Surprise, Mofos.

Weren’t expecting THIS WERE YOU [swipe swipe]


You’re right, I WASN"T, Mahala K. 😉 Glad you had a great Easter today.



  1. Naughty kitty! Gorgeous eyes though!

  2. congratulations mama cat, it’s a … holy tap dancing jesus … it’s a bunny.

  3. Mmmm…black cats are the best…! Looks just like my Baby. ^^

  4. OH I too love black kitts.. this looks like my Mad Maddy 😉

  5. Seems to me that the cat strongly disapproves the situation. Eggs took over his/her basket?! Doesn’t want to go basket-hab?

  6. Hatch this you freak!

  7. berthaslave says:

    Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket or count them before they have hatched. This message is brought to you by Disapproving Kitteh, sitting in (literally) for the Disapproving Bunneh.

  8. acelightning says:

    Er, aren’t black cats associated with a different holiday…?

  9. I’m in ur Easter Basket, eatin ur candiez!

    What a cutie!!

  10. BiscuitTin says:

    Is every submitter to CuteOverload a compulsive vacuumer? The cleanest rugs and rooms I’ve ever seen in my life are on this site. If I ever submit a picture of my cats, it will also contain: dust, crumbs, candy wrappers, kleenex and junk mail, and that includes if I take it in the bathroom.

  11. Raemie L. says:

    So I do find dee eggz, afterall.

    I think acelightning makes a good point. Oreo the kitteh is deterring me by crossing my path from the eggs and sitting underneath… a basket handle. (Work with me on this, ok?)

    As I reach for an egg– *Oreo swipes with extended claws*
    –ack, curses!
    Oreo: “HE sent me.” *cleans his paw*

    What a devilishly ingenious Easter bunny.

  12. I eated the Easter bunny.

  13. BiscuitTin: you are not alone.

  14. This looks just like my Kitteh “Beep”… She doesn’t meow, she just beeps… But Beep would be sitting ON the eggs, not to the side of them… See, Beep was a blonde in a former life… She has this stare that she gives you that just screams “I have no idea what you’re saying, but gee your hair looks nice today”… She’s a sweetie though… And Black Kittehs are the greatest!!!!

  15. Time to drag out my favorite Easter cartoon:

  16. SoCalSis says:

    Pheas, that is an EGGcellent cartoon– and also one of my faves.
    And, BiscuitTin, TW, I’m right there wit’cha. But I think in this case it’s a blanket or quilt. Even _I_ can spread out a clean blankie for a photo op… wait, I know I have a clean one around here somewhere… no, not that one (scrapes at what MAY be melted chocolate)… or that one… ah what the heck (eats other ear off chocolate bunneh)
    Happy Spring Break Everone!

  17. ThreeCatNight says:

    “If this is what it takes to get a Cadbury egg, then I’ll stay here as long as I have to!”

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wail, if it isn’t the Halloween Bunneh…wait, I mean de Easter Kitteh.
    Thoroughly disapproving what ever holiday it may be!
    I’d love to get an Easter basket that looked like this.

  19. “I want an easter egg, I want an easter egg, I want an easter egg…” Kitty has been watching too much Bugs Bunny cartoons with the obnoxous little tot, perhaps?

  20. “i can fit! i can fit!” sqqqquuuueerrooonccchhhhh

  21. did you steal my kitty Leo? because I do remember taking a picture of him just like this last year 🙂

  22. StormCat – this kitty also looks exactly like my Peep, who also doesn’t meow but peeps! I wonder if our kitties are related? Beep, Peep…

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    Looks just like my Gemma!! Even down to the white spot on her throat.
    I put my son’s basket on top of the entertainment center to avoid just this kind of thing! And she still looked longingly at the chacolate bunny. And of course all that annoying, fluffy, perfect-for-spreading-around-the-house plastic grass.

  24. I had to go through this many posts to get a kitty? Unacceptable! 😛 It’s fun how kitties will never sit on the floor, but they’ll sit on a material on the floor.

  25. Yezzz, ze chats noir arr ze best by farr! An ai wud lurve faindin wun in mai baskit. Caturday on Bunday? Natch

  26. KentuckyGurl24 says:

    That looks just like my cutie Chang that I got from a litter of kitties my sisters cat Waffles had. He too is a big ole kitty, and he’d throw the eggs out and knock em all over the house.

  27. Now THAT is one sober kitty! I just blogged about a depressed cat, so this is a coinkidink!

  28. Love the colour-scheme! Kitty’s velvety fur brings out the bright colours around it…

    BTW, is it just me, or do ALL black cats have a white spot on their throats? I swear I haven’t seen one all-black cat without one.

  29. cute! I love black cats with yellow eyes! especially in cute little baskets!

  30. Subhangi — our Spot’s white spot is actually on her back. But she *does* have one.

  31. fourkits says:

    Subhangi – my Ted cat does have a few white hairs on his chest, but my Nick is pure black. Except for a few white stray hairs scattered around.