SKÖGE Ikea area rug

Check out this mini-floor rug. Comes in large, small and Prosh.


[Laughing in Swedish accent] Casey G., I think "SKÖGE" is better than "Caesar" for a name.



  1. Bork bork bark!

  2. katerpie says:

    Sure, buy it because it’s $20 and the perfect size for your dorm’s kitchenette, but don’t be surprised when it needs, you know, food.

  3. can I say teh awesome pics lately and thanks for getting back on track?

  4. metsakins says:

    this is just what I need for a welcome mat! how welcoming would that be!

  5. Attach a handle and it’s an Organic Swiffer.

  6. my first dog looked like this. he was a japanese spitz.

  7. Bet it’s made of particle board.

    Or lingonberries.

  8. Hmmm Dunno about Swedish, but Sköge is a naughty word in Danish… I would NEVER call a cute rug like this sköge… Never!

  9. Is it a sign of dementia that when I read the rollover text, I thought it said “SHORTEN KITTEN to the kitchen section”?

  10. In Norwegian that’s not a very nice word.

  11. This little dude will go great with my curtains, and when he’s done being a throw rug, he’ll be an adorable puppy! That’s a sweet deal.

  12. Could IKEA be having fun with us Americans at our expense??!!

    “Let’s call it (dirty word)!!! Ha-ha, imagine all the Americans coming into the store, asking for (dirty word)!!!!”, said the IKEA Product Names Committee chairman, wiping away tears of mirth.

  13. so what does SKÖGE mean? Can you describe it without using naughty language?

  14. Ok just fyi according to Danish-English dictionary: Sköge means harlot, whore or common prostitute.

  15. Well, every puppeh I’ve ever met is a biscuit-Sköge.

  16. What a cute puppeh! What breed is puppeh?

  17. A biscuit-Sköge! 😀

    Gail, I think you’re right!

  18. Poohbear says:

    This thread is promising! And vereh funneh hover text.

  19. zeldapie says:

    I LURVE IKEA! I’d buy this lil’ (harlot) doggie in a heartbeat!

    Other good names: Ole, Lena, or Sven.

  20. Drude: yes, that’s what it means in Norwegian. Not something you would call a puppy, or a rug or a puppy rug.

  21. Have you ever skritched a puppeh tummeh?

    How does puppeh react?

    SKOGE indeed.

  22. Looks like a samoyed puppy to me… 🙂

  23. But SKÖGE doesn’t mean anything in Swedish (althoug it’s a bit ugly inb Danish or Norwegian), it could really be an IKEA name :-).
    Most IKEA names are Swedish personal names or names of towns or villages, but some would actually be a bit embarrasing to ask for, as the frame RIBBA for example 😉

  24. sköka is harlot in Swedish. It’s kind of close imo.

  25. Jenn

    I could be mistaken, but I believe that it’s a Samoyed, I had one growing up, they’re adorable.

  26. he looks like a samoyed puppy. i’ve had two (right now spencer is 6 months old) so i’m pretty darn sure its a sammie!


  27. This is my puppy.. hes an American Eskimo Dog. And he is the best rug ever. Teehee

  28. OK, how about prösch? Or snörgel? Do those mean anything nasty?

  29. ashagato says:

    gail and pheas, you crack me up 🙂
    biscuit-skoge LOL!

  30. berthaslave says:

    Hey, we don’t know. Maybe the dog gets around (and there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s consensual and safe). Or maybe it’s ironic like calling a huge guy “Tiny.”

    Pay for every dance,
    Selling each romance,
    Oooh what they’re sayin…

  31. Ahhhh, FLOOF. I need sleep.

  32. Hon Glad says:

    I have the floofy cat version of this rug.

  33. @berthaslave: LMAO!! Nice David Lee Roth/Cab Calloway ref!!

  34. jenjen: Those are excellent names, don’t mean anything in Scandinavian (until now of course).

    They are such IKEA words! Snörgel!! xD

  35. It’s adorable how Sweden will always (at least MY always) be known for the weird names we give our furniture. I’d like to see something named “snörgel”. I’d buy it allright.

  36. I think he looks more like a Snöre.

  37. Too cute!

  38. @G. : Snöre is the best! cracked me up! @jenjen : snörgel and prösch are perfect, must be added to the C.O. Glossary in the German section. (We already have a Fraunch section.)

  39. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ja, sure. Ve didn’t haf anytin like dis in de old country. So comfy-lookin too. I vil call him Rya, after my old rug.

  40. Mats, Sweden says:

    Sorry to spoil the fun, but there is no Sköge rug in the Ikea product line. There is, though, a couple of Köge rugs. Köge is a Danish town. Can’t say if it means anything particular.

  41. cheesybird says:

    Hmm… I have a matchingk pic of a kitteh rug that looks remarkably like this. Perhaps from an earlier Ikea line. 😉 Must dig around to see if I can find it.

  42. Mats, there are no puppies in the Ikea product line either. We’re not so much about accuracy, here, as either “cute” or “funny”. Or both. 😉

    [a thought occurs]
    [a quick search is performed]

    …well, what do you know? Huh.

  43. Poohbear, you’re breaking my brain… now I’m wondering if there’s a one-click way to filter the Glossary through a Google translator, into Pig Latin, 1337, LOLspeak, or (better still!) Bork Bork Bork.

  44. *Squish*- YELP-

    “Oh my God, are you all right?”

    Jup, jyst stepped on da rug again.”

    “Uff da”…………
    Repeat several times a day.

  45. sunnymum says:

    If this was my rug I would never, ever leave the house! All white and fluffy dogs like American Eskimos, Samoyeds, and Great Pyrenees are my fave!! And the chin resting on the front leg – PRICELESS! Casey G., you are so fortunate!

  46. Kiragirl says:

    Theo cracks me up!

  47. One of my big dreams is to go to an Ikea-store in a non-scandinavian country and hear how they pronounce the product names. Some must be a real challenge!
    To me they’re places,names or actions,and make sense, but for most humans it’s just jibberish.
    Just the tought cracks me up 😀

  48. roisin formerly ka9q's wife says:

    Kaya just because of Ikea I bought a Swedish to english dictionary. Goes to look in it for snörgal.

  49. Thanks so much Cristin! : )
    I want one! Too bad I live in a one bedroom condo though!

  50. yup yup- that’s an eskie alright. He looks just like Jack-Jack, our 4 month old 🙂 Soooo adorable and fluffy, but we can’t take him anywhere because we’re always being stopped by people wanting to bask in his proshistude!

  51. Poohbear says:

    Yes, yes, a German section to the Glossary. Prösch should be made an official word in German – Ach, Flocke, du bist sooo prösch!! And snörgel might be OK in Swedish, but in German wld have to be schnörgel – I vant to schnörgel you, dahlingk!

  52. homer mariner says:

    I still think the Bästis is the best product Ikea sells.. it looks like my cat Schroedinger… and it would look like my other cat (Meepo) too if you painted the bottom white…

  53. That looks just like my puppy Kiki. We also have an American Eskimo. I need to submit pictures of my puppy too. Eskie puppies are the cutest puppies in the world!

  54. Wheres da kittehs?

  55. Yes, Penny! Eskie owners of the world, unite!

  56. CathyDee says:

    So, is this puppeh rug machine washable, or is an occasional vacuum all that is required? Either way, I don’t think puppeh is gonna like it much.

  57. anjali666 says:

    Eskies are sososososoooo precious and adorable, *congratulations* Jaxmom and
    Penny (they’re also SUCH individuals)!!! I would take super good care of a luffly rug like thees.

  58. Haha, “snöre” means “piece of string”

  59. As in “shoe-lace” = Sko-snöre

  60. “Gosig” means “cuddly” and “bästis” “best friend”. Good names from IKEA! Did you know they have a system for naming their products? “Gullig” and “söt” (that also means “sweet”) are Swedish for cute and our head-tilt sound “Ahhh!” is “Åhhhh!”. A sincere “Åhhhh, så söt!” is in order here!

  61. Yes jaxmom and anjali666. It’s cute when they sleep on the floor, and looking like a rug! Sometimes I almost trip over my eskie. haha…
    I had a sheep skin rug, she sleeps on it, and just completely blend in. It’s just too cute. =)
    It is amazing how much personality these dogs have, almost like a little person.

  62. Please check out Kiki on youtube too. Forgot to put the link there in last msg. =)

  63. Such a sweetie little Eskie!

  64. Wait, what does RIBBA mean? I just bought a ribba frame this weekend. I do speak Norwegian, but unfortunately have a very limited swear-word vocabulary.

  65. hey-h,
    ribba means lath or bar (c.f. rib-knitted) but is also commonly used to describe a male e***tion.

  66. A male eviction, that is!

  67. m (another Swede) says:

    Sköge — sigh!

    At least Swedish parodies of the English language are funny 😉

    If anyone wants to hear a Swedish parody of American English, I can recommend the track “Cowboysnack” (Cowboy Lingo) from the record “Blommig falukorv” (Floral Patterned Lyoneese Sausage) by Hasse Alfredsson. It opens with a long monolog in Swedish, but when the singing start its “home made american TV english as invented by (Swedish) children”. Pure genius. I can’t find any legal sources on internet, but there are a lot of torrents… not that I recommend anyone to do anything illegal, but I don’t think Hasse Alfredsson would object.