Kitteh in tree

Sender-Inner Jacquelyn C writes: "I visited my aunt in Florida, and she said this cat had been stuck up in a tree for over three days after it was chased up there by a couple dogs.  The fire department wouldn’t come, nor would most other places, but I found one tree service that said in their ad "no job is too small."  So I called, and they agreed to get the cat for $50.   A man climbed up the tree with a pillowcase to put the cat in, and a bunch of us held out a tarp at the bottom to catch the it just in case.  When the guy got up there, the cat scratched and bit the hell out of his face and hands, but we got the cat down!"


Ahn. [head tilt]



  1. awww, poor kitty and poor rescuer! but happy ending.

  2. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Yes, an awww story if I ever heard one. I hope the rescuer was in harnesses.

  3. I’m glad the kitty is okay! What a great rescuer– I hope they paid him or her extra!

  4. …and has a good dermatologist. Poor guy, no good deed go unpunished.
    Truth be told, he shoulda done it for free………

  5. Fire.

    *runs to Fire Dept.*


    *blank stares*


    *more blank stares*


    *Fire Dept. rushes out the door*

  6. Cute or sad? I think it fits!

  7. Hooray for Jacquelyn and the tree guy!

  8. meowandwoof says:

    YEA YEA YEA FOR THE TREE GUY! and for all of the cheer-er on-ers! HAPPY EASTER, peeps…

  9. Hats off to everyone who cared enough to be involved in this kitty rescue!

  10. Tree Guy’s going to heaven.

  11. Bless YOU for being resourceful and taking the initiative to take care of this. That kitteh looked awfully serene under the circumstances. I’m picturing myself in that situation as that old poster of the cat hanging on to the treee “hanging in– Friday’s coming…”

  12. snoopysnake says:

    Yay! Kitty is safe! I wish there was a picture of kitty safe on the ground too.

  13. You should post his business’ name, give him some free publicity, what a cool guy!

  14. Janeyferr says:

    furry lil trubble maker 🙂

  15. Bless that man.

    Did the kitty have a home?

    Did someone adopt him?

  16. Yay, tree guy and wonderful cat saviour. Kitty now stays indoor!

  17. 2nd the request for photo of kitty on the ground

  18. Thats really, really high isnt it? kitty doesnt know when to stop running. not many branches on that tree though

  19. Great story, and you’re a pretty decent person for doing that.

    I don’t get how this is “cute” but I think it belongs here anyway.

  20. Awwww, what a sweet story! Yay for that rescuer – poor man, I hope his scratches have healed.

    Silly kittehs, though – how do they manage to climb all the way up and then get stuck? O_<

  21. What a complete and utter nonsence. As a wise man once told me; “Have you ever seen a kitty-skeleton in a tree?”

  22. um, how about the name and URL (if they have one) of the tree folks?

  23. Interesting that chanpon mentions the word “saviour.” I had just been meditating on the significance of Good Friday and its meaning. It means we, out on a limb, scratched and bit Him until He died, but He still came back to save our sorry asses.

  24. Oh, and that is ONE HELLUVA HEAD TILT.

    [walks off with neck stuck at odd angle]

  25. Paradox,

    Snaps to you for the Pleasantville reference!

  26. That’s one tall tree! How the heck did kitteh get up so high?

  27. StormCat says:

    I loved the Pleasantville reference!! That was such a funny scene…

    I third the vote for a pic of the Kitteh on the ground… and I saw Yea for voting on putting the rescuers name and/or address here… I’d like to send him a thank you note!!!

  28. Larry Sheldon says:

    Poor rescuer my foot!

    Should have been minding his own business.

    Kitty obviously in training for a move to Berkeley to participate!

  29. Awwwww. Although really, that cat must be a spider cat (does whatever a spider cat does) because how did it even get up there?

  30. Paradox – A+ reference, I love that movie. 🙂

  31. Geez. No animal professional would help you? I feel bad for the rescuer. I do hope they get plenty of XOXO.

    BTW, don’t you think the kitty skeleton would eventually fall out of the tree, disproving that hypothesis??

  32. Laurie C says:

    For future reference for anyone trying to get a scared cat out of anywhere: To avoid as much scratching and biting as possible, put the bag over the cat’s *head* first. It calms them down to have their head covered. A lot of people will try to grab the cat somewhere around the torso and put the cat butt first into a bag like that, but they get more panicky that way.

  33. glad tha kitty is safe. thanks to the rescuer~~

  34. katerpie says:

    What an amazing story! That’s so sweet! I can just picture the rescuer shimmying up with his pillowcase… And boo to the fire department! Jerks!

  35. hahaha kitteh got his revenge but on the wrong person/doggie

  36. Anasztaizia says:

    WTF fire dept?!?! Cats -n- Trees are almost more of their job than fires are!

  37. Aw! Thanks to the great person that took 50 of their own $’s to save a little kitty!…wow, he was way up there…just sitting in the bread position…a loaf on a log 😉

  38. warrior rabbit says:

    They should have paid him twice as much…and he should have worn a catcher’s mask or a hockey mask a la Jason. I bet $50 barely covered his gas and time.

    Katerpie, in defense of the fire department (who put their lives on the lines for us almost every call and are definitely not jerks), I think the concern is that they don’t want to be pulling a cat out of a tree when a call comes in for a fire or a car accident or a heart attack. I mean, what if you were involved in a terrible jaws-of-life car crash, and the fire department couldn’t come right away (or they had to call a fire department that was further away) because they were 100 feet up, getting a cat out of a tree?

    However, it does surprise me that animal rescue groups don’t do this. It’s sort of their purpose, isn’t it? Animal rescue? I suppose it does take specialized training (the guy on the Phoenix Animal Rescue show on Animal Planet had training), but the least they could do is ‘partner’ with a tree-trimming service and make it easier for the public to find someone to retrieve the cat.

  39. Sadiesue says:

    I live in an area where the fire department would give it a shot as long as a fire or other emergency call didn’t come in. If it did, they’d come back and keep trying. They Rock! Glad the kitty is ok – Kudos to the tree guy!

  40. Elisabeth says:

    Aw, it brings serious tears to my eyes! We all probably deserve a bit of scratching from someone (we can be thankful it doesn’t happen!) — but no kitty deserves to be frightened up a tree even for an hour. I’d give the rescuer two dozen Krispy Kremes to enjoy and share with his team and/or family.

  41. BIG GIGANTIC huggies for you and the “Tree Guy”. Now the kitty can have a Happy Easter too. As for the Fire Dept….hmmm??? Maybe you should have burned a couple leaves near the tree…or something????

  42. Kitteh: “hulp!”

    Puppehs-“Come down! I just want a little nom…”

    Kitteh: “No way. Enh, enh.” (Trying to look comfy on a branch)

  43. Gee, I thought I invented using a PILLOWCASE to transport ‘unwilling’ Kittehs!!! IT WORKS!!!

    Big cheers and many (non-bloody) snorgles to Rescuer-searcher and Rescuer!!!!

  44. 3rd call for said kitty in a post-tree fiasco picture

  45. That was $50 well spent. Thank you for doing that!

  46. Wow. Three days? I think the kit would have eventually came down on his/her own, but it’s cool that someone was willing to help it get on its way. For a price, LOL!

  47. starling says:

    Was it dogs … or did the bear get its revenge?

  48. Ledasmom says:

    The other trick to scared kitty control is to have one towel for the cat’s head and one carrier, sack or other cat container. If you cover a cat’s head, cat will generally back up and can be backed right into the cat container with a little care.
    Hope the tree guy got his nasty cat bites washed out, poor guy. Cat bites are awful for getting infected. As to how the cat got up there, cats are very good at going up trees; their claws dig in, and they just run straight up the trunk. Getting down is much more haphazard, since most cats never figure out how to back down a tree trunk. They sort of try to go down headfirst and jump the last eight or ten feet.

  49. What a freakin’ stupid cat.

  50. Godd deeds dont go unnoticed…

  51. loeilalice says:

    3 days is NOTHING!
    A very smart fireman told me; “We’ve never ever known of a case of a CAT SKELETON in a tree!”
    Cats find a way down by shimmeying when they get cold or hungry enough!
    Too much anthropomorphizing, people!!

  52. Cats do have depth perception, so they get up, get safe, catch their breath, then realize how far down it is.

    As for all the cat skelly comments, you would deliberately leave an animal with no food or water for days?

  53. M. V. – Thanks for sharing your illustration about Good Friday and how it relates to the cat’s story. Did you notice that the cat had been up in the tree for 3+ days? A little backwards from where you were going (the tree guy would have had to be in the hospital for 3 days since he was the savior, not the cat in the tree), but when I read your post, it made me think of Jesus being in the tomb for 3 days before His resurection. Again, thanks for sharing. Happy Easter!

  54. Cats have a difficult time getting down from trees because their claws are on the front of their feet–climbing *up* is easy, but nothing for traction on the downward trip.

  55. Elisabeth says:

    Well yes — there’s the element of the innocent suffering because of man’s failure to do what’s right *every* time. It’s great that fire fighters put their lives on the line to save people’s lives, but that’s not enough to prevent the suffering of innocent critters.

  56. girlnextdoortn says:

    You should contact the newspaper where your aunt lives- people love pet/human interest stories and that would really boost interest in this guy’s business.

  57. this happened to one of our cats. He was up there for a few days yowling and crying etc. Fire dept woudln’t come, we had to hire tree guys to get him down.

    As to the skeleton thing: a) if a cat did die in a tree it would fall off, hence not be found in tree
    b) it’s kind of cruel to just let a cat stay and suffer for days on end–Ok, we did it for a couple days but you gotta hope you’re not out fifty bucks because the cat got ambitious!

  58. thank you jackie C and the unnamed tree climber.

    3 days in a tree with no food or water. cripe! poor kitty turns lucky kitty.

    hope those doggies don’t come back.

  59. JacquelynC says:

    Hey guys, it’s Jackie. More on the “cat in the tree” story: This happened the first week of January, during my winter break. I got to Florida and my aunt mentioned that there was a cat stuck in a tree. I was in disbelief when I heard no one was taking any action. It was really sad. There are a lot of stray cats in the neighborhood, so no one knows whether it had a home. Apparently the people who lived on the property where the cat was had been out of town, so there was a trespassing issue. But they were home when I got to my aunt’s house in Orlando, so we went over to talk to them about it, and they said they would have no problem if we had someone come retrieve the cat. It was actually Lonnie Johnson’s house… a six-year NFL veteran (we got autographs after the whole ordeal). Anyway, I called this place called Robbin’s Tree Service, and they agreed to come out as soon as they could. By the time they arrived, it was quite dark out, but they were ready to go. I forget the guy’s name, but he was very nice. It took him about five minutes to shimmy up the tree. I shined a flashlight, but it was hard to see much. My mom, aunt, Lonnie, Lonnie’s wife, Lonnie’s son, and I all held out the tarp at the bottom, and we heard the guy yelling, like he was in pain. At the time, we thought he was joking, so we all laughed, but we soon realized he was serious. He wasn’t able to get the cat in the pillowcase, but he got ahold of him and told us to get ready to catch it. He tossed the cat down and we caught it in the tarp. We had food and water ready for the cat, but as soon as it landed, it bolted into the woods (no time to take a picture). When the man came down, he was very bloody, so we took him in the house and cleaned him up (hydrogen peroxide, butterfly bandages, etc.). He insisted that he would be fine and that his girlfriend would take care of him when he got home. But I think there will definitely be a nasty scar on his lip. My aunt paid the $50 and then tipped the man (probably not enough considering his condition). But that’s the story. Tree climber sacrificed some blood to rescue a stray cat. Kudos to him.

  60. Shut up, Mike. I bet you’d try and climb a tree too if it were the only way you could escape some big dogs wanting to eat you. And yes, there have been instances of cats too afraid to come down so they get so weak they fall out of the tree/die and such. *harumphs*

  61. jitterpup says:

    actually, my co-worker just recently told me a story about how her mom’s cat and been scared up a tree and starved to death in the tree. so, yeah, it happens. cats are *very* good at going up. not so good getting down. considering the height of that tree and the lack of branches, how exactly was that cat going to get down? kudos to all involved in the rescue.

  62. animal control officer here. the way it works in my jurisdiction is that if the cat has been up in the tree for more than 48 hours, we will come out. however, once we get there, we don’t have the equipment nor training to climb up there and get the cat. usually that’s when we call the fire department to assist. sometimes they are very helpful, and other times they are very not helpful. every single time though, they ask me if I have ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree. well, personally, no. but I know people in my field of work that have indeed seen one. that being said, cats usually do eventually come down when they are hungry. if you see a cat stuck in a tree, try opening up a can of stinky cat food and placing it on the ground underneath. this is often all the encouragement the cat needs, and they will eventually come down. if not, hopefully at least a tree service will come help you out. 🙂

  63. I personally wonder if the cat was just too hungry to be any sort of nice.. Perhaps bringing a can of catfood up and letting the cat have a few minutes with that before trying to snag him would have worked better…

  64. Michelle says:

    That tree man earned his 50 bucks that day.

    To those claiming cats come down on their own: they might, but they do not always survive their trip down. I’ve known this since I witnessed a sad incident as a kid.

  65. If you’re moved to rescue a kitty from a tree, be very careful–a man (who was an experienced climber) here in southern California died recently while rescuing a cat that had been stuck up in a tree.

  66. those dogs must have scared the living day out of that poor kitty, I heart happy endings!

  67. Aww, poor kitty, and poor guy!
    Just goes to show that people really need to keep their animals in their homes or in their own yards.
    Just recently, my fiance’s family has had dogs from who knows where come in and kill almost all of their ducks, turkeys and chickens and injured some of their goats.
    If people were responsible and kept those dogs in a yard then that and the poor cat wouldn’t have been stuck in the tree.

  68. Smelmo's Mama says:

    Can you try to get a close up on the kitty? :3
    Or a follow up photo of the kitty, to see what he looks like? I can’t really see what he looks like. *Could barely find him due to bad eyes*

    He must of been higher than 27 feet in the air!

  69. Ponygirl says:

    We had a cat who was treed for a whole week – a few streets over from home, it took us that long to find the tree- and no one would come help us get him down. Finally a family with a long ladder helped us, it was very dangerous and scary, but we got him down.
    He never recovered from the experience and died a few months later – I have no way of proving they were connected, but he was less than 2 years old and it always felt connected to me. So yes, being treed can kill a cat.
    That being said, Horrah for this kitty! No more trees for you little man!

  70. I loved the Pleasantville quote, awsome work paradox!! LOVED that movie. I feel really bad for the man who got the kitty down. Cats can be so freakin difficult!! But yea anyway!!

  71. anomalous4 says:

    LOL @ “bear’s revenge”…….

    Huggs to the tree service guy! If I ever move to Florida and have a tree that needs work, I know who to call, cat or no cat.

  72. Instead of paying to get that cat out of the tree, they should have spent the money on a smarter cat.

  73. I had two cats that climbed, via a tree, onto the top of my 3 story apartment. One of them came down on its own eventually, but Rufus, the big male, stayed on the roof. It was hot, and after 24 hours, I was afraid he was getting dehydrated, so I hired a guy to go get him. He had a LONG ladder and climbed up there, at which point my cat ran to the other side of the roof. At that point, I was far more worried about the man, and I suggest that he just nudge (he had a broom with him) my cat to try to make him jump to the tree. Instead, my cat just JUMPED. He made like a flying squirrel and spread his legs out as he dropped 3 stories! He hit the ground and took off! I was afraid that he might have internal injuries, but a couple of hours later, he came walking in my patio door, hungry and thirsty.

  74. Phew, cats don’t half get in scary situations dont they?

  75. P. Erasmus says:

    This is why I am PRO deforestation and tree-cutting.

    Stupid trees!

  76. Poor kitty. What a sad story 😦

  77. BiscuitTin says:

    We used to tie our indoor cat to a Florida pine (when we were outside with it) because the pine always had runny sap on it and the cat wouldn’t climb it. (Though I’m sure she would have if chased by dogs.) Unfortunately, a scrub oak was our initial tree of choice, which the cat did climb, and then tried to jump from, with about 12 inches too little rope. She only swang by the neck for a moment, but it was scary.

  78. Yeah, there are no cat skeletons *in* the tree, but look around the base of it. Its true that cats back down, if they’ve discovered the technique, but many haven’t. They do as a previous poster mentioned, skitter down headfirst as far as possible, and then jump before they fall. If that cat didn’t know how to back down, then he was TOTALLY stuck!

  79. Firefighter here…Some departments will still come out and help, but its usually the smaller departments. Or volunteer departments. It seems that the bigger the city the less they do (In defense you get really busy running calls in a larger city as compared to a small city where you only do 20 calls a month) So yeah it stinks that some departments dont do that, but hey you do what you have to do. Thank goodness the kit kit was okay.

  80. Cats are great. All I see is a tiny, distant, loaf of a cat, no expression, no meow, no panic, no scrambling.

    Only a cat can communicate Extreme Annoyance via Silhouette.

  81. WOAH.

    I read the story and was all ‘cool!’ – then I scrolled down the page.

    And down.

    And dooooooown. O.O

    Holy ten-story branch, Batman! Serious kudos to tree service guy.

  82. Danielle says:

    The same thing happened to our boy cat a couple winters ago. we also had to call a tree service after he was up there for 3 days,,,,, except ours cost $250 and then after they got him down he ran off and didn’t come back for another day ! arghhh

  83. Dogbreath says:

    Another animal control officer here. (Heya there, tomahto!!) Our fire dept. won’t come out unless I can convince them that the cat is in distress (although they did come out once at midnight to help me get a raccoon out of a hole in a second story garage soffit from which it was dangling upside down, stuck halfway in and halfway out – but that’s another story) but our Public Works dept. will send out the cherry picker if they have time. My most recent cat in a tree was there for two nights and three days, through a blizzard one night and a sleet storm the next. I didn’t get called until the cat had been up the tree for 24 hours and had already endured the blizzard. Public Works couldn’t come that first day because they were overwhelmed clearing the 10 inches of snow we’d gotten overnight. The fire dept. did come out, but they said they couldn’t risk sending a firefighter up a ladder that high for a cat. (It was about 40 feet up.) The cat was very hunched up in meatloaf position, not moving, with its head kind of drooping down, looking quite poorly. I couldn’t tell if it was dead or alive without binoculars. The firefighter first asked me that same old “Well, did you ever see a cat skeleton in a tree?”, but then he looked at this poor pathetic thing and asked, “Is it alive?” So even he had his doubts. But he coudn’t take the risk with a ladder. I had to wait til late afternoon the next day when Public Works could finally spare someone to come out with the cherry picker. In the meantime we had a sleet storm. The next day the cat was still there. The first blizzard hadn’t driven it out of the tree, and the sleet storm didn’t either. I went up in the bucket of the cherry picker, armed with a carrier, a towel, heavy leather gloves, and a net (just in case). It took about ten minutes of maneuvering through the branches before they got the bucket on a clear approach. Meanwhile the cat had become very alert (aha, it’s alive!) and was watching the approach of the bucket intently. I got to within about ten feet when the cat decided that was about enough of that, turned tail, and basically ran head first down the tree. It made it down to the ground uninjured and scampered off down the block, ran between the buildings towards the alley, and disappeared. I walked up and down the alley, but I never found the cat. I don’t know if it was owned, stray, or feral, but wherever it disappeared to, I was very happy knowing that it would be able to find some kind of shelter from the next snowstorm, which hit us that night. I do believe that if I hadn’t chased it down out of the tree it would have died from hunger, thirst, and exposure. Of course I would have preferred to have caught the cat and made its rescue certain. But I was still happy just knowing that it wouldn’t be spending another night up that tree.

  84. I’m reading about a lot of heros here. Thank all of you who rescued cats in trees and elsewhere!

  85. THANK YOU for taking action and saving the kitty! YAY FOR YOU!!!!!!

  86. the tree guy rocks! glad the kitty is alright.

  87. possumpiratess says:

    It’s really hit and miss with who you run across. I’ve been run off by police for trying to rescue baby animals who’ve lost their mothers…and pretty sure it was just for fun. There was no reason they couldn’t have just let me alone. No danger to me or others. Cruelty to animals is a human trait and can wear a badge, too.

    Callous people often decry the compassion of others. I guess it makes them feel a little bit exposed.

    Trees are not only absolutely necessary, Erasmus, they add beauty and life to the world. If not for the tree in this case, that cat would likely have been killed by the dog(s) that chased it there.

  88. I’m relieved the cat was rescued but wish he would have hung around for some food and water. Poor baby.

  89. warrior rabbit says:


    I’m pretty sure P. Erasmus was joking (and mocking Mike).

  90. possumpiratess says:

    LOL, Warrior Rabbit- I sure hope so! Missed Mike’s thoughful comments the first time through, as they were so small.

  91. acelightning says:

    Once upon a time, I worked at the UN in New York City. Across the street from the UN is a fairly ritzy apartment complex, with its own paths and “gardens” for the people to share. One day a co-worker and I had been out to lunch together, and we were taking a shortcut back to the UN through this complex. I heard an odd noise, so I looked around… and saw a small kitten in one of those spindly little trees you see in the city. The strange noise was the kitten trying to meow – it had been crying for help for so long that it made itself hoarse, and the best it could do was a pitiful little raspy squeak. It wasn’t even very high up, maybe ten feet or so, but I couldn’t reach it, and it obviously couldn’t figure out how to get down. Fortunately, my co-worker was a rather tall man, and I convinced him to help me out. Together we got the kitten gently down out of the tree… it didn’t even try to scratch. It was wearing a collar, so we assumed it lived somewhere in the complex. I put it down softly on the grass, and it ran away. Made us late getting back from lunch, but I didn’t care.

  92. I vant to be alone.

  93. Ledasmom says:

    Ponygirl, probably being treed for a week did cause problems for your cat. Cats are unfortunately prone to fatty liver disease if they stop eating for too long.
    When I was young (before we wised up and started keeping all cats inside) we had a couple of treed cats and one that went up a utility pole. The telephone company sent a truck for that one; the ones in trees were, thankfully, close enough to the ground that we were able to get a ladder and induce them to come down. Usually they run from the would-be rescuer and may fall, so it never hurts, when trying to get a cat from a tree, to have something soft on the ground below.
    I’m glad to hear that Tree Service Guy had his wounds cleaned and bandaged, and I’m sure he’ll charge more next time he gets a treed-cat call.

  94. okay, first to all you “stupid cat people” .. booo!!! … this site is ‘pro-cat’ .. next… guys, what everyone is forgetting, is that cats are people, to any cat person who has raised a kid to the teen years, they are family members, therefore, ipso facto, little furry people. That more then anything, merrits them the Golden Rule treatment. If I were stuck, scared and alone, I would definetly want someone rescuing Me. So, to the tree guy, the sender inner to that helped; Thank You, from the bottom of all of our furry little hearts. I hope the girl friend knew why she was patching you up, and that she was herself a cat person.

  95. starling says:

    My grandma rescued a little duckling from the canal that ran at the back of her house. One day, the family went out and the poor little duckling had cried itself hoarse of loneliness.

    So my grandma put the little duckling into the top of her shirt to keep it cozy and went about her business.

    The doorbel rang and the milkman called to give my grandma the bill, and when grandma opened the door, the little duckling poked its head out of her shirt.

    The poor milkman fainted at the sight of the little fuzzy thing poking its head out of my grandma’s decolleté!

  96. Please don’t dis the fire department. Those guys are the best (right after paramedics) people in our communities. It was probably their regulations that prevented them from rescuing this cat; as other have said they need to be ready for a major emergency at all times.

    Major props to the guy who risked his eyes to rescue this kitty. His business name should be posted far and wide. He deserves it.

  97. starling says:

    I once rang the fire department to ask them if they could come check the fire safety of my house. 10 minutes later a large fire truck with 4 burly firemen arrived! They said the fire safety guy was on holiday and that they’d have a look instead.

    They had a driver in the truck at all times, though, in case there was an emergency.

  98. berthaslave says:

    It’s nice when people rescue cats from trees, but in my experience (3-4 times in the last decade) when a cat got stuck on a tree or on a roof, it always ended up finding a way down (usually as soon as we made a serious effort to go after it). I’d say the lesson here is not to panic and call the authorities right away…I think if a cat’s up there more than 48 hours something should be done (and animal rescue would be the place to call before the fire dept.), but normally giving the cat a little time to adjust, settle down, and find a little bravery will work just fine.

    That is a BIG tree, though…kudos to those who helped get the kitty down.

  99. slackerjax says:

    JacquelynC, was this the tree service that came out to help with the cat?:–27s+Tree+Service.196599.110356185.home.html

    also, kudos for the cat rescue! poor kitty!

  100. Man. I feel for the tree guy. Still, good on him for making the drive and going up there, scratches and all, to save the little cat. Fifty bucks probably barely covered his fuel and time costs, and I hope he didn’t catch cat-scratch fever in the end. Good man. As Sandy said, he’s going to Heaven for sure.

  101. Kitty must have been very scared by those dogs 😦 I really dislike it when dogs do that

  102. I really hope that the rescuer immediately went and got a rabies & a tetanus shot if he wasn’t up-to-date.

    It’s one thing to rescue a family cat, but he was placed in serious danger trying to rescue a stray, possibly feral cat. He was very brave and very nice not to charge you even more.

  103. I was wandering through my neighborhood, and spotted a small kitty on top of the roof of an apt. building. He was crying, and obviously couldn’t figure out how to get down. I called the apt. office and they said, “He’s done that 5 times, we’re not fetching him this time.” but I ran into the maintenance folks later in the day, and asked them about it, and they did go get the kitten off the roof. They’re good guys. Kudos to the tree service guy! Also, I third or fourth or fifth the props to the fire dept. I’m sure they would have come if they could.

  104. JacquelynC says:

    Slackerjax, yes, that is the tree service.

  105. LOL at the duckling in grandma’s rack!

    I didn’t even know ANY fire departments would do this anymore. Thank goodness for a compassionate (or broke) tree man!

  106. This is a wonderful story! Just last week I was walking through my apartment complex and heard this horrible distressed meowing. I looked everywhere before I noticed this tiny kitten stuck on the roof of one of the apartments – 3 stories up! I called the fire department, but they wouldn’t come, and animal control was voicemail only and the way this poor thing was crying I just couldn’t bear to wait.. I called the apartment complex, and they had one of our very own maintenance people get a ladder and get the poor little guy down. I still check that roof everytime I walk by just to make sure he didn’t get stuck again..

  107. What a heart warming story. I’m tempted to take up a collection and “tip” Robbin’s tree service.

  108. Also, for future reference…nothing gets a treed kitty out of a tree faster than calling the local news and getting some media attention.

  109. astrithr says:

    Aww…poor kitty…and poor tree guy!! I was attacked by a cat once, hurt like hell, and that was only on my leg. I can’t imagine the same thing happening to my face. I hope he went to the hospital to get checked out, those kind of wounds can be serious.
    I wish people would learn to spay/neuter their pets, and keep them inside where it’s safe. 😦