THIS JUST IN: Kitteh fur shape professes love for Mom

Mom’s name is "Dot". No joke.

Check out more of his mewing hiney on CNN.


Say "CAT NEWS NETWORK" in a James Earl Jones voice Agent Aeon!



  1. the lovecat <3

  2. Kawaiiiieeee!!!!

  3. Poohbear says:

    How sweeeet! but can’t view the clip :((

  4. Are you KEEEDING me??????

    Are we completely sure there was no Sharpie involved?!!??!1!

  5. coyotemom says:

    Too cute!!

  6. I often have trouble with cnn clips… at work I have to watch in Internet Explorer, at home it only works in Firefox… Try switching browsers, it should work. but, yay for this cutie kitten!

  7. Hon Glad says:

    Give him back to momma.

  8. No! Way!

  9. Poohbear says:

    It worked with Firefox, thx for the tip. But I’m with Hon Glad – hope he went back to momma real quick.

  10. OMG the little mews!


  11. m in athens says:

    Never y’all worry– there is viddy of him safely with mum.

  12. awwww, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    a kitty who loves AND knows punctuation, period!

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    I can’t believe this. Babeh’s fur spells out he loves his mom!?! what next?? Although (not meaning to nuff, honestly) but it does concern me to see kitnz with eyes not yet or barely open, in such bright sun or other light. Should be kept more darkened (in blankies with mom) until older. Sigh.

  14. katiedid says:

    aww.. he so cute I want one…

  15. Dexter Fishmore says:

    She’ll regret that tattoo when she’s a teenager.

  16. Topheroo says:

    The I <3 looks as much like IV to me. Is this kitten number four?

  17. lol@ dexter

    cute cute cute

  18. I can’t even type I’m so overcome by teh qte. What a doll. I love Dottie too if she produces such amazing kittens.

  19. riolinda says:

    Awww… the little mewing was soo cute and momma just sitting there feeding her other babies.

  20. OMG!!! <3 When it mewed my head exploded! <3

  21. Yitzysmommie says:

    When my hubby played this story this morning, Yitzy’s head whipped around looking for the crying kitten.
    It made me sad b/c the bebeh was clearly yowling for Mommie….

  22. Get. Out. No way! That is freaking adorable. And the little mews made my uterus hurt.

    But can somebody PLEASE tell the little boy to pet the kitteh SOFTLY?!

  23. Daphne Moss says:

    I hope they don’t give away kitties too soon…
    Agree that should be in quiet place, with mom…for like 8 weeks at least

  24. berthaslave says:

    This clip made MY uterus hurt. For those who can’t see the clip, it’s just a man and his son (who has a very extreme mohawk) holding the cat in very close conjunction to momcat and littermates.

  25. ThreeCatNight says:

    I heart you, baby! And yes, he should be with mama.

  26. I thought of sending this in after seeing this on this morning. How anerable is this kitten? Needs snorgling immediately.

  27. little kitty

  28. Berthaslave, you have a uterus? I was led to believe otherwise by some of your previous posts.

    anyways, love the baby cat…esp. the nosicle.

  29. previouslydoodle says:

    Berthaslave, you have a uterus? I was led to believe otherwise by some of your previous posts.

    anyways, love the baby cat…esp. the nosicle.

  30. wowwww. that is like face-on-mars level of awesomeness!

  31. the mohawk on the kid is precious. little cute kid, little cute kitteh, how much cuter can it get?

  32. That is the cutest damn thing ever (unless the owners just conveniently changed the Mom’s name to “Dot” once the kitteh’s profession of love started to show. . .that would be slightly less cute).

  33. Uh, Michael? If you don’t pat her baby softer, Dottie’s going to tear that mohawk off.

    She looks near the end of her patience, all these people handling and gawking at her baby. And doing dinner!

  34. MilkyWei says:

    That big first spot almost looks like an “M”

    And if the last “dot” could beread as an “U”, kitty’s whole message is “Mom I heart U”

  35. OMG! This kitten reminds me of the kitteh I rescued while at home on vacation.


  36. Ok I get the “I” and the heart, but they are seriously stretching with the rest of it. I see “blob”.

  37. Poohbear says:

    Dexter’s comment is da funneh-est… Just what I needed not to be melted into a pool of goo by this bebeh. Need to get some work done, here (*tries to steel self*)

  38. I rescued a kitten last July with a big old smiley face on its back! Didn’t even notice it until 3 days after I saved her from a pipe. Sure made finding the poor thing a home a lot easier! She was named Mona for the Mona Lisa.

  39. maybe my mum would have accepted my tattoos easier had i tattooed the same thing? hm… or else i heart kitties?

  40. I was watching that on my laptop and two people stopped behind me and said ‘oh, look at the kitty!’ ‘no, it’s a panda.’ and then preceded to stand there and watch behind me for the clip. weird but cute 🙂

  41. Katherine, that looks like a smiling ball of fluff! 😀 Cute!

  42. sunnymum says:

    Those teensy mews are tuggin’ on my heart strings! “MAMA! MAMA!” Then BOOM BOOM BAM goes the kid on the tineh bebeh! Perfect opportunity to teach GENTLE concept daddy-o!

  43. Ridiculously miraculous, I’d say.

  44. Alex(andria) says:

    Haha, I sent this in. I wonder how many other COers did, too. I thought it was redonk. Here I am reading my mornin’ news when all of a sudden there’s a miracles kitteh with announcements of it’s love for mom. I melted. 🙂


  46. ShelleyTambo says:

    doodleb, my guess is that berthaslave means the kitteh is so cute it can even make a guy’s uterus hurt.

  47. ShelleyTambo says:

    My kitteh is spayed, and it even made her uterus hurt. ‘Course she was a mama cat when I got her and still likes babies in theory–but not in reality, as I found when I brought home some foster babies.

  48. acelightning says:

    There’s got to be some way to interpret the large blob nearest the baby’s behind, so it adds to the statement “I ♥ •”

    And the baby kitten meeps just slay me!

  49. I think she is trying to say something…wait this just in
    new born baby kitteh is trying to say something it it’s coming in muffled “M <3 ." OHHHHH THAT'S SOOO SWEET!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!