Rufus: Where Are You Going to Sit?

Nice view?  Check.  Comfy bed?  Check.  Sunbeam?  Check.  Banky?  Double check!


Ahn, look at lil’ Roofles. ❤ to Sparky!



  1. AuntieMame says:

    It’s Rufus! But where are your feets, Roof? Last time, it was just feets under a blankie.

  2. ROOFEES!! Welcome back!
    Thanks ever-so-much Sparky.

  3. Ok ok I know this is an old reference BUT:


  4. someone looks happy 😀

  5. Awww he has the exact same face as the Whippet puppy I almost bought last year!

  6. SQWEEE! So cute!! Italian greyhounds are so adorable!
    I think its an italian, I could be wrong…but same group…and munchable ears!! nom nom nom

  7. oops, looked up Rufus’s past pictures…and so I must squee into the past again and again! Definetly an anerable pup!!

  8. Christine H says:

    I think the tongue is the best part.

  9. AuntieMame says:

    Ah, yes, the ear snack. And then his poignant interview, which I believe Teho quoted just a couple days ago, where he gives some important advice.

    “Homie, don’t try to talk street. You sound like a jackass.”

  10. Aren’t they adorable… I used to have Whippets. They are the most adorable, snuggly-puppies! The softest fur and velvet rose-petal ears. Love them to death!

  11. Oh, now I have a new friend to love. Thanks, everyone, for alerting me to Roofie’s history–I didn’t know the backstory.

  12. DBledwich says:

    More rufus updates plz?

  13. StormCat says:

    and I thought only Boston’s could smile!! Look at Roofies smile!!!!


  14. Hon Glad says:

    Hey, Roofies is there room for me in your luxury appartment.

  15. What a sweetie!!!! He looks like he’s the happiest doggie in the world!

  16. Awww, Roofees in a sunbeam! Gives me the fuzzies.

  17. Now THAT is a happy lookin’ dog.

  18. The tongue has a shadow. THE TONGUE…HAS…A SHADOW!

  19. metsakins says:

    I believe he could give the pupbassador a run for his money in happiness.

  20. …one wicked eyebrow that says “I KNOW you wish you were me right now”: check.

  21. What a life! Looks like a comfortable spot to me!

  22. Elizabeth says:

    I think the best part is the tongue SHADOW!! Have you looked at that! It’s like Cuteness from an alternative world! Thanks for making me smile!

  23. BlueCardstock says:

    AWWWWW! Italian Greyhound! Sweet dogs!

  24. I just love animals… the simple things is all they need to be happy…
    I have a kitteh who is not even 3-years old yet, has mostly likely been through major pain and has had three major dental surgeries, has only two teeth left, but is the happiest little kitteh. She’s warm, well-fed, has kitteh friends to run and play with, is very much loved, what else does she need? Why can’t we learn from them???

  25. So typically Iggie. My little girl IG is a comfort-seeking missile. She has beds in several rooms, but prefers to sleep with her humans – or rather, on her humans.

  26. Roofees is truly AWESOME.

  27. yay rufus returns!

  28. Rufus has been featured so often, he warrants his own category.

  29. ThreeCatNight says:

    Rufus: “Hey, now whippet!
    Whippet good!”

  30. I didn’t know what roofie was! I thought he could be a rat terrier?! But an italian greyhound aye? WOWIES! I WANT 1 !!!!

  31. sunnymum says:

    It’s good to be Rufus!

  32. i wuvs me some ‘ufus.
    so ka-ute!

  33. If that isn’t a picture of the life of Riley Oh scuse me I mean the life of Rufus I don’t know what is.

    Go Rufus… (Jealously looks at cool bed with View and Sunbeam AAAANNNNDDDD blankie.) Sighhhhhhh.. I ‘ll just go back to work in my little cubical now.

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    I would so love to crawl into that bed and snuggle next to Rufus. I love it when I see “spoiled” bebehs with their own bed (placed in the sun, natch), blankies. etc. SO much love everywhere!

  35. IggieMom says:

    ahh it’s about time, they hardly ever have iggies on here, Italian greyhounds!

  36. (the original) Mel says:

    ROOFIES! My Darlink! I have a sunbeam and a banky at my place…


    we have not seen heem in sooo long.

    glad to see he is still teh qte.

  38. What up with cousin Shasta, Ruf?

  39. I am the lucky grandma of Rufus…… He is as sweet as pie!!! Love you Ruffy do!

  40. i want to climb in there with the cutie