Boob Tube

Kittehs, they spend SOOOOOO moshe time watching tele-bishons.

(Nice Shake ‘n’ Bake leg action)


Johanna S. nice little pic you got yerself there.



  1. It’s not the television. Kitty’s eyeing up the cords.

  2. StormCat says:

    I’ve had Kittehs who lay with their legs out behind them, but never splayed like this little one… ANd notice the privacy tail!!! What a great shot!! Makes me want to get a pillow and lay down next to him!!!

  3. That’s one haillio of a tailio!

  4. Is that a Scottish fold kitteh by any chance? *wants to pet*

  5. That butt!!! Those thighs!!! *squeeeee*

  6. Ha! I’ve always imagined kitty-cats would pronounce it “tele-mizzin”.

  7. those tocks
    that tail
    good greif charlie brown its that fold cat again!!!
    too funny

  8. nom nom nom

  9. What a fat, fluffy tail! I love it!

  10. I enjoy how the puffy raccoon tail appears to be longer than the stubbular legs! Too cute!

  11. LOL, my cat sits like this sometimes, and it’s the funniest thing! His tail looks like it’s ready to ‘splode. I’m dying to see it really puffed out.




    […BBQ? – Ed.]

  13. kitteh no looks real wif fluffy tailio

  14. That Fold Kitteh is going to be the death of me….and I really love the hardwood in that place.

  15. an’ very smart kitteh reads capshuns in udder langwages!!!!

  16. He looks like he should have a can of beer sitting next to him.

  17. MandaBain says:

    So is that a WWE lady bursting into song on the tele-bishons? Or Xena on American Idol? I see that there’s an Asian language on thar…
    The kitteh fell out in amazement at her performance!

  18. ‘tocks-alicious goodness. My little girl does sit with her legs like that but not quite so splayed as such >.< I wants to grab 'em.. *munch munch*

  19. TurboFloof says:

    Guh – that’s a bebeh Scottis Fold! I just got my mom one of those for Christmas. I am SO in love with those kittehs! Oh, the painful cuteness….

  20. homer mariner says:

    That’s Japanese on there folks… they’ve handed us our ‘tocks in cuteness again… and those are some CUTE tocks! And quite poofy….

  21. Cat-like typing detected….

  22. Desdemona says:

    My kittehs splay out like this when they want to cool off a bit, I think. When cold, they go to meatloaf posish. Wish we humans could do that!

  23. Pheas, help yourself to the BBQ buffet, there’s plenty…

  24. riolinda says:

    love the tail and love the legs! 🙂

  25. At least kitteh doesn’t sit too close to the TV. Her legs will stick that way, not her eyes.

  26. zeldapie says:

    Racoony-tail! Squeeeeeee!

  27. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, who put the cat on that raccoons tail?

  28. Virginia says:

    I feel it is my responsibility to point out the resemblance of this new post kitteh shake n bake post to this previous CO posting:

    Do the Japanese kick our tocks? Oh, I think so. I do think so.

  29. Check out the tail on that one. Yeah, that doesn’t sound right, does it?

    Still though, I just wanna tug (gently) on it so that they turn around and I can see those eyes.

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    Gotta love those round little kittocks and tubular tail!

  31. Aw, so cute. Kittens are just fascinated by everything!

  32. must be a maine coon variant with that racooney tail, which others have noted so well! poof!

  33. paulajeanne says:

    Sighs…I would love a tail of my own, to swish, to splay, to chase…


    now that is funny.

  35. Anasztaizia says:

    “It’s not the television. Kitty’s eyeing up the cords.


    ./agree! At least, that’s what my kittehs would be eyeing!

    I don’t understand how cats can sit like that – ours do all the time – and it just looks so unnatural/uncomfortable!

  36. Accordion to mai fwend, dis is calld “frog pozizhun” an yes, it IZ Qte qte qte kawaii. Mai kaliko gurrl duz dis tew.

  37. ok what the HECK is that kinky stuff on the tv??

  38. Daphne Moss says:

    OK, that’s it. I have waited too long to get another Maine Coon kitteh. I miss her and her foofy tail and adorable tocks and how she cooled her low-to-the-ground belly just like dis…

  39. AuntieMame says:

    The drumsticks and raccoon tail are hilarious!

    The giant red lips are a little disturbing, however…

  40. I did not notice the red lips until someone mention them… ThaT tail so overwhelming

  41. Shake n’ Bake!

  42. Kitteh caught in “compromising position.” Slightly NSFW much, no?

  43. Is shake ‘n bake a new COism?
    **Lucio turns to Ciro and says, “We’ve finally made it to the big time. Shake and Bake!”**

  44. LOL, I didn’t even have to look at the TV to know it was the Japanese again! I just had to look at the cat’s pose! The pets there seem to love this pose – we had a couple of bunnies like this didn’t we?

  45. oh yeah, that’s this weird semi-famous woman who’s on tv all the time over here. her name escapes me at the moment, but she basically just goes around in a bsdm outfit whipping the butts of unsuspecting people on the variety shows she frequents. oh japan and your one-hit wonder “celebrities”. I wish i had a kitty like that to keep me company here. 🙂

  46. Jess — er, huh?

    Lucio — I think that’s a catchphrase from “Talladega Nights”

    Subhangi — yes we did, somebody even put the link in their comment (Virginia, if you scroll up)… and of course I’m NOT AT ALL tempted to make yet another RCF morph out of them, ohhh nooo…

    Kumquat — so, basically, she’s Japan’s Oprah. [SNERK]

  47. That’s what my cat’s tail looks like when you walk up behind him unexpectedly! Is that kitteh’s tail s’posed to look like that naturally? First thing I thought was “Scared kitteh!” (Although the splayed legs sure indicate otherwise, I must say.)

  48. The S&M chick is named Nishioka Sumika. She’s pretty nasty at all. Not something for such a cut kitteh to be watching at all!

  49. How!!!!