone live with such a powerful force of cute? My boss would come to my home after I’d been MIA for 3 days and find me passed out on the floor next to it.

  19. ThreeCatNight says:

    Looks like a perfect little bunny doll. Beautiful coloring.

  20. Must have one of mine own for ear nomm-nomm-nomming

  21. True – the power of the Bunny-Cute is compelling. When I first got my bun I would sit on the couch and think “How can I possibly go out when there is a BUNNY in my apartment! I can sit here and feed her treats and give her pets and….”

    Bunbuns make great pets – they are clean and can be taught to use a litterbox and if speutered they can live 8-10 years. But in general they don’t like to be picked up for snorgles – feets off ground mean “aaaaugh it’s gonna eat meeeee!!!!”

    But if you are willing to be patient and learn to love ground-level snuggles, they are funny and full of personality!

  22. What a darling! So floffy and cute. Want!

  23. metsakins says:

    *gets up off lawn where I was waiting for beaglette*

    *comes and lies on comfy carpet*

    do what you will Mr. Bum I am powerless!!

  24. Maerlyn99 says:

    SQUEEEEEE! Lookit his likkle legs! Dear God, teh qyootness!

  25. Hayley the -un-shopgirl says:

    Um, could someone please help me understand how my boyfriend could POSSIBLY think that this is CREEPY!?

    This is not helping my pet-less funk in the slightest….

  26. Those paws are amazing. Looks like somebody dipped ’em in carmel just cuz we’re extra sweet.

  27. Martha in Washington says:

    Hayley-your boyfriend is either a) a communist or b) some alien life form.
    That’s the only explanation for not falling to your knees to worship this little bun. You should be bringing offerings of tiny tasty carrots and cabbages on silver trays as you crawl across the floor towards him. At least that’s what I would do.

  28. bunneh love says:

    YeeeAAAYAH! Bring on the bunnies! This little guy is too cute.

  29. meowandwoof says:

    my betsy-the-bunny lived harmoniously with several cats, a black lab and fostered baby racoon. they are wonderful pets and who cares if no humans come to visit???!!!

  30. riolinda says:

    OMG … that is just waaay too cute! I can’t handle it!

  31. Hayley the un-shopgirl says:

    I think he may have had a traumatic bunny episode as a youth….
    Its the only logical explanations.

  32. DaytimeDeb says:


    (Looks under bunny to check for manufacturer label)

  33. That is the most beautiful bunny ever! Oh my! Wan won!!!!!

  34. Hayley, perhaps your boyfriend is overwhelmed by the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DISAPPROVAL radiating from this bun? He’s clearly saying, “I disapprove of your fascination with my size. And if you want to live to see tomorrow, do NOT nom my ears!” So much disapproval, such a tiny package (which could also my written on my gravestone).

  35. un-shopgirl says:

    He wasn’t even amused by the disapproval. There’s no hope for me and my pet-less-ness…

  36. Un-shopgirl, I think it’s time to strap your boyfriend down on a table and pile bunnies on him until he submits.
    I need to pet THIS bunbun!

  37. @Haley the un-shopgirl: Um, I hate to be the one who asks the question, but do you really WANT to spend time with someone who thinks this is CREEEPY??!!??

    A SWEET, WITTLE BUNNEH and not even all that DISAPPROVING??? (Okay, that could change, but even so!!)

  38. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh my! That IS the real deal, right? What an adorable lopear!!

    He’s got that look like, “What, ain’t it normal for buns to sit like this? On their buns?”

  39. meowandwoof says:

    my dear un-shop girl… un-buy that un-boyfriend and get a sweetie who knows the value of cute. THE QTE weeds out the barbarians.

  40. un-shopgirl says:

    Eh, he loves puppies. Just everything else he finds creepy. Trust me, I’m grappling with the concept myself…

    We can’t have a puppy and I’m longing to fill my pet void. This unfortunatly ended up in a “what is cute” discussion that was all downhill after puppies!

  41. meowandwoof says:

    you just keep coming and hanging with us here at the QTE for your pet fix!

  42. Poohbear says:

    That is one of the cutest hover-texts ever. Certified.

  43. CoffeeCup says:

    Haley, rest assured. My SO dislikes pets, doesn’t want pets at all, ever. Yet, he tolerates my bun, takes care of my bun in my absence, because of his overwhelming love for me. There you go.

  44. I can understand why the boyfriend might find this creepy. There is just such an over-abundance (Bun-Hah!) of cuteness here. I mean, it’s extraordinary.

    Can this much adorability exist in one little package? According to the greatest minds in science, the universe should be collapsing upon itself due to the huge paradox of cuteness.

    This Bunneh will be the end of us!

  45. OH

  46. jazmella says:

    OH MAH LAWD!! That is the cutest bun-bun pic in thee WOOORRRLLLDDD!! Holy crud!! lol. Oh my GAWSH!! *EEE!!*


  47. Jenn in IL says:

    You know what noise I’m making right now?

    The same one my Shiba Inu makes when she is super worried about something. Super high pitched back-of-the-throat noises.

    No words. Just noises. GAH!!!

  48. Ahng ahng ahng!

  49. I just melted into a puddle…wow…that is absolutely the most adorable picture I’ve seen in eons.

  50. CoffeeCup says:

    You know this bun looks awfully familiar…. could he/she be in the same secret society of cuteness as one such carrot-munching prosh bun?

  51. Who do I send the cleaning bill too? I just squeeded all over myself, the couch, and a little dribbled onto the floor.

    Too bad (ahem) there aren’t Squeepends (ahem) for sale somewhere.

  52. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, I need it to look just like the for EVER!


  53. Catsquatch says:

    stupid typos…

    I need it to look just like THAT for ever…..

    :insert above sentence into above post:


  54. Dirtysteel says:

    I never post on cute web sites … but this pic is very special 🙂

  55. nuh uh? can’t be real?! if its real i’m going to keel over and die due to cuteness!

  56. Daphne Moss says:

    OK, this is exactly the sort of insidious cuteness that turns perfectly rational adults into cute-addled beings, compelled to utter

    Id you da pwettiest widdle fwuffy bunneh EBBER?
    OH, yeh you be da pittiest baby bun-bun I seed!

    And other things in that vein that never should be uttered aloud…

  57. Daphne Moss says:

    *And don’t even get me started on those eyelashes….*

  58. juliagoolia says:

    Um, new rule of cuteness? Your ears are HALF your height! AHHH!! This bunny is too adorable, my head’s about to explode!!

  59. I have never posted a comment before, even though I have loved this website forever. But this eentsy cute lil bun had demanded that I post. I must obey the bun, too cute to resist. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. WE ARE BUN.

  60. CoffeeCup says:

    Vickster, + 100 points for Star Trek Reference, + 100 points for posting.

  61. Raemie L. says:

    Waaa… it’s a cabbit-like bun-bun…

    (Clicks on pic and larger pic pops up.)
    Cannaht handel teh Qte, overloadingks–!
    (Iz hey’splodead.)

  62. Raemie L. says:

    lol @GK (2:17 PM)
    “Can this much adorability exist in one little package? […] the universe should be collapsing upon itself due to the huge paradox of cuteness.”
    I’m trying to figure out your “Bun-Hah!” reference. I’m probably way off the mark when I keep thinking it’s from the Anime, Dragonball Z, since then you might have said, “Bunnehbunneh-ha!”

  63. Anasztaizia says:

    Oh… my goodness

  64. Oh.


    It looks like a toy! So adorable!

  65. Raemie L. — a-BUN-dance. 🙂

  66. The aBUNdance of cute makes me want to do a bun dance. Teehee.

    Now outta mah wai! Must schnorgle. *pops bun into mouf and noms thoughtfully*

  67. acelightning says:

    Total. Bunnysquee. Overload.
    (And I am *not* somebody who squees, usually.)

  68. This little bunny is deadly!

    I have a minilop at home, and I can tell you, it can be hard to get up off the carpet. Especially given the disapproval that comes when I stop giving him head rubs!

  69. I’m not usually a bunny person but GAH! I love the feet paw placement.

  70. ashagato says:

    okay, so what’s up with the right front paw, why is it so fluffy? or is that somehow her tail?
    i feel like i’m not seeing the bun right, like she’s one of those twisty optical illusions…

  71. berthaslave says:


    not all communists hate bunnies

    not all men think bunnehs are teh creepy

    :: sheepishly raising hand ::

    workers unite

  72. Raemie L. says:

    “a-BUN-dance” — LOL! *palm to forehead* Sloo-low, I am.

    Thanks, Pheas and Lizzy. 😀

    And now, I find myself drifting back to being under the bun’s trance. 😛

  73. Raemie L. says:

    Urk. “Slooow” not “Sloo-low”. *facepalm* 😀

  74. CoffeeCup says:

    ashagato, the bun’s back right paw is up next to its front right paw. 🙂

  75. AAAGH! The floppy earses!!!


  76. What a kissable face!

  77. Hon Glad says:

    Bun, singular sensation
    every little step he takes,
    Bun, thrilling combination
    every move that he makes,
    Bun, smile and suddenly nobody else will do.

  78. metsakins says:

    Berthaslave – we know you are an exception male for understanding the cute in a way many men can’t comprehend. Hubby here appreciates the incredible cute of our fluffnesses and leaders (cats, natch)and is tolerant of my need to explore the cute on all levels.

  79. I’m slightly disappointed that this bunny really isn’t as small as it looks…still made me melt the first time I saw it though.

  80. If that bunny was a semi-trailer and I was in the middle of the road, I would be mesmerized by it’s cuteness.

    OO … splat.

  81. Raemie L. — Don’t feel bad. Loss of cognitive function is a known side-effect of prolonged exposure to teh Qte.

  82. Okay, there is absolutely NO WAY this bun in real. It’s a cosmic impossibility. I think we are looking here at a diabolical Japanese plot.

  83. Maybe so, but this comment was a COMIC INEVITABILITY! Nyuk.

  84. Use the force, Luke…

  85. Jenn in IL says:

    Just FYI – I showed my boyfriend this picture last night and said, “Look how cute he is with his big ears and teeny little body!”

    He looked at me confusedly and said, “Um…what?”

    I apparently spoke in a pitch reserved for dog training whistles.

  86. Yep, that’d be your classic “squee” all right.

  87. Maerlyn99 says:

    Hayley, I had my bun before I had my husband, and there was always a little jealousy there. But the bun acted much like a puppy–he was leash-trained, played fetch, gave kisses on command (if you made smooching noises he’d climb into your lap and hold his nose up to get kissed)…he was even litterbox trained so he could run around the house. He was a sweet, sweet boy, and even my husband had to admit how handsome he was. And he didn’t make nearly the amount of noise my dog does…

  88. This Bunny owns me. I have come back like 2 dozen times in the last 32 hours just to oogle his/her fluffy anerableness. GAH!

  89. DO WANT.

  90. killer.

  91. Looks like he was stunned by the level of his own cuteness, and had to sit down.

  92. Wow, at first I thought this was just a toy.. Amazing cuteness.. 0_o

  93. I think the cuteness of this bun is actually illegal in at least 15 states.

  94. I want to feel his little face fur ! TOO cute.

  95. It seriously looks like a stuffed animal, and I wish I could snuggle and snorgle it all day long. Way too cute!

  96. Raemie L. says:

    Ooof, teh Qte. Strong it is in this bun.

  97. Yitzysmommie says:

    Well, Morgan, it’s certainly illegal here in Utah. ‘Course, most every thing is…
    Adorabuhls bunnikins – Must snorgle.

  98. This bunny is so cute it cannot be real!!! The way it’s posing! oh my goodness, if it is real… someone please tell me where to get one!!!!!

  99. Clearly this is a plush toy. No actual living creature is this cute.

  100. Desdemona says:

    OMG, da bunneh is soooo ty-neh!

  101. That is amazingly cute. Its now my computer wallpaper so i cam enjoy the cuteness every time i use my computer

  102. Off topic, but I really like that carpet. I am really sick of apartment carpet colors, which range from neutral to neutral — blargh 😦

  103. OMG the bunny is so cute!!!! i want one!! <3

  104. T2k3 m3 2 u’r l32d3r! w3 r t2k1ng 0v3r.