This Hedge is for YOU

First, Happy Birthday Shakespeare, you lil’ brisle brush o’ love.

Second, Ziv S., the fabulous Stanford Daily columnist, this hedge is FOR YOU.


GO CARDINAL, ZIV and grat submission, Jenny C.!



  1. lol…
    wouldn’t you have loved to see the bakery person’s reaction to that order? :o)

  2. temperance says:

    for some reason this picture makes me feel all teary-eyed…i just really love the idea of celebrating a hedgehog’s birthday…

    happy birthday, shakespeare!!!

  3. Yay!!! Happy birthday hedgie! (So — what’s in the cake? I thought you guys ate bugs and worms?)

  4. Yummie, yummie what a nice cake, but I don’t want to eat myself…:-P

  5. That’s awesome! I should have celebrated my hedgie’s birthday. We did give him a few chuncks of mango a couple of days ago… 🙂

  6. Marianne says:

    hehe happy birthday!

  7. “shakespeare”???? what a great name for a hedgie!

    where was MY invitation to the party? hmph!

    happy bday shakesie!

  8. Kinda strange eating an image of yourself on your birthday

  9. Happy birthday, Shakespeare!


  10. “Brush” up your Shakespeare!

  11. Hope you have a goood birthday Shakespeare. Wishing you lots of snorgles

  12. I’m having the same teary-eyed reaction as temperance. I was fuming and riled up at work from having to deal with jerks… and then here is a reminder that someone is sweet enough to think of having a birthday cake made for a hedgie. *SNIFF*

  13. Courtney says:

    I like how he’s being held there. “Here is your cake. Look at it, but don’t touch it!”

  14. That is so cute!!!

    Now I want a hedgehog. And I shall love him, and cuddle him and call him Hans.

  15. ThreeCatNight says:

    To eat, or not to eat – that is the question. Oh, that these too, too solid quills would melt!

  16. The cutest thing is def. that the hedgie is named Shakespeare. Adorable!

  17. Kiragirl says:

    Happy Birthday to Shakespeare, happy birthday to yoooooou,
    Your cake looks so yummy, and you look yummy too.

  18. Katrina — nice! LOL, that’s the second “Kiss Me Kate” reference I’ve seen this week.

    …and they’ll all kowtow! (forsooth)

  19. Threecatnight..Standing Ovation… Love it.

    And Shakespear who loves ya Baby? Happy birthday!

  20. that’s a lot of cake. either shakespeare has an army of hedgie friends…or shakespeare’s mom & dad were just dying to throw a big par-tay. just after this pic was taken, the kegs were delivered.

    and why not, with such a sweet reason to celebrate?

  21. sunnymum says:

    Banana, I feel your pain. My A.M. is going exactly the same and so I open c.o. and feel such joy at knowing anerable little Shakespeare is having his b-day celebrated. Y to the E to the A! And to all who commented about not wanting to eat your own image on a cake… haven’t you ever seen a face cake? You know, where a photo of you is transformed in to something edible and put on the cake? Same idea I guess. I love how HUGE the hedgie is on the cake!

  22. Happi birfday Dear Shakespeare, hapi birfday TOOO YOOOOUUU!”
    Man that is one cute hedgie…how do you function with him around, do you have a job? How can you leave the HOUSE?

  23. aw, dat is KEWT. A hedgehog cakie, aw. I’m sure Shakespeare was impressed. I hope there are lots of peeps around to eat that!

  24. bunnyhunny says:

    Wow, I wish I had a birthday cake that was 10 times my size!

  25. For some reason I was reading the birthday cake as ‘Blueberry Shakespeare’ >_>.

    *requests video of Shakespeare making paw prints in the icing.

  26. stubbedoo says:

    OMG that cake looks so unbelievably good.

    (Oh, and the hedgie’s cute too.)

  27. I love that when you visit this hedgie’s owner’s Facebook page, there’s a link to Shakespeare the hedgehog’s Facebook page. Too cute! Although, should I be depressed that a hedgehog has more friends on Facebook than I do :)?

  28. Beautiful! Will we be getting the recipe? (Are those slivered almonds or . . . ?) And Theo–are you a Cole Porter fan??

  29. Wow! It’s my birthday today too *and* I’ve been in the library all day writing about Shakespeare. Which, while being about the most bleak sentence ever constructed, is an astonishing coincidence! Happy birthday leetle hedgy. I hope you had a funner day than me. 🙂

  30. Sure… Cole Porter, Ginger Baker, Alice Cooper, Jimmy Carter… oh I’m a fan, all right.

  31. (and what a band THAT would be, eh?)

  32. Wow! The cake is 10 times bigger than the hedgie!

  33. Hmmmm!! It’s a puzzlement! I cannot answer your question, Theo!! Presumably, they all have something in common—3 of them are musicians and one is a fabulous example of a human being and an ex-Prez, to boot!
    “I get no kick from Champa-a-a-gne….mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all. But I get a kick out of you!” (which is certainly true in your case!)

  34. Hooray for Ziv!

  35. Daphne Moss says:

    Shakespeare, the terrified prisoner of hairless bipeds, notes that captors wish him to see that much larger (and two-dimensional)hedgehog has been rendered into some kind of sugary pulp.
    Wishes he had nice grub, wrapped in leaves…

  36. My very same thoughts, Jen! LOL!! This pic (and the very dignified name) caught me off guard and I can’t stop laughing. Super fun!

  37. A dish fit for the Gods! Cry “Havoc,” and let slip the Hedgehogs of war!


  38. So, I’m sure this has been said before, but Shakespeare is an awesome name!

  39. As wicked a dew as ere my mother brushed with raven’s feather from unwholesome fen drop on you both! A southwest blow on you and blister you all over!
    -Caliban, “The Tempest”

  40. i want a hedgie!
    i want a hedgie!
    i want a hedgie!
    i want a hedgie!
    i want a hedgie!
    soooo cute!:)

  41. Hon Glad says:

    Now is the cake full of slugs an worms, or is it a conventionalone?

  42. All the world’s a cake.

  43. acelightning says:

    I do creative cake decorating, specializing in making a completely edible representation of an unrelated object – I’ve done things like a tractor-trailer rig, a foaming mug of beer, human anatomical features, and so on. The hedgehog cake is great! Now I just wish someone I knew had a pet hedgie to make a cake for…

    (Incidentally, the quills are made with a special icing tool which is designed to give the effect of hair, fur, grass, shag carpet… and hedgehog quills.)

  44. That cake is huge… bigger then most people get…

  45. one of the erins says:

    An Cailin —

    Hans My Hedgehog?? Are you kidding me?? I thought I was the only person that had ever seen that! Props to you!!

  46. Happy Birthday !!!

  47. Wow… is this all for me?*starts munching*mmmmmmmm its good! wait you say it’s for the party? oops sorry! hope u dont mind a lil hadge spit!