Pass me my pig-sized snorkle

Yeah, the water’s great… visibility is like 50 feet, come on in.

[moves schnozzle in snorting motion]


Sender-Inner Leigh H. says asked readers to submit "warm weather" photos. Exxxxxcellent!



  1. Bluemenro says:

    Squee! That is one pig satisfied.

  2. meowandwoof says:

    I have GOT to hear the rest of this story!

  3. warrior rabbit says:

    water hog

  4. Mmm… bacon flavored water.

  5. Hee! So cute.

    Yeah, I’m in Boston and Spring started yesterday, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it! People sent in their warm weather photos so we could at least look at something to make us feel less cold.

  6. katerpie says:

    It’s snizzling in Chicago. Can anybody pass some spring this way?

  7. What in the WOOOOORLD ????

  8. Awwww! I wanna be in the water now …

  9. I demand a story.

  10. Actually no, I HAVEN’T seen one of those, LOL! Very cute 😀

  11. YOu can barely see the pig because of the shade and the snout covers the mouth;

    And yet that smile is clear as day. I wanna scatch behind the ears.

  12. martha in mobile says:

    “Excuse me, sir; have you any Grey Poupon?”

  13. ButtaRumCake says:

    Martha in Mobile: LOL!!!!!!!

  14. I would LOVE to jump in there with that piggles. But even here in North Florida, it’s still a little too chilly to go swimming.

  15. Sorry, son, we ain’t got no gray poopin’, but we got some barby-Q sauce down in the galley…

  16. I never understood how pigs can swim with those hoofed foots? I remember being mystified by the swimming pig at Aquarina Springs as a child.

  17. I bet underneath that fur, he’s all soaked and wrinkly 🙂

    Thats one clean piggy 😀

  18. Theo!!! Shame on you! Piggies run SCREAMING from BBQ sauce!!!

  19. i can’t tell where this photo was taken…in a pool or in natural water. it’s soooo clear and beautiful. SQUEAL!!!

  20. Wups, was that out loud? My goodness.

  21. i think a yellow 1950’s bathing cap with plastic flowers all over it is in order.

    that, and a margharita! toute suite!!!

  22. A google search revealed the story, apparently there is a family of pigs in the Bahamas that swim


  24. Amazed by pigs swimming?

    I still don’t understand how elaphants swim.

  25. Anasztaizia says:

    This makes me wish it were summer so much more than I already was!

    First day of spring yesterday and today there’s a winter storm warning and they’re cancelling schools left and right!

  26. “Your inviting me to Luau, thats wonderful. Help me into the boat and lets start the par-tay. You know my Brother-in-law said to avoid these kinds of things but hes always been a shut-in. I say let the good times roll! Ah and a grass skirt, we couldn’t Luau without that…but its awful big. Seems to cover my entire body. Lot of wood around here too…”

  27. Do pigs swim?

  28. Yes, pigs can swim quite well.

  29. Awesome.

  30. DO you or do you not allow a leetle peeggie to climb into your boat? I say Yes! Yes! Yes!

    [We’re gonna need a pigger boat… – Ed.]

  31. Anasztaizia says:

    …pigger boat….

    that was horrible

  32. To follow up on Scoobie’s link, check out this site:

    (scroll down for the pig section)

    This pic is my fave – it looks like a dog park in an alternate universe:

    (note the kitties in the background)

  33. Courtney says:

    A family of swimming piggies… now I’ve seen everything!

    *changes honeymoon plans to the Bahamas*

  34. I would like to “officially” request moar pictures of swimming piggies please.

  35. If you look closely, you can see piggy eyelashes. OMG!!!

  36. eruntale says:

    I soooo want to bite that snorkle!! Cute piggie!

  37. Wanna get pork-a-fied? DEN LEMME IN DA BOAT,MON!

  38. Hey baby, care to join me in a few laps of the pig paddle?

  39. Spring!!!!! COME ON OVER!

  40. wendydejong says:

    I think a pig-sized snorkel is called a porkel.
    Pretty sure.

  41. Cue Muppet announcers voice: And now we bring you another episode of, “Piiiigggsss innn poooolllll…..”

  42. Holy Crap that’s cool! And yeah.. if you follow those links, there’s a picture of the beautiful beach getting fed bread..and kitties in the background. It’s surreal! I love it.

  43. Ok.. the beach isn’t getting the bread.. the pigs are .. man ..

  44. BiscuitTin says:

    OK, so am I the only person who thought at first that this was a picture of a duck having sex with some sort of pig-like swim toy? See, I thought the pig’s left ear was a profile of a duck’s head and bill, and the other ear was the duck’s tail, and the pig’s head above the shadow was the duck’s body, and then below the shadow was whatever swim toy the duck was penetrating. To my credit, I was appalled. “This isn’t cute,” I thought to myself. And that quickly changed to, “What the hell?!” at the captioned suggestion to join in. (!) I knew something was wrong, so I kept staring, and then there was the pig, plain as day. It was like that skull vs. girl in the mirror picture – I saw one thing so clearly, I couldn’t see the other. Fine. I’m nuts. I know.

  45. What swim stroke did he use – the hog paddle?

  46. he’s all “is it time for lunch? i want a baloney sandwich! with cheese! no? okay. i’m going to swim some more. call me when it’s lunch. byeeee!”

  47. dear biscuittin

    you’re not nuts

    you’re just another l4m3e on teh internets


  48. SoCalSis says:

    “Hello, lads, which way to the English Channel?”

  49. oh, i’ll pass you a pig-sized snorgle, all right!

  50. …interspecies snorkeling?

  51. hello susser

    What a cute pig
    love mamma

  52. I have an art print called “Diving Pig,” so when I saw this post I immediately thought, “Here’s what happens after the dive!”

  53. @SoCalSis: LOL!! I was thinking of the recurring bit in the Beatles movie “Help” where a guy surfaces, asking “White Cliffs of Dover”?

  54. Well I’ll be hogswoggled.

  55. onionsnotbunyons says:

    Dear Biscuittin,

    Maybe you just need glasses. I was having similar issues with signs not making sense or thinking they said off the wall things. At first I thought “have I been dyslexic all this time and just now am noticing it?” Then I got my eyes checked.

  56. Yeeeeeahhh, no matter how much I squint or drink, I’m still not seeing what Biscuittin saw.

    That pig is the happiest porker on the planet, and a ham (ba-dum!) to boot. Pigs are really quite intelligent, and this little dude looks like he knows exactly what sort of reaction he’s getting.

  57. temperance says:

    okay. so, ummm, not to be a nuffer or anything…but i heard that if piggies get wet they will definitely DIE- you should never, never bathe them or let them get wet in any way.

    and i sure hope that isn’t chlorinated water he’s swimmin’ in, ’cause that’ll blind him for sure.

    hope they put him in the dryer right away!

  58. As I remember, mud tends to be pretty high in water content but I could be wrong.

    And those shoreline pigs linked above seems to be fairly well off despite their regular dippings.

  59. Wow, the nuffers are really streeeeetching themselves to find the negative…surely you jest, pigs love to get wet!

  60. LOL @ temperance

    peeple, peeple, peeeeeple…

    you did notice temp’s suggestion that piggies be put in the dryer after swimming, right? i’m pretty sure that post is “nuff in cheek,” and she’s just desperate for pudding.

  61. More cats.

  62. Now that’s what I call one afloat shoat! 😀

  63. Raemie L. says:

    Curled hoofs and floppy ears~

  64. Heh. The shadow over his face makes it look like he’s wearing swim goggles. He’s a competitive porkeler!