Wait—Easter is OVER!?

[Peering out over face-periphery chub roll] I could have SWORN Easter was still happening!!!


Now I am TOTALLY stuck with these Peeps. [Opens package and begins monsching]


Sigh, Matt from Urban Pug, save teh ears for next year…



  1. 260Oakley says:

    A pug needs his peeps. Normally I don’t care for either pugs or peeps, but put the two together… aaahhhnnn.

  2. JarethsDreamer says:


  3. JarethsDreamer says:

    precious… typos are the bane of my existence

  4. Awwww….soooo sweet!!!!

  5. zeldapie says:

    Awwww… he’s snorgling the little bunbn in the second picture. Squeeeeeeee!

  6. I hate to admit it but I am not the biggest fan of pugs. Sacrilege, I know! But I was always an “Each to their own” kinda person too. But these pics are frikkin adorable!!!! So cute and sad and cute again.

  7. I mean, LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!!!

    I am converted.


    could he face be any smushier? i think not! adorables!

  9. hahahahhahahhhhaaaa…. what a pwecious face!!!

  10. cavvie and sapphie's mommy says:

    Don’t worry, baby puppeh. Easter lasts 50 days and those Peeps will just get better.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I MUST soft cronshe his litte face rolls!! They look delicous!

  12. Bird of Paradise says:

    At first I thought the headband was so tight it was squeezing the chub around his face, but then I looked at the other pictures on the blog and saw that this is just normal peripheral chub for this guy. How does he see out of that squishy face? 😛

  13. Poohbear says:

    It’s Easter Mondaayyy, so still OK to celebrate, leetle pug!! (Those ears are a perfect fit!)
    I’m (primarily) a cat person (no discriminayshe intended!), but in the dog realm, pugs rule!!! (“Normal peripheral chub”, hee, BoP!)

  14. No worries, pup! The Catholic season of Easter lasts until May 11th this year. Keep sportin’ those floppy ears. =)

  15. I can play Easter anytime of the year with this cutie! *puts ears back on*


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    Sorry for the delay. Cheers!

  17. Orthodox easter week is 27 April so the Peeps can canm be reprivied for a month.

  18. brinnann says:

    Oh, I get it now! I always knew there was something odd about those Looney Toons. Bugs Bunny must’ve originally been PUGS Bunny, but good old Chuck Jones obviously realized illiteration is easier for the kiddos to remember.

  19. Courtney says:

    Awwww, sweet puggy. You can come have Easter at my house!

    I love how his head is resting on the stuffed bunny in the second pic.

  20. Hon Glad says:

    Cute with a sad crumpled face.

  21. “I love how his head is resting on the stuffed bunny in the second pic.”
    Sure he’s not tasting the bunny?? 😛

  22. Jabba the Pup demands more Peeps and the Easter Bunny in carbonite!

  23. oh my…..that is TOO cute!!!

  24. and i might add the cutest easter bunnied dog ive ever seen.

  25. this little dude looks part shar-pei. perhaps, pug-pei or shar-pug?

  26. berthaslave says:

    Here is the genius of Meg and/or Theo: they could have run this photo on Easter and we all would have been “yeah, cute!” But because of the natural pugness of the pug’s expression, they HAD to run it on Monday with the caption, which makes our reaction more like “OMG LOOK AT THE ADORABLE PUGGLES WHO WANTS IT TO BE EASTER!” Kudos again, my friends. Ku-dos.

    [Just Meg… I did look at this one, but couldn’t think of any way to improve it… – Ed.]

  27. Awesome facial chub.

  28. The only thing better than a pug is a chubby pug. Hands down the best pictures I’ve seen on this site in a long while! Yes!

  29. shannomo says:

    The only thing better than one chubby pug is two chubby pugs! Love these smooshy faces, wants to kiss his face chub.

  30. Holy crap, he’s cute! And IMHO, no puppeh can do the “har-UMPH!” better than a pug.

  31. Tank you Easter Bunny!

    Bok Bok!

  32. I agree, it looks like the bunny-ears-band is schwooshing the pup’s face wrinkles more! Pugs are some of the cutest little dogs 🙂

  33. Shannon Johnson says:

    How Cute! That is probably the cutest picture I have ever seen.

  34. Where’s his face? It’s almost entirely covered by wrinkles!

  35. Little puggly-wuggly wanted to be a Disapproving Rabbit!!! But unfortunately, he only made it to Disappointed Rabbit!!!

  36. oh i just figured out what he reminds me of!!! put a little hoodie on him, and he’d totally be a chubble.

    p.s. i still have mine from years ago. even with a fresh 9volt battery, he doesn’t work anymore. sadness 😦

  37. berthaslave says:

    LOL Kar! I wish I could find that commercial…I can’t even remember what product it was, but I remember those two little kids.

  38. OMG that has got to be the cutest pug I’ve ever see. It’s so chubtastic and floofy! I want to snorgle eet and croncshe it’s soft face rolls!

  39. berthaslave:

  40. Awww, that sad puggy face!


  41. I love the jaunty little carrot.

  42. ThreeCatNight says:

    Aw, dat sweet little face. Don’t look so sad. I’ll keep you company!

  43. I love the word “jaunty”.

  44. OMG!!! I always wanted a pug they r the cutest Dogs ever

  45. Raemie L. says:

    Waa… such a face!
    Almost, but a little late.
    Evokes a baroooo.
    (/lame haiku)