Snorfable Morsel

Oh, Heylerhe, little MorselPants! I shall eat you now.

Bokeh, originally uploaded by Óli..

Oh, Heylerhe, little MorselPants! I shall eat you now.



  1. meowandwoof says:


  2. Look at that lip!!!!!!!!!!!! And the eye lashes!!!! My chest hurts – that’s so damn cute!

  3. Argentee says:

    So tiny! So perfect! So *swoon*

  4. ……splodes…i need to get me one of these. so cute.

  5. Littlest Squirrel says:

    Oh my goodness! His little nosicle! It’s almost see-through!

  6. How perfect. A little Easter treat for the nomming!

  7. This is the most perfect muzzle ever photographed by man or beast.

    Would you LOOK at the LIPS?!

  8. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh my! You must look at the rest of his Flikr pics – teeny shaggy horses, puppies, some Stunning Shots!!

  9. sunnymum says:

    “clutches heart” oh my! look at the teensy meensiness of him

  10. Now that’s just crazy.

  11. Ehhn! Lower lip and whiskerettes!

  12. steppy says must have one for her very own. must nom nom nom

  13. omg…….. its sooooo dreamyyyyyyyyyyy! kissy kissy nom nom nom!!!!

  14. Hon Glad says:

    Sleep little darling do not sigh
    and I shall sing a lullaby.

  15. Oh… my… small. I feel I must type oh-so-quietly so as not to wake such a dreamy little guy. Everything about this little one is perfect and delicious!

  16. Awww, defenitely an overload of cuteness…:-))

  17. Kallisto says:

    Oooooh, it’s, it’s, it’s. Ahm, what is it? Will it be a pup when he grows up?

  18. OH MY

    just, Oh My.

  19. its so reassuring to come to this site and see that people respect and nurture animals. <3 I was so hurt yesterday when while I was watching videos of kittens on youtube I happened to come across a video that showed a kitty being tortured.(ofcourse I didn't watch it, but from the beginning I knew what was going on) *tear*, it put me in such a bad mood, I had to come back on this site to lift up my spirits. STOP ANIMAL ABUSE!! & LOVE CUTEOVERLOAD!!

  20. twoflyingdogs says:

    I can’t tell for sure what it is… A piggy, a puppy? It looks like it’s snorgled in beautiful Golden Retriever fur.

    What a beautiful color. I wonder if it comes in a bottle? I wonder if I am the only one who would buy “Golden Retriever Blonde” for my hair?

  21. Furbabies says:

    Ooooooooh, WANT.

  22. meowandwoof says:

    Stick with us, Lily.

  23. I’d have to say that pic is just a plentitude of perfectly precious pink puppy proshy pulchritude! (look it up;)

  24. twoflyingdogs, I thought the same thing about it looking like it’s swaddled in Golden Retriever fur! I was hoping that the flickr site would have a wider shot of this bebeh but alas, no.

  25. It’s a baby Falcor!

  26. That is SO dear

  27. In Awwwe says:

    Itsa…itsa…itsa babeeeee furball!

  28. tracyFlick says:

    What…what is it?

  29. Twoflyingdogs, I would go for Golden Retriever Blonde too. Exsquisite color!

    What a sweet sweet baby nose. Just want to kiss it!

  30. Hello Kitty says:

    If it is a puppy…it is perfection puppified!!! How angelic!!!

  31. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Muhuwhahahah!!! Since nobody else did it, I get to do it. But since he is sleeping, I’ll do it quietly. **Reaches over with index finger to pup’s snoot** beep! 😀

  32. Mary (the first) says:

    my first thought was “tiny polar bear!!”. Upon reflection I guess they are not actually all that tiny.. are they… so now my vote is for the golden puppeh. Whatever it is.. I want one and its mama too. And any siblings also welcome.

  33. I’m not even sure what he is, but I MUST plan a kiss on his little lips.

  34. maggieb_tpa says:

    Securely snuggled close to Mom . . .

  35. ..plant..*runs and hides*

  36. I’d like to nom that Bokeh Burger! (ducks)

  37. twoflyingdogs and Lioness — My Schmoop used to take her golden retriever (no longer with us) to visit folks at the nursing home. One time an elderly woman pointed at the silky waves on Traveller’s hind end and exclaimed, “I’ve been trying for 30 years to get my hair to look like that!”

  38. ::eye::

  39. Dear Lily,
    I saw your posting & had to comment cuz I don’t understand WHY ppl do that. It makes me sick. It hurts me like nothing else. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE HORROR AND HOW WRONG IT IS!! I’d rather be DEAD than acknowldedge that this exists!!! Sorry I’m just upset and I figured where better to vent than at a site where ppl know what I mean. Thanks. Gonna try to recover now.

  40. meowandwoof says:


  41. (in Hindenburg voice) Oh! The pinkness!!

  42. tracyFlick says:

    It is sleepy, whatever it is.

  43. eikoleigh says:


    (passes out)

  44. ooooohhhh, sweet little baby pinkness!

  45. yellowbella says:

    eeeeeeee–yellow labrador pupsicle! I want a lick.

  46. Can someone please tell me how I’m supposed to go back to work after looking at this extreme qteness?! I mean, really… I’m only human, after all.

  47. Can someone please tell me how I’m supposed to go back to work after looking at this extreme qteness?! I mean, really… I’m only human, after all.

  48. WickedWendy says:

    That is just precious!

  49. Head tilt. What is this delicious pup in? A cornucopia of blonde hair? Can’t compute!

  50. It’s a pink jellybean in a nest of spun sugar.


  51. AuntieMame says:

    Lily, is there any chance that the video you saw was from a recent movie “Untraceable”? If so, then it probably wasn’t real (if that makes you feel better). If it was real, it was sick and disgusting, and one hopes that YouTube would have it removed immediately.

    This puppy, on the other hand, is the very essence of “honk shu.” Except that it would be a very tiny honk shu, and you’d have to put your ear really close to his translucent little nose and lips to hear it. (And while you’re so close, you might as well get a snorgle or two in.)

  52. Daphne Moss says:

    Pink lips clearly had just been feeding…pure sweet happiness, next to loving mamma…want to see more of the family!

  53. It’s so close you can see every little hair on his chinny-chin-chin! I’m thinking a golden pup, too, as it looks like it’s sleeping in mama golden’s hair. I had a amber-colored golden growing up (appropriately names Amber); gotta love goldens!

  54. PMG, I think I just started lactating!!??

  55. Theresa, you’re not the only one. I lactate almost every day at CO.

  56. Lily, if you ever see content such as that please
    “flag” it as inappropriate so You Tube can pull the video. After I read your msg I mentally shut down because, like so many of us, I cannot bear the thought of any animal, much less a KITTEN, being tortured. Does not compute except in the sense I know whoever does that is very, very ill. After I was able to function again I looked up rules and regulations on You Tube. They state “In your use of the website, you will otherwise comply with the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service, YouTube Community Guidelines, and all applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations.” They also state “If you see a video that you think is inappropriate based on our Terms of Use (, you can report it to us for review by clicking the “Flag as Inappropriate” link under the video.”

    May all beings think only of benefitting one another.

  57. temperance says:

    oh, how i need a puppy! right now!

    what is *wrong* with me- my last foray into the “joys” of puppyhood just about drove me ’round the bend.

    but this…..this blots all practical thoughts from my head. i swear i can smell her…mmmm, delicious.

  58. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOF! Good thing I didn’t see this aorableness while at work. I would have been done for the day.
    I too vote that this is a very new Golden Retriever puppykins.

  59. Its so cute I wish I had it for myself

  60. O hibousoir, I think you are rights! It IS a baby Falcor!

  61. I never thought I’d see the day when someone admitted to lactating, daily even, over CO. I’m gobsmacked…flabbergasted… (love those words)

  62. Somebody please very gently wipe off the teeny tiny itty bit of crustyness on the precious nosicle….

  63. ::SPLODES:: is ded now. Toooo precious!

  64. This little puppeh has definitely found his axis of snorglability!



  66. Sunshine0460 says:

    I agree, Dogbreath, someone needs to clean off that teeny tiny bit of “stuff” from that precious pink nosicle; then they need to kiss the tiny pink perfection of muzzle….let me…I’ll do it!!

  67. Is puppeh?
    Is kitteh?
    I cans not tell.

  68. Cockatoo says:


  69. zeldapie says:

    Just…. wow.

  70. catablob says:

    I must have he now for my collection.


  72. pink! pink! pink! *dies*.

  73. I know that’s not a pig but I can’t get over those hairs on it’s chinny chin chin.

  74. Oh. My. Dog. Bite-sized yumminess.


  76. ashagato says:

    hearing about icky, evil, real-life meanness after seing such a precious baby makes me cry. i understand life is horrible sometimes, but please, CO is a refuge from all of that, and a celebration of goodness.
    cute is more powerful than evil!!!!

  77. Katie Kat says:

    Oh, my heart has just ‘sploded! Dear heavens above, the cuteness hurts! KISSSSSSSSSSSSS

  78. berthaslave says:

    Ewwwww! Boogers!!! Not appropriate for C.O.!

    (j/k….this is teh awesome, as usual…though I would probably wipe his nose before I snorgled heem).